Mike Tyson - The Hardest Puncher in Boxing Ever!

17 dec. 2019
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In the spring of 1985, one special young man had his debut fight. Back then no one knew that he was aught to become the most recognizable boxer in history - Mike Tyson. He broke into the ring demolishing one opponent after another on his path, youth, speed, and onslaught made the fights with his participation bright and spectacular. In this episode, we will show you the destructive power, the lightning speed and malicious aggression of the legendary Mike Tyson.
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  • my grand father era : Mohammad Ali my father era : Mike Tyson my era : Ryan Garcia Legend

    faris hafidzanfaris hafidzan13 minuten geleden
  • Iron Mike please shut money may weather's mouth for good

    mark listermark lister6 uur geleden
  • 2:15 that ref about ate the worst punch to the dick ever

    Zack StrangeZack Strange7 uur geleden
  • It's so scaring me , what a hard puchase he throws to the opponent 😱

    Nil LinNil Lin7 uur geleden
  • George Forman.. strongest puncher ever. Fuck Tyson!

    Mr NopeMr Nope7 uur geleden
  • Mike tyson is the most explosive but the hardest punch is from George Foreman

    Lucid LegendsLucid Legends7 uur geleden
  • Spain was actually lucky that right hand after the knockout did not hit him , look at the speed even in slow motion

    Abyss ReflectionAbyss Reflection10 uur geleden

    bobby buttbobby butt13 uur geleden
  • After tysons first punch landed on me i would ask "why the fuck am I doing this"

    Siegel GamingSiegel Gaming14 uur geleden
  • Tyson the Hardest Puncher in Boxing Ever? You have to watch the older fights. There were a few stronger ones Big George cant stop Tyson in 2 rounds like stop Frazier.

    mark markomark marko16 uur geleden
  • One punch ( round) man real .

    nelmyr monteironelmyr monteiro17 uur geleden
  • 8:46 the judge look like he's just a passerby.

    steve linsteve lin21 uur geleden
    • True

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  • Arab hardest punch ever nlworld.info/key/video/2IV7nrSripp3iWc

    Jannoski TVJannoski TVDag geleden
  • 28k people still haven't beat him in Punch Out

    shasta mastashasta mastaDag geleden
  • The vast majority of Tyson opponents have been mediocre and that's why Tyson won.

    Kepler4Kepler4Dag geleden
  • At no point in this video does he fight butter bean. This click bait ass shit

    Billyray RobertsBillyray RobertsDag geleden
  • minute 11:45 this oponent is a professional figther? please, it is obvious that some of these combats were a cheating for tyson to win

    Wendal ZenWendal ZenDag geleden
  • Most of the fighters were very thin, was obvious that they will lose. At that time were not more strong figthers?

    Wendal ZenWendal ZenDag geleden
  • I doubt he was the hardest puncher of all times.

    Andreas FahlenAndreas FahlenDag geleden
  • Nobody will really know how good a fighter Tyson was. Because he never really fought a good heavyweight.

    Patrick LondonPatrick LondonDag geleden
  • Sry but Liston is the hardest puncher ever, no contest.

    Stick up CrewStick up CrewDag geleden
  • I met Tyson at a Pizza Hut in Ohio. He was with a friend. He had massive broad shoulders and huge hands. We had pizza and he signed my shirt with a Sharpie

    Bud SpoffordBud SpoffordDag geleden
  • Mike tyson every time fight starts : hi ... goodbye

    Radin MRadin MDag geleden
  • Just wish he would of unleashed his power in the exhibition fight recently

  • Sip jiah lakaran mantep bos terros ayo

    sahila officialsahila official2 dagen geleden
  • I am a big Tyson fan and everyone said over the year his style was better in the 80th than in the 90th . I see all the fights and in my opinion his style was not better early than in his older years. The truth is that his opponents gettin better in all those years. A Lewis Holyfield are other fighters than his early opponents. Thats my opinion. Tyson was over all years ( not 2000) same strong

    MAC 75MAC 752 dagen geleden
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    Lawrence Bauer LawrenceLawrence Bauer Lawrence2 dagen geleden
  • Infelizmente, Tyson enriqueceu os empresários brancos enquanto massacrava seus irmãos de cor. Hoje, Tyson está morto, decrépito.

    EducaHISTÓRIAEducaHISTÓRIA2 dagen geleden
  • Mike is insane in his boxing in level 1 or division he noks them out First punch

    YeqzYeqz2 dagen geleden
  • Wow

    hach sambottehach sambotte2 dagen geleden
  • where is the fat guy

    Hyungho Chris ChoiHyungho Chris Choi3 dagen geleden
  • He goes to the opponent say “I’m thowwy”

    Bryan Asencio PadillaBryan Asencio Padilla3 dagen geleden
  • Tyson was always a sweetheart huh that’s cool

    Nothing NothingNothing Nothing3 dagen geleden
  • 1988 was prime Iron Mike, ain't nobody gonna fuck with him

    mdr893mdr8933 dagen geleden
    • Sonny Liston in his prime would have given him a run for his money.

      Stick up CrewStick up CrewDag geleden
  • 2:16 yo, Mike almost knocked the f outta that ref

    mdr893mdr8933 dagen geleden
  • A monster with a baby voice 😂😂😂

    akho Kisoakho Kiso3 dagen geleden
  • Not american but I kinda wanna know why is boxing filled mostly with black people?

    DaranaDarana4 dagen geleden
  • 😐

    brandonjchongbrandonjchong4 dagen geleden
  • He was so respectful about every fight he would just go up to the guy”you all right man”

    Footy ccFooty cc4 dagen geleden
  • The latest tyson fight in 2020 was a hugging match. Its nice to see the oldschool stuff where they actually went ham.

    Crus RussCrus Russ4 dagen geleden
  • my god

    Loud StavonLoud Stavon5 dagen geleden
  • Snacks 👂😹

    Ron FRon F5 dagen geleden
  • If only we got to see Muhammad vs Tyson both in their prime

    The UnknownThe Unknown5 dagen geleden
  • He is best

    Hanumanth HanumanthHanumanth Hanumanth5 dagen geleden
  • I'm not the best anymore i'm thorry

    Mike TysonMike Tyson5 dagen geleden
  • Ali would have dropped him so fast

    GSMGSM5 dagen geleden
  • Warning he bites

    Jerry ChimokoskyJerry Chimokosky5 dagen geleden
  • LEGEND...

    THOI THOIBATHOI THOIBA5 dagen geleden
  • Mayweather vs tyson Round 1 2:00mins left knockout

    Steven NuñezSteven Nuñez6 dagen geleden
  • I would have liked to have seen a prime Tyson vs a prime Chris Byrd.

    R RR R6 dagen geleden
  • Do you think Tyson will go down in history as a great boxer?

    seandeyoung01seandeyoung016 dagen geleden
  • De adonde sacarian esos paquetes para aser este boxeador como uno grande.que despues cuando le toco pelear de vetdad se canturrio todo jajaasjaaaa

    Luis VielmaLuis Vielma6 dagen geleden
  • Tyson the warrior

    Zenden SmitchZenden Smitch6 dagen geleden
  • Cu

    Roberto BarrosRoberto Barros6 dagen geleden
  • Wow, he's a shark

    Tommy BashamTommy Basham6 dagen geleden
  • I would’ve acted knocked out so I wouldn’t have to fight Tyson

    UwulewdUwulewd6 dagen geleden
    • 💀💀💀

      Phantom OGPhantom OG3 dagen geleden
  • God damn. He really hurt Michael Johnson

    BruhstoiseBruhstoise7 dagen geleden
  • anyone having Westbrook vibes too?

    danukuudanukuu7 dagen geleden
  • Player hater 🏖️🌊⛱️👙🐚🗽

    Richard CruzRichard Cruz7 dagen geleden
  • Tyson is a person who didn't play he wasn't anyone to play with!!

    John ValdezJohn Valdez7 dagen geleden
  • Tyson is a real killer in the ring !!

    mantab1590mantab15907 dagen geleden
  • More than 20 years after his era a video about Mike Tyson reached 50 millions views. G-O-A-T !!!

    Monkey D. LuffyMonkey D. Luffy7 dagen geleden
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      Sonny JimSonny Jim4 dagen geleden
  • - Simply Mike "Fuck 💪" Tyson 💪💪💪💪💪💪😎👊

    Junior PontesJunior Pontes7 dagen geleden
  • Tyson wass awesome , but hardest puncher ever ? No Top 5? Maybe Shavers Foreman Liston Lyle C.Williams Cooney All have to be considered.

    SinkHollyWoodSinkHollyWood8 dagen geleden
  • Mike the best of all

    Mike GMike G8 dagen geleden
  • Ruddock was a legend too but it just wasn't enough

    FizzickzFizzickz8 dagen geleden
  • Tyson was unreal

    stan hankins. How to !stan hankins. How to !8 dagen geleden
  • Me and my friends drove 7 hours to watch Mike Tyson fight in Memphis and the fight lasted like 40 seconds haha

    Joe DirtJoe Dirt8 dagen geleden
  • lmao tyson could pat me gently on my head and i would be out!

    MisterZalgoMisterZalgo8 dagen geleden
  • 8:43 holy shit

    afab munzafab munz8 dagen geleden
  • Stamina was always his Problem!

    Harry PodderHarry Podder8 dagen geleden
  • The real winners...King and HBO.

    fred lybargerfred lybarger8 dagen geleden
  • Everyone knows the heavyweight division was short of good boxers during this time. So read below, guys were sold a bum steer. Tyson is barely in the top ten of heavyweights.

    fred lybargerfred lybarger8 dagen geleden
  • Yes recognizable, but will never be considered the greatest of all. Why? He did not fight much, look at REAL fighters, how many fights did they put in? Btw it is so great to see him beat guys that were sooo set up. Lets get shitty boxers, let him beat the shit out of them and viola ... greatness. Hahahahahahahahahah lmao .

    fred lybargerfred lybarger8 dagen geleden
  • I love how he helps them get up after they get ko'd

    Tommyinnit ClipsTommyinnit Clips8 dagen geleden
  • nlworld.info/key/video/t4h7apfNi26ri3w

    Pandey BoxerPandey Boxer9 dagen geleden
  • Truly the best fighter I have ever seen, and despite making mistakes because he is own human like the rest of us has a good heart! He was just eaten alive by those closest to him at the time! We love you Iron Mike!

    Michael PeacockMichael Peacock9 dagen geleden
  • Did Mike Tyson ever fight Butterbean. I cannot find it anywhere on NLworld. Please somebody let me know if they fought and send me a link.

    Juan Martinez ArellanoJuan Martinez Arellano9 dagen geleden
  • Pues como no si.le.echavan purod biltos

    jandro sanjandro san9 dagen geleden
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    Zach thompsonZach thompson9 dagen geleden
  • Why does the image for this video show Tyson vs Butterbean when they never fought each other?

    Jon AstolfiJon Astolfi9 dagen geleden
  • F = M x V^2

    Rebecca MartinRebecca Martin9 dagen geleden
  • Never knew Mike Tyson is this caring after KO is opponents ✊🏿

    okeleye dayookeleye dayo9 dagen geleden
  • I think its really sad to what happened to Mike Tyson after the married the money hungry grubbing woman Robin Givens. He should have seen it coming when a woman has the last name of givens.... Also, when Mike Tyson's first trainer Cus D'Amato who cared about him passed away and then steps in Don King and used Mike Tyson for all he was worth. When Mike Tyson went to prison for a false allegations from Robin Givens of rape he was never the same. I honestly believe that the judge in his case just wanted to make an example out of someone and it was poor Mike Tyson who paid the price. I wish him the very best and truly hopes he comes back from all of this.

    Jay SJay S9 dagen geleden
  • What the hell? was he fighting every week in 1986?

    Abel HerreraAbel Herrera9 dagen geleden
  • Cleber

  • And he was just 19 year old

    selangor- 7selangor- 79 dagen geleden
  • Why do you guys keep showing promos for Tyson vs Butterbean, but never show the fight ?

    Truth Can HurtTruth Can Hurt10 dagen geleden
  • Welp Logan is dead

    Aar_ VersaceAar_ Versace10 dagen geleden
  • god I miss those days where I would ask my dad if I could stay up to watch this boxer called Mike Tyson... never before or since have I fought sleep to witness the GOAT demolish one opponent after another. Than you mike for making my childhood worth living.. PS I took up boxing to become regional champion at 147lb.. Hats off to the true champ..

    Flat cap WhippetFlat cap Whippet10 dagen geleden
  • Hold on to your ear.

    Norman GrahamNorman Graham10 dagen geleden
  • Did the legend only fought with black boxer ... or those days there was no white boxer or may they fear to fight him...

    Kaki DaknyoKaki Daknyo10 dagen geleden
  • 0:51 10 years old after finish 1st in run race at P.E class

    Tri NuryaniTri Nuryani11 dagen geleden
  • Tyson would always check the other guy later, true man. Major respect just for that, but mostly cuz of his work ethic

    Nathan OpokuNathan Opoku11 dagen geleden
  • Al Chico Evens knocked him out back in the day. Then crack knocked Al out.

    Rusty SchulgenRusty Schulgen11 dagen geleden
  • stop wasting my life with these adds youtube

    Kevin CrossKevin Cross11 dagen geleden
  • 2:38 Dempsey Roll

    Dee CDee C11 dagen geleden
  • the fact that so many people look at him as some thicc bucket head is kinda sad, and its probably fuels even more by his speech problems. seeing those clips where he helps his opponents after a match, hearing him speak outside of those pre/post game interviews and you'll see a side you thought you'd never see.

    Dang DiggityDang Diggity11 dagen geleden
  • If someone offer you 1 million just to fight Mike Tyson for 1 round, will you do it?

    Khaliq AmirulKhaliq Amirul12 dagen geleden