Mike Tyson DESTROYS Boxer for Muhammed Ali!

19 apr. 2020
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🌍 Join us as we take a look back at how Iron Mike Tyson kept his promise to get revenge for Muhammad Ali's losses to Trevor Berbick and Larry Holmes
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By the time Muhammad Ali fought his old sparring partner Larry Holmes, Ali was well past his prime days and had no longer the sting of a bee.
🥊 As a young 14 year old mike Tyson sat down to watch his idol get defeated badly at the theater, Mike was stunned at what happened and didn’t say a word on his journey back home.
The following day, Mike would hear his trainer Cus D’amato shouting at the phone.
It was him and Ali, Cus asked Ali how he could let a bum beat up on him!
Mike hearing all this went downstairs to see what was going on…
Shortly after, cus would hand the phone to Mike and told him he got weak and is going to return!
A sobbing mike told Muhammed Ali, when I get big Imma get him for you…
So, will Mike Tyson get revenge for Muhammad Ali?
Let's first take a look back at Muhammad Ali vs Larry Holmes and then Mike Tyson vs Trevor Berbick, followed by Mike Tyson vs Larry Holmes!
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    ABTVABTV29 dagen geleden
    • I believe Ali was the goat in all, like talking about in and out of the ring, but I’m sorry Tyson got him

      Mr PinkedMr Pinked15 uur geleden
    • Draw :)

      HaloHalo17 uur geleden
    • Prime for prime Ali would be just two fast, to strong, and to pretty for Tyson to win

      Prince PaynePrince Payne20 uur geleden
    • Ali is a legend but Tyson would murder him.

      Innocent TrickInnocent Trick23 uur geleden
    • Tyson is very good but he can't defeat ali

      TP1TP123 uur geleden
  • Even a hero may become arrogant. Ali was a man just like his former friend was. I think Holmes just wanted to ground Muhammed back to real life.

    Christopher ClasenChristopher Clasen56 minuten geleden
  • Best fight ever But for one second can we all take a look at the singular white man in the Tyson corner standing next to Ali

    Alexander LeaverAlexander Leaver4 uur geleden
  • Ali knew the man trained by Cus would be able to beat Larry, it was respect for Tyson and Cus at the same time. Even as an old man Cus was amazing to watch. He popped Ali once lol

    Big BeerusBig Beerus4 uur geleden
  • They should have made a movie on this story, it gives goose bumps.. Wow your idol telling you to personally take his revenge...

    Digamber TawdeDigamber Tawde9 uur geleden
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    Alexandra MartinAlexandra Martin10 uur geleden
  • grande maik taison

    SaloSalo12 uur geleden
  • Ali: *go get him for me* Tyson: *thay leth fam*

    Yordan PardoYordan Pardo13 uur geleden
  • "There was a Familiar face in the crowd" Why the fuck did i think he was gonna say Donald Trump.

    ᠢ13 uur geleden
  • Mike could still get in the ring and the guy at the other end is going to piss his underoos and get his ass kicked all at the same time

    Ann Verlee DownsAnn Verlee Downs13 uur geleden
  • 13:04 is that trump?

    Domino TurtleDomino Turtle13 uur geleden
  • He said 67 instead of 76 lmaooo

    Gary McPikeGary McPike14 uur geleden
  • Too bad after Cuss, that Mike had people around him & in his ear that never had his interest in mind, but only their own. I would squarely blame Don King for just about all of Mike's issues.

    HaloHalo17 uur geleden
  • I feel bad for what happened to Ali, he helped to make boxing what it is today and brought charisma into the game.

    Twin TurboTwin Turbo18 uur geleden
  • "There's a familiar face in the crowd..." - Camera pans over to Donald Trump.

    J DezenzioJ Dezenzio19 uur geleden
  • I have no words to say, ..... May God give me his POWER This is a Marvel Comic Supernatural! WOW

    Joël UmeckerJoël Umecker23 uur geleden
  • If anyone knows the ost that plays during the time that tyson fights holmes let me know please

    Aggelos ZournatzisAggelos ZournatzisDag geleden

    mark alsopmark alsopDag geleden
  • Tyson vs Ali. One with pure brute strength, high spirit and aggression, while the other with speed, agility, and smart mind.

    TheDark WhisperTheDark WhisperDag geleden
  • It makes me so proud that the 2 greatest boxers in History were/are both Muslim, MashAllah

    Dwight DeVilleDwight DeVilleDag geleden
  • Holmes is 17 years older than Tyson, there is no pride or revenge into beating an old man from a different Era, even Tyson regret his feelings toward Holmes, he said "Ali and Holmes did their own history and i had nothing to do or to prove into it". I guess he took the Ali "get him for me" a bit too personal. He till today ashamed, when he is asked by journalists abt this match.

    HellScream HellScreamHellScream HellScreamDag geleden
  • Ali to Myke Tyson: "Get him for me" Holmes:"Wait, why do i hear boss music?"

    RoninRoninDag geleden
  • I wish there was video of brad pitt running away when Mike tyson pulled up to Robins house and seen he brad was tapping her.

    Smarterthan YouSmarterthan YouDag geleden
    • That happened?

      ABTVABTVDag geleden
    • Lol

      ABTVABTVDag geleden
  • Tysons life is such a a great movie...easy 3 movies...lol...drugs ruined him..but Iam glad he is in a better place now.

    Smarterthan YouSmarterthan YouDag geleden
  • Am I the only one that noticed Donald Trump 13:05

    ForceForceDag geleden
    • Calm down.

      Wile E CoyoteWile E Coyote2 uur geleden
  • *I Love watching Tyson's pre- Buster Douglas' fights*

    Earth Mike Dimension-C137Earth Mike Dimension-C137Dag geleden
  • he till lasted into the 11th even with early signs of parkinsons disease. can you imagine if he had never been afflicted with it? he probably would have won that fight.

    D. DIAZD. DIAZDag geleden
  • 13:04 is that donald trump?

    FriedFriedDag geleden
  • There was a familiar face in the crowd and that face was Donald trump hehe 13:06

    Avery MouaAvery MouaDag geleden
  • Hardest hitter ever!!!!!!!!!!

    J NagragJ NagragDag geleden
  • same night as tha classicc 88 dunk contest, 'nique vs mike

    marcus.marcus.Dag geleden
  • The unbecoming plastic exceptionally sigh because dipstick hemperly arrest round a amazing david. foamy, understood reduction

    jason harmonjason harmonDag geleden
  • catch that elbow at 11:02-11:04?

    Robert JRobert J2 dagen geleden
  • 13:05 trump

    SifikzSifikz2 dagen geleden
    • 😅😅😅

      ABTVABTV2 dagen geleden
  • The general gentle office optimally disappear because saw numerically analyse notwithstanding a ludicrous meteorology. willing, nosy pentagon

    jason harmonjason harmon2 dagen geleden
  • If ya not over 50 you shouldn't even comment. Most of these guys Ali had beaten already, Mike lost to bums and the only legit HW Tyson faced was a Bantamweight who turned heavy weight and beat him is Envander Holyfield. Those other guys was in for the pay day. It was after the fight with George Foreman the guy Tyson who never wanted to fight Ali started having health issues. That crap about Tyson idolizing Ali ... but many fighters idolized Ali especially from the 1976 Olympic Boxing Team. Ali allowed these young boxers to train and become boxers in their own right. We use to be able to see Friday Night Fights for free and watch these young boxers come up through the ranks and get their shot at the title. This was caused by Ali. Now if you can't remember Friday Night Fights then you know nothing about Ali and most of these boxers.

    Alpha SportsAlpha Sports2 dagen geleden
  • Tyson was the scariest looking Boxer of all time, until he starts talking...

    GabrielGabriel2 dagen geleden
  • Iron Mikes punches sounds like gunshots and packs the same power lol

    Nicholas EkstromNicholas Ekstrom2 dagen geleden
  • The background music from 6:00-7:10 🇹🇷🥺

    Abo3tbFMAbo3tbFM2 dagen geleden
  • Stupid camera shakes and noises at 14:20 onwards was just silly... Made my damn eyes hurt

    M4D_MARK_XTr3MeM4D_MARK_XTr3Me2 dagen geleden
  • man, it is like a movie!

    AIM KINGAIM KING2 dagen geleden
  • Those punches of Mike that hit would've looked better without those stupid edits that you added.

    WhySoSerious?WhySoSerious?2 dagen geleden
  • This was like fight a man with a broken leg

    Jake JakeJake Jake2 dagen geleden
  • 13:05 when you said familiar face, i saw trump 0.0

    Shahriar ChowdhuryShahriar Chowdhury2 dagen geleden
  • 13:05 Who's that narcissistic jackass standing next to Ali? I can't quite recognize him without the disgusting hair.

    l o ll o l2 dagen geleden
  • The editing right when Tyson lands punches is sooo annoying

    Kane GulkaKane Gulka2 dagen geleden
  • Subscwibe for more Tyson videos

    Amos HuckleberryAmos Huckleberry2 dagen geleden
  • Maximum respect for Ali and Tyson, it’s a blessing to see fighters of this calibre who are born with raw talent

    Cutest pets we ownCutest pets we own2 dagen geleden
  • Berbick didn't even land a punch

    GlitchGlitch2 dagen geleden
    • 😅

      ABTVABTV2 dagen geleden
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    Roberto BenzonioRoberto Benzonio3 dagen geleden
  • assassin's creed odyssey

    Amber HowardAmber Howard3 dagen geleden
    • huh?? 😂😂😂

      ABTVABTV3 dagen geleden
  • Trump is everywhere

    Michael HamandisheMichael Hamandishe3 dagen geleden
    • 😅😅😅😅

      ABTVABTV3 dagen geleden
  • 13:04 "there was a familiar face in the crowd, and that face, was the face of Donald Trump."

    Broly500 JotaroBroly500 Jotaro3 dagen geleden
    • 😅😅😅

      ABTVABTV3 dagen geleden
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    tansb04tansb043 dagen geleden
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    Elliot Vers SongElliot Vers Song3 dagen geleden
    • Wot lol

      ABTVABTV3 dagen geleden
  • Larry the shi t king was Tyson undoing

    Ducati PaintingDucati Painting3 dagen geleden
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    Minh NguyenMinh Nguyen3 dagen geleden
  • Pls go check out my preview tell me how it sounds

    rj casperrj casper3 dagen geleden
  • 13:02 There was a familiar face in the crowd....and that face was Ali's not Trumps

    Nicholas ChrissNicholas Chriss3 dagen geleden
  • 13:06 Muhamed Ali standing next to trump

    miningjjminingjj3 dagen geleden
  • The concerned illegal acceptably interrupt because friction ethically change an a ratty wool. awesome, impartial prepared

    jason harmonjason harmon3 dagen geleden
  • Holmes didn’t stand a chance vs MT

    Jeff Sight ViewJeff Sight View3 dagen geleden
  • this that fight where berbick caught an elbow from mike tyson but he ate it im surprised

    AntoineAntoine3 dagen geleden
  • 13:05 *"There was a familiar face in the crowd."*

    Kurt KenssonKurt Kensson3 dagen geleden
  • so ali retired for mike tyson got it lol

    AntoineAntoine3 dagen geleden
  • ya'll aint notice trump standing next to ali or just a lookalike

    XyferazXyferaz4 dagen geleden
  • 13:04 There was a familiar face in the crowd.... Me: Donald Tr- ... Oh wait

    Milad MeahMilad Meah4 dagen geleden
  • WOW! I didn't know that Larry Holmes had been so disrespectful to Ali and to Tyson. I'm glad Tyson whupped his azz!

    Deborah PinkeyDeborah Pinkey4 dagen geleden
  • Dam that shit looks like it hurts.

    Shaydes Of BlueShaydes Of Blue4 dagen geleden
  • The man was 15 yrs old beating up grown men says alot 🤣🤣🤣

    Nathan LittleNathan Little4 dagen geleden
    • facts, Nathan! 😂😂😂

      ABTVABTV4 dagen geleden
  • I wouldn't mess with them. They say their punches feel like getting hit by a brick and also why anyone practices karate or whatever is told to run from them because if you get hit you're done.

    Mark BevansMark Bevans4 dagen geleden
  • 13:03 "There was a familiar face in the crowd". Spots Donald Trump as well

    Jonas HansenJonas Hansen4 dagen geleden
  • 13:05 is that young donald trump?

    PR KachariPR Kachari4 dagen geleden
  • Damn, whoever did the editing on this video gives me a seizure every time Tyson lands a power punch. Or at least a headache smh

    Jeffrey FisherJeffrey Fisher4 dagen geleden
  • It was easy to beat Ali when his health was clearly not OK anymore. Not as easy to sleep off the headache from Mike's lead fist! Will always love Mike.

    jakubkrcmajakubkrcma4 dagen geleden
  • That kid was dynamite.

    jjww30jjww304 dagen geleden
  • Mike looks about 25 at 14

    Nathan BallNathan Ball4 dagen geleden
  • I never liked 'Lithpy Larry' and when Tyson straightened him out like he had rigor mortis , it was a beautiful thing !

    Jay DawgJay Dawg4 dagen geleden
  • Ali: Get him for me.. Tyson : I am gonna end this man's career...

    Gaurav JhaGaurav Jha4 dagen geleden
  • Ali created Tyson as he did all the others.....they are his children... period

    Yesrael ElohemYesrael Elohem4 dagen geleden

    raza190555raza1905554 dagen geleden
  • This hit effects are stupid...

    Dennis MeyerDennis Meyer5 dagen geleden
  • Trump was there too.

    Tarun KumarTarun Kumar5 dagen geleden
  • Holmes is massive compared to mike

    Abbad RajaAbbad Raja5 dagen geleden
  • Yea!

    Nate BeckettNate Beckett5 dagen geleden
  • Larry Holmes whooped his ass!!!! A defeated Cassius Clay

    4 Realz4 Realz5 dagen geleden
  • The massive almanac similarly shelter because pan encouragingly observe into a shivering jasmine. dynamic, xenophobic wave

    PCT CommitteePCT Committee5 dagen geleden
  • Ali lost that fight cuz he had pinkirson

    UwUUwU5 dagen geleden
  • I know little of Mr Tysons boxing career and personal life aside from tv and youtube. From those I am in awe of his ability, but more so he seems one of the most genuine people. Respectful and able to overcome the obstacles he has encountered in life. An inspirational man.

    paul mcmahonpaul mcmahon5 dagen geleden
  • Butter bean wins if he lands the first hit 😛😁

    Baz00kaBaz00ka5 dagen geleden
  • yes mike throw him like a ragdoll

    Hafiz ClassHafiz Class5 dagen geleden
  • Mike tyson is really good guy but he look scary

    len kagaminelen kagamine5 dagen geleden

    Kevin GreerKevin Greer5 dagen geleden
  • Tyson is a effin BEAST! Goat! Hands down!

    Darling kikoDarling kiko5 dagen geleden
  • I KNOWW yall saw trump up in there wit Ali 😅 so racist right. You sheep 😘

    Darling kikoDarling kiko5 dagen geleden
  • GOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pat CosPat Cos5 dagen geleden
  • 8:30

    PrajwalPrajwal5 dagen geleden
  • Tyson beat an over the hill hass been just as Holmes did when he fought Ali. Mike was an above average, not great, boxer who appeared great during an era of mediocre heavyweights.

    Frank CabanskiFrank Cabanski5 dagen geleden
  • HEY! i see trump xD 13:04

    SmokeyHipHopSmokeyHipHop5 dagen geleden
  • Larry Holmes?...never heard about that guy hahaha...who was he?

    Szabolcs HorvathSzabolcs Horvath5 dagen geleden