Mike Perry tells a story about Diego Sanchez and a bad training partner

16 aug. 2018
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UFC welterweight, Mike Perry, told a hilarious story about a bad training partner who had to deal with Diego Sanchez after training with Michelle Waterson. Watch "Platinum's" Instagram stories for more details.
Credit: Mike Perry's Instagram - instagram.com/platinummikeperry
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  • Like I said to Boxing Guru, it's been almost a year since this video was posted and now it's finally getting hits! Thanks to everyone for watching and commenting, Mike Perry for the content, Diego Sanchez for the oil check one year later, and Mike Chiesa for taking the oil check one year later! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! You'll never know what happens! A video I post may experience deja vu a year later!

    MMA RandomMMA RandomJaar geleden
  • Perry is funny as fuck!!!!!

    Paul FarleyPaul Farley3 maanden geleden
  • Are you talking about Joshua Labia?

    Mr McflyMr Mcfly3 maanden geleden
  • Diego using those moves he learned from that guru

    one badmotoone badmoto3 maanden geleden
  • Diego into that butt play

    John AllersonJohn Allerson3 maanden geleden
  • Now diego sticking his fingers in his trainers butt lmaooo

    bob barkerbob barker3 maanden geleden
  • I came for Waterson's photo lol. But this is just perry.

    Monty GriswaldMonty Griswald3 maanden geleden
  • Oooooo I really wanna wrestle Diego now. I encourage his tactics.

    Monolo MontanaMonolo Montana3 maanden geleden
  • So you had Diego beat someone up because you thought that they trained too hard?

    Yo, I'm GONE!Yo, I'm GONE!3 maanden geleden
  • I like Diego Sanchez after hearing this 😂😂😂😂

    Rose GreenRose Green4 maanden geleden
  • I learned that trick from a guy named darkside. you stick your finger in there booty hole to let everyone else know your crazy and not to mess with you. its an old prison technique.

    Jesus H. ChristJesus H. Christ7 maanden geleden
  • Sparing is where you want to go hard and where you want them to be a little dirty even. If for no other reason then to show you where the holes in your game are at.

    Athrun ZalaAthrun Zala9 maanden geleden
  • jajajajaja

    BravoBravo9 maanden geleden
  • Anyone here from the new trainer fiasco? It seems like he puts that butt-plugging technique to good use now ei? Way to go coming out from the closet Diego!

    Faint SherinFaint Sherin10 maanden geleden
  • First Sanchez was fingering training partners asses then he stuck a finger up Chis' ass now he's got a gay trainer lmao this is fucking hilarious

    This GuyThis Guy10 maanden geleden
  • If Albuquerque was a person it would be Diego.. use to be tapia but now it's Diego

    da rada ra10 maanden geleden
  • Fuck this lame

    bambi locobambi loco10 maanden geleden
  • Cowboy was right Jackson wink is a joke letting bums train with fighters and u no they all try to go hard and try to hurt a UFC fighter so they can get some clicks wtf when Jones is done Jackson wink is done.AKA is a deal gym

    Jerry GutierrezJerry Gutierrez10 maanden geleden
  • Fingers in my butt!!!

    Carlos CoyCarlos Coy10 maanden geleden
  • Diego "The Booty Bandit" Sanchez

    Martin nitraMMartin nitraM11 maanden geleden
  • That story was confusing and left me wondering who put their finger in who’s butt.

    DustomaticDustomatic11 maanden geleden
  • Making the guru famous.

    Ricardo IbarraRicardo Ibarra11 maanden geleden
  • Boss Diego. 🤣👏👏👏

    Sensei O1Sensei O111 maanden geleden
  • Nasty

    penguins can flypenguins can fly11 maanden geleden
  • Perrry straight bitch

    G LpzG Lpz11 maanden geleden
  • Moral of the story: "Just because you think you're bigger, stronger and better than somebody, there is always Diego Sanchez you reality check you."

    gd131gd13111 maanden geleden
  • 🤣🤣🤣 Diego checked that oil!!!

    James TelloJames Tello11 maanden geleden
  • Just checking the oil.

    Jason VossJason VossJaar geleden
  • Lmao Diego is going to be a real fucking problem to his cell mate if he ever goes to prison

    Asura KAsura KJaar geleden
  • I swear he kills me his vids are always so funny

    Ricky RiccardoRicky RiccardoJaar geleden
  • Mickey Gall knows about that.

    Crz XmCrz XmJaar geleden
  • As Connor once said, "...you train to learn, fight to win!..."

    David GarciaDavid GarciaJaar geleden
  • Once again, Mike Perry proves that his low ring IQ is only matched by his low street IQ and general low LIFE IQ...The End

    Amit KatzAmit KatzJaar geleden
  • I’d love to go hard against Michelle Waterson 🍑

    Dave OddDave OddJaar geleden
  • funny cuz he did it to chiesa too.

    HondudeHondudeJaar geleden
  • That's literally sexually assault. Don't spar to hard at Jackson wink or somebody will hold you down and penetrate you sexually with their fingers. Then we will all joke about it because sexual assault is funny.🤔

    Christian GUILLENChristian GUILLENJaar geleden
    • No it isn't, it's called oil checking, it's a very common move in wrestling and BJJ. And besides, you know the risk of getting oil checked if you're at a real gym. Don't be such a bitch

      James RoushJames RoushJaar geleden
  • Mikes morals are wierd

    Brandon ChristensenBrandon ChristensenJaar geleden
  • Lmaaaooo he did that to chiesa And too Acouple others 😂😂

    ROB MOBROB MOBJaar geleden
  • Mike Perry always talking shit how about you focus on winning a fight

    dee scottdee scottJaar geleden
  • Lmaooo how come I’ve never seen this

    Hai TranHai TranJaar geleden
  • God please stop acting like a black guy

    get prepared not scared brian frumpsget prepared not scared brian frumpsJaar geleden
  • Oil Check gang!!!

    KiskinovKiskinovJaar geleden
  • I can’t handle this guys stupidity

    Chris HansenChris HansenJaar geleden
  • please give this guy his own tv show

    D CD CJaar geleden
  • Terrible gym. Instead of talking to the guy he does that. No wonder everyone is leaving. Sounds unprofessional

    DevDevJaar geleden
  • OIL CHECK !!!

    Dude LukeDude LukeJaar geleden
  • MIKEY KICKS ASS . Love this guy

    PortageePortageeJaar geleden
  • diego the mechanic

    KushyKushyJaar geleden
  • Checked his oil......lol

    The Dad LifeThe Dad LifeJaar geleden
  • Finger in the butt position 🤣🤣🤣

    DavesHadeNuFF187DavesHadeNuFF187Jaar geleden
  • Mike "watch out for fingers in your butt" perry

    RK23RK23Jaar geleden
  • Diego Sanchez the type of guy to stick his finger up his own ass, take it out, then stick it up his opponent's ass, The Old Oil Check Switcheroo Reverse Poo!

    BrainFuck10BrainFuck10Jaar geleden
  • Lmao

    edson endayaedson endayaJaar geleden
  • I love these hard MF They Will put you in your place

    JJJaar geleden
  • So basically he stuck a finger in a mans ass to cape for a bitch? That's very macho

    THEBULLTHEBULLJaar geleden
  • The old finger trick...works evertime!

    Shawn LinesShawn LinesJaar geleden
  • Bruh! He apparently did that to Michael chiesa also! Diego likes to cornhole people with his fingers 😂😂😂😂

    JLAShazamJLAShazamJaar geleden
  • Diego stuck his finger in chiesa’s ass

    Devin GDevin GJaar geleden
  • Oil check!!!

    Danny MurdocDanny MurdocJaar geleden
  • I watch that video of mike perry not shaking that guys hand at the weigh ins at least three times a day

    Malcolm ReidMalcolm ReidJaar geleden
  • Anyone that gets they ass woopd by garbage ass Diego Sanchez should give up fighting

    FullClip GamingFullClip GamingJaar geleden
  • Ahhhh 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Ep 805Ep 805Jaar geleden
  • The old 'oil check'... Where would closeted homosexual Brendan Schaub's love life be without it?

    Nef RigNef RigJaar geleden
    • @Lucas Cruz true. But come on... Schaub is BLATANTLY a taker not a giver!

      Nef RigNef RigJaar geleden
    • @Lucas Cruz I can't see Conor allowing that... I can see him hanging out the back of both of them though That is a mental image i could of done without

      Nef RigNef RigJaar geleden
    • @Sam The Sham your name seems highly approriate for this situation. Are you living a lie as well? Also... Why you call him 'baby'? Some Freudian shit, no doubt. You suspect as Hell. Fuck off prag

      Nef RigNef RigJaar geleden
  • this is hilarious coming from the Chiesa fight

    Spencer SteeleSpencer SteeleJaar geleden
  • so it was intentional when he put his fingers in chiesas butt

    abdelrhman wahedabdelrhman wahedJaar geleden
    • Mateos Mind lolll

      PepeSylviaPepeSylvia8 maanden geleden
    • @Torture Killah2 nah thats just gay. Fiago Sanchez has a history os sexuallly abusing guys at jackson.

      Jacob DonawaJacob Donawa10 maanden geleden
    • @Chris Dupuis He cheated?

      Mateos MindMateos Mind10 maanden geleden
    • @Mateos Mind Gosh, that failed

      Chris DupuisChris Dupuis10 maanden geleden
    • @Chris Dupuis Are you and the doctor still together?

      Mateos MindMateos Mind11 maanden geleden
  • Mike you're a clown dogg 😄😄😄!! I can't believe everybody says he does that for real, that nigga is off smh lol. Much respect from Michigan bro ✊!

    Ronson ReillyRonson ReillyJaar geleden
  • That's just gay and disrespectful man..putting your finger in another mans butt..do that in Jamaica where I am from and you WILL get a bullet for violating a man like that.

    Samoria BlackwoodSamoria BlackwoodJaar geleden
    • @Richard Marshall the " point" is whoever does that in my country will be shot maimed, mutilated killed or all of the above..etc..Mr " point highlighter"

      Samoria BlackwoodSamoria BlackwoodJaar geleden
    • The point is to be disrespectful, tough guy.

      Richard MarshallRichard MarshallJaar geleden
  • Neil Melanson said Randy Couture used to stick his fingers up your butt in training too.

    716ram716ramJaar geleden
  • Hahahaahah wtf!

    Bocay505Bocay505Jaar geleden
  • Yup , Jackson Wink sounds like a "world class gym" to me.. Not....

    Moist PenguinMoist PenguinJaar geleden
  • Dirty Sanchez strikes again..🤣

    Stephan GarciaStephan GarciaJaar geleden
    • Boy you stupid LOL!!

      Soukavath KeomisySoukavath Keomisy10 maanden geleden
    • Wayyyyy Underrated comment

      NewYorkSWAGG100NewYorkSWAGG100Jaar geleden
  • How can you not like Mike Perry?

    BrandoBrandoJaar geleden
  • Nasty nigga

    James WeatherfordJames WeatherfordJaar geleden
  • Anderson Silva watched this and thought to himself "its normal"

    Stills EStills EJaar geleden
    • ''i back,trust me I back"

      Steven MartínezSteven Martínez10 maanden geleden
    • Es normal

      Neds MMA PodcastNeds MMA PodcastJaar geleden
    • It's normal guys it's normal

      Labeeb HassanLabeeb HassanJaar geleden
  • Oil check once a year at least. Can still smell the 2016 gold medal victory on my fingers if I smell hard enough.

    Seek N. DestroySeek N. DestroyJaar geleden
  • Classic

    Honest THonest TJaar geleden
  • 🤣🤣👍

    TheGreenDoor MXTheGreenDoor MXJaar geleden
  • If perry is a tough guy wouldn’t he have done anything himself

    token6274token6274Jaar geleden
    • Because Diego is even badder.

      James RoushJames RoushJaar geleden
    • Fr lol

      Atzin SavalaAtzin SavalaJaar geleden
  • I normally stay away from his videos, because I think he has the iq of a Cheeto, however, I’m glad I heard that one

    token6274token6274Jaar geleden
    • Well that's your fault for missing out on good entertainment cuz you care about peoples I.Qs 😂😂 not everyone needs to have high I.Qs 😂😂

      BiZBiZJaar geleden
  • 😕🤔gaaayyyyy.....

    Nyles MooreNyles MooreJaar geleden
  • Diego don’t play!!!! Lmfao kiesa now training partners 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    LSX TapiaLSX TapiaJaar geleden
  • Lol that was a good impression of diego

    Adrian Q SOTX GrapplerAdrian Q SOTX GrapplerJaar geleden
  • Mike Perry needs a podcast

    MuMu124MuMu124Jaar geleden
  • Just like he did to michael chiesa. The ol stink finger. 👆

    fishinlouiefishinlouieJaar geleden
  • Hahahaaaa

    Pablo MansiniPablo MansiniJaar geleden
  • I like this dudes storys

    Eliseo PinedaEliseo PinedaJaar geleden
  • Hahaahahaha Typical dirty wrestling move 😄

    DevilFPVDevilFPVJaar geleden
  • Diego "Dirty" Sanchez

    real americanreal americanJaar geleden
    • real american go play in the mud Squidbilly

  • 👉👌

    Pete the punisher RosePete the punisher RoseJaar geleden
  • 😂😂😂😂

    Mark GarciaMark GarciaJaar geleden
  • The ol smirf n turf, fuck ya.

    oneoneJaar geleden
  • Diego i respect the shit outta you! Lol

    edisonsun21cedisonsun21cJaar geleden
  • "Dirty Sanchez!".

    MMA TalkMMA TalkJaar geleden
  • Tell yourself all that you idiot

    OutLaw PATOutLaw PATJaar geleden
  • Jajajajaja the moment you find out, wrestling isn't for you!!!! Lmfao!!!!

    PUBG 亗PsychoCaliPUBG 亗PsychoCaliJaar geleden
  • Is he ok seems off rails

    Tim RoseTim RoseJaar geleden
  • Cut hour nails

    @costa azzura@costa azzuraJaar geleden
  • Where was this diego at in chiesa fight?

    Christopher S.Christopher S.Jaar geleden
  • I can’t stand mike perry

    Occupy 1Occupy 1Jaar geleden
    • @Mook because the video said Diego and a training partner incident. We forgot how gay Mike Perry is

      Ren LeeRen LeeJaar geleden
  • That’s what you call, a Dirty Sanchez. Oooh!!

    NM D.NM D.Jaar geleden
    • NM D. 🤣😭

      Nah BroNah Bro11 maanden geleden
    • You win.

      Joseph DiclaireJoseph DiclaireJaar geleden
    • I see what you did there... nice!

      Orfa iarumasOrfa iarumasJaar geleden
    • Haha.... Checked his oil.

      Buddy RevellBuddy RevellJaar geleden
    • That should’ve been his nick name the whole time. Introducing Diego Dirty Sanchez (Bruce buffer voice) 😂😂

      Reel OutdoorzReel OutdoorzJaar geleden