Mike Pence Delivers Lackluster Speech, Biden Loses Mask at Rally | The Tonight Show

30 apr. 2021
335 206 Weergaven

Jimmy addresses the low attendance numbers for Mike Pence’s recent speech in South Carolina.
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Mike Pence Delivers Lackluster Speech, Biden Loses Mask at Rally | The Tonight Show

  • he needs to use the TILE app to find his mask. This TILE app can find anything. And it is affordable.

    Mariruth Hitt- KimMariruth Hitt- KimDag geleden
  • MIKE PENCE was nothing more than. TRUMP'S sock puppet ⚠️‼️

    Martin SmithMartin Smith2 dagen geleden
  • What I find refreshing is the change in the tone of the comments. They're kinda joshing, mostly funnily compassionate. The former douchebag elicited angry rhetoric from both sides.

    Dave WebbDave Webb3 dagen geleden
    • I meant empathetic. But that's cuz sometimes I lose my words.

      Dave WebbDave Webb3 dagen geleden
  • I really wish Jimmy Fallon and the rest of the late night "comedy" shows would just stay out of politics. It would be different if they made fun of politicians from both sides, but that's not what they do. They sneak in personal attacks on their character and their political beliefs. It's funny to make fun of Trump's hair, or his tan...but that's not the type of comedy they do anymore. What he and the rest of them do now is called propaganda and trying to get you to vote a certain way.

    Jennifer EddlemanJennifer Eddleman4 dagen geleden
  • At least he wasn’t looking for his glasses that are on his head

    coderwitchcoderwitch5 dagen geleden
  • biden was looking for his brain

    Glenn parentGlenn parent5 dagen geleden
  • who the hell let trump and biden out of the old age home

    Glenn parentGlenn parent5 dagen geleden
  • Hey... at least the Russians tested the bloody poison first.. Poor pence... waited 4 years for the left to sabotage Trump and get his ass on the throne. Nudda. Pulled his big boy pants on and gave the left the victory in the end.

    We're ClosedWe're Closed6 dagen geleden
  • Three books [1][2][3] and two Free Online [4][5], unequivocally prove that when idiot-politicians appoint themselves superior over science, people become victims, many die helplessly. Hitler burned Einstein's top science books in Germany and fired all jewish professors [1], murdered 6 million, caused ~100 million killed in WW-II and causing talent empty post-war German universities - a set trend, understand not science, attack authors of new ideas. Non-Scientist, German leader today, KURZGESAGT, publishes endless science online booklets based on her "German Love'', further deepens emptiness. "No-need to be scientist" to replace scientists, some of her ONE-LINE followers claim, yet, CAN'T WRITE MORE THAN A LINE, NOR READ A FEW, WHILE TAINTING THIS CIVILIZATION. Same trend. A highly criticized, US Pandemic-Politician-Czar, a Non-PhD-Scientist?, is conducting, with a superior smile, 590,110 Americans Deaths & consulting India about its 213,997 runaway Deaths [6]. 20-30% of new CORONA Variants slip through border controls [7], while some Governments face today Relocating some populations to VIRUS-FREE domestic & international locations, as greatest life-or-death dilemma in history. Here are Death # in a few, VIRUS-FREE ISLANDS-ATOLLS out of ~37,100, to compare with Runaway Virus Control Ability Nations, RaVCAN [6]: British Virgin Islands 1 Grenada 1 Sn Barth 1 Montserrat UK 1 Cayman Islands 2 Fiji 2 Timor-Leste 3 Sn Vincent 11 Sn Martin 12 Taiwan 12 Caribbean NL 16 Mauritius 17 New Zealand 26 Sint Maarten 27 Seychelles 28 Bermuda 28 Iceland 29 Isle of Man 29 Antigua & Bermuda 32 Monaco 32 Sad Death # in Runaway Virus Control Ability Nations, RaVCAN [6]: U.S. 590,110 BRZL 404,287 MXC 216,907 INDIA 213,997 UK 127,524 ITL 121,033 RUS 110,520 FR 104,514 GRM 83,675 SPN 78,216 CLMB 73,720 PLND 67,924 ARGN 63,865 PRU 61,477 SAFR 54,350 INDNS 45,652 UKRN 44,436 TRKY 40,131 Costs of moving people to Safe, VIRUS-FREE CLIMATES, are enormous. YET, it is far less than accepting surging, non-abating, lost-lives, by relying ONLY on biochemistry [6][7]. THESE ARE FACTS, BUT: Hitler Trend Rule: - Understand not science, attack authors of new ideas REFERENCES [1] EINSTEIN, His life and Universe by WALTER ISAACSON, 675 page, THE # 1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER, SIMON & SCHUSTER PAPERBACKS, 2007. [2] Cosmology, Physics and Philosophy by Benjamin Gal-Or, AMAZON, Springer, ONLINE UPDATE, [4]. [3] Vector Propulsion, Supermaneuverability and Robot Aircraft,by Benjamin Gal-Or, AMAZON, Springer, Wikipedia, [5]. [4] Id. at 'in', youtube, etc. 2021 [5] Id. at 'in', youtube, etc. 2021 [6] Data Sources: Thousands of dedicated Drs., Nursers, Health-Care Workers in ~180 nations daily reporting to US university JH, World Health Organization, WHO, reordered in this PRIVATE, NON--AFFILIATED, NON-FUNDED STUDY since Oct 22, 2020. [7] asia.nikkei.com/Spotlight/Coronavirus/COVID-variants-swamp-India -and-Japan-hospitals-5-things-to-know Copyrights: Prof. Dr. Benjamin Gal-Or & David Galor, May 1, 2021.

    Benjamin Gal-OrBenjamin Gal-Or6 dagen geleden
  • KILL THE BABIES BUT KEEP BRINGING IN THE ILLEGALS ; Biden Pelosi Harris baby killing agenda vs misuse of tax payer monies An Executive Order issued January 28th repealing the pro-life Mexico City Policy that had been reestablished and expanded by the Administration of President Trump. On the same day, President Biden issued an Executive Order that began the process of overturning the Trump Administration’s “Protect Life Rule” on Title X. That rule ensured that Title X family planning money did not flow to abortion providers and that everyone receiving Title X funds would not refer for abortion. In March, HHS announced it will repeal the Protect Life Rule by the end of the year. President Biden signed the $1.9 Trillion Reconciliation Package which includes billions of dollars available for taxpayer-funded abortions. President Biden’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) suspended protections established for women undergoing chemical abortions, such as seeing the abortionist in person. The in-person requirement is vital because it ensures that complications, such as an ectopic pregnancy, are ruled out in advance of a woman undergoing a chemical abortion. Mifepristone, the “abortion pill,” has no impact on an ectopic pregnancy which is a life-threatening medical condition. President Biden nominated California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, who was confirmed by the Senate, to head HHS. Becerra’s support of abortion on demand for any reason and at any time during pregnancy, as well as his campaign against pregnancy help centers, is extensive and well documented. President Biden’s National Institutes of Health (NIH) reversed Trump-era fetal tissue requirements. In its internal research, NIH will again fund research using tissue from aborted babies. It will also no longer convene the Human Fetal Tissue Research Ethics Advisory Board, established under President Trump that was designed to review extramural research grant applications. Though he long supported the Hyde Amendment in the past, as a presidential candidate, President Biden flip-flopped in 2019. President Biden is now on record in support of eliminating the Hyde Amendment which prevents the use of federal funds to pay for abortions except in cases of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother. Named after its original sponsor, pro-life Congressman Henry Hyde, the original amendment was passed in the U.S. House of Representatives in 1976. It was estimated that before the Hyde Amendment took effect, approximately 300,000 abortions were paid for by Medicaid programs each year.

    charles wilkinscharles wilkins6 dagen geleden
  • mr biden can't find his brain. such an embarrassment to our country.

    Chery MChery M6 dagen geleden
  • Lands my fly 🪰! 💘😂😂😂👏👏👏 nailed it Jimmy 🐾

    Lori CannonLori Cannon6 dagen geleden
  • Pence and his family could have been ripped apart and he still gives a speech?

    Boston BlackieBoston Blackie7 dagen geleden
  • """ Build the Mask,Build the Mask ""[ Like Trumps build The wall ] ? illegal Variants [ illegal Aliens ] ? M.A.M.A [ Make America Maskless Again ] [ M.A.G.A ] ?

    Dell WorkstationDell Workstation7 dagen geleden
  • This guy is not funny .

    Marvymarie RMarvymarie R7 dagen geleden

    D LegionnaireD Legionnaire7 dagen geleden
  • Dr. Biden sure loves her man!

    Russ HallRuss Hall7 dagen geleden
  • A bunch of covidiots snd dumbasses. Stupid is as Stupid does

    johnandaurorajohnandaurora7 dagen geleden
  • Wow wee....... jo jo O’Biden is an embarrassment.....Putin was correct!

    Mary JeremiahMary Jeremiah7 dagen geleden
  • I still dislike the new-old format, the curtain, the suit, the forced audience laughter... Back to Seth! Though I always love a good Pence joke.

    Maggie GibbonsMaggie Gibbons7 dagen geleden
  • Horse had botox.

    Susan bodellSusan bodell7 dagen geleden
  • I have trouble and I have to wear it often. Way to go Joe, like your attitude! Joe 2021!

    Alberto GonzalesAlberto Gonzales7 dagen geleden
  • 😆👍

    Michelle LopezMichelle Lopez7 dagen geleden
  • Pence wouldn’t win nor would he run

    Spa SplashSpa Splash7 dagen geleden
  • 55?

    Adi ManAdi Man7 dagen geleden
  • Thanks Jimmy Fallon Et Al.🙂

    Kerry VenusKerry Venus7 dagen geleden
  • So he's also a stand-up comedian.

    Lanali RainLanali Rain7 dagen geleden

    Keira WolfKeira Wolf7 dagen geleden
  • Biden is such a crackhead.... too many crackhead ppl

    GDorf FugaziGDorf Fugazi8 dagen geleden
  • What’s up with Jimmys wig??

    Z MorrisZ Morris8 dagen geleden
  • Pence is a forever traitor! And backstabber! Nobody will ever talk too him again...

    Billy MattauschBilly Mattausch8 dagen geleden
  • Why is Biden looking for his mask? He freaking vacinated!

    Lena Strope StropeLena Strope Strope8 dagen geleden
  • Super funny. the song lyrics say I finally found you right as he finds it 😂

    brett stoverbrett stover8 dagen geleden
  • Only 55 Pence supporters sound's about right!

    William H. BairdWilliam H. Baird8 dagen geleden
  • love our Pres!!!!!

    Iris N. GarciaIris N. Garcia8 dagen geleden
  • I will laugh a Joe losing his mask all day vs listening to clown lie! Go Joe Go!

    Eff 2020Eff 20208 dagen geleden
    • I will laugh at Joe all day! He doesn't know what he's saying, he's ruined our foreign relationships already, and his son is a crackhead. He only won because it was rigged.

      Ben Roberts TVBen Roberts TV6 dagen geleden
    • It was funnier when Clown Orange walked up into Air Force One with a yard of shit tickets stuck to his heel...and nobody, not one person, told him.

      David RichardDavid Richard6 dagen geleden
  • Most of us Hoosiers were sick of Pence when Trump picked him up. His career was bound for the floor years ago.

    Mick ShrimptonMick Shrimpton8 dagen geleden
  • " I finally found you....'

    Marta VillanuevaMarta Villanueva8 dagen geleden
    • "Ahhhh, sweet mystery of life, at last I found thee......." - Nelson Eddy & Jeannette MacDonald

      æiou ÆIOUæiou ÆIOU6 dagen geleden
  • The mask makes Biden feel safe and comforted just like a baby blankey. Let the old frail man be mysophobic.

    Michael GoodmanMichael Goodman8 dagen geleden
  • Poor senile Biden propped up by this Leftist media propaganda

    crsl111 ccrsl111 c8 dagen geleden
  • Have not watched this Hollyweirdo leftist Trash for many years now. 👈🏼👈🏼👈🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

    crsl111 ccrsl111 c8 dagen geleden
  • Your man's speech has a lot more dislikes than likes. Weird for the undisputed most popular President in history.

    Richard FoxRichard Fox8 dagen geleden
  • nlworld.info/key/video/zKdpkbG9kayjsHw🛐🛐😂😂🤣🤣🤣✌😗🤩😍🇱🇷🇱🇷

    fkfk8 dagen geleden
  • Say what you will, but at least Pence can formulate a complete sentence. More than President Potato can muster on any given day.

    Riff Wizard 666Riff Wizard 6668 dagen geleden
  • Biden is a 🤡! We are screwed with this moron at the helm! Remember Biden had 7 people at his rallies yet somehow We are supposed to believe that 80 million voted for the 🤡!

    Jimmy IggyJimmy Iggy8 dagen geleden
  • What speech of Pence’s hasn’t been dry as ever?!!!

    Ann LeslieAnn Leslie8 dagen geleden
  • lol Jill & Joe Thursdays

    Asha SelfAsha Self8 dagen geleden
  • Racist traitor.

    Remedy4theheartRemedy4theheart8 dagen geleden
  • I love Joe

    Deborah SevignyDeborah Sevigny8 dagen geleden
  • nlworld.info/key/video/lGWbpKaYi36djaI

    MagiMagi8 dagen geleden
  • LOL NLworld is covering for Mike Pence. So hilarious. Sorry NLworld but the world already knows Mike Pence's dirty secret.

    Imaginary PersonImaginary Person8 dagen geleden
  • Most strategic president in history. Trump could have used the insurrection act but didn’t. I believe he wants to expose the left for what they are and give them the reigns for now. They will dig themselves in a hole and won’t be able to get out. Thank you President Trump for fighting for us and caring about our freedom !

    Jackie VealJackie Veal8 dagen geleden
  • 2:10 You could understand why Pence was such a lap dog to Trump, he was counting on Trump being removed from office or dying so that he could take over. That he is so monumentally delusional as to believe he could be elected president surprises me.

    ExEssex :ExEssex :8 dagen geleden
  • HOrse racing kills horses - lots of them

    Christy SweetChristy Sweet8 dagen geleden
  • Only thing stale is you.

    Irene ElliottIrene Elliott8 dagen geleden
  • “Maybe we should give the Nuclear Codes to Jill...” 😂🤣😅 DrBiden/MrsPresident!

    For Freud's SakeFor Freud's Sake8 dagen geleden
  • Joe looking for the Ukrainian bribery money be like:

    zrider100zzrider100z8 dagen geleden
  • To think that a bland, anti-progressive milquetoast , anonymous everyman, like Mike Pence could even be considered as a candidate for President...completely devoid of leadership qualities

    Crusty CobsCrusty Cobs8 dagen geleden
  • This is my first time watching Jimmy in about 2 years and i’m really glad to see he stopped laughing obnoxiously. I mean i guess there’s no guests but still

    CNRMAXCNRMAX8 dagen geleden
  • LOL day church always got scandal Pope

    Killer JoeKiller Joe8 dagen geleden
  • Ho Hiden tho doesn’t beat Pences view at far, Trump now his fans that’s passion

    Killer JoeKiller Joe8 dagen geleden
  • Remember Michael Pence is a Christian and your joke was not funny to God. Oh and God is not dead nor is God a myth. God is the Judge of all and everything including mankind. For your information so please don’t joke about God or any of God’s people thanks.

    f1s2hg3f1s2hg38 dagen geleden
  • That isn’t really the background music to Biden’s speaking! I don’t believe in coincidences. After living through the past 6 years “anything goes” No more presents or penises for priest? Guess they will only have Nuns to fall back on.

    Spencer CalvertSpencer Calvert8 dagen geleden
  • when you see joe and jill together you can see how much out of it joe really is

    DeFi ManDeFi Man9 dagen geleden
  • So Libtards..... This is the guy you voted for. Russia, China, Iran, Mexico and ever other country is just laughing at you right now. Should have voted Trump!

    BidenIs NotMyPresidentBidenIs NotMyPresident9 dagen geleden
  • I’ve literally lost my mask around me SO many times, I voted Green but I feel his pain 😂

    Tahtahme's DiaryTahtahme's Diary9 dagen geleden
  • GUYS THEY ARE DELETING DISLIKES FROM THE TOTAL NUMBER. CHEATS. WHAT A DISHONEST DEMOCRATIC PARTY. THEY ARE LOSING AND THEY KNOW IT IN THE FORM OF PUBLIC OPINION... President Biden Delivers Remarks at an Event Marking Amtraks 50th Anniversary DISLIKES/LIKES 3:55pm 2.1k 294 9:30PM 1.9K 305 Vice President Harris Delivers Remarks on the Progress Made During the First 100 Days in Office DISLIKES/LIKES 3:55pm 2.8k 358 9:00PM 2.7K 362 Vice President Harris Participates in a Roundtable Discussion DISLIKES/LIKES 4:00pm 1.6k 142 9:30PM 1.3K 150

    Dshew89 DDshew89 D9 dagen geleden
  • Mike “no” pants..... what to say abt him. ? Trump called for linching him, remember? And i m not sure Dems like him more than Republicans. Mike.... just learn golf and enjoy your useless retirement.

    Serge AylwinSerge Aylwin9 dagen geleden
  • GUYS THEY ARE DELETING DISLIKES FROM THE TOTAL NUMBER. CHEATS. WHAT A DISHONEST DEMOCRATIC PARTY. THEY ARE LOSING AND THEY KNOW IT IN THE FORM OF PUBLIC OPINION... President Biden Delivers Remarks at an Event Marking Amtraks 50th Anniversary DISLIKES/LIKES 3:55pm 2.1k 294 9:30PM 1.9K 305 Vice President Harris Delivers Remarks on the Progress Made During the First 100 Days in Office DISLIKES/LIKES 3:55pm 2.8k 358 9:00PM 2.7K 362 Vice President Harris Participates in a Roundtable Discussion DISLIKES/LIKES 4:00pm 1.6k 142 9:30PM 1.3K 150

    Dshew89 DDshew89 D9 dagen geleden
  • *No more gift over **#49Dollars** and no touching of **#KidsUnder21YearsOld** because then you know **#AllReligiousLeaders** are Pedophiles.*

    Meethi MouseqeeMeethi Mouseqee9 dagen geleden
  • All late nite propaganda

    adam hurstadam hurst9 dagen geleden
  • Epic moms what do you mean epic moms every mom is epic they carry us a year inside them feed us support us love us and in return we give them shit and still they keep giving

    mohammad sadeghpourmohammad sadeghpour9 dagen geleden
  • what a breath of fresh air after the orange ape....

    SD PSD P9 dagen geleden
  • Mike pence 2024? 🤣🤣🤣🥴🥴🥴

    Eyanosa SiouxEyanosa Sioux9 dagen geleden
  • Pence for 2024 to move to Canada

    professorJorgeZermeno11professorJorgeZermeno119 dagen geleden
  • 4:31 Lays Cool Ranch Doritos 🤔😆 4:45 Wow 😳 {happy meal toys} 🏆

    SayU SayMeeSayU SayMee9 dagen geleden
  • Trump 2024

    Power UpPower Up9 dagen geleden
  • And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make ye free

    vaddi hanwelvaddi hanwel9 dagen geleden
  • I was just dreaming about a Covid vaccine for animals last night! I didn't think animals could get Covid though.

    Justine PanzarellaJustine Panzarella9 dagen geleden
  • I finally found youuuuu 😂😂😂😂

    A Modern PoetA Modern Poet9 dagen geleden
  • Cool Ranch Doritos haven't been the same for years...so bland.

    Kris FrederickKris Frederick9 dagen geleden
  • It's really sad that the people laugh about the president losing his mask because he forgot he put in in his pocket.

    Mr MeekMr Meek9 dagen geleden
  • One of the best monologues I’ve seen in a while! Literally every joke landed perfectly!! Awesome job

    Weird NotLameWeird NotLame9 dagen geleden
    • yesss!!

      AnweshaAnwesha9 dagen geleden
  • Jimmy has gotten so political it's annoying to see these on my feed I don't watch him at all anymore only clicked long enough to comment this lol

    Heather ThompsonHeather Thompson9 dagen geleden
  • “Mike Pence had 55 people on his live” is classic🤣🤣

    Clifford JohnsonClifford Johnson9 dagen geleden
    • @jon armstrong not all politicians are evil, it’s just a lot are corrupted with greed by their donors. The rich make the rules, unfortunately that’s how it’s been throughout history.

      Clifford JohnsonClifford Johnson6 dagen geleden
    • @Clifford Johnson All politician are evil! Just pointing out Biden was not elected but selected and our country was stolen by evil people who do not care about you or I. If you pretend they do I feel very sorry for you.

      jon armstrongjon armstrong6 dagen geleden
    • @jon armstrong I thought u guys hated Mike Pence, isn’t he a traitor to your party full of wonderful ideas?😂😂

      Clifford JohnsonClifford Johnson7 dagen geleden
    • That is like 45 more then Joe Biden did at any campaign rally.

      jon armstrongjon armstrong7 dagen geleden
  • Pence2024

    Aggresov AggresovAggresov Aggresov9 dagen geleden
  • I don't get how Biden looking for his mask is funny. I was just like,. "Okay so what, he couldn't find his mask, and that's supposed to be funny"?

    Steve JarvisSteve Jarvis9 dagen geleden
    • It's not funny watching a senile man who was illegitimately placed as president. It's sad for the country. Biden is senile

      Daniel DarkoDaniel Darko8 dagen geleden
  • That horse looks like he was on steroids. 😅

    Jeanie LoweJeanie Lowe9 dagen geleden
  • No more gifts over $49 at the Vatican. Does that mean the pope will be returning the bottle of Royal Lochnagar that he received from the queen during her last visit?

    Shane4BassShane4Bass9 dagen geleden
  • good video

    marlin throwermarlin thrower9 dagen geleden
  • In other news the Vatican had altar boys appraised and found they are worth 50$ each.

    Michael VigoritoMichael Vigorito9 dagen geleden
  • Reject the Republican Party they are poisoning American democracy with too much vile rhetoric.

    dragontat08dragontat089 dagen geleden
    • @dragontat08 cool story bro, needs more dragons. You are and always will be a do nothing democrat. Biden is a moron what has he done in the 100 days he has been in office or for that matter the past 40 years? Absolutely nothing.

      Jonathan JarquinJonathan Jarquin7 dagen geleden
    • @Jonathan Jarquin I don’t represent any party. I was a Republican for a lot years. Trump and republicans with there bs rhetoric caused me to jump ship.Republicans are nothing but scum. So please don’t respond any further your gibberish is falling on deaf ears. Do me a favor though go stand on a street corner slapping your head. The voice in your head are driving you nuts!!!!

      dragontat08dragontat087 dagen geleden
    • @dragontat08 that is the most childish answer and typical of the party you represent.

      Jonathan JarquinJonathan Jarquin7 dagen geleden
    • You need to read a book about integrity. Then you need to grow up and act like an adult. There are no republicans or the former president whom have any integrity.

      dragontat08dragontat087 dagen geleden
    • I think you mean the democratic party. Stop sniffing glue and read a book.

      Jonathan JarquinJonathan Jarquin7 dagen geleden
  • All thanks to Dr martins abul who helped me with his herbal supplement to get ride of my HIV virus.

    Adrew LopezAdrew Lopez9 dagen geleden
  • So when Trump does something dumb he is just dumb...when Biden does it he is relatable? I fucking hate the media.

    manguy2000manguy20009 dagen geleden
  • See dammit that could have got me on the show!!! I'm not giving up though I will comment every day if I have to just so I can get on the show lol I'm just reaching for the Stars we will see lol

    Jennifer KlineJennifer Kline9 dagen geleden
  • I love Joe.

    Terica LynnTerica Lynn9 dagen geleden
  • The Video is really good and great

    Sarah PelletierSarah Pelletier9 dagen geleden
  • Lots more were watching progressive media cover Biden's speech. Facebook sucks.

    Debra JensenDebra Jensen9 dagen geleden
  • So they can accept 10000 gifts worth $49

    Eduardo Grasso TVEduardo Grasso TV9 dagen geleden
  • Is Joe Manchin the 'de facto' President of the United States? Basically an unelected Presidential actor/usurper!!!! By unilaterally acting on 'his own beliefs', he has, with the overt/covert help of the Republicans, overturned the will of the people. Is he Putin/Trump's ace in the hole?

    Johnson HungloJohnson Hunglo9 dagen geleden