Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton talking Post-Qualifying at Portimão

1 mei. 2021
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  • Total bromance !

    Robbie NLRobbie NL13 uur geleden
  • Max: So the right pedal, that's acceleration, yeah? Lewis: Yeah, yeah. And then the left one's the brakes. Max: Okay, yeah. I get it.

    paul mbuthiapaul mbuthia2 dagen geleden
  • Max and Lewis even went through the door at the same time. Neither can even let the other walk in front.

    Brosef 79Brosef 792 dagen geleden
  • This must be the best job and great fun. The media make it into something else, different to the reality.

    a walka walk2 dagen geleden
  • The cool guys of the paddock (drivers only we all know Toto and Horner are cool too)

    Jonathan CanoJonathan Cano2 dagen geleden
  • look at that drip

    Cashis CampingCashis Camping2 dagen geleden
  • Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer.🏎💨

    PRISPRIS2 dagen geleden
  • Lewis hamilton have such a Kylo Ren dressing vibe

    Otávio PohrenOtávio Pohren2 dagen geleden
  • They get along really well. Wish the fans could follow their example.

    prinsmetbroekprinsmetbroek2 dagen geleden
  • Alonso > both

    CavalierValtzCavalierValtz2 dagen geleden
  • What is Hamilton wearing??

    George OkaneGeorge Okane2 dagen geleden
  • Verstappen is like common... Just retire finally...

    Zeince XxXZeince XxX3 dagen geleden
  • I swear they look like a sith Lord and his apprentice 😂😂😂 2 drivers on the grid yet !

    You TeubYou Teub3 dagen geleden
  • Woooohooo🙌

    Bruce Ali DangerBruce Ali Danger3 dagen geleden
  • You’re a a nob are the bigger nob. No are the real nob. ...................nob.............

    Chris BChris B3 dagen geleden
  • They obviously respect eachother a lot. The greats always do. We've seen Verstappen grow from "that guy" to Hamiltons rival. I'm sure Hamilton loves the excitement of finally having a title battle.

    Deovantay McSlangaDeovantay McSlanga3 dagen geleden
  • Interesting to see how competitive they are that when passing thru a door they do it at the same time, none of them let the other pass first...

    Edgar RamosEdgar Ramos3 dagen geleden
  • Emperor Toto : execute order 77... * Valtteri, it’s James *

    Jon ThorJon Thor3 dagen geleden
  • Hamilton looks like a sith lord

    Jordan PahleviJordan Pahlevi4 dagen geleden

    DaniDani4 dagen geleden
  • Hamilton and Max: Let us join forces to dispose of Bottas tomorrow.

    Ahnaf AzmainAhnaf Azmain4 dagen geleden
  • "I think portimao was where things started to get more tense between lewis and max. So much so, that they were caught exchanging death threats post qualifying." *dramatic music and voice comms from 2019 start playing*

    Qui Gone GymQui Gone Gym4 dagen geleden
  • Hamilton: where do you think he’ll finish? Verstappen: who Bottas? Hamilton: no, him 👉 Verstappen: ohhhh. Haha he’s not even going to finish mate.

    TMGTMG4 dagen geleden
  • Just a small thing... but lewis shows how dominant he is even in normal life situations. He has to be the one who is leading... the one who is in front. It’s just his mindset. And max shows that he knows that and he accepts that and things of Lewis as a leading person. It’s just in his head and it’s gonna be there allways👀

    PhilippPhilipp4 dagen geleden
  • Useless video

    hahaha hahahahahahaha hahahaha4 dagen geleden
  • Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.

    oldeenglish64oldeenglish644 dagen geleden
  • Max is such a posterboy...never do you see him walking around without a can of Red Bull 😂

    Stef MirakelStef Mirakel4 dagen geleden
  • Lewis is racing even when hes walking around a corner lol

    Logan MLogan M4 dagen geleden
  • And their fans was fighting like ww2....

    reXXi26reXXi264 dagen geleden
  • Max: Bruh we need to take him out of the equation Lewis: damn str8

    Nipun KothareNipun Kothare4 dagen geleden
  • Why is Lewis wearing a coat @30° ?

    Diogo PintoDiogo Pinto4 dagen geleden
  • Max & Lewis 🤝 Meanwhile they fans 💢💥👊🏼

    Ackerman .40Ackerman .404 dagen geleden
  • "It's tough out there" GP

    Naazmul HussainNaazmul Hussain4 dagen geleden
  • Vader and his student

    Our crazy JourneyOur crazy Journey4 dagen geleden
  • Netflix: "and because of his time, Verstappen went to argue with Lewis, and this spiced things up"

    I'm JaredI'm Jared4 dagen geleden
  • Alonso from the distance: "0:03 All the time you have to leave a space!"

    Apophis STRApophis STR4 dagen geleden
  • that mercedes coat though. drip lmao

    AlchemistAlchemist4 dagen geleden
  • 🐐 🐐

    悟界王拳悟界王拳4 dagen geleden
  • Lewis: Hey want to join mercedes next year? Max: Yeah sure Lewis: You just have to race behind me Max: AhhhHHhHHHhhhhEERrrrGGHHhhhHH!

    Brian TepBrian Tep4 dagen geleden
  • Hamilton dressed like a naruto villain

    VV4 dagen geleden
  • Lewis and Verstappen : *Maintain a good relation* Netflix : I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that

    Vishal B GVishal B G4 dagen geleden
  • Everyone: I hate Lewis, I hate Max, one better, no another better. Lewis and Max: Sup, lets go racing and have fun.

    ChazasChazas4 dagen geleden
  • I really like the respect these two have for each other.

    Kim Peredo TorossovaKim Peredo Torossova4 dagen geleden
  • I just hope tomorrow won't be any "Valtteri, it's James" because i want to see some good racing. But i am afraid it will happen, cause Lewis fights for championship against Max and Bottas is only 5th..

    SkingzeroSkingzero4 dagen geleden
    • @Toms River Every chance is good to downplay Hamilton and his achievements even when that order was given at the 15 round with Bottas more than 60 points behind Lewis.

      Pierre BinyomPierre Binyom4 dagen geleden
    • Come happened ONCE and yet you're here still talking about it as if it was a recurring thing.

      Toms RiverToms River4 dagen geleden
  • The current face of the sport. With the future face of the sport. No question.

    GoldGold4 dagen geleden
  • Max needs to talk less to Lewis if he wants to beat him

    DirectXDirectX4 dagen geleden
  • Be We Everyone. Have some pudding...

    Mr. PuddingMr. Pudding4 dagen geleden
  • The two best drivers on the grid. I wish I could hear that convo.

    SullyCSullyC4 dagen geleden
  • Stupid non-working facemasks.

    pingpongpungpingpongpung4 dagen geleden
  • Max verstapen lacks something..... Aaaaa if you're missing a Mercedes suit and number 33 in Valteri's car boots

    David CaballeroDavid Caballero4 dagen geleden
  • Man this just gives me the feels of something special seeing these two walking and talking. Their fans may be enemies but they are not.

    Jon Eric FountainJon Eric Fountain4 dagen geleden
    • @a walk well said. I agree

      Jon Eric FountainJon Eric Fountain2 dagen geleden
    • @Jon Eric Fountain You are correct. If you make a comment about some drivers performance, their fans really spew hate. Its a bit crazy when it is just a sport, but that is just how some people are. Hate and aggression has no place in these comments. We need to see more of the drivers together and being mature humans rather than what the media would like us to believe.

      a walka walk2 dagen geleden
    • Those fans are the dutch haters. They hope Sir Hamilton crashes every race so they're man can win. Great to see them together like this

    • @JK Visions bruh i saw people fans fighting other fans every race

      ACCURXT3ACCURXT34 dagen geleden
    • @JK Visions Apparently you havent read the comments sections the past few years after races.

      Jon Eric FountainJon Eric Fountain4 dagen geleden
  • Is the cameraman that tall or are they that short???

    Mika FinnMika Finn4 dagen geleden
  • lewis: what you reckon he had for breakfast? max: really not sure, but he's so so fast lewis: it has to be weetabix, the boy is rapid max: we're both fooked tomorrow!

    KhaleesiKhaleesi4 dagen geleden
    • let's hope he doesn't have porridge tommorow

      thomas 123thomas 1234 dagen geleden
  • A heated discussion, as I'm sure we'll learn about on Drive to Survive.

    Willian DalsotoWillian Dalsoto4 dagen geleden
  • Bottas gets pole, both Max and Lewis still not interested in talking to him.. It's the little things.. :P

    inflatable2inflatable24 dagen geleden
  • These f1 riders are such cry babies unlike motogp.

    One Snap And GoneOne Snap And Gone4 dagen geleden
  • that mercedes coat looking really drippy tho🥵

    evrmoreevrmore4 dagen geleden
    • @TeTE custom made ahahahaha and if it was for sale it prob be like 600 quid

      Julian GriffithsJulian Griffiths4 dagen geleden
    • can anyone know the name of it? :D

      TeTETeTE4 dagen geleden
  • Lewis drip looking like Sith Lord or somethin'

    ㄒ尺丨几丨ㄒㄚㄒ尺丨几丨ㄒㄚ4 dagen geleden
  • Why is lewis looking like Darth Vader 🤣

    Toluwalase OlajoyegbeToluwalase Olajoyegbe4 dagen geleden
  • Me : oh look max and lewis are talking to each other Netflix : no I think they're insulting each other Me : but they look happy Netflix : did I asked for your opinion I don't think so

    Seno KenSeno Ken4 dagen geleden

      Raditya InderaRaditya Indera4 dagen geleden
  • Bottas and kimi should be seen talking like this

    Anirudh RAnirudh R4 dagen geleden
  • If bottas wins then driver of the day will be him, not mazepin😂 no offense

    Vatsal MandaliyaVatsal Mandaliya4 dagen geleden
  • 0:05 go right, then jump on to the swimming pool like El Diablo in MotoGP lol.

    Yoga EndrahadiYoga Endrahadi4 dagen geleden
  • why do they look like they would make awesome buddies

    TeaTea4 dagen geleden
  • Hey guys lets vote mazepin the driver of the day. More than 8000+ people are on this. Would be hilarious to see everyones reaction. Go to to vote

    Aaryan bhattaraiAaryan bhattarai4 dagen geleden
    • @Aaryan bhattarai ohhh sound good Let's do it!

      林泰平林泰平4 dagen geleden
    • Yup, let’s do it

      Swami NSwami N4 dagen geleden
    • @林泰平 would be amazing. Imagine being last and getting driver of the day. A similar incident happened with a footballer once. He won the player of the day after a horrible performance. His face was to be seen when he got the trophy 🤣🤣🤣

      Aaryan bhattaraiAaryan bhattarai4 dagen geleden
    • Why?

      林泰平林泰平4 dagen geleden
  • I'd fear the pitstop tommorow if i were Valtteri.

    rikkierikkierikkierikkie4 dagen geleden
  • Bets on how much will Bottas last p1?

    _ loop_ loop4 dagen geleden
    • Probably 3 laps. DRS and Hamilton goes shooting by. The Red Bull looks weak here unless the wind isn't as bad

      ArcSharkArcShark4 dagen geleden
    • Until the first turn

      wonderful human being with a great characterwonderful human being with a great character4 dagen geleden
    • My bet is a quarter of the pit straight before either Lewis or Max has a better start and overtakes him.

      Charles-Antoine Martel-RoyCharles-Antoine Martel-Roy4 dagen geleden
  • i dont know which is funnier, this hamiltons coat or wengers jacket :D

    Denis LiberDenis Liber4 dagen geleden
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    Steven JamesSteven James4 dagen geleden
  • Meanwhile at Netflix: 😱🤪😵🥴

    Da GuysDa Guys4 dagen geleden
  • They still go side by side through that door and that small straight....

    PES MANUALPES MANUAL4 dagen geleden
  • Here comes Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen through the corner, Hamilton holds his line, Max is squeezes just past on the outside and down the straight they go! Lewis Hamilton activates DRS and down the inside he goes, fantastic racing from them both!

    LumenesLumenes4 dagen geleden
    • you're coming for Brundle and Crofty with commentary like this, mate lol

      kstearns921kstearns9214 dagen geleden
    • @Chazas thanks 😁

      LumenesLumenes4 dagen geleden
    • Good one.

      ChazasChazas4 dagen geleden
  • Sir Lewis displaying another line in his contract .. his own designs in the group clothing.

    eden5260eden52604 dagen geleden
    • @D J So people are know idiots for wearing long jackets? 😭

      El-CaesarEl-Caesar4 dagen geleden
    • @D J for wearing a jacket?

      sean robinsonsean robinson4 dagen geleden
    • @D J You're*

      Jeffrey VencesJeffrey Vences4 dagen geleden
    • Looks like an idiot lmao

      D JD J4 dagen geleden
  • Max and Lewis literally get on better than Lewis with Nico

    Dragon KRIEGDragon KRIEG4 dagen geleden
    • @Nico no i mean like 2016 spain or 2019 brazil

      MyrnotMyrnot3 dagen geleden
    • @Nico Difference is nico crashing into Lewis was due to the stupidity of nico and when max and Lewis touch its fair and hard racing

      Andy ChengAndy Cheng4 dagen geleden
    • @Myrnot haven't they already done it a few times?

      NicoNico4 dagen geleden
    • Wanna try to make them a teammate?

      PipitteuPipitteu4 dagen geleden
    • Just wait untill they touch/crash ontrack

      MyrnotMyrnot4 dagen geleden
  • See how Lewis cuts off max from the outside into the corner for the lead.

    Robert BlackRobert Black4 dagen geleden
  • Anybody know where to buy a coat lewis has?

    Tollas ÁronTollas Áron4 dagen geleden
  • ''The car was just so handful'' is all I could hear.

    TheJokerit19TheJokerit194 dagen geleden
  • Netflix: WRITE THAT DOWN!

    asimb0mbasimb0mb4 dagen geleden
  • They both are kinda pissed off

    LysanderLysander4 dagen geleden
    • well third place

      LysanderLysander3 dagen geleden
    • @inflatable2 yeah I am very excited

      LysanderLysander4 dagen geleden
    • Gonna be fun tomorrow into the 1st corner.. :D

      inflatable2inflatable24 dagen geleden
  • lewis looks badass lvl 99

    Emil FalsarellaEmil Falsarella4 dagen geleden
    • @Erik de Jong whats wrong with that? Braids are smooth

      Emil FalsarellaEmil Falsarella3 dagen geleden
    • Badass? Have you seen his haircut? Lol

      Erik de JongErik de Jong4 dagen geleden
    • darth hamilton has been summoned

      Hammy JammyHammy Jammy4 dagen geleden
    • hes part of the akatsuki

      Drew WinkleminiskiDrew Winkleminiski4 dagen geleden
  • Lewis: I think valtteri has it this race Max: Not if he has another shit start and we pull away 30 seconds.

    Memz4DeyzMemz4Deyz4 dagen geleden
    • I honestly don’t care who wins the championship, so long as it’s competitive at the top I’m happy

      Will FernandezWill Fernandez3 dagen geleden
    • And if his pitstop is 3 minutes again

      KaRpoUzaSFTW akaForTheWolvesKaRpoUzaSFTW akaForTheWolves4 dagen geleden
    • @inflatable2 I honestly thought Red Bull was gonna grab pole this race. I'm not counting out a great start from Max. But I think Mercedes is on par or just above or slightly below on performance. The track is tricky. All top 4 drivers said so. So it's more likely on this track the pole is for who can put it all together. Give it a few more races to see where the teams stand.

      Derrick BestDerrick Best4 dagen geleden
    • I'll be very surprised if both Max and Lewis do not overtake Bottas tomorrow.. Maybe Max can't if the Mercedes turns out superior, especially on the medium tyre they start on.. For the championship I hope he can though, we had enough Mercedes and Hamilton domination after 7 years..

      inflatable2inflatable24 dagen geleden
  • Is it just me or do Verstappen have a mix of puberty and raspberry voice? Because you can hear him no matter the circumstances P.S. heard Lewis too

    FairRodTheCapacitorFairRodTheCapacitor4 dagen geleden
    • @wonderful human being with a great character ahh raspy im pissing my pants laughing

      BrightMarksmanBrightMarksman4 dagen geleden
    • @BrightMarksman Could be a term for raspy voice maybe? 🤭

      wonderful human being with a great characterwonderful human being with a great character4 dagen geleden
    • wtf is a raspberry voice

      BrightMarksmanBrightMarksman4 dagen geleden
  • Mark my Words: Max will win

    TheAwesomeOneTheAwesomeOne4 dagen geleden
    • @BlackSheep Portugal is over and in Spain even Mazepin has a "chance "

      GuustGuust3 dagen geleden
    • In portugal and spain max wont have a chance to beat hamilton

      BlackSheepBlackSheep3 dagen geleden
    • @TheAwesomeOne Just stop it 😂😂 Na, Mercedes had the pace... Max did well to grab 2nd tbh.

      Zachary SylvesterZachary Sylvester3 dagen geleden
    • I want to apologize.. Next Week Guys!

      TheAwesomeOneTheAwesomeOne3 dagen geleden
    • @Stefanus Shikongo Did you see the last race? Dito.

      GuustGuust4 dagen geleden
  • darth hamilton and obi-max kenobi *vader theme plays in the background*

    Hammy JammyHammy Jammy4 dagen geleden
    • Sbinala

      Dominic VinerDominic Viner4 dagen geleden
    • Darth Max rolls of the tongue more easily. But either way it's great to see them just being normal. I'll say this.... Even if by the end of the year it becomes a bitter rivalry. I'll always remember this clip.

      Derrick BestDerrick Best4 dagen geleden
    • 😂😂😂😂😂

      Karan donKaran don4 dagen geleden
  • 0:03 They both see the gap and go for it, Hamilton goes quicker and keeps the position but Verstappen stays alongside him on the straight.

    Mišo RodziňákMišo Rodziňák4 dagen geleden
    • @Gabriel Mulamba Jr lol me too. Hit every apex on the Sidewalk 😀

      SOIBandSOIBand3 dagen geleden
    • Lewis and Max go wheel to wheel towards the first chicane (0:18). Lewis gave Max enough space through turn 2 and 3. Max is just alongside. We are heading to turn 4 (0:24). Lewis is on the inside and manage to keep Max Verstappen behind him. What a great drive from both driver. This is what we like to see in F1

      BantuHebrew243BantuHebrew2434 dagen geleden
    • LOL

      ve elve el4 dagen geleden
    • @Derrick Best *insert unfunny F1 meme here*

      Gabriel Mulamba JrGabriel Mulamba Jr4 dagen geleden

      Karlen BellKarlen Bell4 dagen geleden
  • Topic of discussion: who beats bottas in race tomorrow.

    Rohit RastogiRohit Rastogi4 dagen geleden
    • Yep

      Just playersJust players2 dagen geleden
    • Both

      Itz AightItz Aight3 dagen geleden
    • They both did🤣

      Fu Jin JansenFu Jin Jansen3 dagen geleden
    • Definitely both of them

      Andreas Mfanafuthi YeleniAndreas Mfanafuthi Yeleni3 dagen geleden
    • @Tollas Áron it used to be Toto's jacket earlier 😜

      Rohit RastogiRohit Rastogi4 dagen geleden
  • Why does lewis always look like darth vader

    Barry BraynenBarry Braynen4 dagen geleden
    • @Stigs stupid cousin its more of a cloths thing but ok, his team uniforms just look like that XD

      SantosOverlordSantosOverlord4 dagen geleden
    • He also reminded me of a sithlord with that long coat lol

      DanovicDanovic4 dagen geleden
    • Darth hamilton

      A27M Cromwell 1A27M Cromwell 14 dagen geleden
    • he is black.. white people look like a stormtrooper

      Stigs stupid cousinStigs stupid cousin4 dagen geleden
  • When both are beaten by Bottas:

    Raphael LippiRaphael Lippi4 dagen geleden
    • @Rohit Rastogi if only.. I'll be surprised.. I think it can only happen if the Mercedes car turns out superior over the Red Bull and Hamilton settles for 2nd.. Considering the WDC battle with Verstappen I doubt he will..

      inflatable2inflatable24 dagen geleden
    • Its good to be positive

      Wali MilesWali Miles4 dagen geleden
    • If only bottas can win from pole with these two behind him tomorrow

      Rohit RastogiRohit Rastogi4 dagen geleden
  • Max :dude I almost had him Lewis :me too

    Ganapathy subramanianGanapathy subramanian4 dagen geleden
    • Bottas: You almost had me? You never had me...... You never had your cars.

      rikkierikkierikkierikkie4 dagen geleden
    • WIND: Let me help BOT

      KhanKhan4 dagen geleden
    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      sakhile radebesakhile radebe4 dagen geleden
  • W I D E V E R S T A P P E N I N G

    Tanay_21Tanay_214 dagen geleden