Making A US Big Mac Using All 54 McDonald's Ingredients | Fast Food Chemistry

21 mrt. 2021
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This is a Big Mac. And this is everything that's in a Big Mac. Welcome to Fast Food Chemistry. We took every single ingredient that goes into a US Big Mac to see if we could make it successfully at home.
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Making A US Big Mac Using All 54 McDonald's Ingredients | Fast Food Chemistry

  • lol that guy knows hoow to cut lines

    wo owwo owUur geleden
  • How does this guy still have a job hosting? He's so dull

    boblebobboblebob3 uur geleden
  • US make me puke no joke what the heck is thick water and why can you normaly buy it

    Glock76Glock764 uur geleden
  • This video would actually be nice and very interesting the other co-host (Joe) was collaborative instead of playing the dumb-guy part 😉

    Fabio ColellaFabio Colella5 uur geleden
  • yikes,i will never eat fast food again,all those chemicals,this will surely up the risk of contracting a desease

    Ronny BRonny B11 uur geleden
  • Alum powder is also used in pickling to keep it crunchy and it is a really good way to get rid of a canker sore. That’s not as exciting though.

    djlilppdjlilpp11 uur geleden
  • Wow UK big mac has onions

    Dillion HarrisDillion Harris12 uur geleden
  • 10:57 that label literally says “high fructose corn syrup” lmao

    Bassel NassarBassel Nassar13 uur geleden
  • I love how at the beginning of the video he said he couldn't get a hold of a real American big mac so he would make his own and then he literally has one for a comparison at the end like what's the point? Unless of course he came to America to make this video then ignore this comment.

    Joshua StelmanJoshua Stelman13 uur geleden
  • Watching while eating McDeez .... Well looks like I'm done

    NiveusLuxLucisNiveusLuxLucis13 uur geleden
  • The knowledgeable brain diagnostically flash because work karunagappally scold via a lumpy vessel. bright, materialistic bacon

    16 uur geleden
  • Everything causes cancer in California though

    Ko Eun YooKo Eun Yoo17 uur geleden

    Arte 619Arte 61919 uur geleden
  • You forgot the pink slime!

    coool20coool2021 uur geleden
  • one more reason I prefer to stay clear of Mcdonalds lol

    ChefJakobChefJakob23 uur geleden
  • Oh gosh, I need three big macs now

    MrRobsnMrRobsnDag geleden
  • Aren’t these the same guys that don’t understand what vitamins are in enriched flour

    FuriousPenguinFuriousPenguinDag geleden
  • was it the "simplest" solution lmao

    lovelyplanetlovelyplanetDag geleden
  • I have never seen anyone enjoy thick water... wtf

    VerlisifyVerlisifyDag geleden
  • Eating a Big Mac and worrying about caramel color causing cancer. Lack of self awareness.

    ShAdShAdDag geleden
  • why is this other dude even here it's so unnecessary

    BaileyFilmsBaileyFilmsDag geleden
  • Who puts preservatives in pickles? McDonald's -_-

    Sameer Prashad GondSameer Prashad GondDag geleden
  • This gives the words "processed foods" a whole new meaning. Maybe rename "junk food" to "toxic cancer food".

    Buzz KillingtonBuzz KillingtonDag geleden
  • @7:13 I almost called the cops

    candace vogelcandace vogelDag geleden
  • That wasnt a pickle but a cucumber. 😂

    Daniel WallnerDaniel WallnerDag geleden
  • Wait where’s the rat meat

    A AA ADag geleden
  • The guy with the gray hair is irrelevant.

    Awesome LifeAwesome LifeDag geleden
  • This show would be much better without the American’s pointless commentary

    natethebaitnatethebaitDag geleden
  • I’ll never eat this shit again

    Horsemouth FatHorsemouth FatDag geleden
  • McDonalds outsource all their stuff, and i've been to the Guenther bakery just outside Rochdale to see the process in action - it was a great attempt as a homemade bun, considering they're machine made in reality plus BK use the same bakers lol

    s clementss clementsDag geleden
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    Sam AndersonSam AndersonDag geleden
  • can't believe he didn't make his own cheese originally 🙄

    AveryAveryDag geleden
  • I felt so bad, they made him eat it 😭

    Shana PrestonShana PrestonDag geleden
  • ngl I think yours looks more appetizing to me

    Sam ArchibaldSam ArchibaldDag geleden
  • The feeling when you bite in a burger, you know could cause cancer

    HAgreedHAgreedDag geleden
  • Lookin kinda thicc

    HAgreedHAgreedDag geleden
  • Caramel coloring also acts as a flavor enhancer. Hence its use, sadly.

    Rayn BillsonRayn BillsonDag geleden
  • Fact that mcdonald uses it is horrible

    X4wiX4wiDag geleden
  • His big mac looks more like a Krabby Patty

    HellbowHellbowDag geleden
  • Super excited

    Marc HandfordMarc HandfordDag geleden
  • For the people saying they’re never eating mcdonalds again, lol you realize a lot of chemicals like these are in almost all non grocery foods. This is basically just the visual version of reading what’s in the ingredients tabs of stuff like hot pockets, burritos, and popsicles

    The Nigel DouglasThe Nigel Douglas2 dagen geleden
    • Only raw food ingredients are free of chemicals, sometimes not even these. Anything that you take out of a box and directly throw it in the microwave oven is full of these things.

      Andrei MoiseAndrei Moise16 uur geleden

    Organic Soul GumboOrganic Soul Gumbo2 dagen geleden
  • looks like Harry's good with his drugs

    Saphire -Saphire -2 dagen geleden
  • Am I the only one that had to go to the fridge and get a slice of Velveeta after watching him make the cheese?

    Rich PyszRich Pysz2 dagen geleden
  • Lilkirbs: "So to celebrate speedrunning making a Big Mac i put homemade American cheese on my wall"

    MysticOverlordMysticOverlord2 dagen geleden
  • Could use this without the american dude always talking. He's annoying asf.

    Arthur Filemon - CountertenorArthur Filemon - Countertenor2 dagen geleden
  • Typical American, about as funny as a kick to the head.

    Sean BlakeSean Blake2 dagen geleden
  • The other dude added nothing usefull or funny to the video

    RandomRandom2 dagen geleden
  • Nobody cares about the Redditor with the grey hair!!! Stop showing him

    Ehfoiwehfow JedioheoihEhfoiwehfow Jedioheoih2 dagen geleden
  • Mmm. Horse oil mayo.

    Andy LeeAndy Lee2 dagen geleden
  • that american dude is unbearable

    Luis NavarroLuis Navarro2 dagen geleden
  • why does the english guy remind me of George not found??? lol

    Nina NotzNina Notz3 dagen geleden
  • So I’m gonna stop getting McDonald’s

    Sir BearSir Bear3 dagen geleden
  • He actually ate it

    Robert McMillanRobert McMillan3 dagen geleden
  • This is a very niche comment, but why can I hear the 'Can't Pay? We'll Take it Away' theme tune in the background????

    David LovegroveDavid Lovegrove3 dagen geleden
  • Love the Roast Red Peppers Jar from Lidl as a mixer 😂😂😂

    Rui Miguel ChoçasRui Miguel Choças3 dagen geleden
  • This is so misleading and biased. You should show the studies that state some of those give cancer and all of those negative stuff. I can assure you that none of those ingredients are more dangerous than any other natural stuff people eat everyday.

    Roncea CosminRoncea Cosmin3 dagen geleden
    • Chemicals or not- don’t eat McDonald’s

      BasBas2 dagen geleden
  • He should have been a chemistry professor

    Chandana BanikChandana Banik3 dagen geleden
  • Really dislike all the speak of the long term effects of the chemicals and the effects on mice. Eating a mouse every day of your life will also increase your risk of colon cancer.. It's the dose that makes the poison! Put this stuff in context instead of needlessly scaring people.

    hermest99hermest993 dagen geleden
  • Cool video, would love to see the opposite to see what it would take an American to make a UK version of the Big Mac :)

    MegaMileyMegaMiley3 dagen geleden
  • i wish Gordon Ramsay watched this

    Ian NgIan Ng3 dagen geleden
  • Gives mice cancer mouse starts dancing

    angus thompsonangus thompson3 dagen geleden
  • homebrew McDonald's.

    VandelayOfficialVandelayOfficial3 dagen geleden
  • Why is there so many chemicals in food in the US

    Harvey RundleHarvey Rundle3 dagen geleden
    • Everything is a chemical, if you went to high school you'd know not only that but how stupid you sound.

      Jeff Van RooyJeff Van Rooy20 uur geleden
  • And they eat that not just once

    Bence SzabóBence Szabó3 dagen geleden
  • He blinded me with science.

    Philip CooperPhilip Cooper3 dagen geleden
  • great editing

    Bailey HallerBailey Haller3 dagen geleden
  • I swear to god i have always hated that plastic cheese since elementary school. I almost threw up when pored it in that mixer

    Yasmeen NasirYasmeen Nasir4 dagen geleden
  • Based on the amount of words in hear I didn’t u see stand make me believe that this is awful for u

    Brayden EllisBrayden Ellis4 dagen geleden
  • The patty has 100 percent beef but isn't only beef

    dave jacksondave jackson4 dagen geleden
  • This should have been a five minute video :/

    Gabe SharpGabe Sharp4 dagen geleden
  • 2:28 Can't pay we'll take it away theme music?

    Jack NeergaardJack Neergaard4 dagen geleden
  • It’s crazy how the FDA allows for this, the revolving door is clearly there

    Arthur LemusArthur Lemus4 dagen geleden
  • McDonald's and food in general in america is designed specifically to make you sick or kill you no if's or buts. Food in the UK is strictly controlled and monitored in the last 20 years alone the uk has banned food additives, food colorings and much more in its food products, not all obviously but the majority of ghe main food groups they've banned. Heck most foods contain no more than 10 ingredients and they are typically natural or naturally occurring

    VeLo RAAGEVeLo RAAGE4 dagen geleden
  • As to why they didn't get roadmen to mix all that, beats me.

    HybridTayHybridTay4 dagen geleden
  • McDonalds uses dehydrated onions for the big mac, there are absolutely other chemicals in it.

    Kai WebbKai Webb4 dagen geleden
  • So basically your telling the USA doesn’t care about killing us slow with additives but the UK doesn’t? I kinda hate America

    Adam DagenAdam Dagen4 dagen geleden
  • That's what he thinks, 100% beef bun in America:))) Wrong, deadfuly wrong, it's may be closer to be printed witch some kind o trash soy and chemicals than beef:)))

    Alex GisculescuAlex Gisculescu4 dagen geleden
  • This is the only original Vs ours that looks grosser when he built it himself

    Taaha RTaaha R4 dagen geleden
  • 7:05 WAITTTTTTTTTTTTTT..........

    Zunairah SZunairah S4 dagen geleden
  • I want a big Mac now

    Chris RazChris Raz4 dagen geleden
  • ...

    NatureFoods OfficialNatureFoods Official4 dagen geleden
  • The thickit.... I cannot

    Andie Ray GarnesAndie Ray Garnes5 dagen geleden
  • Absolute banger video

    Bartek StaniakBartek Staniak5 dagen geleden
  • This video disgusted me to the highest extent yet its educational

    Not So Mainstream MediaNot So Mainstream Media5 dagen geleden
  • Food of the illuminati

    MorenobMorenob5 dagen geleden
  • Try to explain to the FBI that u just made a burger

    LecueProdLecueProd5 dagen geleden
  • Ohmg I actually to drink thick water

    Benadryl sodaBenadryl soda5 dagen geleden
  • 🤢🤮🤢🤮

    M BM B5 dagen geleden
  • We pay to eat our own poison

    mistermysterymistermystery6 dagen geleden
  • Yeah meanwhile blame the meat 🤔 worst idea "let’s ditch meat and replace it with more fake food"

    Casual PainCasual Pain6 dagen geleden
  • Still wondering where your intestines cancer come from ?

    Master0234Master02346 dagen geleden
  • You ever question why Food and Drugs are under the same department?

    Sara WinardiSara Winardi7 dagen geleden
  • When you think burger you think beef bread lettuce tomatoes and sauce but in reality it's the heisenberg blue formula

    Shameer MalikShameer Malik7 dagen geleden
  • Chemical ingredients causes different kinds of cancer. Sadly due to big corporate lobbies not openly spoken in main stream media.

    Pr NathanPr Nathan7 dagen geleden
  • I know you said not to try it at home, but what about just the cheese? Any one know the exact measurements to use for that? Would like to try making the cheese :)

    SantianoBeSantianoBe7 dagen geleden
  • When McDonald’s gonna come out with the ‘Lil Mac’

    eternal greyeternal grey7 dagen geleden
  • How does one even make a Big Mac? They are like hmmmm let’s add some chloric acid with some Xanax gum and a pitch of aluminum power and bim bam boom you got yourself a big Mac

    Voice EchoVoice Echo7 dagen geleden
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    Yanis AgodorYanis Agodor7 dagen geleden
    • Ok but how is this relevant to the video?

      Victor.kVictor.k5 dagen geleden