Making a Tartare Sandwich

28 sep. 2019
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Filmed September 10, 2019, in Norway.
Filmed with Canon Legria HF G25.

  • I'm from Miami Florida, never seen anything like this before

    Juan Carlos BreijoJuan Carlos Breijo6 maanden geleden
    • Same

      Leroy KitchensLeroy Kitchens12 uur geleden
    • @maceinurface no scandinavian udumb

      Joni GardemeisterJoni Gardemeister5 dagen geleden
    • I’m from Miami Florida to

      Kai AlexanderKai Alexander5 dagen geleden
    • @maceinurface 9ббб

      Биляна РадковаБиляна Радкова11 dagen geleden
    • @eric löffler p 😃😎

      ivana gregurićivana gregurić14 dagen geleden
  • For matti nykänen

    Ville LeinonenVille Leinonen4 uur geleden
  • This guy is funny😂😂😂

    Tadik LehotskyTadik LehotskyDag geleden
  • What the fuck

    rocha Kenrocha Ken2 dagen geleden
  • He is where bigfoot originated from

    panzer division leaderpanzer division leader2 dagen geleden
  • anyone els see the gun in his shirt

    jonah leiserjonah leiser2 dagen geleden
    • @apetor are you even a human.i love watching ur videos with my friends you make me happy and ur funny and ur the best

      jonah leiserjonah leiserDag geleden
    • A few have seen it. It’s a plastic toy gun😊

      apetorapetor2 dagen geleden
  • А

    Afgd GgfgAfgd Ggfg2 dagen geleden
  • Šljivovica is the best

    GoranGocGoranGoc4 dagen geleden
  • do u drink alot apetor

    Gold FinaticGold Finatic4 dagen geleden
    • Yes🍷

      apetorapetor4 dagen geleden
  • Kippis, Matti Nykänen. im from finland

    JeppeX [ Fin ]JeppeX [ Fin ]5 dagen geleden
  • Zubrowka! My only drink

    Anthony BuiAnthony Bui5 dagen geleden
  • Puts an uncooked egg yolk on top of uncooked meat Salmonella: *Let me introduce myself*

    Tuna SemihTuna Semih5 dagen geleden
    • No worries he's all good cos "the vodka kills them all"

      Lil LauerLil Lauer2 dagen geleden
  • The alcohol kills any harmful bacteria ;)

    SnailcrossingSnailcrossing6 dagen geleden
  • fucking savage! and i mean that in the best way

    Sabi MSabi M6 dagen geleden
  • I didn't expect to see Żubrówka. You can normally buy it in Norway?

    WiqFilWiqFil6 dagen geleden
    • It’s gift from Poles I met in Norway😃 Not for sale here I think.

      apetorapetor6 dagen geleden
  • Just give this man an Oscar, he deserves it

    ViriusadlesViriusadles7 dagen geleden
  • the moment when he didn't get married at 20

    Ruslan OnryōRuslan Onryō7 dagen geleden
  • Good sandwich!

    Axel DowdAxel Dowd7 dagen geleden
  • Roar egg and minced beef butty mmmm ahhh

    Knobhead CoonbagKnobhead Coonbag8 dagen geleden
  • 0:18 WTF

    QLSPRO VIPQLSPRO VIP8 dagen geleden
  • Nice does taste good 😀

    Raminder pal SinghRaminder pal Singh8 dagen geleden
  • My bro.. this year is 58?

    Borneo Rinukutrukut VlogsBorneo Rinukutrukut Vlogs8 dagen geleden
    • 57 in November👍🏽

      apetorapetor8 dagen geleden
  • yes Finland perkele!

    ORP_CLANORP_CLAN8 dagen geleden
  • Ur gay

  • I wonder if he is like this all the time or if he just lets loose once a week and films it. Either way, this man brings me great joy, happiness, and is a ray of sunshine. Greetings from New York, USA. We have people in NYC who do things for attention, and call themselves entertainers, but they could all stand in line behind this man and none would be able to escape the shadow of his work. Thanks.

    It’s not MeIt’s not Me9 dagen geleden
  • is that guy eating raw meat!?

    Christian GalesiChristian Galesi9 dagen geleden
    • Yes.

      apetorapetor9 dagen geleden
  • This is so inspiring me I love u I’m your biggest fan

    Kai AlexanderKai Alexander9 dagen geleden
  • Gordon Ramsay: It's fucking delicious.

    Milán VargaMilán Varga10 dagen geleden
  • Пьёшь ты не подетски

    Вероника СкребковаВероника Скребкова10 dagen geleden
  • Привет из России

    Вероника СкребковаВероника Скребкова10 dagen geleden
  • Drunk, good quality meat, I’m sure this is a treat 🤣

    Yanito 850Yanito 85010 dagen geleden
  • Raw meat sanvigh

    anakin loves youanakin loves you10 dagen geleden
  • Gay

    MaGoM3DMaGoM3D10 dagen geleden
  • Fucking idiot

    MaGoM3DMaGoM3D10 dagen geleden
  • я хочу плакать, ты лучший

    Vlad KrayVlad Kray10 dagen geleden
  • Kippis Matti Nykänen 👍👍

    ihiminenihiminen11 dagen geleden
  • Im from Alabama, this happend to me

    NarutoLolNarutoLol11 dagen geleden
  • Hes weird but his videos are funny 🤣

    BabariusBabarius11 dagen geleden
  • DO NOT SMOKE!!kids

    Hudson LeachHudson Leach11 dagen geleden
  • Tor, don't smoke please. We need you for long time!! Qwick qwick

    emwu zeiemwu zei11 dagen geleden
  • Voice reveal

    dylan hurleydylan hurley12 dagen geleden
  • kippis matti nykänen

    joona viereläjoona vierelä12 dagen geleden
  • God making him: hmmm, let's make him insane. wait! let's also make him immune to alcohol poisoning and salmonella.

    McCrispyFrieMcCrispyFrie12 dagen geleden
    • 😂

      apetorapetor12 dagen geleden
  • So 1.3 million people wanted to see him make a sandwich, his videos are just legendary 😀👍

    Waleed SalamaWaleed Salama13 dagen geleden
  • Did he just eat raw meat😈😈

    Polo LiPolo Li13 dagen geleden
  • i think he is drunk at all time

    çınar bodançınar bodan13 dagen geleden
  • the hell is that

    çınar bodançınar bodan13 dagen geleden
  • Kippis Matti Nykänen lets go!!

    MeemelixMeemelix13 dagen geleden
  • Żubrówka, fajki no i to mi się podoba kurwa

    Julian SerkowskiJulian Serkowski14 dagen geleden
  • I am going to bolck your videos

    Ernesto PalaciosErnesto Palacios14 dagen geleden
  • wtf

    kian berdilkian berdil15 dagen geleden
  • Never heard him talk before

    Raymon ParkerRaymon Parker15 dagen geleden
  • Crazy man and I like it

    AKATSUKI KUNAKATSUKI KUN15 dagen geleden
  • du er norsk

    sander gullissander gullis15 dagen geleden
  • He’s drunk looking like or actually drunk but funny

    Taylor001 LoTaylor001 Lo15 dagen geleden
  • 1:30 looks a bit false

    Silvia LeebSilvia Leeb16 dagen geleden
  • its badd for you and i am from norway

    Ole The BeatboxerOle The Beatboxer16 dagen geleden

    yaniv seyaniv se16 dagen geleden
  • Is that even good

    Nate’Zzz 200Nate’Zzz 20016 dagen geleden
    • yes it is

      Nate’Zzz 200Nate’Zzz 2003 dagen geleden
  • so weird

    Christi DaughertyChristi Daugherty16 dagen geleden
  • APEtor hear that Ape? That part is true

    PhunnyPhatBoyPhunnyPhatBoy16 dagen geleden
  • Finally english

    PhunnyPhatBoyPhunnyPhatBoy16 dagen geleden
  • is he sponsored by these drinks?

    McCrispyFrieMcCrispyFrie17 dagen geleden
    • @apetor how was the sandwich?

      McCrispyFrieMcCrispyFrie17 dagen geleden
    • No.

      apetorapetor17 dagen geleden
  • legendary video! :D

    ScharnhorstScharnhorst17 dagen geleden
  • Your Vodka or whatever it is makes me thirsty

    Dorian UjhaziDorian Ujhazi18 dagen geleden
  • Ew.uhh u gonna cook that at lease make a fire;-;

    JDUBZGODZxxx WimberlyJDUBZGODZxxx Wimberly18 dagen geleden
  • Harald Hårfagre? No. THIS is a real Viking.

    FotvortaFotvorta18 dagen geleden
  • the man smokes and drinks vodka and people are bitching him over some raw meat lmfao fucking pussies.

    Valiant ThorValiant Thor18 dagen geleden
  • I love nothing more than apetor

    ReaginateReaginate18 dagen geleden
  • Typical man in Russia

    Данило ПастушокДанило Пастушок18 dagen geleden
  • smørbrødet ser godt ut. the sandwich looks good

    HealthyerHealthyer19 dagen geleden
  • Put vodka in meat

    De ClassicalTomatoDe ClassicalTomato19 dagen geleden
  • Apetor is insane in a good way

    KyleKyle19 dagen geleden
  • The legend is he doesnt drink alcohol in his entire production

    Frano_ DetonFrano_ Deton19 dagen geleden
  • Vodka vodka vodka vodka vodka

    AtxmAtxm19 dagen geleden
  • I think this man Died-

    Goose GodessGoose Godess19 dagen geleden
  • I love when he cuts the package with a chain saw 0:18🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣AMERICANS ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!

    OPchickenNugsOPchickenNugs19 dagen geleden
  • ;)

    basedbased19 dagen geleden
  • ты крутой!

    KeksKeks19 dagen geleden
  • He is the healthiest unhealthy guy I've ever seen.

    poobpoob19 dagen geleden
    • rofl right eats raw meat then chugs vodka n smokes XD animal

      Raffael900meRaffael900me3 dagen geleden
  • 2:17 nie spodziewałem się że na tym kanale zobacze kiedykolwiek alkochol z polski (żubrówka) 🇵🇱

    SzilipSzilip20 dagen geleden
  • this is fucking wild

    TheCRIT0TheCRIT020 dagen geleden

    Luzia LandoltLuzia Landolt20 dagen geleden
  • What the fuck

    Nedelcu AlexandruNedelcu Alexandru20 dagen geleden
  • Jemand Deutsch?

    MârtyツMârtyツ20 dagen geleden
  • Try raki

    Selin ArslanSelin Arslan20 dagen geleden
  • Why do I feel like dis dude is a psychopath-_-

    icey roblox sunflowericey roblox sunflower20 dagen geleden
  • Apetor is king.

    Cancel SnowyyCancel Snowyy20 dagen geleden
  • apetor is insane

    rowen shanskirowen shanski20 dagen geleden
  • Hey im from USA can you give us a list of all the alcohol you drink in you videos A++++++ channel

    DevoDevo20 dagen geleden
  • Greetings alcoholist, Hello from tananger

    Dr.Gideons KjørmoDr.Gideons Kjørmo20 dagen geleden
  • those are all raw 😅😅😅

    Cooljj10Cooljj1021 dag geleden
  • he drinks a lot

    Cooljj10Cooljj1021 dag geleden
  • nykänen is my last name and my dads brothers name is matti :O

    KulmaSohvaKulmaSohva21 dag geleden

    Anime godAnime god22 dagen geleden
  • 0:44 apetor I’m being honest with you eating raw meat is not good

    Anime godAnime god22 dagen geleden
  • He is cool I like him he nows how to enjoy life and have a good time a lesson enjoy the most amazing stuff in life because it’s too short so make your mark on this earth :)

    The PhantomThe Phantom22 dagen geleden
    • Knows

      The PhantomThe Phantom22 dagen geleden
  • This is living!

    PAINOFD00MPAINOFD00M22 dagen geleden
  • Hilarius

    Ivan BabushkinIvan Babushkin23 dagen geleden
  • dummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Julie BohenJulie Bohen23 dagen geleden