Lomachenko Vs Lopez THE REMATCH | BREAKING!! Shoulder Surgery and Streaming Records

21 okt. 2020
27 994 Weergaven

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  • The way Loma reacted to them body shots had nothing to do with his shoulder. Gary Rusell JR was the smaller and less powerful, Loma could not do anything with him fighting on the back foot. Lopez use the same exact strategy of keeping Loma on the back foot. The big difference was the power, size and footwork Lopez brought in the ring. If my shoulder is hurt Im going to fight aggressive and dirty early to set the tone Bernard Hopkins style.

    MiQuel SimmonsMiQuel Simmons23 dagen geleden
  • Lopez may have got the win but loma kick lopez butt, not the other way around... their faces says it all

    quertbarbie62quertbarbie6225 dagen geleden
  • Wilders camp telling ppl he had an autopsy?!?! Lmfao an Autopsy is performed on a dead body🤣. They must've performed the autopsy on his career.

    S GonzalesS Gonzales25 dagen geleden
  • I "love" lomachenko but man he was to confident in him self he knew that vs a powerpuncher like Lopez he should be 100% healthy i would not give him a rematch maby he learns to take such a fight serious next time .Plus he Was so confident that he himself said no Rematch so then Boy fuck you and your rematch!!!!! And im really Loma fan but im not for the rematch he should learn from it!!!!! Next time you better put the rematch in the Papers or you better be 100% helthy!!!!!!!!

    Inkoholic AnonymusInkoholic Anonymus25 dagen geleden
  • need a rematch cause the first one cant be on free tv, need to make on ppv $

    fox budfox bud26 dagen geleden
  • If you stop doing all these 'silly antics' and just do a 'professional boxing program' -- your show would be much better.

    Bijan MehrpourBijan Mehrpour26 dagen geleden
  • "Autopsy" , is he trying to say "Diagnostic" ?. Just because of that , no rematch for you .

    Marvin AcostaMarvin Acosta26 dagen geleden
  • Lol 😂 rematch? In your sweet dreams Showbiz!🤣🤣 hell no rematch! The fight wasn’t even close!😂😂

    Romil NarcisoRomil Narciso26 dagen geleden
    • Didnt Ruiz give Joshua a rematch?

      Q BQ B2 dagen geleden
  • The size and reach of lopez bother loma. And then there's punching power add to that.

    Rec jargoRec jargo28 dagen geleden
  • If he Had hurt Shoulder and he says he’s good and lose anybody that’s best on can sue” I because he lied he said 100% good to the fight

    Doom EnriquezDoom Enriquez29 dagen geleden
  • You wouldn’t have heard shit about a shoulder injury had he won 🤷🏾‍♂️

    KING CROOMKING CROOM29 dagen geleden
  • Could u get anymore adverts in lmao fuk this I'm off

    Will SpekeWill Speke29 dagen geleden
  • loma is yesterdays news for Teo? No belt collect anymore

    Anttu MurikkaAnttu Murikka29 dagen geleden
  • Fair and balanced

    dannygitmodannygitmo29 dagen geleden
  • Love Loma, but this is bull shit excuse like Wilder when he lost. My god have none of these fighter got any respect for themselves let alone the people who beat them. Take your L and shut the F@^K Up. Lopez was great in that fight got love the Kid how tuff is he. No need for a rematch and as I said I am a Loma fan great fighter but too small for this young hungry fighter. Fury called it before the fight to big to strong.

    Psyco KillerPsyco Killer29 dagen geleden
  • Lol you folks didn’t let Wilder have an excuse, but it’s Valid for Loma?? Nah!

    Cal DunkinCal Dunkin29 dagen geleden
  • Injury approved: nlworld.info/key/video/paqlo7STpZ6gZqI Now im sure no rematch. no money talks. Because i think he need more than 1 year for fully heal it. Lopez don't wait so long at 135 even he wake up one time and thiks the rematch will be good idea for him

    Boxing FairytaleBoxing Fairytale29 dagen geleden
  • Loma deserves a rematch, but I would be happy with either a Ryan Garcia or Devin Haney next for Lopez as well! All great match ups!

    Boxing With ShawnBoxing With Shawn29 dagen geleden
  • And why floyd did not give pacman the second fight?? Hahahahaha

    Casey TrongcosoCasey Trongcoso29 dagen geleden
  • Loma was plainly outclassed

    fares yasinfares yasinMaand geleden
  • There ain't no rematch

  • Lomachenko is a proven liar watch this nlworld.info/key/video/yZukm9bMbKJhm4g

    Giant SquidGiant SquidMaand geleden
  • Plonk!!!!

    George SalinasGeorge SalinasMaand geleden
  • He didn’t hurt it before the fight. I think if he did hurt it, it was late in the fight when Lopez held him and then he went crazy over extending to hit Lopez behind the head and in the side of the head. If he did, it was late in the fight. Lopez kicked his ass for the first 8 rounds. He had no answer for him.

    MrMrbutchitoMrMrbutchitoMaand geleden
  • How do we know the injury was not caused during the fight. I didnt see loma having pain or wincing from any injury. There plan failed. They planned on taking the fight in later rounds because they thought lopez would gas out. To their surprise he didnt. This all goes down to my overall opinion which loma and his team underestimated lopez. They didn't put that rematch clause because they were confident of their plan would win fight for them. They quite simply underestimated him. He saying he want rematch because he knows what went wrong. He underestimated him. That was not the fight they thought lopez would fight. Caught off guard and underestimated him. That's all. But really watching fight does at any time does loma look like have trouble from a injury. I mean look how he came on in later rounds. How could he do that with a injury? Rewatch fight and find any where he show a nagging injury. Pure and simple. They underestimated lopez

    Thomas FredericksThomas FredericksMaand geleden
  • Dude! Just accept the loss like a man and move on.

    Eduardo BallesterEduardo BallesterMaand geleden
  • Nice

    Hendra SHendra SMaand geleden
  • Loma knows if he get the rematch he's go to put some work and Lopez probably knows that. He be taking the risks. Loma is very technical. Lopez is a heavy puncher but can't sleep on Loma.

    Carlos ColonCarlos ColonMaand geleden
  • He lost because he didn't put in some work,, he should get a rematch he lost those belts. If he lose again then it shouldn't be no excuses

    Carlos ColonCarlos ColonMaand geleden
  • It's OK if u were way wrong with all your predictions. Just stop it. He lost that's it

    M1STAS1N1STA 22M1STAS1N1STA 22Maand geleden
  • Did u say autopsy. That's only on dead bodies

    M1STAS1N1STA 22M1STAS1N1STA 22Maand geleden
  • I got surgery on an injury 2 yrs old. He been fighting with a hurt shoulder now was perfect time to get it fixed

    M1STAS1N1STA 22M1STAS1N1STA 22Maand geleden
  • "Tank by ko rd1" Rooting for Leo,funny how in the beginning of his career I thought this kid can't be that happy,boy was I wrong

    Luis LopezLuis LopezMaand geleden
  • Loma the better fighter hands down !

    j smithj smithMaand geleden
  • Loma waited too long to get into the fight its easy to beat someone who throws 11 punches in 1 round

    j smithj smithMaand geleden
    • Not if they land 7 of those 11 right? Isnt it better to be accurate than wasteful?

      Q BQ B2 dagen geleden
  • Trash

    Kito PerryKito PerryMaand geleden
  • You sound dumb

    Kito PerryKito PerryMaand geleden
  • Lol it hasn’t been a good week and people are talking bout rematch for views cause it ain’t gonna happen !! Teofimo isn’t gonna do another weight cut for Loma !!

    Mario RuizMario RuizMaand geleden
  • Teo dont want to fight again.Loma put it on when he finally got going.Teo complained when he got a good combo with very quick shots that stuned him.Teo is afraid Loma would get started earlier in the next fight and finish him.Teo knows that if he cant get that one shot and stop Loma.Loma will stop him.Loma has more to loose than Teo

    Nunya BuisnessNunya BuisnessMaand geleden
  • Loma thought he was going beat Lopez even with the injury , his plan was to take him to deep waters and stop him , but Lopez’s skills didn’t allow that to happen, i had Lopez winning the first 7 rounds and the 12th

    Walt_OneBKWalt_OneBKMaand geleden
  • So he using the same lame excuse manny used against mayweather ,but I guess it's okay for manny to get away with it like he got away with taking PEDS for the best of his career .Floyd exposed manny and after this his ko % dropped dramatically and he nearly got killed by marquez. He kod Hatton while on PEDS and then the President invites him over to the white house WTF .He should be in jail for taking Drugs and putting lives in danger !

    El galloEl galloMaand geleden
  • He was hurt and lost... that’s what it is, cause that’s what it is... Keep fighting Loma. The greats lose. Stay in your natural division and reign as a champion. Teo was also too big for Loma. He probably hurt his shoulder with all of that power hitting that high guard he had to keep, early in the fight. Just saying...

    Ron OfficialRon OfficialMaand geleden
  • I wouldn't give Loma a rematch simply because of how he refused to give Teo a rematch if he had won. Now he's getting a taste of his own medicine. As for the shoulder thing it's an excuse nothing more because no fighter goes into a fight 100 percent. Furthermore if his shoulder was that injured he should not of taken the fight it was his choice

    Mr GrandiMr GrandiMaand geleden
  • 48:40 the last workout he looked annoyed and confused

    cottonpatch2000cottonpatch2000Maand geleden
  • 48:00 no, that is a terrible idea.

    cottonpatch2000cottonpatch2000Maand geleden
  • Didn't we just learn from the last fight that size beats skill? That would place Davis over Santa Cruz easy

    cottonpatch2000cottonpatch2000Maand geleden
  • Rematch

    Ceballos DonlynCeballos DonlynMaand geleden
  • Santa Cruz is going to get stopped

    JayJay 766JayJay 766Maand geleden
  • Lo was healthy going into that fight he obviously got injured during his beat down

    ArmanArmanMaand geleden
  • Lo said he was healthy ready to give 100% peep sound bite here and debunk the excuse nlworld.info/key/video/yKpkqZfGfqaGnIw

    ArmanArmanMaand geleden
  • Very very informative

    anthony cainanthony cainMaand geleden
  • Be barely beat him the score cards was overboard with their scoring

    MAINE MoneyMAINE MoneyMaand geleden
  • False loma could've beat him ez , he had lot of clean shots on Lopez

    MAINE MoneyMAINE MoneyMaand geleden
  • No rematch clause. Doesnt matter what Loma says

    Nilo OrcaNilo OrcaMaand geleden
  • Just finally finished this stream cause of the amount of such great content in it 💯

    Just Blaze1Just Blaze1Maand geleden
  • Loma won ... He will win again ... Loma has excuses thinking he lost the fight knowing its possible that Loma won the fight

    Mr. DavisMr. DavisMaand geleden
  • There is no need for a rematch it will still be the same result. Loma was never as good as they made out just hype as i've said many times before. Teo please move on to the next person for the sake of boxing. Please don't do it as you no long need Loma

    Topgun80 JamJamTopgun80 JamJamMaand geleden
  • they way loma dominated the last half im sure he wins a rematch and when lopez was winning he was just controlling the pace of the fight not really putting on a lot of damage

    Taimir HanksTaimir HanksMaand geleden
  • U a fanboy of floyd every video something about floyd

    ice manice manMaand geleden
  • Wow they called Lopez fraud, he beat the real loma fraud like 10 rounds to 12 or something insane. I was actually on of the few seeing that loma was hype job like so many amteurs before him. Thats why they say amtuer and pro is so diffrent. No need for rematch with that insane outclassing.

    drgdfh fdhfddrgdfh fdhfdMaand geleden
  • U want to lose $10000 again hahaha excuse !!!!!! Cry baby like wilder

    Jose RamonJose RamonMaand geleden
  • As a Loma fan I would love to see a rematch just to give Loma a chance to look better after that bad performance.. I believe Loma's shoulder was injured and makes sense after seeing he did not look like he usually does. In the lead up to the fight I thought Loma seemed a lot quieter and close lipped than he usually is. But I think it's bad luck. Now a lot of people will say it's an excuse. But is it supposed to a be a secret that he had surgery a few days ago? It doesn't look good either way. If they rematch next year it seems like his shoulder would still be an issue. Shoulder injuries take a long time to fully heal. So that makes me wonder. It would be great interesting to see. It seems Lopez will just want to move on and I don't blame him. But maybe money will entice him to do it.

    S WangS WangMaand geleden
  • Lomo hype exposed

    hendrix9087hendrix9087Maand geleden
  • I had Lopez up by a very comfortable 4 points. It is what it is. Anyone who has competed in sports knows that injury is part of the game. You just try to manage the injury. It is what it is.

    Troy CaldwellTroy CaldwellMaand geleden
  • 6-6 Lopez punching Air, Gloves and elbows for mad points from the judges lmao Lopez 1 3 4 5 6 12 Loma 2 7 8 9 10 11 Lopez is scared to rematch Loma

    Tree FiddyTree FiddyMaand geleden
    • oh and he was fine going into the fight STATED BY LO HIMSELF proof: nlworld.info/key/video/yKpkqZfGfqaGnIw

      ArmanArmanMaand geleden
    • Lo team said they dont believe in rematches they told Lopez from the jump there isnt going to be one seems like they love changing the story after the fact

      ArmanArmanMaand geleden
  • i hope i win that floyd card

    gotaeateatgotaeateatMaand geleden
  • I don't get all this hate on Loma. As a boxing fan you should want to see this rematch, this is what boxing is all about. Only reason not to want to see this is, if you are a Lopez fan and think he will come short on a rematch. But I argue that if Lopez is as good as we know he is, do the rematch and win again.

    Trees BushesTrees BushesMaand geleden
  • Like said I wanna see another rematch and he kicks his ass again then I can live with that

    Damond JamesDamond JamesMaand geleden
  • My shoulder injury was different it will feel great in the beginning then during the game it would hurt after I would have to ice it and could not move.... did not see the press conference was it wrapped up after? But great stream to bad NLworld notifications are ass and missed it🤦🏾

    Keith RobinsonKeith RobinsonMaand geleden
  • Showbizz, would you mind cutting some highlights from the stream and uploading it, some of us are to busy to tune in or watch this for an hour or two. Much love, God bless

    Louie AbordoLouie AbordoMaand geleden
  • Why is everyone saying no rematch? Doesn't matter if you like Loma personally, but a non-PPV rematch would be good for the fans and good for boxing. And, it would be great for Lopez financially. It makes sense all around. REMATCH 2021!

    Jumbe Kweku LumumbaJumbe Kweku LumumbaMaand geleden
  • Bruh just broke that shit down 💪🏿🏁

    L.S PhotographyL.S PhotographyMaand geleden
  • Loma said he was 100 for this fight building upto it first time in a long time it's a pink ass excuse he lost four rounds to eight n that generous he just punched a little more n looked busy had the commentary hyping him while time teo beating his ass scoring points he throws a four punch combo lands two n is winning the round lol tf out of here his shoulder did it come from the hand stands or the light wall thing shoulder didn't look hurt then or throughout the fight never once seen a sign he was

    Carver WilliamsCarver WilliamsMaand geleden
  • 1 hour video with 20 ads, tf is wrong with you? Cut down and condense your shit, this is low quality.

    NarutoSSj6NarutoSSj6Maand geleden
  • Lopez will regret it.

    Keith CraftKeith CraftMaand geleden
  • You don’t know shit about boxing 🥊 every body knows the sport knew Lopez was the better figher and it’s time to expose the media champ (loma) hyped and overrated and Lopez will beat him again in fact Gary Russell took him lightly and lost but if Gary fights him again he will win the rematch ,there’s no excuses in boxing 🥊

    alex Perezalex PerezMaand geleden
  • Nah.

    Dallas SchiffartsgesselschaftsDallas SchiffartsgesselschaftsMaand geleden
  • I would not disclose injuries it just makes you look bad, keep quiet comeback with fire when you are ready.

    Dedicated SpartanDedicated SpartanMaand geleden
  • Match wasn’t a bashing looks like it because used to seeing him Loma different. By the way Lopez don’t care he won or not, what’s telling is judging 119-109 why is that important I know lost anyways, but it shows one judges don’t go rogue they are told so Bobby wanted Lopez win. Unless it’s a clinic but arum had it covered. But give him a rematch Loma didn’t do what people saying it’s because they thought Loma would’ve cleaned him up. But fight wasn’t a beating.

    Mike P.Mike P.Maand geleden
  • May weather card over here sir 💪🏽

    Gabriel TorresGabriel TorresMaand geleden
  • Loma still a legend. Lopez is just a guy, who beat much smaller, older legend. He is 1st class boxer, but to be fair - to became same legend as Loma, he needs to make something similar - take 3 belts in a weight, where he will be smallest. I do not think, that rematch Lopez-Loma is necessary, but I believe that if Loma will ask for it, Lopez shall go for rematch. Why? Because Loma collected belts in hard fights and did most of the job in division.

    Alex MAlex MMaand geleden
  • What’s up biz this is Husky my new account but aye definitely I think Lomachenko put money on Lopez to win.

    Gabriel TorresGabriel TorresMaand geleden
  • Don’t hate I like that. all this boxing channels are a bunch of fan girls and play the race card to much

    Kevin SanchezKevin SanchezMaand geleden
  • Nice lives Lopez Beats loma I think lol too big too strong, Aj Beats Pulev and man I hope my zim brother CHISORA Beats Usyk whatever happens boxing Beats COVID peace.

    Robin FrancisRobin FrancisMaand geleden
  • I can’t stand Teofimo and can’t wait for him to catch his first Loss. I am a Loma fan for years now. He said on video he was 100% and he was at his best. So when did this accident happen. I don’t know sounds funny. ShowBizz I think your wrong, Lomachenko loss the fight but for me he did not get whooped! Regardless, I would like to see a rematch.

    NYC BoxingNYC BoxingMaand geleden
  • I'd love to see a rematch. I wanna see what happens when Loma starts throwing punches and pressing the issue like he did from round 8-11 ROUND 1. He was successful when he did that and Lopez didn't look AS comfy. I COULD HAVE SWORE LOMA SAID HE WAS HEALTHY prior to the fight. He's making excuses. You can't win a fight without throwing punches

    thisizdubthisizdubMaand geleden
  • He just didn’t look like loma and the only other time I’ve seen him like that was padraza where you could tell his shoulder wasn’t all the way right wether he messed it up or not only he will know BUT loma a warrior he will smash teo in the rematch IMO

    Lance AdanaLance AdanaMaand geleden
  • Was loma shoulder hurt before or after the Linares fight?

    katsushiro kubokatsushiro kuboMaand geleden
  • Showbizz, I don't like what this does for boxing. Boxing would have been better off if Loma never said he was hurt. #changemymind

    Gilbert RamirezGilbert RamirezMaand geleden
  • Lopez HATERS!!!

    Edwin SanchezEdwin SanchezMaand geleden
  • Who you fooling!

    Edwin SanchezEdwin SanchezMaand geleden
  • That’s 15 fights after Light man LOOKKKKKK👀👀

    Edwin SanchezEdwin SanchezMaand geleden
  • Loma faught mad people after Linares I’m sorry no excuse!

    Edwin SanchezEdwin SanchezMaand geleden
  • This separates casual fans from reaL ones!!

    Edwin SanchezEdwin SanchezMaand geleden
  • Ya nubes dont understand what you have not seen! TEO KNOCKS DUDES OUT! He has not showed his all skills that makes him lucky?

    Edwin SanchezEdwin SanchezMaand geleden
  • @20:19. How u want him to learn to listen with all them dam adds

    Miguel GonzalezMiguel GonzalezMaand geleden
  • Loma on a rematch will loose by TKO

    Edwin SanchezEdwin SanchezMaand geleden

    Edwin SanchezEdwin SanchezMaand geleden
  • If they had a hurt shoulder like they say they did then they wouldn't have been able to swing the way that they did during the fight ! Excuses is all it is !

    KING ICEKING ICEMaand geleden
  • Floyd MAYTHER CARD!!

    Edwin SanchezEdwin SanchezMaand geleden