Livestream orgelconcert vanuit de St. Maartenskerk in Zaltbommel - Gert van Hoef #41

25 feb. 2021
31 219 Weergaven

Livestream orgelconcert door Gert van Hoef vanuit de St. Maartenskerk in Zaltbommel.
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IBAN: NL82RABO0321592670
11:55 Passacaglia en Fuga in c moll - BWV 582 - J.S. Bach (1685-1750)
30:15 Fantasie over Psalm 42 vers 3 en 5 - F. Asma (1912-1984)
42:25 Larghetto uit Concerto 12 - HWV 330 - G.F. Händel (1685-1759)
52:24 Tuba Tune - N. Cocker (1889-1953)
59:45 Alle roem is uitgesloten - J. Propitius (1953-)
1:14:29 Improvisatie ‘Chariots of fire’ (Vangelis) - Gert van Hoef (1994-)
1:23:30 Sombere muziek over Psalm 103: 8 - J. Zwart (1877-1937)
1:36:23 Toccata uit Symfonie 5 - C.M. Widor (1844-1937)

Technische ondersteuning: Samuël Strijbis
Schoenen: Organ Master Shoes

  • START TIMES: remarks by Gert van Hoef, 7:54 Dutch, 9:32 English 11:54 -1. Passacaglia en Fuga in c moll - BWV 582 - J.S. Bach (1685-1750) remarks by Gert van Hoef, 26:00 Dutch, 27:25 English 30:15 -2. Fantasie over Psalm 42 vers 3 en 5 - F. Asma (1912-1984) remarks by Gert van Hoef, 39:30 Dutch, 40:20 English 42:25 -3. Larghetto uit Concerto 12 - HWV 330 - G.F. Händel (1685-1759) remarks by Gert van Hoef, 50:18 Dutch, 50:52 English 52:24 -4. Tuba Tune - N. Cocker (1889-1953) remarks by Gert van Hoef, 57:39 Dutch, 58:18 English 59:45 -5. Alle roem is uitgesloten - J. Propitius (1953-) remarks by Gert van Hoef, 1:11:43 Dutch, 1:12:50 English 1:14:29 -6. Improvisatie ‘Chariots of fire’ (Vangelis) - Gert van Hoef (1994-) remarks by Gert van Hoef, 1:20:30 Dutch, 1:21:47 English 1:23:30 -7. Sombere muziek over Psalm 103: 8 - J. Zwart (1877-1937) remarks by Gert van Hoef, 1:34:25 Dutch, 1:34:58 English 1:36:23 -8. Toccata uit Symfonie 5 - C.M. Widor (1844-1937) remarks by Gert van Hoef, 1:42:05 Dutch, 1:42:16 English

    bhamibhamiMaand geleden
    • @Malik Santiago testing it out now. Looks promising :)

      Peyton DeshawnPeyton Deshawn25 dagen geleden
    • Not sure if anyone gives a damn but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my girl friends Instagram account by using Instaportal. Just google for it if you care

      Malik SantiagoMalik Santiago25 dagen geleden
    • Bonjour Gert. Vous serait-il possible de faire une traduction en français car je ne comprends pas tout en anglais. Merci beaucoup et indiquer le minutage de la vidéo permet une écoute en journée certes en plusieurs fois mais au moins on peut écouter l'intégralité. Encore merci et continuez vos improvisations que j'affectionne particulièrement. Thank you.

      marie-france brilletmarie-france brilletMaand geleden
    • This classic organ piece and the Widor toccata from 5th symphony were as perfectly played as I've ever heard, and sounded wonderful on this large, old Dutch organ. Perfect end-pieces for the magnificent hymn arrangements from the Psalms and Romans.

      wwmarshall8wwmarshall8Maand geleden
    • Great service! Thank you!

      Ga HaGa HaMaand geleden
  • The first Dutch organ I ever played, and my favourite instrument of all time. It 'sings' like no other! Thank you for another glorious concert! And praying for the time when weekly congregations fill this church again with sung worship.

    jamspoon59jamspoon59Maand geleden
  • 🇨🇦👍

    James SchuitJames SchuitMaand geleden
  • The J. PROPITIOUS, is simply not of this Earth. To listen, but here you cannot help but watch Gert become transcended in his playing, Marjolam beautiful Gift too. Thank you from Dublin. Tommy.

    Tommy TippeeTommy TippeeMaand geleden
  • Another wonderful concert. You really know how to put the pipe organ "through its paces". Bravo from Maine USA

    Malcom StanleyMalcom StanleyMaand geleden
  • Really enjoying this in Burlington Ontario Canada. Your playing continues to improve, all to the glory of our Creator who has endowed you with a wonderful gift. Blessings to you and your family.

    aart blokhuisaart blokhuisMaand geleden
  • The finale, Widor's Toccato, BRAVO !!!!!!!!!!!!! Our organist, (now deceased) at the Presbyterian Church of St. David in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada, Ross (Larry) MacLean played that piece, and he too raised the roof. Well done, with the camera work, it's just like all of us are right there beside you and your lovely wife as you play. Such a delight, many thanks.

    8000Christopher8000ChristopherMaand geleden
  • If you liked this version of "Tuba Tune", you may also like this is not the first time he's played it. Tuba Tune

    Jim MartinJim MartinMaand geleden
  • Crossed hands on the Widor. Very impressive. Love how you held the final chord. Dutch churches and French cathedrals are awesome for organists.

    Richard SmithRichard SmithMaand geleden
  • Как я мечтаю услышать орган в живую!

    Михаил ВасильевМихаил ВасильевMaand geleden
  • Wow, Gert!!! With these new headphones I received as a gift from my family, I feel like I'm right in the church listening to your melodic ministry on the organ, wherever it may be!! With a jacket and cap on, of course!! Thanks again to you and Marjolein for another awe-inspiring performance!! 🙏🎹🎶

    Jonathan UmsteadJonathan UmsteadMaand geleden
  • Thanks for being bilingual. Love your insights.

    Charles DavisCharles DavisMaand geleden
  • Hi Gert; It's really quite amazing to see how the music flows right through you. You magically become the music. Wow! Been watching you for years. Love from Charles in Hollywood, USA.

    Charles DavisCharles DavisMaand geleden
  • Praise the LORD! So spiritually uplifting, especially the rendition of Psalm 42. Thank you for sharing!

    Calvin MarshallCalvin MarshallMaand geleden
  • Zou wel weer eens mooi zijn om delen uit het Zwanenmeer van Tsjaikovsky te horen op orgel

    Bert CaspersBert CaspersMaand geleden
  • Alle roem is uitgesloten, by John Propitius is just......WOW. What an awesome piece of music. I still have a CD recording somewhere in my collection with John playing it himself in Bolsward. Long time since I have heard this piece. Has the music score been published for that?

    Marek MichalakMarek MichalakMaand geleden
  • I am a bit behind but love the first Bach piece. From Orlando, FLA. Home of the Mouse.

    Robert PersonsRobert PersonsMaand geleden
  • Dankjewel voor alles hg ook voor Marjolein.

    neeltje kousemakerneeltje kousemakerMaand geleden
  • Thank you very much, both of you! I am very happy that I found you and I am looking forward to next concert.

    Maria ArvidssonMaria ArvidssonMaand geleden
  • prachtig dit larghetto . schitterende registratie en .... wonderbaarlijk mooi gespeeld met veel gevoel.

    Jan van der neutJan van der neutMaand geleden
  • Words are not enough!

    Kristina RönnqvistKristina RönnqvistMaand geleden
  • Hoe mooi kan orgelspelen zijn, .......zo mooi dus met name het Alle roem is uitgesloten van J.Propitius briljant en met veel passie gespeeld , bedankt voor het delen Gert en Marjolein.

    wijter barendregtwijter barendregtMaand geleden
  • Thank you for these wonderful choices and so great played, and to listen to. Paldies (as we say here in Latvia).

    Jacques BerchtenJacques BerchtenMaand geleden
  • We continue to love the way you weave Biblical themes into your concerts. These themes are remarkably developed and expressed in the music, especially with your own touch. This is a kind of ministry to many, and enables worship from the heart in a time there is so little real worship going on in the churches. (My wife calls this the "Protestant Dark Ages".) Oh, and what an instrument is the organ at St. Maartenskerk!!

    wwmarshall8wwmarshall8Maand geleden
  • Thank you for another fabulous concert. I couldn't listen until Saturday but you can guarantee this will be listened to repeatedly. Bless you and Marjolein and Thomas.

    Gilda markGilda markMaand geleden
  • Could you please play more Johann Gottfried Walther and Dietrich Buxtehude? Thanks.

    Gilda markGilda markMaand geleden
  • Gert and Marjolein: Chariots of Fire is well worth watching. I think you will enjoy it.

    Gilda markGilda markMaand geleden
  • The passacaglia and fugue by Bach is one of my favorites too.

    Gilda markGilda markMaand geleden
  • The Propitius piece was anazing!! The change in stops(Marjolein really had to work!) and the different parts of the piece were beautiful! Gert, you did a great job and this organ complemented it perfectly.

    Gilda markGilda markMaand geleden
  • Agree with your comments on the organ and acoustic of the church. Really brought out your style. I have a request. Please play the Mendelssohn Sonata #6 again on a video that will not disappear. Thanks for another fine concert (from Chicago, USA).

    G.K. FaillaG.K. FaillaMaand geleden
  • Excellent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Klaus FriebertshäuserKlaus FriebertshäuserMaand geleden
  • Wundervoll beste Gert! Vielen Dank!

    Helmut SchnellHelmut SchnellMaand geleden
  • So many words and compliments, ever increasing, are warranted by each concert always impossibly better than the previous!!! And they are never adequate!!! Thank you for being you and sharing yourself (and your lovely wife) with us!!!

    Alfred BonaldiAlfred BonaldiMaand geleden
  • Hey gert, zou je wellerman willen spelen? Lijkt me leuk!

    loeloe03loeloe03Maand geleden
  • Majestueuze en schitterende klank heeft dat orgel. En een zeer bevlogen organist. Zoals altijd is je Bachspel voor mij een hoogtepunt van elk concert. Dit keer aangevuld met een meer dan voortreffelijke uitvoering van het stuk van Propitius. Dat kan ik niet bij stilzitten. Heel veel dank daarvoor.

    PieterPieterMaand geleden
  • Een mooi concert op een geweldig orgel ,Gert en Marjolijn Bedankt !!!

    Jaap KnegtmansJaap KnegtmansMaand geleden
  • Beautiful concert Gert, I also especially enjoyed the John Propitius, one of my new favorites since I have begun listening to Dutch organists. For those who want to hear more of this glorious instrument, Minne Veldman plays a completely different and wonderful program on the following day Feb 26.

    seven8n2seven8n2Maand geleden
  • Larghetto - HWV 330 - G.F. Händel (1685-1759) accomodato x l'organo da William Thomas Best (1826-1897). GRAZIE OK......

    silvio vasarisilvio vasariMaand geleden
  • Gert can we hear the Simfonia de la Cantate 29 of Bach again? I listened to you performance of it and it was spectacular! How bout adding it to you next live stream program LOL Sal dit geweldig geniet! Sal jou so graag wil hoor op die Groote Kerk se orrel in Kaapstad Suid-Afrika en op die Stadsaal/City Hall organ also in Cape Town South Africa! Two of the best organs in the world!

    D.J. Ross CARPE DIEMD.J. Ross CARPE DIEMMaand geleden
  • Dat was weer fenomenaal, Gert! Wat laat je ons toch altijd genieten. Duizend maal dank, ook aan Marjolein.

    Jan MulderJan MulderMaand geleden
  • Ik hoorde dit orgelconcert op een vrijdagavond. ‘Gewoon’ via You tube! Een goed begin van het weekend. En... goed om hiermee te onthaasting na een werkweek.Ook leuk om te zie. Dat de uitleg zowel in Nederlands als in Engels is.

    Ruud DorlasRuud DorlasMaand geleden
  • Well meaning correction: “jogging” is solo steady endurance running. The running in the film Chariots of Fire is full-on competitive running between two adversaries. I know you have not seen the film and were recovering from the emotion of the Propitius ! 😅. I enjoyed the piece but on its own it does not convey the same emotion as with the film. The film contains other themes and is still worth watching in our time. Best wishes to all.

    Graham SmithGraham SmithMaand geleden
  • du redest über mehr

    SCHISCHIMaand geleden
  • Gert and Marjolein, Thank You so much for your great concerts every week again. Alle roem is uitgesloten, left me warm and quiet. Maybe it also warmed you up! How well you played that, and that on that mighty organ in the St. Maartenskerk, in that great building, Wow, and then the reverberations, Geweldig! Thank you bot so much. "Fantastic."

    George HofsinkGeorge HofsinkMaand geleden
  • Thank You Gert!

    jozsef makaijozsef makaiMaand geleden
  • Gert, je koppelt bij 42 alle klavieren. Dit is toch verboden in Zaltbommel omdat het mechaniek dit niet aan kan?

    SteffieStevSteffieStevMaand geleden
    • Was mij ook opgevallen en ik kon me ook zoiets herinneren. Ik heb gegoogled naar dit "verbod" maar ik kan het niet echt terugvinden. Kan natuurlijk zijn dat ze de mechanieken verbeterd hebben in de tussentijd? Misschien weet @gertvanhoef hier meer over? 😊

      Arno van der HeidenArno van der HeidenMaand geleden
  • Het is zo mooi dat het adembenemend is ! Super goed ! Je bent geweldig. Ik ben diep geraak :) Goedmiddag Gert. Op het moment dat het concert begon en de orgelpedalen werden geprojecteen, merkte ik. Oeps ! Gert draagt nieuwe schoehen :) De schoenen woden op bestelling gemaakt voor organisten en passen heel goed bij je. Dit concert was buitengewoon geweldig ! Alle stukken waren uitsekend ! Bedank :) voor je mooi optreden !

    小沢まゆみ小沢まゆみMaand geleden
  • Thank you so much Gert, Marjolein and Samuel. for another brilliant concert. Outstanding performances were the Widor and the Propitius.

    Susan NockoldsSusan NockoldsMaand geleden
  • Another fantastic performance thank you Gert

    Jean GanderJean GanderMaand geleden
  • Thank you for another great concert. Widor played at just the right speed. Prachtig x 4 😊🥰

    sixtiesfan11sixtiesfan11Maand geleden
  • Such passionate playing, Gert. You feel every note and every nuance of the music. I am simply lost for words, except for "thank you."

    Anne MacKellarAnne MacKellarMaand geleden
    • Gert is playing right now in Urk!

      Terry PurvisTerry PurvisMaand geleden
  • Hello from Portugal. With my 58 yeats old I don't remember ever see the instrument and the instrumentisr become One. The instrument existes because there is an artist to play it. You are One in a lifetime. Congratulations and all the best to you and all ypur familly

    José GagoJosé GagoMaand geleden
  • Dat was echt genieten. Wat een fantastisch orgel is het. De akoustiek is ook geweldig. Het orgel is goed tot zijn recht gekomen vandaag. Voor jou was het zwaar spelen gaf je aan, maar daar merkten wij niets van. Je enthousiasme en spelvreugde daarentegen was wel zichtbaar en hoorbaar. Op naar het volgende concert.

    André HAndré HMaand geleden
  • Thank you for this great concert. I am listening again tonight. For the enjoyment of listening.

    Sue CookSue CookMaand geleden
  • Wonderfully satisfying concert Gert, and we appreciate the commentary. Few organists can connect with the audience as well as you. I've never seen you wear organ shoes before as you're well over 6' tall.

    william evanswilliam evansMaand geleden
  • Thanks for making a wonderful evening again. With respect and admiration from Nicaragua.

    Gustavo WilsonGustavo WilsonMaand geleden
  • Thank you Gert, as always, for another spectacular performance on a beautiful instrument. I also see you purchased some Organ Master shoes! :-)

    Robert ZatRobert ZatMaand geleden
  • Always beautiful.

    62636Cooper62636CooperMaand geleden
  • You are a gift to the world. Thank you for these grand concerts and we thank your family, also.

    Patricia FergusonPatricia FergusonMaand geleden
  • It was so fun to see how you enjoyed playing on this organ. It really did have wonderful reverberation time in this church. Your enthusiasm was contagious to us watching.

    Gordon HoukGordon HoukMaand geleden
  • Wat 'n PRAGTIGE begeesterde uitvoering, Gert! Die Here het jou geseën met so 'n ongelooflike talent..... en jy gebruik dit werklik tot eer van Sy naam! Dankie uit my hart in Suid Afrika!!

    Anna CoetzeeAnna CoetzeeMaand geleden
  • From MagicalPipes Nicely Registered Orgel and I really like that Long Hold at the End as I always say Pure Golden Performance :)

    Jd KoozerJd KoozerMaand geleden
  • Funny you should mention your new shoes. Outward appearance is not something I notice too much but I did notice them straight away. Hope all the exercise you get while playing goes some way to keeping you warm. The concert certainly warms my heart and tingles my spine with joy. Can't thank you enough for doing these every week. What a highlight. You are right. Sometimes there are no words. ♥️

    Alison MoffittAlison MoffittMaand geleden
  • Here in Michigan we'd say he was vibrating the snow off the roof!

    Keenan TunnellKeenan TunnellMaand geleden
  • I just love your talent, and to watch you play with your heart, you feel the piece you are playing. What and ending, it's one of my favorites! May God bless you and your family always. I can't wait for the next concert. Thank you for sharing your talent.

    Ross TooneRoss TooneMaand geleden
  • Excellent as always, Gert!

    Douglas KruegerDouglas KruegerMaand geleden
  • I cannot set my expectations high enough week to week...Gert, you play beyond the imaginable. Thank you for making this series available to a world in need of sheer pleasure and inspiration.

    Edgar TorbertEdgar TorbertMaand geleden
  • I noticed the shoes right away and was wondering if they were new.

    Colette SantoroColette SantoroMaand geleden

    Mario Ribeiro de Azevedo NetoMario Ribeiro de Azevedo NetoMaand geleden
  • Thank you so incredibly much for a wonderful concert! You both are amazing! 😁👍👏👏👏👏👏👏❤

    Peter NarydPeter NarydMaand geleden
  • Muy bien, te escuchamos desde México. Sigue adelante... excelente.

    Javier CamargoJavier CamargoMaand geleden
  • ik moet zeker eens zaltbommel gaan bespelen wanneer corona weg is

    Wouter RoolvinkWouter RoolvinkMaand geleden
  • Complimenten weer voor Samuel Strijbis!

    Pieter StansPieter StansMaand geleden
  • Dit vind ik een heel prachtig mooi stuk Gert, heb er van genoten . Schitterend.👍🙏👏🙋‍♀️

    neeltje kousemakerneeltje kousemakerMaand geleden
  • Fantastic! You certainly look like you enjoyed the Propitius and rightly so. The Cocker owed something to my old mate Carlo Curley, as do the new shoes? Widor was a blast, so thank you both so much. Incidentally, I think M is going to need a wider organ loft before too long: when is the happy event? Stay safe in Holland, Mark

    James WhyteJames WhyteMaand geleden

    Robert TylerRobert TylerMaand geleden
  • Love the concerts your family. Good News every week. Enjoy and have had friends watch with us. In all good fun, I encourage Gert & Marjolein to watch the ‘jogging’ movie Chariots of Fire.

    Ronald CokRonald CokMaand geleden
    • Yes, more passionate than ‘jogging’ 😉

      Graham SmithGraham SmithMaand geleden
  • John Propitius....., wat jammer dat hij al ruim 10 jaar niet meer in het openbaar speelt. Wat een improvisatietalent heeft/had hij. Zoveel schitterende improvisaties van psalmen en gezangen. En zijn 'gewoon blijven', geen pocher, maar eerder schuchter. Gert speelt de toccata nagenoeg hetzelfde als John op z'n DVD, heel goed gedaan. Veel dank aan Gert en tevens aan Leo Ravensbergen, die veel van John laten horen en zien.

    SeuterschipperSeuterschipperMaand geleden
  • Thank you for a tremendous concert. Marjolein deserves a gift for five years of devoted service. Love to you both and Thomas. God Bless.

    Keith LACKENBYKeith LACKENBYMaand geleden
  • Ditto to what Terry said. I can't imagine any dust left on any pipes!

    Carol EcholsCarol EcholsMaand geleden
    • My pipes are dusted ;-)

      Douglas KruegerDouglas KruegerMaand geleden
  • Огромнейшее спасибо Вам за концерт. Уже три концерта подряд каждый четверг прослушала. Мы в восторге !

    Natalia RappNatalia RappMaand geleden
  • What a tremendous performance, Gert! Week after week I'm deeply impressed and captivated by your magnificent music. Thank you so much! The Larghetto was new to me, I love it.

    Ga HaGa HaMaand geleden
  • My spine is still tingling from this concert especially the song, Alle roem is uitgesloten by J. Propitius. Incredible Gert!!! You have the unswerving ability to select the songs that bring out the musical grandeur on the organs you play. If this performance didn’t blow the dust out of the pipes, nothing will. I am thankful God put people in your path who encouraged you along the way towards your musical career or we wouldn’t be listening to such a remarkable organist today. Love the smiles.. You and Marjolein are held in high esteem…another captivating performance. Thank you.

    Terry PurvisTerry PurvisMaand geleden
    • The Propitius "All Boasting is Excluded" from Romans was indeed wonderful! Also Psalm 42 and the hymn by J. Zwart on Psalm 103:8. All incredibly uplifting music.

      wwmarshall8wwmarshall8Maand geleden
    • @Terry Purvis Same here! Really looking forward to the day we can all sit in church together and physically watch and listen to him!

      Carl KruyswykCarl KruyswykMaand geleden
    • Carl, I am awe-struck at the sheer power Gert pulls out of those organs.

      Terry PurvisTerry PurvisMaand geleden
    • WOW WOW WOW! What an incredible performance! Another brilliant concert where you can never get to the end with dry eyes. What really gets me is the passion Gert puts into each performance. Passionately tender and then passionately powerful. He literally exudes so much musicality! Gert correctly noted that Feike Asma wrote the most beautiful rendition of Psalm 42. His performance of Feike's piece on this magnificent organ was so moving. I'm sure Feike was watching and applauding with us. And then the Hymn by Propitius. I'm literally speechless as there is no adequate superlative that can match that unbelievable performance! You can see the delight in his face and his entire body as he fully immerses himself into the piece of music. I'm as breathless as he is at the end of this piece. And then the Grande Finale! What more can be said then what an amazing and delightful team we got to watch. Standing Ovation!

      Carl KruyswykCarl KruyswykMaand geleden
    • Terry - you are so able to put into words the things we're all thinking!

      David PurdyDavid PurdyMaand geleden