Lil Tjay - Move On (Official Video)

20 nov. 2020
16 381 458 Weergaven

Official video for "Move On" by Lil Tjay.

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Directed & Edited by David Karp and Courtney Loo
Producer - McCray Sutherlin
Production Companies - Thrice Cooked x Muddy Water
Cast - Daniella Perkins & Noah Gerry
Director of Photography - Franklin Ricart
Production Designer & VFX - Noah Dains
Costume - Kelly Broderick
PM - Parker Vaughn
PC - Antoinette Dormer
Color - Gabe Sanchez
1st AD - Cort Carpenter
2nd AD - John K Gittens
1st AC - Aaron Cheung
2nd AC - Mitchell Boyce
Steadicam - Toby Harbo
Gaffer - Jorge Hernandez
BBE - Mike Long
Key Grip - Camilo Godoy
BBG - Carlos Ortez
Swings - Jack Alexander & Colvin Ang
Prop Master - Jack Massura
Set Decorator - Piper Tompkins
Art Assistant - Wesley Goodrich
Costume Assistant - Hunter Freedman
HMU - Brittany Thomas
SPFX Makeup - Wen Zhang
PAs - Jeremy Chambers, Damien Pettway, April Edquaban, Nanichi Oliva
Management - Deon Douglas, Clayton Barmore, Rich Kemp, Ty Warren
Video Commissioner - Jill Kaplan
Video Coordinator - Alexa Zeliger
Marketing: Victoria White-Mason

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  • ik this has nothing to do wit the song but have u noticed how people buy expensive cars but no nothing bout them besides there fast and expensive

    Patrick BertPatrick Bert47 minuten geleden
  • i love this song

    julian fortejulian forteUur geleden
  • First my nephew showed me did bout 2 weeks ago now I cant stop listening to it

    NitaNita14 uur geleden
  • Damn.

    Dustin PoseyDustin Posey17 uur geleden
  • The girl in the video is Daniella Perkins, just FYI.😊

    Sandra SandsSandra SandsDag geleden
  • Shits deep...

    Devin PierceDevin PierceDag geleden
  • wow I can't believe tione is almost 20!

    Charles BarkmanCharles BarkmanDag geleden
    • Tjay**

      Rainbowdash214_YTRainbowdash214_YTDag geleden
  • 🗑️

    Xer0 0Xer0 02 dagen geleden
    • No that's u

      Rainbowdash214_YTRainbowdash214_YTDag geleden
  • Sessssssssh bro bro

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  • Brazil man🇧🇷🇧🇷❤❤❤❤

    9Â ELIRZIM9Â ELIRZIM2 dagen geleden

    chrischris2 dagen geleden
  • this song is fire but go look up my song sha rack

    Tbone h&h block H&hTbone h&h block H&h2 dagen geleden
  • What a legend

    Jake Matthew DarlingJake Matthew Darling4 dagen geleden
  • This shit is fire

    official_cluxyofficial_cluxy4 dagen geleden
  • damn rod wave killed this

    lilmaxx 0lilmaxx 04 dagen geleden
    • @Rainbowdash214_YT yes it is , yeahhhhh yeahhhh, yeaaaaaaaa, yaaa

      lilmaxx 0lilmaxx 0Dag geleden
    • That's not rod wave

      Rainbowdash214_YTRainbowdash214_YTDag geleden
    • ngl

      lilmaxx 0lilmaxx 04 dagen geleden
  • I wish i was mix race cant lie

    Tai wtf_Tai wtf_4 dagen geleden
  • Justin Bieber vibes

    Ezra MuwanguziEzra Muwanguzi4 dagen geleden
  • I swear to god NLworld recommends me literal fire my guy.

    Fire General IrohFire General Iroh5 dagen geleden
  • Move on DAM

    Dyfluyv GhhDyfluyv Ghh5 dagen geleden
  • DAM xoxo WHAT

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  • You will be a legend

    Donavan CarterDonavan Carter5 dagen geleden
  • cool

    dj sinvuladj sinvula6 dagen geleden
  • this sounds like an alternate version of landslide

    NickNick6 dagen geleden
  • this shit hit hard

    RaveThePerkYZRaveThePerkYZ6 dagen geleden
  • Almost forgot to listening to this today.

    LusakaMadeJLusakaMadeJ6 dagen geleden
  • OMG is fire 🔥

    isac perezisac perez6 dagen geleden
  • Goof

    berryl Meledjeberryl Meledje6 dagen geleden

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  • Fuck i dedicated this to my ex vaga😭😭🛑👌✅✅

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  • underrated song fr

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  • 🔥🔥🔥

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  • Yessir my boy

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  • anyone no that hes using auto tune

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  • I miss my ex tho

    Harry JamesHarry James9 dagen geleden

    KingKlips _YTKingKlips _YT9 dagen geleden
  • People be sleeping on this song

    Nik HozjanNik Hozjan9 dagen geleden
  • This song make me want to hang myself on the bathroom light

    Lil JonLil Jon10 dagen geleden
    • Yes

      Lil JonLil Jon6 dagen geleden
    • No

      Rainbowdash214_YTRainbowdash214_YT6 dagen geleden
  • 🔥🥵

    Itsz KnownItsz Known10 dagen geleden
  • Lil tjay : says his name Random person: omg is that Avery

    MakaveliMakaveli10 dagen geleden
  • Dont make move on 🎥 very talented

    Desaraye BriscoDesaraye Brisco10 dagen geleden
  • Its like hes in a movie theater but he sings at the same time have U EVER SEEN CONTENT LIKE THAT

  • Yea you are famous

    No cap I no him SaldivarNo cap I no him Saldivar10 dagen geleden
  • 💯🎧

    John FernandesJohn Fernandes11 dagen geleden
  • Love your songs

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  • is that dani ..

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    • The coder?

  • 1:32

    Reaper -Reaper -11 dagen geleden
  • Facts he so talented

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  • May it not be well with anybody pressing the unlike button

    Ibrahim LazelIbrahim Lazel12 dagen geleden
  • who still listening to it now

    stealthy516stealthy51612 dagen geleden
    • Me

      Rainbowdash214_YTRainbowdash214_YT6 dagen geleden
  • This his best song

    Hic And shotzxHic And shotzx12 dagen geleden
    • Cap

  • sent this to my ex

    Maria InglimaMaria Inglima12 dagen geleden
  • ☹️

    Armando MartinezArmando Martinez13 dagen geleden
  • I can't stop listening this piece of art

    Nico SaavedraNico Saavedra13 dagen geleden
  • Love your songs all my friends say put on lil tjay

    NXF Edit godNXF Edit god13 dagen geleden
  • Finally a rapper who actually sounds like these in real life

    Officially_ Abel562Officially_ Abel56213 dagen geleden
  • 2021 November 2 Hungarian concert💥👌Magyarok itt gyülekező

    Gergő KollárGergő Kollár13 dagen geleden
  • 2:28 ..... hits different every time

    Marelis CruzMarelis Cruz13 dagen geleden
  • ฟังพี่บ่าวทุกวัน

    KK13 dagen geleden
  • Is this the real soar dylan

  • That guitar🎸🎶, those lyrics, the message, the flow 🤲🏽🤧

    Jason KekanaJason Kekana13 dagen geleden
  • hits different when u need to move on but can´t

    Madalena MotaMadalena Mota14 dagen geleden
  • Favorite tjay song for sure🔥🔥

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  • this song is so underrated, why??

    jusXanderjusXander14 dagen geleden
  • You r on fire 🔥 so

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  • I gonna drop out of high school

    Noemi CarrilloNoemi Carrillo14 dagen geleden
    • whole conversation with yourself in the comments 😂🤦

      endinqendinq12 dagen geleden
    • ck

      endinqendinq13 dagen geleden
    • fv

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    • u talking to the wall dumb

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  • Btw I have my moms NLworld but I a guy

    Noemi CarrilloNoemi Carrillo14 dagen geleden
    • who cares

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  • The other songs on the album are good too

    Noemi CarrilloNoemi Carrillo14 dagen geleden
  • from where is theblack diamond dress ?

    Loay MahjoubLoay Mahjoub15 dagen geleden
  • 0:32 he looks happy

    Matthew LMatthew L15 dagen geleden
  • I made my friend listen to it when he said it was bad I slapped and then he regretted it for life😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

    Diya SahaDiya Saha15 dagen geleden
  • alll of your songs are the besstt

    jarin tasnimjarin tasnim15 dagen geleden
  • I Like It

  • Goat

    Yung GoddyYung Goddy15 dagen geleden
  • Don't make me move on

    lebohang mareletselebohang mareletse15 dagen geleden
  • I’m sorry but the background voicing ruins it but still a sick song tho

    Tk- MaxTk- Max15 dagen geleden
  • hy is so good

    Mehrdad goodarziMehrdad goodarzi15 dagen geleden
  • This song is so underrated 15m views deserves more

    Harvey FentonHarvey Fenton16 dagen geleden
    • True

      DizirisDiziris5 dagen geleden
  • the best

    Da silva FaycalelvisDa silva Faycalelvis16 dagen geleden
  • does anyone know what movies tjay is referencing?

    The Tiara G. ShowThe Tiara G. Show16 dagen geleden
    • dezzznutsia

      Delphin CyuzuzoDelphin Cyuzuzo16 dagen geleden
  • Bro nice rap

    NW - 07HJ 754881 Dolson PSNW - 07HJ 754881 Dolson PS16 dagen geleden
  • This shit is so vibe'in tjay💯❤

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  • 🖤🤙💯

    VihaanVihaan17 dagen geleden
  • Can I rob your voice?

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    • 🤨

      endinqendinq13 dagen geleden
  • Slow down brooo 🔥🔥🔥

    SnapshotSnapshot17 dagen geleden
  • I loveeeeeee this song tjay😍😍😍😍

    Denise GorrellDenise Gorrell18 dagen geleden
  • I look up to you my dream is to be a music artist and no one believes in me so it puts me down and then I think I cant do it

    Clqnx YtClqnx Yt18 dagen geleden
  • Get this on fifa

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  • Back then i met chu I thought chu was special 🥺

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  • The silent plain subsequently beam because chicory contextually rain an a grateful gratis fight. gigantic, melodic cut

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  • Whos here from the album😂

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  • hits diff with fivio foreign😈😈😂

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