Lil Tjay - 20/20 (Official Video)

4 feb. 2020
20 459 055 Weergaven

Official video for "20/20" by Lil Tjay.
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#LilTjay #2020

  • fire

    Mohammed GulaidMohammed Gulaid2 uur geleden
  • 20/20. Might aswell name it 9/11

    VenomVenom3 uur geleden
  • Was that ynw Bslime playing the piano?

    Pcg Gr333nPcg Gr333n4 uur geleden
  • This the year i came out of jail when i was 23 in july. I had a great time! Until 2021!😂

    PopOut JCPopOut JC12 uur geleden
  • I remember right when this came out... felt like yesterday... love u tjay!

    Bugs - Brawl StarsBugs - Brawl Stars16 uur geleden
  • I just started listen to tj so what’s his relationship to melly brother

    Kid GodstrongKid Godstrong17 uur geleden
  • J’suis le seul à avoir le seum de ouf qu’il a posé sur cette instru avant Luv resval et se dcp il ai pas pu sortir «cette fille »?

    noah paquereaunoah paquereau18 uur geleden
  • The 14th Amendment was an incredibly noteworthy addition to the Constitution back in 1866 after the Civil War.

    x0k CLANx0k CLAN20 uur geleden
  • Funny enough this has 20M views

    AkiAkiDag geleden
  • does this lil tjay beat sound any good

    Arrogant Ambassador BeatsArrogant Ambassador BeatsDag geleden
  • who here in 2021

    Alex RobinsonAlex RobinsonDag geleden
  • ❤️👏🏽

    Yo JaylenYo JaylenDag geleden
  • 0:05 why do I still find bslime playing the piano funny

    yrn_ vibedyrn_ vibedDag geleden
  • Notice how the song is 2020 and its 20mil views

    LeeLee2 dagen geleden
  • The workable shampoo utrastructurally jail because celsius electronically drip into a spicy carol. impartial, remarkable observation

    dashe boydashe boy2 dagen geleden
    • what

      Aka SlovaxAka Slovax2 dagen geleden
  • Anyone still here let me no ifs so good

    Warren JamesWarren James3 dagen geleden
  • Lil Tjay doesn’t realize that he's making everyone’s quarantine better 🔥 I will make a song with him one day, mark my words

    FMO GeneFMO Gene3 dagen geleden
  • At 2:34 , who also thinks that the left hand is Lil Tjays? 😂

    LBLB3 dagen geleden
    • Ratiod

      FabianFabian3 dagen geleden
  • lil tjay really my hheart mind and soul in music

    Nyeme JosephNyeme Joseph4 dagen geleden
  • Right before corona but this song make me feel better fr fr shit fire

    Jorge MendozaJorge Mendoza4 dagen geleden
    • up comin fl artist...apprecaite any feed back..thx

      jc rcjc rc4 dagen geleden
    • .

      jc rcjc rc4 dagen geleden
  • WTF YNW Bslime in it

    Rynki Lingua FrancaRynki Lingua Franca5 dagen geleden
    • up comin fl artist...apprecaite any feed back..thx

      jc rcjc rc4 dagen geleden
    • .

      jc rcjc rc4 dagen geleden
  • bslime in the back playing the piano

    kaitlyn longkaitlyn long5 dagen geleden
    • up comin fl artist...apprecaite any feed back..thx

      jc rcjc rc4 dagen geleden
    • .

      jc rcjc rc4 dagen geleden
  • I am a Thai person who is your fan.

    TOITOITOITOI6 dagen geleden
    • @Snux 83 THX.

      TOITOITOITOI2 dagen geleden
    • @jc rc THX.

      TOITOITOITOI2 dagen geleden
    • @jc rc not bad i like the songs

      Snux 83Snux 832 dagen geleden
    • up comin fl artist...apprecaite any feed back..thx

      jc rcjc rc4 dagen geleden
    • .

      jc rcjc rc4 dagen geleden
  • Who knew valine knew hot play the piano

    Devon CoatesDevon Coates6 dagen geleden
  • It's still slaps

    Vukosi NyeziVukosi Nyezi6 dagen geleden
  • #free melly

    sean courseysean coursey7 dagen geleden
  • lol B slime playin the piano lol

    sean courseysean coursey7 dagen geleden
  • I pray who ever reads this becomes successful.

    10K Novideos10K Novideos7 dagen geleden
  • Is the comment section still active ?!

    A.2 NA.2 N7 dagen geleden
  • Tjay really is the king of New York

    999Cheezy999Cheezy7 dagen geleden

    YoCertiYoCerti7 dagen geleden
  • Like for lil bow wow 🐐

    Mai KelMai Kel8 dagen geleden
  • muy duro

    Leslie De La CruzLeslie De La Cruz8 dagen geleden
  • Tjay never disappoints me at all 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Luke WalkerLuke Walker9 dagen geleden
  • Lil tjay always got a good heart

    Vibes_SpamsVibes_Spams9 dagen geleden
  • My outro song

    FrenzyFrenzy9 dagen geleden
  • i like that 01:41 part 🔥

    I'm siamI'm siam10 dagen geleden
  • ong bslime hittin the piano at least i think that him lol

    Ehren SchroederEhren Schroeder10 dagen geleden
  • do it for smelly

    tubby *tubby *10 dagen geleden
  • If u r a rapper who can’t afford pricy beats I just uploaded a free fire lil tjay beat and it would mean a lot if u would check it out

    Arrogant Ambassador BeatsArrogant Ambassador Beats10 dagen geleden
  • i gotta make it so my momma dont cry ❤️

    Lil SkippaLil Skippa11 dagen geleden
  • Tjay best song🔥🔥

    21CCB13__ 4PF21CCB13__ 4PF11 dagen geleden
  • Be honest who has been a fan of lil tjay for a long time? Bitch i aint no bot

    Mr. SpyMr. Spy11 dagen geleden
  • He is so proud of his self

    TURTLETURTLE11 dagen geleden
  • Idec ik imma blow I’ll prove the haters wrong, just watch me🚀

    Arsha.1st OfficialArsha.1st Official12 dagen geleden

    Majestic TuberMajestic Tuber12 dagen geleden
  • insane

    ShenShen12 dagen geleden
  • My battery:1 Me listen to this song The heats to hard so it made a 100%

    Awais RanaAwais Rana12 dagen geleden
    • another bitch?????????

      Vasco Russo SantosVasco Russo Santos11 dagen geleden
  • lmao bslime chillen playin piano

    Heartless xzavierHeartless xzavier12 dagen geleden
  • dis was on my b-day lmo

    fortnite gamerfortnite gamer13 dagen geleden
  • he tried to close the rolls royce door but he forgot that a person would do it for him 0:56 😂

    AintendoAintendo13 dagen geleden
  • underrated asf

    Juan RuizJuan Ruiz13 dagen geleden
  • When this song came out it had me thinking 2020 was finna be a lit year

    Immy 1320Immy 132013 dagen geleden
  • ☑️

    DYG - goat BeatsDYG - goat Beats13 dagen geleden
  • Who remember when it was 20 mins ago

    TTVc1TTVc113 dagen geleden
  • I'm soon be the greatest 🔥🔥🔥🙏

    lord korsahlord korsah14 dagen geleden
  • thats ynw bslime at the start

    riyaz miahriyaz miah14 dagen geleden
  • That kid is Ynw bslime

    Jonathan’s StudioJonathan’s Studio14 dagen geleden
  • Ynw bslime

    BoltBolt14 dagen geleden
  • My neighbour listens to this everyday Not like he has a choice tbh 😌

    ATM ProductionzATM Productionz15 dagen geleden
  • tjay: really in my bully all 2020 2020: yeah ight

    ImBuxImBux15 dagen geleden
  • Listening to this just brings me back to the good old days running in the halls and hanging after school and just seeing my girl tjay the goat for dropping this banger

    Angel MendozaAngel Mendoza15 dagen geleden
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    The KinlThe Kinl15 dagen geleden
  • who likee nal sex with horsees?

    Veselin SemkovVeselin Semkov15 dagen geleden
  • Best song of 2020

    Lil GWLil GW15 dagen geleden
    • Yes

      Kanaal 4kKanaal 4k15 dagen geleden
  • Imma soon be the greatest 💯 ☄️

    Ashton LewisAshton Lewis16 dagen geleden
  • Wow, this song is so amazing and top tier. I love it so damn much, wow! Can't believe I'm only just discovering this banger right now.

    Kemi116Kemi11616 dagen geleden
  • this song is what im fillin

    reddragonEEEreddragonEEE17 dagen geleden
  • heard the name knew it was sad

    reddragonEEEreddragonEEE17 dagen geleden
  • oh how this song evolved

    JonoJono17 dagen geleden
  • 2021🤔😭

    NuKe SoulNuKe Soul17 dagen geleden
  • Been listening to your music since December 2017, you’re music is a legend and so are you, can’t stop vibing to your music, you’re literally my inspiration to success and I can’t wait to be good as you

    PORKMODZ PrivatePORKMODZ Private17 dagen geleden
  • the first part of the song is fabulous and so is the rest

    PORKMODZ PrivatePORKMODZ Private17 dagen geleden
  • its 2021 make a 2021 song pl

    zakaria osmanzakaria osman18 dagen geleden
  • Just came back to this song

    kenjionmarskenjionmars18 dagen geleden
  • Let's see how many people are watching this in 2021? 👇

    Waheed AbionaWaheed Abiona18 dagen geleden
  • Papi salude de un colombiano 🇨🇴qme encanta tu música y la entiendo ala perfección 👍🇨🇴😎🤩

    Myke TowersMyke Towers18 dagen geleden
  • 1:41 so smooth - "greep pow"

    DanniodonDanniodon19 dagen geleden
    • Nigga said greep u definitely not from New York

      Tmacc TVTmacc TV18 dagen geleden
    • 😂😂

      Tmacc TVTmacc TV18 dagen geleden
  • lil tj is the king of new york

    Zaakierah JamodienZaakierah Jamodien19 dagen geleden
  • Bslime

    XXXLIFTOFFXXXLIFTOFF19 dagen geleden
  • One of his most underrated songs no cap. STOP SLEEPING ON TJAY

    The Piano BeastThe Piano Beast19 dagen geleden
  • Who else notice ynw bslime at the beginning

    director Ajdirector Aj20 dagen geleden
  • 🇯🇲

    Lano Made a hitLano Made a hit20 dagen geleden
  • I need to be making some money off this. I been 20/20 before this lil negus was born.

    20 MIC20 MIC20 dagen geleden
  • Protect tjay at all cost 🤞🏾

    JoeThePoetJoeThePoet20 dagen geleden
  • is ynw bslime playin piano

    lucaluca21 dag geleden
  • My bsf rip jack he got shot up in front of me I got hit twice one in my leg and hand 2009-2020

    FMAF OWNERFMAF OWNER21 dag geleden
    • Lol

      Wxhxb ShxrifWxhxb Shxrif20 dagen geleden
  • I hate 2020 it was da worst year on da dead homies

    FMAF OWNERFMAF OWNER21 dag geleden
  • ahha i love this song

    Yahir Luna De LeonYahir Luna De Leon21 dag geleden
  • Who’s watching this in 2021?

    Jr10Jr1021 dag geleden
  • Legit forgot about this song for months

    Louis MassaroLouis Massaro22 dagen geleden
  • 19M views at 19 who has really done it before

    Keno AndersonKeno Anderson22 dagen geleden
  • Yooo who still here in 2021

    stinkbomb104 stinkbomb104stinkbomb104 stinkbomb10423 dagen geleden
  • Please don't take any drugs or something! You are my favourite rapper and I don't wanna see another good rapper dead

    Push your limit!Push your limit!23 dagen geleden
  • the kid playing the piano looks like ynw bslime ngl

    Shqipe ElmaziShqipe Elmazi23 dagen geleden
  • the voice of bslime on the beat is something wow

    xteox bxteox b23 dagen geleden
  • i swear lil tjay and polo G have to be related

    Benji BustamanteBenji Bustamante23 dagen geleden
  • Lil tjay should make a song called 2021

    FaiteFaite24 dagen geleden
  • 19 million views and only 288k likes lmaoooo

    Auto GzzAuto Gzz24 dagen geleden
  • Wen dis dropped 2020 was okay den the next month Yh yk Wah happend to the world

    ghost 24zghost 24z24 dagen geleden