Lil Dicky - Earth (Official Music Video)

18 apr. 2019
301 823 647 Weergaven

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Written by: David Burd, Benjamin Levin, Magnus August Høiberg, Josh Coleman and Jamil Chammas
Produced by: Benny Blanco and Cashmere Cat
Mixed by: Serban Ghenea
Vocals by: Lil Dicky
Additional Vocals by: Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Halsey, Zac Brown, Brendon Urie, Hailee Steinfeld, Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, Kevin Hart, Adam Levine, Shawn Mendes, Charlie Puth, SIA, Miley Cyrus, Lil Jon, Rita Ora, Miguel, Katy Perry, Lil Yachty, Ed Sheeran, Meghan Trainor, Joel Embiid, Tory Lanez, John Legend, Backstreet Boys, Bad Bunny, Psy, Kris Wu
Choir Vocals by: Denise Janae, Naari Michele, Tiffany Palmer, Onitsha Shaw, George Potts, Mark Hood
Drums/Percussion by: Chris Dave
Choir Coordination by Anthony Evans for Sherman James Productions
Music Video:
Created by RYOT
A full list of credits can be found here:
Directed By:
Nigel Tierney
Federico Heller
Produced By:
Zeda Stone
Michael Broccolo
Nigel Tierney
German Heller
Executive Producers:
Mike Hertz
Scooter Braun
Zeda Stone
Nigel Tierney
Head of Story:
Steven Gordon
Art Direction:
Ricky Baba
Patrick Moss
Graphic Design:
Aisha Yousaf
Music Video Mixer/Sound Designer:
Erik Lohr
Production Supervisor:
Crystal Tierney
Post Supervisor:
Jason Alexander
Business Affairs & Legal:
Everett Hendler
Josh Carpenter

Animation Producer:
German Heller
Head of Production:
Matías Bossié
Art Director:
Federico Carlini
CG Producer:
Santiago Tereso
Animation Producers:
Marco Lococo
Julian Dorado
Head of CG - Alejandro Turano
Live Action Intro:
Director - Tony Yacenda
MV Executive Producer - Jacki Calleiro
MD / Executive Producer - Lisa Margulis
EP / Head of Production - Elizabeth Minzes
Producer - Jona Ward
Director of Photography - Adam Bricker
Production Designer - Almitra Corey
Casting - Good People Casting / Cindy Estada
Editor- Patrick Tuck / Rock Paper Scissors
Prop Master - Rose Leiker
Prop Asst. - Christopher Labasbas
Set Decorator - Lizzie Boyle
Lead Person - Minh-Triet "Anthony” Nguyen
Set Dresser - Andy Rines
Gang Boss - Ed Lassak
G+E Driver - Renee Guy
MoHo Driver- Martin Perez
Artist Make Up - Golden Sun Shyne
Artist Hair - Andrea Jackson
Cast Make Up - Jacque Piotrowski
Stylist - Chloe Badawy
Asst. Stylist - David Gangel
Craft Services - Yaxkin Garcia
Medic - Gary Gomez
Studio Teacher - Phil Eisenhower
Ring Leader - Vallon Deville
Middle Kid - Gabriel Brown
Younger Kid - Devin Carey
Skater - Cree Kawa
Convenience Store Owner - Jason Nott
BG Talent Casting - Atmosphere Casting
Trailer Editor: Mary Ahlman
Graphic Design: Ricky Baba
Sound Design: Erik Lohr
Web Producer: Eric Day
Lead Web Developer: Zach Tauber
UX/UI Design: Predrag Markovic
Copywriter: Jeff Sloniker
Tutorial Video Editor: Mary Ahlman
Tutorial Video Editor: Ryan Eakins
Tutorial Video Editor: Eric Martin
Sound Design: John Adams
Color: Lookwell Color // Loren White
VFX & Motion Graphics: DYAD // Fernando Rodriguez
Animation: Teng Teng Chan
Special Thanks:
The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation
Justin Winters
Karl Burkhart
Edward Bell
Scooter Braun Projects
Shauna Nep
Jackie Augustus
Rogers & Cowan
Sacks & Co
Caleb Garrett
Crystal Jr & Nigel Jr

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  • cool

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  • Really fuckin love this song

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  • I'm sorry but we DON'T forgive Germany at all! and I'm Jewish. so please

    Inbal MironInbal Miron9 uur geleden
  • 6:12 me watching this several times and seeing leonardo for the first time in the video:👁👄👁

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  • Covid 19 / corona anjing/dog

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  • Starts at 1:36

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    • Legend.

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  • The new gift it got from kanye west :)

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  • Haha legendary

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  • if we could smoke marijuana together why we kill each other

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  • Me watching this in mars

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