Leicester 1-3 Arsenal | Vardy Should Stay In Luiz's Pocket & Drink A Red Bull (DT)

28 feb. 2021
207 009 Weergaven

Leicester 1-3 Arsenal | Vardy Should Stay In Luiz's Pocket & Drink A Red Bull (DT)
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  • Where is he

    Joel ThomasJoel ThomasMaand geleden
  • Won’t be long before DT is back slating his club 🤣

    Moyz 190512Moyz 190512Maand geleden
  • 2 words. Squad rotation. Gone are the days of a manager finding his best 11 and sticking with it. So I think talk of "dropping" players is missing the point. Especially this season with fixture congestion, the successful teams are the ones with successful squad rotation. Man $ity are the sickeningly perfect example.

    jim barnardjim barnardMaand geleden
  • We played shite... Arsenal are still average you just beat a shite team

    gavin fitzpatrickgavin fitzpatrickMaand geleden

    John EmersonJohn EmersonMaand geleden
  • Pepe's better games for Arsenal have been with either Cedric behind him or AMN . Bellerin done out here.

    Aakash ShailajanAakash ShailajanMaand geleden
  • Cedric is better than few overrated RB wankers in this hyped planet

    Jeremih JeremihJeremih JeremihMaand geleden
  • Do you ever read through the comments and get embarrassed that these people support the same club as you

    FieldyFieldyMaand geleden
  • I haven't seen the Moh interview yet...wonder if he still thinks Arteta playing Willian is a mistake.

    Christopher ChapmanChristopher ChapmanMaand geleden
  • DT looks like his fingers smell of arsehole

    AlphaAceAlphaAceMaand geleden
  • I couldn't help but like this video. He said everything right, every effing word

    Echi BernardEchi BernardMaand geleden
  • good game but!!!! we still messed up early on, need to cut this out.

    Tim BaileyTim BaileyMaand geleden
  • Don Robbie's camera looks like he was recorded on tape back in 2004

    Kambuku __Kambuku __Maand geleden
  • Fair play to Willian, he deserves credit for today.

    PeaceganjareggaePeaceganjareggaeMaand geleden
  • You man have been digging willian out since he came. Arsenal fans a gold fish thick. As soon as willian performs he is Chelsea willian next week he will be a Chelsea reject 😂😂😂

    Tea and toast ToastTea and toast ToastMaand geleden
  • Good point at 5.30..pepe also played well at first when niles was behind him

    Safwan RashidSafwan RashidMaand geleden
  • Willian has experienced a lot of criticism for a damned good reason; he has been absolutely appalling. One decent performance does not, all of a sudden, make him a good player. MARK MY WORDS, WATCH HIM OVER THE NEXT 5 GAMES DEVOLVE INTO HIS USUAL RUBBISH SELF.

    Jeremy EvansJeremy EvansMaand geleden
  • If arteta plays bellerin again after this ,thats asking for trouble

    Aman MahalAman MahalMaand geleden
  • The way Robbie says OOO @1:04 😂.He is damn sleepy throughout the interview.😂

    ranjanratnesh4ranjanratnesh4Maand geleden
  • BOO!!!!!

    Connorp923Connorp923Maand geleden
  • Well deserved and brilliant win for arsenal but DT on his high horse still being 9th in the league

    Chelsea VotersChelsea VotersMaand geleden
  • Till the next loss and all the players will be throw under the bus again ... pathetic morons

    Jon JonesJon JonesMaand geleden
  • There in top four and your 10th Lol Deluded fans

    andy loweandy loweMaand geleden
  • Saka + Auba + Partey >Leicester injuries!

    The World We Live In!The World We Live In!Maand geleden
  • Look at them hyping themselves up after a win

    BKabambaHDBKabambaHDMaand geleden
  • This is crap if luiz had a sinkhole he still couldn’t put anyone in it most of their team was missing most of our team was playing and we still conceded first..Our early form sums it up because now we are in 10th place and even if we win we are still in 10th because that lot over the road and the villans keep winning and pushing us down...We really need to win the europa and avoid an English team in the final

    Andrew AzurAndrew AzurMaand geleden
  • Don't forget that Leicester just lost at home to Slavia Praha, so put the result into context. I think you're getting a bit excited about beating Leicester, just like you did about beating Benfica. You're still 10th and not gonna win any trophies this year...

    englishmanspeaksenglishmanspeaksMaand geleden
  • Still 10th though lol

    LucaLucaMaand geleden
  • I wasn't even that happy about the win I was happy that Jamie vardy didn't score us

    SN Gamer97SN Gamer97Maand geleden
  • Bellerin hasn't progressed since he was been 18 19... he does one good dribblings a game. His defence is poor his link up crossing passing is poor. He is a weak link and needs to go.

    Marc CeeMarc CeeMaand geleden
  • Robbie flashing his 200k watch

    JackJackMaand geleden
  • A can af redbull 🔥 😆🤣😂😹😆🤣😂

    *Lil* *boss**Lil* *boss*Maand geleden
  • Good win but we need 10 in a row like this.

    Drew BDrew BMaand geleden
  • DT.. I love this guy😂😂😂..

    Sibusiso SkenjanaSibusiso SkenjanaMaand geleden
  • Stop playing Bellerin

    bob fieldbob fieldMaand geleden
  • Thank you DT, for that Cedric comment

    Ibeh JohnIbeh JohnMaand geleden
  • Yeah you have to give Willian credit for what he did on the pitch FINALLY! Although he was at fault for the first goal we conceded, don't forget that either

    MakadoshezMakadoshezMaand geleden
  • Willian was good today👏👏👏👏. Pablo Mari also good..

    Hammez9319Hammez9319Maand geleden
  • Hey Robbie, please gift DT one of them mics you're using. His voice is way less audible than yours. Peace.

    RGJRGJMaand geleden
  • If Vardy was fully fit then he'd have our whole defence on toast

    Muzammil ParkarMuzammil ParkarMaand geleden
  • laca was my man of the match

  • We need to buy a proper rb or let Cedric play there

    Dancehall StarDancehall StarMaand geleden

    silarkid1979silarkid1979Maand geleden
  • Why are people so stupid that they dont question the blatant on purpose handball by Ndidi where had his hands up like a goalkeeper to give a free charity penalty to Arsenal and the 3rd where you will see defending only possible in Sunday leagues. Wake the hell up please because Premier league is corrupt from top to bottom.

    solo premesolo premeMaand geleden
  • Did I just see Rag n bone ?

    Mohamed RinzMohamed RinzMaand geleden
  • Cedric is just such a better RB in general. Defensively and attacking

    DanielDanielMaand geleden
  • DT.. you're wrong about Willian... He's still awful

    G.J.M MakauG.J.M MakauMaand geleden
  • We should give out credit at the end of the Season, when we actually have something to show for it all

    Kamran C.Kamran C.Maand geleden
  • Vardy an the foxes were completely outfox today in their own territory🤣 our cannons were on point.

    Crushal 45Crushal 45Maand geleden
  • So atleast arsenal has squad depth,the likes of aubameyang,saka,martinelli,odegurd,Gabriel,ceballos,partey were on the bench

    Moses MudeguMoses MudeguMaand geleden
  • Where are those Chelsea fans who were slating Don Robbie for saying Willian is better than Ziyech? respect the don

    Noah OkothNoah OkothMaand geleden
  • Hector wasn't in the field yet DT found a way to drag him in for criticism.

    Stephen OdomStephen OdomMaand geleden
  • DT is getting ahead of himself again. Will be hilarious to see him after Arsenal fails to qualify for anything this season.

    Neelesh DomahNeelesh DomahMaand geleden
  • 2 comebacks in a row ? We needed that for years

    JacquesBoulais14JacquesBoulais14Maand geleden
  • I never watch the game; when I woke up, I look on my phone for the score I thought I was dreaming. I refreshed the phone.

    Man Utd fan. We are the best in the WorldMan Utd fan. We are the best in the WorldMaand geleden

    Ib ChamIb ChamMaand geleden
  • Pepe needs to start every week.

    Gooner4evaGooner4evaMaand geleden
  • This version of DT is what we want to see. Good analysis, supportive of the team and critical at right points. Keep it up lad.

    Toughees LangwenyaToughees LangwenyaMaand geleden
  • Cedric is clear of Bellerin. Just try to imagine what we have been missing in those areas having now got Tierney and Cedric, we were once stuck with Kolasinac and Bellerin. David Luiz doesnt receive enough praise for how consistant he has been. For once thought the ref was quite good today

    Mahith Melaka KodituwakkuMahith Melaka KodituwakkuMaand geleden
    • I notice a trend, whenever i think a ref has had a good game, it is very often Tierney

      Amir NicolaiAmir NicolaiMaand geleden
  • The Bellerin agenda pops up again....

    bissau190bissau190Maand geleden
  • Xaka and Elneny 👏👏👏👏🍻

    MICHAEL AMICHAEL AMaand geleden
  • free martinelli

    yellow kenzeyellow kenzeMaand geleden
  • Pepe was selfish

    hafizi heffihafizi heffiMaand geleden
  • even after criticism William still confidence 🔥🔥🔥

    andrew mulamaandrew mulamaMaand geleden
  • ye i will give willian the credit now :D

    sdx555sdx555Maand geleden
  • I see a lot of bored Chelski supporters here. No worries mates, I get bored myself from watching Tuchel's laboured play as well....nice build up but no cutting edge in the final 3rd....haha

    vicoseavicoseaMaand geleden
  • Is that with his prem title as well?

    Keiran LucasKeiran LucasMaand geleden
  • Granit needs more praise been the most consistent player week in week out big up Xhaka

    ricardo nestfieldricardo nestfieldMaand geleden
    • Yh and for conceding the goal

      Peppa PigPeppa PigMaand geleden
  • Lovin Odegaard man! Buy him 4real. Willian, keep it up fam 🙏🏼👊🏼 Thats tha Willian we want! 👍🏼😜😜

    D RD RMaand geleden
  • Pepe and willian need to remember they're getting paid to play EVERY game.. Well done today. But if they go missing for the next 10 matches again, they should have to give back their salary for those games. Fair?..

    Wayne PintoWayne PintoMaand geleden
  • Now willian is the hero Lol .. you guys kill me aftv

    Antonio AdelAntonio AdelMaand geleden
  • Revenge is a dish best served cold.

    Xavier LindoXavier LindoMaand geleden
  • Willian Activated

    MrWirtiganMrWirtiganMaand geleden
  • Cedric and Pepe regularly linked up but I thought Cedric was a bit wasteful in the final third

    Zed Football PlugZed Football PlugMaand geleden
  • M of d m pepe

    Aliyu ShetimaAliyu ShetimaMaand geleden
  • Robbie also says one player out for Leicester? Really? Maddison, perez, fofana, justin, praet, now barnes. Get your facts right Robbie!!!

    phatboy-siphatboy-siMaand geleden
  • Dt is a dick, amount of times vardy as ripped luis apart. A full strength squad would of competed against arsenal. But they took advantage against Leicester. But no doubt dt will lose it again soon. Pepe has had some Coaching from salah diving.

    phatboy-siphatboy-siMaand geleden
  • That assist vs Benfica really gave him a boost of confidence considering how big that goal was.

    Farhan MarcoFarhan MarcoMaand geleden
  • Robie out here extending his vid to 10 minutes 🤣🤣

    Damian GowinDamian GowinMaand geleden
  • I only watch this when they lose. I only love them when there Fuming (state the obvious)

    Sid ClarkeSid ClarkeMaand geleden
  • DT has become what he hates the most, an AKB

    vegomanvegomanMaand geleden
  • ☑️☑️☑️

    FaithlessFlightFaithlessFlightMaand geleden
  • Moh hasn't turned up for his interview this week 😂 Willian must've had a good game!!

    HefePepeHefePepeMaand geleden
  • You guys are hypocrites man,when Willian/Pepe have a good game they are 👍👍👍,bad game you slag them off instead of supporting them,come on

    taz Tbjtaz TbjMaand geleden
  • If Willian does even half of what he did today when he plays for now on that would help create chances 🤙🏽

    Mike BMike BMaand geleden
  • Started 9th STILL 10th

    85 Hixy85 HixyMaand geleden
  • We kicked arse, without Saka!!

    Spud GunSpud GunMaand geleden
  • Thats the magic of the pl, mid table clubs beating the top four, unpredictable

    sai Rsai RMaand geleden
  • Vardy pocketed. Kane where you at?!

    GhostOfTheYoutubeFutureGhostOfTheYoutubeFutureMaand geleden
  • keep Auba on the bench..

    romaann88romaann88Maand geleden
  • He turned down you clowns all the same

    Darren Mc DonaghDarren Mc DonaghMaand geleden
  • You are still shite

    Danny HodgesDanny HodgesMaand geleden
  • The best game in an arsenal shirt

    Terrion WilliamsTerrion WilliamsMaand geleden
  • Just saying... Arteta didn't take the match seriously why Pepe, Lacazette, William and Cedric started. Same thing with Chelsea but I have to give him credit.

    Vincent SolomonVincent SolomonMaand geleden
  • DT you also need to consider that Arteta uses Bellerin to play the Cancelo role... That full back inside midfielder role... That is why Hector does not over lap as much as Cedric... Today Arteta had to play Elneny on that right midfield role instead of Cebalos since Cedric was not going to cover that inside midfield like Bellerin... The Bellerin Cancelo position where a full back plays like a midfielder also protects the team from transition center attacks... That transition counter attacking job was done by Elneny in this game... So Arteta should bear some of the blame for instructing Bellerin to play like that...

    Babatunde LadapoBabatunde LadapoMaand geleden
  • Damn Leicester bottled it against Arsenal when Gabriel, Partey Saka, and Aubameyang weren’t even playing 😂

    Duval In The WallDuval In The WallMaand geleden
    • Leicester had 8 players injured

      LucaLucaMaand geleden
  • Arteta's Drink breaks back at it again.

    Ich lag RichtigIch lag RichtigMaand geleden
  • Don’t think arteta likes martinelli

    Dylan HarberDylan HarberMaand geleden
  • Man wasn't Cedric and pepe really good this game

    Ich lag RichtigIch lag RichtigMaand geleden
  • Cedric and Pepe was excellent on that right today.....that was a perfect balance. Credit to Willian for the past 2 games.....going forward, I need to see more of this from Willian. Xhaka and Laca were excellent as well.

    Ibrahim J SoweIbrahim J SoweMaand geleden