Lauren Daigle - Hold On To Me (Official Music Video)

11 mrt. 2021
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The official music video for "Hold On To Me" by Lauren Daigle.
Each room within this video is actually connected to different charities and causes that I’m so excited to be raising funds with over the next several months. All proceeds from this ongoing fundraiser will be divided evenly among the organizations to aid in their incredible work.
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When the best of me is barely breathing
When I’m not somebody I believe in
Hold on to me
When I miss the light the night has stolen
When I’m slamming all the doors You’ve opened
Hold on to me, hold on to me
Hold on to me when it’s too dark to see You
Hold on to me when I have reached the end
Hold on to me when I forget I need You
When I let go, hold me again
When I don’t feel like I’m worth defending
When I’m tired of all the pretending
Hold on to me
When I start to break in desperation
Underneath the weight of expectations
Hold on to me, hold on to me
I could rest here in Your arms forever
'Cause I know nobody could love me better
So hold on to me, hold on to me
#LaurenDaigle #HoldOnToMe

  • One of my favorite things about the “Hold On To Me” Music Video is that it doesn’t just stop at being a visually stunning piece. Each room is connected to a different charity that I’m so excited to be raising funds with over the next several months. All proceeds from this ongoing fundraiser will be divided evenly among the organizations to aid in their incredible work. Learn more at, click the donate button to give - and thank y’all SO much for being here and watching!! 💛

    Lauren DaigleLauren DaigleMaand geleden
    • Your music has been a huge part of my journey. Being a drug addict for 37 years , I loved and believed in Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, but I never felt worthy of his love. But somewhere in God's timing he is showing me how to love myself, love others and

      AmyJo BiasAmyJo Bias3 uur geleden
    • From alonzo Stevenson I I know I know you have faith to go to The go to heaven a are in heaven the A man Hey Hi Lauren daigle Hey where's UA Hey bless you in heaven Hey hi a man Again you are you thanks thanks and have a heaven thank you to do one at a song I love the song and love the song because I think about weighing new sees a light of heaven of all day and everyday because I will be there to know it's a heaven and I will go for their path all days yes Yes I grow into heaven the take pills while they pills a man on Before I take use a male a male email where the sale was the evil I can give you my emaildays AlonzoSTEVNSON @541gmail

      Alonzo StevensonAlonzo StevensonDag geleden
    • Doctor hiiilay London UK

      JohnJohn2 dagen geleden
    • @xMcLite Lauren, is a amazing blessing and Lauren is a amazing gift for this entire world forever. God send his child Lauren for bring so many people for God through Lauren forever.

      Udara NihalUdara Nihal3 dagen geleden
    • Hollo lauren daigle i am from the city of jakarta / palembang the song is good

      Rizal MuliawanRizal Muliawan3 dagen geleden
  • I love this song!

    Gods DaughterGods Daughter51 minuut geleden
  • Me Abrace/ Tradução 🇧🇷 Quando o melhor de mim mal está respirando Quando eu não sou alguém em quem acredito Me abrace Quando eu perco a luz a noite roubou Quando eu estou batendo todas as portas que você abriu Me abrace, sim Me abrace Me abrace quando estiver muito escuro para te ver Quando eu tiver certeza que cheguei ao fim Me abrace quando eu esquecer que preciso de você Quando eu soltar, me abrace de novo Quando eu não sinto que valho a pena defender Quando estou cansado de fingir Me abrace Quando eu começo a quebrar em desespero Sob o peso da expectativa Me abrace Me abrace Me abrace quando estiver muito escuro para te ver Quando eu tiver certeza que cheguei ao fim Me abrace quando eu esquecer que preciso de você Quando eu soltar, me abrace de novo Eu poderia descansar aqui em seus braços para sempre Porque eu sei que ninguém me ama mais Me abrace Me abrace

    Damares LopesDamares Lopes2 uur geleden
  • Listen with the love of God you can feel the Spirit.

    P D WP D W5 uur geleden
  • What an absolutely powerful song❤ I love when my 3 year old nephew hears this. He sings along and every time the verse says "hold on to me" he points to the sky and back to him🥰❤❤

    crystltwilightcrystltwilight6 uur geleden
  • i love this song Lauren is my fav artist by far thanks for doing this songgggg !!!!

    Auston Baeza with Florida Homes Realty & MortgageAuston Baeza with Florida Homes Realty & Mortgage8 uur geleden
  • O SENHOR te abençoe e te guarde; o Senhor faça resplandecer o seu rosto sobre ti e te conceda graça; o Senhor volte para ti o seu rosto e te dê paz. (NÚMEROS 6.24-26)

    Bennayra SilvaBennayra Silva12 uur geleden
  • i dont ike money..iam not what amarican thinks.but i hope you are true.i see ur bands in ur arms it worries me.but i hope.jesus

    ahmed aliahmed ali13 uur geleden
  • When. I was diagnosed with a non cancerous but resistant brain tumour and all the complications including a tube down my throat , and one to re inflate my lung, six surgeries, I never lost hope in you my LORD. Psalm. 90. Where can I go ? You are always there. . I escaped a violent marriage. And I know you are here for me. HOLD ON. He will never leave you, or forsake you.

    Sonia McKellarSonia McKellar13 uur geleden
  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Kyle HopkinsKyle Hopkins17 uur geleden
  • Voice is Amazing Lauren 😇

    Priyanka BainsPriyanka Bains19 uur geleden
  • Heaven sounds like this

    Adam TurnerAdam Turner22 uur geleden
  • I love this song so much!

    Bershanned WilsonBershanned WilsonDag geleden

    vc luckyvc luckyDag geleden
  • EMOTIONES LIVE, GREAT SONG 😁🙋😘 #Music is my Life #Music is good for our Soul

    Michael MatthiesMichael MatthiesDag geleden
  • Nice to hear an actual gospel singer. Peace 🕊️

    lunabranwenlunabranwenDag geleden
  • So beautiful and heart felt I love lauren.

    Lisa GraaeLisa Graae2 dagen geleden
  • 🧐🙄😌 😘😍💯😘😘😱🤔😬👆👁️👁️😍

    deanna spencerdeanna spencer2 dagen geleden
  • 🇧🇷❤

    Calebe FrancoCalebe Franco2 dagen geleden
  • S T U N N I N G !

    Montana4216Montana42162 dagen geleden
  • ❤️❤️💖💖🌹🌹💯💯😇

    Nu-Unique ChoiceNu-Unique Choice2 dagen geleden
  • You are my favorite artist and you are my favorite song and I'm haïtien 😊😊😊😅😅

    Malachie HenrilusMalachie Henrilus2 dagen geleden
  • Blood coming from all over his body and NAKED hanging on that cross like torture weapon! What a Lord and God and Savior! He had to do it. HE is God the Son and only His body and blood could pay the sins price of ALL ever! 1 John 2:1-2. God has richly blessed you. God knew your faithful praise ministry from before the world was made! Ephesians 1:1-14. Oh Lord bless this channel; a haven for your blessings in Jesus Christ. I will pray for you and those gathered here.There is a Crown in Heaven awaiting all who faithfully share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and a soul is saved. ( "JESUS SAVES" below) 1 Thessalonians 2:19-20; Philippians 4:1. The Apostle Paul testified; Romans 1:16 "For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believes; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek". 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Salvation and forgiveness of sins is the blessing of anyone who believes in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. We receive the baptism of God the Holy Spirit immediately which seals us in Christ and that is permanent! Ephesians 1:13-14. Those who reject the free gift of salvation, see John 3:16 above, "perish", which means their sins are judged by God the Son and they suffer eternal separation from God and the family of God forever called the "second death". Revelation 21: 8. "Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ." Romans 5: 1

    Abalone KidAbalone Kid2 dagen geleden
  • This song is so wonderful! It makes want to praise God for everyday of my life!

    Wren JeskeWren Jeske2 dagen geleden
  • Please Jesus hold on to me!!!

    Sashelle Thompson-SmithSashelle Thompson-Smith2 dagen geleden
  • YHWH: See, I have engraved you on The Palms of My Hands; your walls are ever before Me. Isaiah 49:16

    Infinite GraceInfinite Grace2 dagen geleden
  • Did you miss me?😘😘💗🕊🙌😜🐎🤠

    Slash IrelandSlash Ireland2 dagen geleden
  • I know you held onto me and you won't let me go 🙏💖🕊️

    Richard SiregarRichard Siregar2 dagen geleden
  • Thank you, Jesus, for ALWAYS holding on to us and never letting go! We are the ones that let go (because we are in the midst of the storm and forget you are right there with us). Your arms of love are always ready to embrace us when we return! ❤

    L.C. TonerL.C. Toner3 dagen geleden
  • Amen holding on tight always going through alot of health issues right now, but i know God will see me through this.

    Crystal MitoryCrystal Mitory3 dagen geleden
  • I was 7 when i got baptized.....i loved God so much, when i turned 9 I did not know how i felt about god. This song changed my life now i an 12. I love God more than i ever did. Belive God, the only way to heaven.

    Tati HerlanTati Herlan3 dagen geleden
  • I love this beautiful song I know he's holding onto me.

    Toni GaitorToni Gaitor3 dagen geleden
  • Music is a Gift that we can take to heaven and praise The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit face to face. My heart yearns for this day. His promise remains.

    stan samsstan sams3 dagen geleden
  • Beatiful

    Rodrigo DomingosRodrigo Domingos3 dagen geleden
  • Lindoooooo demais! Emocioante!

    Angela FernandesAngela Fernandes3 dagen geleden
  • Beautiful.

    Xylina AlborranXylina Alborran3 dagen geleden
  • Yesss & Amennn Sister""" I've listened For 4yrs. 6 years. On 89.5 F.m Before you...made .it. To the big times"" Keep on keepin On. Gods blessings over. Ya"ll. Love to hear ya sing.. A big shout out to..Lou....""" Amennnn🙏🙌🏽💞🙏 ♡L.D. Keep winning souls. Amennnn Shalmo 🙏

    Billie Calame NormanBillie Calame Norman3 dagen geleden
  • She is a (Worlds) *Barzur* John Canter Chirstian Challenge WondersWorlds Biblett$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$tt

    Javier RodriguezJavier Rodriguez3 dagen geleden
  • Too little too late. Stabbed in the back too many times bye

    Slash IrelandSlash Ireland3 dagen geleden
  • Cool

    Buju BujuBuju Buju3 dagen geleden
  • All the words is powerful, my favorite verse is hold on to me when I forgot I need you powerful ❤️❤️❤️ we’ll always need HIM HE is LOVE especially at hand..,

    Eva MajokEva Majok3 dagen geleden
  • @Lauren you are my favorite songstress in this day & age - God Bless you & all you do & us 1 & all!💜🙏

    J RJ R4 dagen geleden
  • God father in the heaven , I prefere you to hold on to me, intead I hold to you because if I hold on to you I might let you go, but you will never let me go. Lauren, servant of God, I love you.

    valerie cherubinvalerie cherubin4 dagen geleden
  • Jéssica MikaelyJéssica Mikaely4 dagen geleden
  • Titus 1:16 says, "They profess that they know God; but in works they deny him..." and also the Word of God says to not be luke-warm. This song, even though it is seemingly a song that can lift people up that are feeling low, can be misinterpreted to be a regular love song because it leaves God's and Jesus' (Yeshua) names out of it. This is why I and many other Christians that know the Bible well usually call this type of song a luke-warm song or a shady song. Anyone ashamed of the name of the Lord will be treated the same way by the Lord, so says the Scriptures. It also says that anyone who denies Jesus, Jesus will also deny to the Father in Heaven. We shouldn't be shady or luke-warm. We should be clear. Praise be to God! It is a beautifully written song, though, but just lacks whom you're talking about and it shouldn't exclude that. Yes, most of the world "loves" your song, but think about it. I love you very much. Never be ashamed and never leave out His mighty name so that others that don't know him can't misinterpret your works. I know you'll do the right thing because I know your heart is with God through Christ. Amen. (Luke 9:26)

    Matthew12NightmareMatthew12Nightmare4 dagen geleden
    • I didn't misinterpret it. Neither did most of the people posting here. I guess that just leaves you.....

      Don MccDon Mcc2 dagen geleden
  • 🙏❤️

    Jacqueline HoncoopJacqueline Honcoop4 dagen geleden
  • such an amazing song

    debby and abbydebby and abby4 dagen geleden
  • Lauren D, love love love, and really needed this message. This song is just beautiful. I recently Experienced the loss of a dear friend to cancer, followed up by the unexpected loss of my brother. The song is really touched my soul and I listen to it several times a day. I have a question, is it the writer asking God hold onto me, or is it God telling the writer, hold onto Him? I think it’s both, but I was just was curious.

    Sweet Feet NurserySweet Feet Nursery4 dagen geleden
  • Deus tem tocado no meu coração atravéz dessa música

    Josiane SilvaJosiane Silva4 dagen geleden
  • Song connect with heart and soul

    LucyLucy4 dagen geleden
  • I'll be praying for everyone. In Jesus name amen.

    Sophia CarrilloSophia Carrillo4 dagen geleden
  • 🙏🙏GRATIDÃO 🙏❤👏👏🎶🎵🎼🇧🇷

    Sidnei TussiSidnei Tussi5 dagen geleden
  • Lord I need you to hold on to me because if you won’t then nobody else will this song is so beautiful Lauren you are so strong keep doing good in god’s power 😀😃🙌🏻

    Emilee HopeEmilee Hope5 dagen geleden
  • This is a song that was woven from the crushing floor. It is in those times of waiting on the Lord that he breaths his life unto us and does new things. The presence of the Lord was literally on this song😍😍😍😍😍

    EmmaEmma5 dagen geleden
  • 0:47 Hold on to me when it's too dark to see You When I am sure I have reached the end Hold on to me when I forget I need You When I let go, hold me again

    SS HappySS Happy5 dagen geleden
  • Love it

    Kermi GarrigaKermi Garriga5 dagen geleden
  • She makes me cry.i love it.

    Parks JordanParks Jordan5 dagen geleden
  • es muy cortitia para ser tan hermosa esta canción de rendición a Dios!!

    Elizabeth SalinasElizabeth Salinas5 dagen geleden
  • your my inspiration to sing God bless you.

    Hannah RiveraHannah Rivera5 dagen geleden
  • Holding on

    Lonely WithoutherLonely Withouther5 dagen geleden
  • So Good Lauren 😍 🥰 😘

  • GOD: “See, I have engraved you ON THE PALMS OF MY HANDS; your walls are ever before Me. Isaiah 49:16 Even to your old age and gray hairs I am HE, I am HE who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you. Isaiah 46:4 MY GRACE IS SUFFICIENT FOR YOU, FOR MY POWER IS MADE PERFECT IN WEAKNESS." 2 Corinthians 12:9 And of His Fullness we have all received, and Grace upon Grace. John 1:16 Grace and Peace with Yall Chosen Precious Royal Priesthoods!

    Infinite GraceInfinite Grace5 dagen geleden
  • god bless everyone

    Jua Jin 진주아Jua Jin 진주아5 dagen geleden
  • LOVE IS ....... MUSIC🎧🎶🎵🏳️‍🌈🌈✨☄️☄️🎼🎸💎💫💍🎙️🎛️🇺🇲😘☄️🎧🎶🎵🎹🎙️💍💫💎🎸🎼💍🎛️🥰🤩💥🎼🎸💫💍🎧🎵🏳️‍🌈🇺🇸🌈✨☄️ SAYS,(**DJ.DEB.USA, GOD BLESS YOU 🙏🏳️‍🌈 LAUREN DAIGLE, XOXO 😘✨✨🔥💥💋💟💜☔💌 IN DA PURPLE RAIN 🎶🎧🎼🎧🎤 😎☔💜

    Dj.DEB.USA,007 JusticeAngelsDj.DEB.USA,007 JusticeAngels5 dagen geleden
  • I love this song, beautiful!) I get so tired too. I need to hold on to our God ,Jesus Christ God son, Jesus Christ.

    maria nelasmaria nelas5 dagen geleden
  • When I start to break in desperation Underneath the weight of expectation Hold on to me. 😭🙏 Thank you Jesus for your peace, strength, & joy. I love you Lord.

    Kia MableKia Mable5 dagen geleden
  • Cause I listen Lauren so often . She can sing

    Ray And Sammy ValentineRay And Sammy Valentine5 dagen geleden
  • This is for those who’ve walked a long road of heartbreak, sickness, insecurity, or addiction. For those who’ve gone too long without seeing the sun. For those who’ve lost heart and hope because the battle rages on. This blessing is for you: May you rest right here, in this place, and see Jesus’ provision here. May our mighty God roll up His sleeves, reach down from on high, and rescue YOU because He delights in you - He really does . May God break through in this very place and breathe fresh life into your soul. May your valley of weeping fill to the brim with pools of blessing Ps.84:6. May Jesus lift your chin so you can look to Him and be RADIANT with no shred of shame on you Ps.34:5. May Jesus restore your soul in a way that surprises and blesses you. And from one weary traveler to another: I DO believe and KNOW that God cares about our battle, intervenes in ways we cannot see, and will come through for us in ways that only He can. May you hang on and hang in there until then. We’re all in this together.

    Johnny SirmonsJohnny Sirmons5 dagen geleden
  • Lauren Daigle nunca decepciona, voz maravilhosaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Diogo HenriqueDiogo Henrique6 dagen geleden

    Diogo HenriqueDiogo Henrique6 dagen geleden
  • WOW...powerful message... beautiful singer n soulful voice..Thank you..I'm having issues so I can relate..praying to my angels..😇✌️💖🙏🇺🇸

    Eudora SimonEudora Simon6 dagen geleden
  • I suffer from OCD accompanied by Panic Disorder. There are nights in the midst of my panic attacks where my mind is flooded with intrusive thoughts; the darkness almost suffocates me and I feel completely cut off from God. It's a struggle to even pray. But this song is a reminder that no matter how bleak things seem, God is holding on to you (especially when you cannot feel it), and nothing... no affliction, no enemy... can separate you from His love. "Even though I walk through a dark valley, I shall fear no evil, for You are with me." - Psalm 23 God bless you, Lauren

    Andrew SarleyAndrew Sarley6 dagen geleden
    • I am so sorry you suffer from those conditions. I also have OCD and some anxiety/ adult hyperactivity difficulties and sometimes like you said praying can be hard. I am so glad you have this song to help. Sending you calming vibes from nevada :)

      Popi LeighPopi Leigh3 dagen geleden
  • So beautiful and powerful

    Ashton Garnett-LeBlancAshton Garnett-LeBlanc6 dagen geleden
  • One of the most beautiful and heart touching song, i think my goosebumps have goosebumps ...........

    Viktor CisticViktor Cistic6 dagen geleden
  • It’s great to see and hear someone so talented and beautiful perform with such genuine humility. Humility I have learned in 12 Step recovery is not thinking less of ourselves, it’s thinking of ourselves less. Great work Lauren, keep it up 👍!❤️✝️🇺🇸

    Paul ReverePaul Revere6 dagen geleden
  • Can't listen without tears

    Anja FischerAnja Fischer6 dagen geleden
  • 🥰

    Qualquer pessoa • há 8 anos atrasQualquer pessoa • há 8 anos atras6 dagen geleden
  • Only His Word holds me at peace in times of trial...

    CC - 20 Sy, Samantha HopeCC - 20 Sy, Samantha Hope6 dagen geleden
    • Very interesting

      joseph shyirakerajoseph shyirakera6 dagen geleden
    • that's what he does bestestest :)

      Herb of GraceHerb of Grace6 dagen geleden
  • Lord I am now stressed, Hold on to me... 🙏

    CC - 20 Sy, Samantha HopeCC - 20 Sy, Samantha Hope6 dagen geleden
  • Lauren as usual your amazing this was beautifully powerful this song really helps me remind myself to hold on to God and that he always holds on to me also your voice as always thank you for using your voice to always point others to Christ thank you love and am thankful for you my sister in Christ 🙏🏻🎤🎶✝️😌😍👏🏻

    Kirsty nicoleKirsty nicole6 dagen geleden
  • such a great song❤️

    evelyn riveraevelyn rivera6 dagen geleden
  • I’m a sinner and never had time for Jesus Christ until I fell into depression is when I asked God to help and he came into my ! Now every time I start to stray all it takes is listening to a Lauren Daigle song to restore my faith and hope! He pulled me out of depression and anxiety when I was for sure I was at the end of the road! THANKYOU ❤️

    Juan OntiverosJuan Ontiveros6 dagen geleden
    • I agree he has did the same for me as well.Amen

      LeAnn McFarlandLeAnn McFarland4 dagen geleden
  • 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    Bianca MarvalBianca Marval6 dagen geleden
  • Saved me please.

    Steven B.P.Steven B.P.6 dagen geleden
  • Grazie per la tua buona musica e per la tua beneficenza. Sono italiana e seguo la tua musica molto bella e profonda per il mio cuore. Sei una grande artista.

    sr francescasr francesca6 dagen geleden
  • Absolutely magnificent. Love this song And love this beautiful lady with the most powerful voice 💞

    Karien JoubertKarien Joubert6 dagen geleden
  • Perfect music ♡

    Ana PaulaAna Paula7 dagen geleden
  • Thank you I went through darkness, but each time I feel that I am drowning I play ""hold onto me" and "you say" both these songs I have shared with many, they just reaffirmed that God is in control and that he never forsakes me... thank you. God bless you and your band.

    Judith KellermanJudith Kellerman7 dagen geleden
  • Bendiciones no ablo ingles pero si algo del cell phone y la letra lumbre ardiente me calento los pies que me quite el chanclas hermoso tema

    Daniel BarreraDaniel Barrera7 dagen geleden
  • This song keeps ringing in my ear, such a delightful & uplifting reminder that He holds onto us daily😇🙏 You sing it so beautifully powerful, too! Thank you for sharing💕

    Carissa NationsCarissa Nations7 dagen geleden
  • On repeat!!! 🙏

    NK HavenNK Haven7 dagen geleden
  • I really needed this right now!! Thank you Lauren and God!! I’m in a rough space today and I lost God for a while and now I’m here and I’m feeling better!! God bless you all in Jesus Christ Amen!!

    Emma PanzicaEmma Panzica7 dagen geleden
  • May God continue bless u great songs

    Vernal CampbellVernal Campbell7 dagen geleden
  • This is my favorite song

    Brain Types (BTI)Brain Types (BTI)7 dagen geleden
  • 🛡💖🛡😚😎👏👏👏 Very special present picted for your patience😚😚🛡💖🛡

    Mike MushroomMike Mushroom7 dagen geleden
  • Lauren is not good fruit and is using the Christian tempo to gain fame and fortune. She claims her church is the stage and does not mention Christ in her interviews, music, etc.

    xMcLitexMcLite7 dagen geleden
    • She worshipped and praised Jesus in Sept 2020 Lauren Daigle - How Can It Be (Live From Autumn Nights)

      InJesusLove1InJesusLove15 dagen geleden
    • They don't let me send you the recent ones.

      InJesusLove1InJesusLove15 dagen geleden
    • She worshipped and prayed to Jesus lately in the following video: "Please join Lauren Daigle in prayer for our country!"

      InJesusLove1InJesusLove15 dagen geleden
    • @InJesusLove1 mate, this is from almost 3 years ago. I am talking about the present. Like I said above, she USED to glorify His name. But it seems she has fallen away from that. And ALSO, “hold on to me” has nothing to do about Christ. She even says the reason for this song is about having people to lean on, she even mentions she leans on the crowd. No mention of Christ, no mention of The Father. She is embodied into her worldly success and totally rejects the truth. Don’t believe me? She has it right on her NLworld channel. You my friend, for sure need to read up on your scripture and consider your relationship with Christ, if you cannot see how blatantly obvious it is that she does not sing about Christ anymore, then perhaps you need to see the light as Paul did. She may have the intention personally, but as someone with her influence she for sure doesn’t show it.

      xMcLitexMcLite5 dagen geleden
    • "Turn your eyes upon Jesus" is in her last album which is the same as "You Say" and "Rescue".

      InJesusLove1InJesusLove15 dagen geleden
  • Song with passion

    Roseanne KingRoseanne King7 dagen geleden
  • Woke with this in me. God is still holding on to you. Holy spirit comfort

    Come to Jesus MinistryCome to Jesus Ministry7 dagen geleden
  • I love this song!!! So powerful

    Sophia BrownSophia Brown7 dagen geleden
  • Love this song, just wish there was mention of Jesus instead of letting people guess at who she’s talking about. The lost need to know it’s Jesus!

    BlessedMom OfBoysBlessedMom OfBoys7 dagen geleden
    • @BlessedMom OfBoys It’s because she is not a true Christian, and blatantly denies Christ just like Peter did. She is in for the worldly riches and not the riches in heaven, she even said in an interview she does not call herself a Christian artist but just an artist.

      xMcLitexMcLite7 dagen geleden