Laughing and Joking (2013) FULL SHOW | Jimmy Carr

18 jun. 2019
13 407 616 Weergaven

Why don't you let us know what your favourite gag from the special was and tag it in the comment section? (Or don't, it's up to you)
Recorded Live From London's Hammersmith Apollo; Laughing and Joking is packed with one-liners, stories, and jokes: some clever, some rude, and a few totally unacceptable.
The Official Channel for the biggest face in British comedy (literally the biggest face - it's like the moon.)
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    Jimmy CarrJimmy CarrJaar geleden
    • Jimmy you are the best in the world of comic entertainers..! Do more shows..

      David JewellDavid Jewell13 dagen geleden
    • @Sark is

      marirmmarirm17 dagen geleden
    • The guy that said you look like a ventriloquist doll that went off on a solo career

      Caleb HughesCaleb Hughes18 dagen geleden
    • your mom is my favorite gag to tag!!

      jaydekonahjaydekonah19 dagen geleden
    • I know this is a bit late, but I feel as though I may be able to challenge your idea of the undead. You're a very great comedian though. I've enjoyed everything you've done.

      psychosis420psychosis42021 dag geleden
  • This guy is absolutely, savagely hilarious, but he ripped off Mitch Hedberg's fire exit joke.

    frayteezfrayteez2 dagen geleden
  • As an american, I have never googled so much during a show lol

    VeteranRedBeardVeteranRedBeard2 dagen geleden
  • his crowdwork is fantastic!!

    mhofimhofi2 dagen geleden
  • Jimmy Carr looks like Slappy out of Goosebumps lmfao

    Fallon MalpassFallon Malpass3 dagen geleden
  • I saw you.

    Emma HarperEmma Harper5 dagen geleden
  • When did the geico gecko start doing comedy?

    Richy FoistRichy Foist5 dagen geleden
  • Top bloke 👍

    Darren WDarren W6 dagen geleden
  • I never find this guy funny, his dark humor is a bit to far over the limit

    Night FiestaNight Fiesta9 dagen geleden

    Johann SchutteJohann Schutte10 dagen geleden
  • The ugliest tower lovely imagine because notebook rahilly vanish outside a sudden bomb. splendid, somber statistic

    Maxwell EdisonMaxwell Edison10 dagen geleden
  • anybody.,.,Simmmmbbbaaaa lol

    Rosanna BurtRosanna Burt10 dagen geleden
  • How many people do you reckon tell him he looks like slappy from goosebumps

    BVB-AdamaBVB-Adama11 dagen geleden
  • This guy isn't funny at all. Just annoying random jokes. Boring.

    Baba CaneBaba Cane11 dagen geleden
    • Then don't watch it

      Alex CadeAlex CadeDag geleden
  • Funniest ✌️💙

    Krist NKrist N11 dagen geleden
  • Jimmy: has anyone ever seen ghosts? Me: yeah I have, I’ve also been to neverland. 😂

    Jax AnonymousJax Anonymous11 dagen geleden
  • very dry and predictable .

    nuffy brownnuffy brown11 dagen geleden
  • 💗💗💗

    Ayesha AkterAyesha Akter12 dagen geleden
  • That fire-exit joke was a Hedberg joke!

    Philipp WeisangPhilipp Weisang16 dagen geleden
  • As he made the joke about the person who had their dog pass. I absolutely love how he made the joke out of it for the show and said sorry dude and showed he's a fucking good guy. I liked him before and have more respect for him as a person now to. Good man

    M. T. ElectricM. T. Electric19 dagen geleden
  • At 1:19:25, is that woman really asleep on the mans shoulder?

    bogard36bogard3619 dagen geleden
  • Youre not funny

    Craigo My EggoCraigo My Eggo20 dagen geleden
    • Then don't watch it

      Alex CadeAlex CadeDag geleden
  • i love how confident he is with confrontational bits and how bloody sharp he is at scaffolding a punchline joke. Hes an intellectual ninja with insults so searing and original he makes you 😬 😂 all at once.

    Kevin CHillsKevin CHills20 dagen geleden
  • Jimmy, you nicked the fire exit bit from Mitch Hedberg, if only unintentionally.

    MrMillerMrMiller20 dagen geleden
  • 3.10 stolen from mitch hedbergh. Word by word.

    Tommy AndersonTommy Anderson21 dag geleden
  • The burn survivor, disabled comment were in very bad taste. His comedy is crude and not funny.

    mark j borowskimark j borowski21 dag geleden
    • Humor is subjective. If he wasn't funny, he wouldn't be making a lot of money to tell these jokes. By chance are you a disabled, burn survivor? I'm confused at why that's too far for you but the pedophile jokes are alright.

      Awkward SealAwkward Seal16 dagen geleden
  • Audio was great but video vert out of sync and slow

    SilverDeltaSilverDelta22 dagen geleden
  • HeyWaltham and all the rest of you stop insulting the comedian Jimmy Carr he is avery handsome man I would be happy to have him if he was single and would have me

    Monica Brady]Monica Brady]22 dagen geleden
  • HeyWaltham and all the rest of you stop insulting the comedian Jimmy Carr he is avery handsome man I would be happy to have him if he was single and would have me

    Monica Brady]Monica Brady]22 dagen geleden
  • 1:02:21 🤣

    hhris Chhris C22 dagen geleden
  • blopdy ledgend

    grim of reapersgrim of reapers24 dagen geleden
  • I like Jimmy but he's wrong about the paranormal.

    Sparky GumpSparky Gump25 dagen geleden
    • @Sparky Gump also thats not proof

      Alex CadeAlex CadeDag geleden
    • @Sparky Gump why would me going to your home change my mind? Do you have a ghost locked in your basement or something

      Alex CadeAlex CadeDag geleden
    • @Alex Cade my proof? Actually, if a gave a crap what you think, I'd invite you over to my home for the evening. You'd be singing a different song. But, that's not going to happen but, I'll leave you with this; you're definitely going to find out. Eventually.

      Sparky GumpSparky GumpDag geleden
    • @Sparky Gump where's your proof?

      Alex CadeAlex CadeDag geleden
    • @Alex Cade yes, yes he is.

      Sparky GumpSparky GumpDag geleden
  • Best comedian I’ve ever seen

    MagazineTomb354MagazineTomb35425 dagen geleden
  • @58:03... in Korea, "too young" is just a name...

    HB JNLHB JNL25 dagen geleden
  • :)

    StevenSteven26 dagen geleden
  • He's funnier when you don't look at him.

    Emiel DijkmanEmiel Dijkman28 dagen geleden
  • A brilliant comedian, the modern day Monkhouse!

    Pickles-the- ChimpPickles-the- Chimp28 dagen geleden
  • Who thinks this poor excuse of a comedian is actually funny?!?

    Daniel AdamsDaniel AdamsMaand geleden
    • Me, if you don't then don't watch it

      Alex CadeAlex CadeDag geleden
  • Those non-sequiturs remind me of the great Mitch Hedberg.

    Derrick SantosDerrick SantosMaand geleden
  • His laugh reminds me of StampyLongHead

    Jose ValdezJose ValdezMaand geleden
  • Boo. Aliens are scary not funny.

    John RyanJohn RyanMaand geleden
    • More importantly non existent

      Alex CadeAlex CadeDag geleden
  • Not breathing in sleep feel it experience to call doctor or medicine

    JoseLuis MariscalReyesJoseLuis MariscalReyesMaand geleden
  • Congestion better

    JoseLuis MariscalReyesJoseLuis MariscalReyesMaand geleden
  • the lady who 'saw a ghost' seems to be part of the act

    coldbloodedkiddercoldbloodedkidderMaand geleden
  • He laughs like Dr. Nefarious from Rachet &Clank 3 (first appearance) 😂

    Tyler EmrichTyler EmrichMaand geleden
  • Thank you Jimmy you are among the best comedians where are yiu now my sincere thanks to all comedians because all we nee is a good laugh I would like to meet you some day stay happy and safe always a precious Ge

    Monica Brady]Monica Brady]Maand geleden
  • His jokes are more like nose breathers them actually laugh but thats me his jokes made me smile bit nothing crazy like the crowd lol

    Mr.greenMr.greenMaand geleden
  • this guy is not funny

    JessTheMessJessTheMessMaand geleden
    • Then don't watch him

      Alex CadeAlex CadeDag geleden
  • Good Old school punchline comedy

    bankshot44bankshot44Maand geleden
  • Theres a video in my Ads

    Lord MadoLord MadoMaand geleden
    • It's a free comedy special.

      Awkward SealAwkward Seal16 dagen geleden
  • @3:17 thats mitch headburgs joke .... not saying you stole it but its his for sure.

    Moises DuarteMoises DuarteMaand geleden
  • Guy in crowd talks to Jimmy Carr... Jimmy Carr: So, you have chosen death.

    A wondering O'NeilA wondering O'NeilMaand geleden
  • You people only laugh so much cuz your weird.

    Jessica EvansJessica EvansMaand geleden
  • this guy is the definition of just say something "shocking and ignorant" and call it comedy

    vicky wenvicky wenMaand geleden
    • I don’t think anyone watches comedians for insight or information

      M G42M G4229 dagen geleden
  • "You know, they say laughter is the best medicine. So maybe, just maybe, if we keep laughing at people in wheelchairs..."

    Jam HamJam HamMaand geleden
    • Oh that cracked me up.. Yes.. it's ok to laugh people. ( I don't mean that literally, AT people in wheel chairs)

      MsAnThropeMsAnThropeMaand geleden
  • 8k disslikes? catownes

    ario D.ario D.Maand geleden
  • The Grevin museum has lost it's wax replica of jimmy carr... i think i found it.

    Lucien SchlutLucien SchlutMaand geleden
  • That man has no chill...

    Lucien SchlutLucien SchlutMaand geleden
  • Not funny at tall (for me)

    Alan Q.Alan Q.Maand geleden
  • Not funny JC, find another job

    Pedro BoavistaPedro BoavistaMaand geleden
  • Funny thing is, they paid to see him, I didn't. Every gag was great. Loved it.

    JulianJulianMaand geleden
  • At last found a man who laughs quite similar to me uNhgaa inhga

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    Ben HerbertBen HerbertMaand geleden
    • What...

      Jack MortemJack MortemMaand geleden
  • Very impressive. He gets those joke off like a machine gun

    Mané FarmerMané FarmerMaand geleden
  • Relentlessly unfunny. Its neurotic and strained.

    Jay SilverstoneJay SilverstoneMaand geleden
  • Reminds me of Don Rickles, Jonathan Winters, George Carlin. Awesome material, I may try some of these jokes at the next family get together. I will probably not be invited back so that’s a win/win for me.

    tiberus1701tiberus1701Maand geleden
  • Wtf is this trash. This should be illegal to show. This should only be found on the deep web next to love pills, and child sex

    Smith CoronaSmith CoronaMaand geleden
  • didn't get the starbucks joke at the end. would anyone bother to explain?

    Muhammed Emir UysalMuhammed Emir UysalMaand geleden
    • 1:28:45 Starbucks and Jimmy Carr both controversially avoided paying tax (Tax Avoidance). He jokes about it whenever possible.

      Beebe JoslinBeebe JoslinMaand geleden
  • Stop the prejudicial webull ads.

    TheMdtifsTheMdtifsMaand geleden
  • 7:40

    Lay ZayVayLay ZayVayMaand geleden
  • Ju

    Amyr HadjirulAmyr HadjirulMaand geleden
  • This guy looks fucking crazy

    Phil RothPhil RothMaand geleden
  • this dude looks like willam afton when he was saying Criminal in the thumbnail

    T TtT TtMaand geleden
  • I see the undead every day only over here we call them the living.

    John KochenJohn KochenMaand geleden
  • Stole mitch hedberg fire door bit

    desert youtuberdesert youtuberMaand geleden
  • This guy completely ripped off Mitch Hedberg

    hodgpodge13hodgpodge13Maand geleden

    Whyatt LeeWhyatt LeeMaand geleden
  • Boy Slappy really went off his rocker after R.L Stine dropped him off on the side of a freeway

    Brady ClarkBrady ClarkMaand geleden
  • Fking genius

    FahimMotoGPFahimMotoGPMaand geleden
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    channel mikeychannel mikeyMaand geleden
  • does anyone of those people who try to heckle comedians do it thinking they will gain the upper hand? that's like trying to provoke an mma fighter into a fight.....

    sabin97sabin97Maand geleden
  • to be fair. the breadmaker has a particular circumstance in which it's an awesome gift. if you know the person is enthusiastic about making their own breads, a breadmaker is a very good gift for them.....

    sabin97sabin97Maand geleden
  • Thank you Jimmy Carr.

    Sgt McluskySgt McluskyMaand geleden
  • Straight genius

    proud to be a simpproud to be a simpMaand geleden
  • That unfunny joke he did about blocking a fire exit is an old Mitch Hedberg bit.

    BoostGooberBoostGooberMaand geleden
  • Stole Mitch Hedberg's fire exit joke

    Zurich DavisZurich DavisMaand geleden
  • The difference between this comedian and every other comedian is others are funny. I didn’t find him offensive. Just not funny.

    Alethea LenningAlethea LenningMaand geleden
  • Where is Alan?

    Abraham SpiesAbraham SpiesMaand geleden
  • This guy looking weird tho

    Amr MohsenAmr MohsenMaand geleden
  • The joke about his first wife had me dying 😂

    Andrew JohnsonAndrew JohnsonMaand geleden
  • We just gonna ignore the stolen mitch hedberg joke?

    Master SlothMaster SlothMaand geleden
  • All I can say is lol

    Gabriel GagneGabriel GagneMaand geleden
  • Yang milih allah like yg Mili dajal hirawkan 1:39.........m.

    Tu HuyTu HuyMaand geleden
  • "...if there's a fire, I'll move!". EXCELLENT line.

    Bob LozaBob LozaMaand geleden
    • @Master Sloth Yes, of course! I knew I'd heard it somewhere. Mitch was the best.

      Bob LozaBob LozaMaand geleden
    • Stolen line that's a old mitch hedberg joke

      Master SlothMaster SlothMaand geleden
  • master bathing

    Márton RáczMárton RáczMaand geleden
  • This niggh got that stampycat laugh on deck

    Tufo TeslaTufo TeslaMaand geleden
  • Your not a comic your not funny

    BluMidget GamingBluMidget GamingMaand geleden
  • "Well Garry, if you want my comeback you will have to scrape it off your mum's teeth!" Wow... just wow...

    Orodon KassaOrodon KassaMaand geleden
  • These man is not funny

    عباس محمدعباس محمدMaand geleden
  • When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.

    Ba NamBa NamMaand geleden