Kylie Jenner: Halloween Cookies with Stormi

5 okt. 2020
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Stormi and I are making cookies for Halloween, one of my favorite holidays of the year! Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween!

  • i love their bond . stormi is so mature and cute

    maria nasitmaria nasit3 uur geleden
  • She’s so cute🥰

    Payton HairstonPayton Hairston5 uur geleden
  • Stormi Webster and Disco Norris is a perfect match, born in great families and loves baking💖

    EicyEicy13 uur geleden
  • I love you Stormi and Kylie And Kylie you lipstick so beautiful

    Juri AlicawayJuri Alicaway17 uur geleden
  • I love you 2 baby

    gaming review GRgaming review GRDag geleden
  • Kylie’s two full time nannies watching y’all complement Kylie on how well stormi was raised: 👁👄👁

    That dumb BitchThat dumb BitchDag geleden
  • Omg stormi so cute

    Beatriz TrindadeBeatriz TrindadeDag geleden
  • How cute she talks to kylie like with so much respect

    TheRiaPlaysTheRiaPlaysDag geleden
  • 7:48 The outro was very cute

    Roopa JRoopa J2 dagen geleden
  • Javier renteriaJavier renteria2 dagen geleden
  • I love how stormi sings her little song patients patients patients

    uaii makonouaii makono2 dagen geleden
  • Kylie: time for sprinkles! Stormi: *puts a gallon of sprinkles on each cookie*

    jxlie !jxlie !2 dagen geleden
  • stormi is so smart

    lady buglady bug2 dagen geleden
  • Stormi: "I love you" Awwww that's so sweet 🥰🥰🥰😍😍

    Nicole ClarestaNicole Claresta2 dagen geleden
  • Stormi is so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee kylie is lucky to have such a baby

    Elite AayanElite Aayan2 dagen geleden
  • Hope I can do this activities with my daughter ❤️❤️ love it

    AnneKalogAnneKalog2 dagen geleden
  • baby Stormi and baby Moana are exactly the same 🥰🥰

    Anand kumar RavulapallyAnand kumar Ravulapally2 dagen geleden
  • "This is so pretty" "this is so pretty* *Put a full spoon of sprinkles*

    Aubreigh DillardAubreigh Dillard2 dagen geleden
  • i need a towel please was so so superb ❤️❤️🔥

    Bushra AnsariBushra Ansari2 dagen geleden
  • With stormy she's now not just only targeting the chicks but also the women with's a marketing strategy...come on she a billionaire what do you expect 😂😂😂

    Pranjal VermaPranjal Verma2 dagen geleden
  • Is stormi standing in the drawer

    dev bhandaridev bhandari2 dagen geleden
  • You'r baby girl is so cute

    Rajiv Kumar AwasthiRajiv Kumar Awasthi2 dagen geleden
  • Can I find a thousand subscribers to my channel, my friends, I love you

    منوعاتمنوعات3 dagen geleden
  • Peace out camera

    Rodham ara begumRodham ara begum3 dagen geleden

    JPower91JPower913 dagen geleden
  • can anyone tell me which of her sugar cookie recipe is better? Christmas or halloween? I really love these two and want to try one of the recipes out! So, if anyone can help me out, I'll be really grateful!

    Azrin ZarnasAzrin Zarnas3 dagen geleden
  • Stormi: patience patience patience 🥺🥺

    annelies Rosseelannelies Rosseel3 dagen geleden
  • Me I should try it with my dayght then I relating I dnt even have a daughter I am 10 the me relaxing I can try it wig my sister then me relaxing I dnt have a sister I have a brother me like IHV BEEN CATHING FEELINGS FOR U KYLIE AND JENNY

    Syed School's a021Syed School's a0213 dagen geleden
  • Kylie queen of plastic 😂😂

    Perfection ZonePerfection Zone3 dagen geleden
  • She wasn’t a fucking pumpkin what a fucking lier

    Angie LaboyAngie Laboy3 dagen geleden
  • Celindas😍😘😗😐😚😙👸👪👄💋💘❤💟💙💖

    Andresmanuel GonzalezvelazquezAndresmanuel Gonzalezvelazquez3 dagen geleden
  • Omg! Kylie is such an amazing mom and Stormi is adorable and the best voice

    Lindsey KistowLindsey Kistow4 dagen geleden
  • Husterkwile snder

    Jenni MarinJenni Marin4 dagen geleden
  • She is soooo cute

    Mark rhheyejeMark rhheyeje4 dagen geleden

    that girlthat girl4 dagen geleden
  • I was watching makeup tutorials by James Charles i don't know how i started watching a cooking video w Kylie and Stormi

    that girlthat girl4 dagen geleden
  • NLworld: Hadi bunu anasayfana koyayım

    PqueeN'in ChatiPqueeN'in Chati5 dagen geleden
  • Love your pajamas so cut together #kylie

    Elizabeth FunesElizabeth Funes5 dagen geleden
  • I form Turkey I love you is very cute

    Elif KuruElif Kuru5 dagen geleden

    Djordje DubljevicDjordje Dubljevic5 dagen geleden
  • Duas lindas

    Margarete MacMargarete Mac5 dagen geleden
  • Stormi you cut 😍😍😘🤗😊

    Imane BasimImane Basim6 dagen geleden
  • We love u vanilla essence pouring into every cookie video ;)

    Ceyda YazarCeyda Yazar6 dagen geleden
  • Stormi when she makes a mess and is also a rich baby who can have servents to clean the mess cleans herself and says Towel please Me when I make a mess Meh imma just leave it there mom or sis might clean it imma outa here

    dolls lifestyledolls lifestyle6 dagen geleden
  • You should start a channel called cooking with Kylie and stormi

    dolls lifestyledolls lifestyle6 dagen geleden
  • Rai

    Maria melo202Maria melo2026 dagen geleden
  • save some cookies for travis

    ExclusiveExclusive6 dagen geleden
  • Any indians❤️ Hit like❤️😉

  • I love how stormi says her manners🥺

    gigi . mascardogigi . mascardo6 dagen geleden
  • I. Love

    Kelly RuizKelly Ruiz6 dagen geleden
  • When kylie says "patience, patience, patience" 🥺🥺❤

    Lexi SwiftLexi Swift7 dagen geleden
  • wow Stormi me enseño un nuevo color en ingles ( 5:53 ) "purple" = "morado" que cosas no?

    Carola GarciaCarola Garcia7 dagen geleden
  • wow Stormi me enseño un nuevo color en ingles ( 5:53 ) "purple" = "morado" que cosas no?

    Carola GarciaCarola Garcia7 dagen geleden
  • didnt know stormi was such a QUEEN when it came to outros smh !!

    Sparkle jump rope queen !!Sparkle jump rope queen !!7 dagen geleden
  • Stormi: putting sooooo many sprinkles Me: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lol

    Tifanny JiaTifanny Jia7 dagen geleden
  • Love from India.... Stormi is so cute.... May Allah bless you both

    Yearin NajminYearin Najmin7 dagen geleden
  •🤩😍🤩😂🙂🙃😉🙃🙂😂🙂🙃🙃🙃😉 فيه حدا غيري مر من هون وهون من اليمن الجزائر المغرب تونس ليبيا مصر الحبيبة الكويت السعودية الرياض الإمارات البحرين فلسطين قطري دعم فني متواصل

    Osamh TopOsamh Top7 dagen geleden
  • What an adorable child!!!

    James MapleJames Maple7 dagen geleden
  • She’s so polite I can’t 😭😭😭

    Tourette's MajesticTourette's Majestic7 dagen geleden
  • Kylie at 16 she was a bully after having stromi in her life she become a clever and better person

    Himakhi DasHimakhi Das7 dagen geleden
  • Stormi is so cute ☹️💖

    Daira FloresDaira Flores7 dagen geleden
  • so adorbs


    Vianney caramelitaVianney caramelita8 dagen geleden
  • 😍😍😍

    Vianney caramelitaVianney caramelita8 dagen geleden
  • Kylie: how many sprinkles do you want? Stormi: yes

    Sabine AngSabine Ang8 dagen geleden
  • You are a very good mother. Stormi is so cute. I just like how she's so excited

    Charné HermanCharné Herman8 dagen geleden

    Suhana SunshineSuhana Sunshine8 dagen geleden
  • shes so polite. ☺☺☺

    Mumay MerMumay Mer8 dagen geleden
  • Love you strom

    Juba RubaJuba Ruba8 dagen geleden
  • i love how stormi spills a little flour and she’s like, “i need towel!” **starts cleaning up**

    Adrianna GilletteAdrianna Gillette8 dagen geleden

    Lily QuinnLily Quinn8 dagen geleden
  • Stormi needs her own show... she is just wayyyyy too adorable, makes me love Kyle, she’s raising a beautiful angel

    Shawn ThomasShawn Thomas8 dagen geleden
  • I feel like Kylie having Stormi really grounded her. I love seeing them together ❤️❤️

    Hannah McCoyHannah McCoy8 dagen geleden
  • “What happened mom?” “I’m ready mom” “Okay mommy!” Stormi is the cutest and so polite.

    Hannah McCoyHannah McCoy8 dagen geleden
  • Ada orang indo disini?

    Caff inaaCaff inaa9 dagen geleden
  • Kylie is such a great mother and her beautiful daughter is so respectful and has manners awww

    Vasitaiamoni TaufaVasitaiamoni Taufa9 dagen geleden
  • You are such a good mama💜I love watching these!!

    Hannah MyersHannah Myers9 dagen geleden

    Nature SoundsNature Sounds9 dagen geleden
  • Please film Stormi doing your makeup 🥺

    Rose SayersRose Sayers9 dagen geleden
  • THAT WAS SO CUTE!!! I loved how stormi was saying "I'm ready mommy"

    Roxana HernandezRoxana Hernandez9 dagen geleden
  • I love little stormi so much ...such a cutie

    Niyatee ThakurNiyatee Thakur9 dagen geleden
  • Stormi is so polite, and Kylie is so beautiful. I love these two queens❤️😍

    Anna kusunokiAnna kusunoki9 dagen geleden
  • “I need a towel please” 🥺🥺

    Tia XxTia Xx9 dagen geleden
  • "We are being so messy" 😂😂😂 That is so cute ❤

    Adrija MitraAdrija Mitra9 dagen geleden
  • Seeing stormi and kylie bond of mother and baby girl 💓💓 makes me wanna have baby girl too

    Valentina DeviValentina Devi9 dagen geleden
  • Muito lindas ,educadas e fofas

    romanny perfumesromanny perfumes9 dagen geleden
  • kylie diciendo stormi no gahas eso mi mama esta estupida ya vete de aqui like si entendiste

    MARI BROMASMARI BROMAS10 dagen geleden
  • "I need a towel please" stomi is rich but she's not being mean

    zureena raymanzureena rayman10 dagen geleden
  • Cute 😍😍 Stormi is so cuteeee

    Scooby-dooScooby-doo10 dagen geleden
  • Stormy is sooo cute she’s like (ok mommy ) ( thx mommy) she’s just so cuteeee🥰😍😊😘😌😋

    Ioanna ApostolakoudiIoanna Apostolakoudi10 dagen geleden
  • That cute seeing stormi grow up and she is so cute

    Dione DickeyDione Dickey10 dagen geleden
  • I hope watching this become rich 🤑

    irene chelsiairene chelsia10 dagen geleden
  • Hi i am from India but I'm sorry to ask your teen mom plzz say

    SMSSMS10 dagen geleden
  • I love how Kylie just let's stormi just have fun being creative decorating the cookies and Kylie wasn't so judgy of how she much sprinkles and the colours that stormi added. Kylie is such a good mum and stormi is so creative and polite.😭😘😘😍😍😍😘😘

    Sabrina TheElfSabrina TheElf10 dagen geleden
  • Nice

    precious nkandlaprecious nkandla11 dagen geleden
  • Stormi is sooooooooo cuteeeeeeee

    Harshita MarkenHarshita Marken11 dagen geleden
  • nam nam nam nam nam nam nam

    Tim FikseTim Fikse11 dagen geleden
  • Stormy is soooo cute and so smart I’m broody

    Modiki RamaisaModiki Ramaisa11 dagen geleden
  • ‘It got stuck mom’🥺 THATS so sweet

    Bubby BaddieBubby Baddie11 dagen geleden
  • “What happened mom” she’s sooo cutee

    Analyah PradoAnalyah Prado11 dagen geleden