KSI & Logan Paul Rewatch The First Boxing Fight - 40 Days

5 nov. 2019
15 820 276 Weergaven

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  • 2:43 jake paul looks like the gay guy from scary movie 2. No offense to gay ppl.

    GoatedBananaBoiGoatedBananaBoi2 minuten geleden
  • 2:57 i have respect for ksi but this is just not ok

    Apache GoApache Go3 minuten geleden

    oppo tacooppo tacoUur geleden
  • When jake came in 😂😂

    craig plumbcraig plumb2 uur geleden
  • I hate how Logan and his coach is just criticizing you where as you where just laughing at you failures. Your the best KSI plus your just enjoying watching this where as Logan was more serious about improving.

  • I hate Logan and jake but imo they are far better boxers than jj

    Raffy ConnollyRaffy Connolly9 uur geleden
  • Logan was acting all good and stuff and Ksi was actually like criticizing himself and not acting like he was so good

    Mr ViciousMr Vicious16 uur geleden
  • Ksi

    HorusOGHorusOG17 uur geleden
  • I personally think Logan is the better boxer but he does not have stamina and jj not the best boxer but he has stamina.

    Mr KrispyMr Krispy17 uur geleden
  • KSI:Jake Pool Logan Pool any other pool idc Deadpool cod. At me bro

    MoazamPlayzMoazamPlayzDag geleden
  • Ksi cant fight 😂😂

    CriypCriypDag geleden
  • Shannon Briggs is actually so fucking annoying oh my god. Somebody mute him please.

    Abou.Abou.Dag geleden
  • 3:58 that didn’t age well

    shadow forestshadow forestDag geleden
  • Logan win

    Isaac IngramIsaac IngramDag geleden
    • Ksi won yesssss

      Abdul RehmanAbdul RehmanDag geleden
    • Logan lost

      Abdul RehmanAbdul RehmanDag geleden
  • what if he fight with chris hemsworth bruuhh he literally dead

    Angela CadaAngela CadaDag geleden
  • Bruh Ksi need to work on that hair line

    R0ckynf 4R0ckynf 4Dag geleden
    • You need to work on not watching cringey logan paul kid

      Abdul RehmanAbdul RehmanDag geleden
  • The thumbnail got me for a second

    BluntBluntDag geleden
  • i hate to be that guy but KSI is way too overconfident.

    Andrew FallaAndrew FallaDag geleden
    • Ksi won so its ok but logan too fam

      Abdul RehmanAbdul RehmanDag geleden
  • they really think they are pros like any of yall vs a real pro your gonna get raked

    DaddyGageTVDaddyGageTVDag geleden
  • logan won jk

    e joffee joffeDag geleden
  • bro that aint no fucking draw tf.

    Jose_playz105Jose_playz105Dag geleden
  • 1:07 JJs SO SERIOUS I LOVE IT 💯💯

    DrizxnDrizxnDag geleden
  • JJ: "im gonna end his career" Logan: *loses* Also Logan: *gets a fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr*

    Lucas SchackLucas Schack2 dagen geleden
  • And then Logan bro threw jabs and looks like he been kick boxing

    VybzVybz2 dagen geleden
  • If Logan Paul calls KSI a "kid" It makes Logan Paul a "baby"

    StaRiXStaRiX2 dagen geleden
  • Jake Paul would have beat the shit out your shrimp as if he stayed in that lucky he got put out

    ChrxsYT シChrxsYT シ2 dagen geleden
  • Jake we hate you with all our heart x Hate, 🇬🇧 GB

    Lizzy AhmadLizzy Ahmad2 dagen geleden
  • Man he should have first ended jakes carrier

    Pegagus YTPegagus YT2 dagen geleden
    • Jake was scared

      Abdul RehmanAbdul RehmanDag geleden
  • Foreshadowing*

    Demonitized X-XDemonitized X-X2 dagen geleden
  • I hate logan but Those punches from logan deffinly hurt but he dont want to tell

    JatogJatog2 dagen geleden
    • He said in a video stop saying nonsense

      Abdul RehmanAbdul RehmanDag geleden
  • Logan ass dose not no noting about Boxing

    Zorrillo CamposZorrillo Campos2 dagen geleden
  • Should have watch the second would have been much different

    Shezzy GamingShezzy Gaming2 dagen geleden
  • It's so amazing that KSI improved his boxing in second match like crazy man big respect

    Yukki YamamotoYukki Yamamoto2 dagen geleden
  • Don’t get me wrong I fucking hate Logan Paul but jj didn’t beat him up lol

    Sheep Kisser 123Sheep Kisser 1232 dagen geleden
    • @Abdul Rehman ye

      Sheep Kisser 123Sheep Kisser 123Dag geleden
    • But still a W is a W

      Abdul RehmanAbdul RehmanDag geleden
  • Vidal is sick a legend

    Milo Thornhill-DavisMilo Thornhill-Davis3 dagen geleden
  • KSI 1000 times more sympathetic and by the way lets just dont talk about this ridiculous jake paul

    Tyler GallwitzTyler Gallwitz3 dagen geleden
  • Can respect Logan he took boxing serious but that Jake hope he get curved! or spend time witn McGregor

    BootlegELBootlegEL3 dagen geleden
  • Unpopular opinion: Logan did better the first fight than the second

    SusheySushey3 dagen geleden
  • 7:08 if I heard that in the night I will think that’s a clown

    Orlando TamayoOrlando Tamayo3 dagen geleden
  • I'm American and guess who I rooted for KSI duh I don't like logan paul

    Jeremiah BrevelleJeremiah Brevelle3 dagen geleden
  • Bro I swear logan is a bigger man that ksi like here is ksi talking about woman's and what he's going to do whit them😒

    jasmin joyajasmin joya3 dagen geleden
  • If Loren did in get tier he would whom this rounds

    Isaias GarzaIsaias Garza3 dagen geleden
    • Yes mate I totally agree and understand.

      Showkat AliShowkat Ali2 dagen geleden
  • U know what, Logan was very respectable in this video. Shannon was the cocky one.

    FALLSLORD 123FALLSLORD 1233 dagen geleden
  • Logan Paul looks like he is going to kill ksi in thumb nail

    Malachy O'ConnorMalachy O'Connor3 dagen geleden
  • logan got smacked

    Blake BartonBlake Barton4 dagen geleden
  • Fuck KSU

    Dexy TTVDexy TTV4 dagen geleden
    • A kid ksi will beat jake

      Abdul RehmanAbdul RehmanDag geleden
  • Is it just me or does this sound like a police show? No just me?

    Ralph OsborneRalph Osborne4 dagen geleden
  • KSI and Logan act like they hate each other. But you can tell that they have respect for each other

    Tim FashogbonTim Fashogbon4 dagen geleden
  • Why tf is Jake Paul even in this video

    XmasXmas4 dagen geleden
  • Did Logan say he didn’t feel threatened in the fight🤣 he almost got ko on round 6 bro

    XmasXmas4 dagen geleden
  • i love how logan say ksi's a kid but mans older by 2 years

    AOI TobiAOI Tobi5 dagen geleden
  • It's good to see all this crap talking and then all the sudden besties now its jake Paul's turn lol he finna turn into nate next time 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    PTR SAVAGEPTR SAVAGE5 dagen geleden
  • same

    Kyler MeadeKyler Meade5 dagen geleden
  • Nie potrzebnie go prowokował

    Norbert MalyjNorbert Malyj5 dagen geleden
  • KSI Try to fight Manny Pacquiao

    Francois AbellaFrancois Abella5 dagen geleden
  • People that love jj ☟

    FlintsWTFFlintsWTF5 dagen geleden
  • the thing is he loses logan is bd

    TRIXSTRIXS5 dagen geleden
  • this is fake I though they where gonna watch it together CLICKBAIT edit:just a joke don’t hate please

    Doctor JoeDoctor Joe5 dagen geleden
  • Dont think Jake understood this isnt American he could of got dropped eany second

    lilOERIO 10lilOERIO 105 dagen geleden
  • Logan: Im 10x better then a boxer than him Also Logan: My appeal got denied Also Logan: Hit JJ in the back of the head Also Logan: Oh no i slipped ( He did )

    lilOERIO 10lilOERIO 105 dagen geleden
  • Look at jake like hes gonna do something 😂😂😂😂😂

    KRATO SKRATO S5 dagen geleden
  • 0:39 of course your faster than him jj ur black

    OKÆYOKÆY5 dagen geleden
  • Bro Ksi knew he would fuck up Logan in the rematch.

    yrifleyrifle5 dagen geleden
  • JJ jake is a kid man

    Kleo CaniKleo Cani5 dagen geleden
  • Lmao why they calling him “kid” he’s older then both of them 😭 they were so confident too 🤣

    Miguel -Miguel -5 dagen geleden
  • Everybody like this is interesting then Jake is there just piss of

    SSG NanzterSSG Nanzter5 dagen geleden
  • How does gaySI have 22 mil Sike

    Bank RollBank Roll5 dagen geleden
  • The Paul’s are absolutely unlikeable arrogant people. Fucking hate em

    Putins Beauty PalacePutins Beauty Palace6 dagen geleden
  • Jj’s face reminds me of penny wise for some reason.

    King KittleKing Kittle6 dagen geleden
  • Morty: Jake is still talking smack after he losy Rick :morty he didn’t lose yet

    Rick And mortyRick And morty6 dagen geleden
  • Is so funny watching this after KSI already won the rematch

    Sus BoiSus Boi6 dagen geleden
  • I wanna watch the trainer vs trainer.

    Shroodle MobileShroodle Mobile6 dagen geleden
  • I’m not a fan of Logan Paul but I was kind of rooting for him both times

    DestructionFarmDestructionFarm6 dagen geleden
  • Have you even seen Logan’s beard it on his lip he need to shave that

    Nellie TellyNellie Telly6 dagen geleden
  • Boy Logan need to stfu😂 them slow ass strikes😂

    Darion warnerDarion warner6 dagen geleden
  • The things that these lads so is hilarious..." greatest knockout of all time"..what swinging wild.?🤣.. hahaha

    indi graceindi grace7 dagen geleden
    • @indi grace bruh first i dont even know what u trying to say but ion support logan or jake i support my boi ksi

      Faze_PeterFaze_Peter6 dagen geleden
    • @indi grace bruh stop the cap 🧢

      Faze_PeterFaze_Peter6 dagen geleden
    • @Faze_Peter three comments in 6 months, all for Paul gay lords...it's prolly one of them..

      indi graceindi grace6 dagen geleden
    • @Faze_Peter kick boxers learn how to knock out...I've had 14 hbu

      indi graceindi grace6 dagen geleden
    • Bro shut the hell up u probably dont even know how to swing a punch

      Faze_PeterFaze_Peter6 dagen geleden
  • F off Jake

    Danyal ChowdhuryDanyal Chowdhury7 dagen geleden
  • Bro idc care bout any fight😅 ksi's hair in match 2 was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    AceMD21AceMD217 dagen geleden
  • Logan won 1,2,5 KSI won 3,4,6 I understand the tie Rematch ksi deserved the win🚫🧢

    AceMD21AceMD217 dagen geleden
  • This is amazing watching logan and Shannon getting all hyped for jj getting knocked out not knowing logan was gonna lose

    Henry ShawHenry Shaw7 dagen geleden
  • 4:06 love the honesty 😂😂😂

    Henry ShawHenry Shaw7 dagen geleden
  • I'll be honest. I disliked the video cos I got clickbaited.

    Liquid PA1NLiquid PA1N7 dagen geleden
  • Little did Logan know that he was going to be beat up by ski

    Liam EamesLiam Eames7 dagen geleden
  • Imagine if they watched this beside each other

    I Guess I’m MasonI Guess I’m Mason7 dagen geleden
  • th3 most dumbest and ridiculus fight ..with all respect, still id rather Ksi over el guero

    Luis Hernandez-LinanLuis Hernandez-Linan7 dagen geleden
  • King Kong vs Godzilla be like

    Eduardo aguilarEduardo aguilar7 dagen geleden
  • well he doesnt hit harder 😂😂

    Roger KingRoger King7 dagen geleden
  • Nov 9 is my bday

    CR4CKED S7116CR4CKED S71167 dagen geleden
  • 9:05 Shannon is a clown but that was a good ass analogy

    Phil BeckensonPhil Beckenson7 dagen geleden
  • F u ksi

    Brycen VlogsBrycen Vlogs8 dagen geleden
    • Lol some one mad

      Faze_PeterFaze_Peter6 dagen geleden
  • Feb. 22, 2021, is the date that I've know that ksi is a boxer, I thought he's only a youtuber 😑😑😑

    Glennmarth CruzGlennmarth Cruz8 dagen geleden

    Glennmarth CruzGlennmarth Cruz8 dagen geleden
  • 13:20 Jake just had to take a smoke break

    Colton NeffColton Neff8 dagen geleden
  • They should go again or sit down together and watch the 2nd fight

    Matthew StosichMatthew Stosich8 dagen geleden
  • Jake would beat the shit out of ksi

    IceDoutMauiIceDoutMaui8 dagen geleden
    • Nope

      Abdul RehmanAbdul RehmanDag geleden
  • Cool

    Nordic SEONordic SEO8 dagen geleden
  • I like how KSI took ownership saying he shouldn’t have done that one dirty punch. My respect goes up ⬆️ for him while mine for the Paul’s goes down ⬇️

    Jameson HarrisJameson Harris8 dagen geleden
    • you respected Logan?

      DEBSDEBS7 dagen geleden
  • Excuse me did u say ksi doesn't respect Logan uh what the f*ck do u mean respect

    Mumena BegumMumena Begum8 dagen geleden
  • Kai is older then Logan right?

    Neil GoswamiNeil Goswami8 dagen geleden
    • @Neil Goswami idk

      Faze_PeterFaze_PeterDag geleden
    • So why are they calling Ksi kid

      Neil GoswamiNeil GoswamiDag geleden
    • Yeah

      Faze_PeterFaze_Peter6 dagen geleden
  • logan wants the attention ksi wants the win

    tripl3 thr333tripl3 thr3339 dagen geleden