Kodak Black - Last Day In [Official Audio]

23 jan. 2021
7 762 354 Weergaven

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  • just became a fan

    Dee blackDee black49 minuten geleden
  • ♿️♿️

    스나이퍼갱스나이퍼갱51 minuut geleden
  • Missin the old Kodak

    Zoe MattsonZoe Mattson6 uur geleden
  • dkkaaj fzjkdakf

    pepe cattpepe catt7 uur geleden
  • mmmmmmmmmmmp

    pepe cattpepe catt7 uur geleden
  • jxaj daj sf kfsk fsj sfj sfj sfj sfj sfj sf

    pepe cattpepe catt7 uur geleden
  • I’d do Kodak any day over Tom Macdonald

    Jaryn DeWittJaryn DeWitt7 uur geleden
  • 👍🏾

    Derek RobinsonDerek Robinson9 uur geleden
  • You’re The Goat 🐐

    Diamond NastyDiamond Nasty10 uur geleden
  • I missed you man

    Diamond NastyDiamond Nasty10 uur geleden
  • I love ❤️💕💗 you Kodak Black

    Diamond NastyDiamond Nasty10 uur geleden
  • Man I missed you Kodak & I’ve been saying free you for the past 2 years ever since Lamar Jackson your cousin was basically in the league.

    Diamond NastyDiamond Nasty10 uur geleden
  • Remix with Bobby Shmurda 🚀

    Jj Miller242Jj Miller24212 uur geleden
  • i know trump listen to this and think wow!!

    IGrinds -YtIGrinds -Yt13 uur geleden
  • Where are the momas' boys at 🙋🏾‍♂️😂

    Wet WataWet Wata13 uur geleden
  • Translation: “They could’ve killed me too but I’ll be damned if I stay imprisoned.”

    Louse LouisLouse Louis14 uur geleden
  • That ending hit just right.

    MrE RoseMrE Rose14 uur geleden
  • Thank you for staying real.

    Foodie LooneyFoodie Looney16 uur geleden
  • They ain’t even wait for you to go to prison they left in the county 💥💯🖕🏼

    Joe LaurreanoJoe Laurreano17 uur geleden
  • 0:15

    Mitsuko XMitsuko X18 uur geleden
  • Trump a god for this one. I forgive him for like everything on god. Bro say that wasn’t some real shit... him and Wayne. Bro that’s real shit say it ain’t. I ain’t a trump fan but fuck man fuck politics. He did that shit as a bucket list anyways, u all don’t even understand what level that is lol can’t even Fathom that shit

    Braxton TealBraxton Teal20 uur geleden
  • How could you dislike this fuckem... if you anit with me I don’t wanna see you happy ❌🧢🗣

    Dequane FuriousDequane Furious20 uur geleden
  • 1:03 hardest part. If you know u know

    Knockout856Knockout85622 uur geleden
  • the way this man expresses himself ..

    matthew wraymatthew wrayDag geleden
  • I told my brother bull I love you like a daddy

    MIA MiaMIA MiaDag geleden
  • Ngl i fuck with kodak now if u actually listen to it he's talking bout real shit

    Stephan ThompsonStephan ThompsonDag geleden
  • I b runnin whi tha Zs like im Piccolo SG.26💤

    Luh HaitiLuh HaitiDag geleden
  • Tha piccolo bar is 🔥

    Lilpeep 777Lilpeep 777Dag geleden
  • "I want sushi and some coochie no more lunch trays" Yak spitting 🔥

    Tizzop OlanrewajuTizzop OlanrewajuDag geleden
  • They just blick us we made it

    Moundlife CashMoundlife CashDag geleden
  • Quoat

    Danielle BoltonDanielle BoltonDag geleden
  • This 🐕 water sike this good

    Danielle BoltonDanielle BoltonDag geleden
  • LETS GO!!! 🔥

    April RamirezApril RamirezDag geleden
  • Damn.. I wonder when and how he figured out when juice died...

    Colton ReynoldsColton ReynoldsDag geleden
  • Whose here after the live

  • Les go

    Power TadiPower TadiDag geleden
  • who still bumping to this 🔥🔥🔥

    Kelvoo 1Kelvoo 1Dag geleden
  • Platinum to come in no time

    KoheKoheDag geleden
  • You disliked the for why? cause you mad he doin better than you? This bih fye no cap😤😤

    isaiah franklinisaiah franklinDag geleden
  • was rly into his 2017 stuff codeine dreamin transportin were some of my favourites and now seeing him release this is actually inspirational

    Gaga KhundzakishviliGaga KhundzakishviliDag geleden
  • Funny how the person you hate the most freed your favorite rapper Trump the goat

    Jón Axel 1995Jón Axel 19952 dagen geleden
  • Anyone else think he cloned ?

    NakaOnYoutubeNakaOnYoutube2 dagen geleden
  • Um glade my dawg home and i hope he stay out too tho🗣💤 #ZoeShitNoHoeShit💪🏾#SniperGang💯

    Ray JonesRay Jones2 dagen geleden
  • Welcome back Kodak

    Daniel CumesDaniel Cumes2 dagen geleden
  • Good song bro

    Oak mersOak mers2 dagen geleden

    Matthew UnderwoodMatthew Underwood2 dagen geleden
  • tone krazem mpa pe prizon zoe shit yessir 💬

    AMV ALLYAMV ALLY2 dagen geleden
  • Came here from the quarantine freestyle 18 minute video

    Kaleb BerendKaleb Berend2 dagen geleden
  • Did this channel get deleted?

    头骨SKULL头骨SKULL2 dagen geleden
  • Dam kodak you promoting vaccine 😤

    Muke DadMuke Dad2 dagen geleden
  • Ain't no clone he jus changed

    Regent OGRegent OG2 dagen geleden
  • who here cause this song stuck in your head

  • ♥️✌️

    J3FFR0B1 JRJ3FFR0B1 JR3 dagen geleden
  • Aye big kodak

    JAY 2ActiveJAY 2Active3 dagen geleden
  • Kodak Is the FEKKEN Goal the realest there ever was humie. ...... and i don’t wanna a hear shit about it

    RickkRickk3 dagen geleden
  • had to stop showing ppl were my momma stayed at

    Jaay BlanchardJaay Blanchard3 dagen geleden
  • I always kept it real even when no ones lookin💯

    Casino GuapoCasino Guapo3 dagen geleden
  • Kodak x Bobby shmurda🤬

    Ben PhillipsBen Phillips3 dagen geleden
  • 🙏Always Prosper brotha🙏

    Tech NineTech Nine3 dagen geleden
  • Glad he’s out. Hope he stays on the right path and makes great advantage of this second chance. He can do amazing things if he wants

    Datboi MikeDatboi Mike3 dagen geleden

    Kezzy BantonKezzy Banton3 dagen geleden
  • “Trump just free me but my favorite president is on the money” it wasn’t Trump that freed you, It was God but Welcome home Yak 💯

    Dez ScottDez Scott4 dagen geleden
    • "aint worried about donald trump aint worried seeing no monuments" now tell me now he says that then trumps the one that freed him like bruhhh doesnt make sense

      Lil FlareeeLil Flareee10 uur geleden
    • Next to be pardoned are Tayk & melly bigg brah

      J O N N Y 4TGJ O N N Y 4TGDag geleden
    • Funny how the person most hate freed theyr favorite rapper

      Jón Axel 1995Jón Axel 19952 dagen geleden
  • Running wit the z’s like I’m piccolo

    Joshua RodriguezJoshua Rodriguez4 dagen geleden
  • when we gonna get a kodak ft ghostemane song and Kodak ft caskey

    shakedown street boogieshakedown street boogie4 dagen geleden
  • I miss you too! Your music is so good! Stay out of trouble you're the best Robin!

    Robin FoxRobin Fox4 dagen geleden
  • I miss you too! Your music is so good! Stay out of trouble you're the best Robin!

    Robin FoxRobin Fox4 dagen geleden
  • nlworld.info/key/video/rbGcYtu2sYx4qpo

    920 Entertainment920 Entertainment4 dagen geleden
  • No Autotune Ppl🌟

    M & MM & M4 dagen geleden
  • Welcome home 🏠

    GODLY. ZAYAGODLY. ZAYA4 dagen geleden
  • he bouta go right back to jail oiut then back

    boblehead_ Jaquilboblehead_ Jaquil4 dagen geleden
  • He went from first day out to last day in you gotta give it to the man

    Mr HTXMr HTX4 dagen geleden
  • 2021 anybody??

    Henry CordeiroHenry Cordeiro4 dagen geleden
  • Yasss 🥰

    Nae MomNae Mom5 dagen geleden
  • Cant lie repeat button broke off during this historical music accomplishment

    Barron DavisBarron Davis5 dagen geleden
  • Add me on the gram @BigCoz_1v1 to get Kodak follow!!!!

    Mair marr TVMair marr TV5 dagen geleden
  • Its already been a month??

    Just Another YoutuberJust Another Youtuber5 dagen geleden
  • Kodak fell off

    Florida BassinFlorida Bassin5 dagen geleden
  • Kodak baaaaack lol

    Ze do peixeZe do peixe5 dagen geleden
  • FIRE

    Prod. LeGacyProd. LeGacy5 dagen geleden
  • I feel this song deep

    MP CUSTOMSMP CUSTOMS5 dagen geleden

    Carl RCarl R5 dagen geleden
  • Atyyy

    PTFSROBLOX_greenvillezxPTFSROBLOX_greenvillezx5 dagen geleden
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    James PinsonJames Pinson5 dagen geleden
  • If u ain’t wit me i don’t wanna see u happy 🥰🔥

    Trey OwensTrey Owens5 dagen geleden
  • The only dislikes are from young boy stans

    Travis KayeTravis Kaye5 dagen geleden
  • My Jew brother children of Israel I believe your tribe of Benjamin 🙌

    Mystical MannyMystical Manny5 dagen geleden
  • Not even a Kodak fan like that but you can tell he put pain in this song 🎵 💯🔥

    Lorenzo TiradoLorenzo Tirado6 dagen geleden
  • 🔥🔥

    Yung MonnYung Monn6 dagen geleden
  • *Welcome back king👑 ❤️*

    090NJ090NJ6 dagen geleden
  • @hwlc everything in the New Age is Demonic !?

    Rapmythology RoR*Rapmythology RoR*6 dagen geleden
  • Koras raw asf ain’t yo many fw my boi 🔥🔥😈 subscribe to my channel yo I got heat

    Official Guap3xOfficial Guap3x6 dagen geleden
  • Kodak Black, Jackboy ,And Kevin Gates the hardest out

    RichRich6 dagen geleden
  • Right

    PTFSROBLOX_greenvillezxPTFSROBLOX_greenvillezx6 dagen geleden
  • Time is Kodak black was up my nigga

    Dorvil NelsonDorvil Nelson6 dagen geleden
  • Last day in challenge for all rappers

    Sheek_NolackingSheek_Nolacking6 dagen geleden
  • Mc magick

    Eric MccloudEric Mccloud6 dagen geleden
  • 1:19

    Jacob MichaelJacob Michael7 dagen geleden

    Alex BlakeAlex Blake7 dagen geleden
  • nlworld.info/key/video/y5qap8ampniFkK4

    LOVE CHOPPALOVE CHOPPA7 dagen geleden
  • I be running with the Z’s like I’m piccolo

    eric robinsoneric robinson7 dagen geleden