King Von (feat. Polo G) - The Code (Official Video)- REACTION w/ King Von & Polo G

30 okt. 2020
3 823 998 Weergaven

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This is our reaction to King Von (feat. Polo G) - The Code Official Video
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  • BOW !!!

    ZIAS!ZIAS!2 maanden geleden
    • Hello

      panos fragospanos fragos7 dagen geleden
    • Helllooo

      Mante 105xMante 105x8 dagen geleden
    • Longlivekingvon

      jumpman_1k_joseph Smithjumpman_1k_joseph Smith8 dagen geleden
    • Hello!

      Andre Cuncev OFFICIALAndre Cuncev OFFICIAL11 dagen geleden
    • Hello

      Lil VLil V14 dagen geleden
  • If my old ass wasn’t gone bald I’d be bringing the braids back too! 😤😛

    Aaron ParsonsAaron ParsonsUur geleden
  • RIP Von

    Aaron ParsonsAaron ParsonsUur geleden
  • Rip king von 👑🕊🕊

    Yes NoYes No5 uur geleden
  • More time von wasn’t inhaling the smoke and ruined the video thinking he’s a bad ute

    Gilb WilldoitGilb Willdoit15 uur geleden
    • He’s killed 7 people wdym thinking he’s Bad

      MR2OJMR2OJ5 uur geleden
  • To all the comments saying zias seemed different the nigga probably sober

    Yxng MalachiYxng Malachi19 uur geleden
  • these dudes GOTTA collab with flight

    CurrentZxCurrentZxDag geleden
  • King von and polo g look high asf but rip king von

    Samia MinnickSamia MinnickDag geleden
  • Damn at 2:06 Polo G was like oh shit he RAPPIN? LMAO

    VenthanHPVenthanHPDag geleden
  • dread headed killas like cyrax

    Student Chance RubinStudent Chance Rubin2 dagen geleden
  • MVP Respect Award goes to Polo G for muting his phone for this video at 2:05 😤👍🏼 And of course a 👑 for the late King Von ✊🏼

    Frankie GuerreroFrankie Guerrero2 dagen geleden
  • i love this video ! and notice how there all black and got natural dreads at the same time in one video , btw im a nigga too soo dont come for me :) ,,, rip Von fly high buddy i love youu !! #RIPVON .

    amillion heckleramillion heckler2 dagen geleden
  • lol this nigga cheesing mad hard see nun but teeth 😂😂😂😂😂

    Ebony EvansEbony Evans2 dagen geleden
  • It’s kinda wired how he was with juice a month before he died and he was with king Von a month before he died too

    Mobile gamesMobile games2 dagen geleden
    • Von died like a week later

      Big IngTVBig IngTV17 uur geleden
  • Yo polo g got adhd fr fr😂

    Y-O-K-IY-O-K-I2 dagen geleden
  • .

    MoeMoe2 dagen geleden
  • So crazy and sad to think von was only killed a week after that. Rip Von.

    NateNate2 dagen geleden
  • Advertising safety when Von in the room

  • why zias look like a skater and a surfer at the same time

    jaizukage h3art Kokoro no kagejaizukage h3art Kokoro no kage3 dagen geleden
  • Blou is pichu polo pikachu zias rhichu and von ash

    big tommybig tommy4 dagen geleden
  • polo got 2 phones

    the name is adorethe name is adore4 dagen geleden
  • That b Lou fool thought they were laughing with him, but they really laughing at him 😂😭😭

    LeyBaeLeyBae4 dagen geleden
    • @Marceles Simmons that’s cool, still doesn’t change the fact that they were laughing at him. Lowkey

      LeyBaeLeyBaeDag geleden
    • @Migue Wörd because I pointed out the obvious? 😂🤣

      LeyBaeLeyBaeDag geleden
    • i mess wit b lou fr cuz he stay real and don’t try to change himself for nobody

      Marceles SimmonsMarceles SimmonsDag geleden
    • And you wonder why you sit alone at lunch

      Migue WördMigue Wörd3 dagen geleden
  • 🙏🏼🕊️

    que esta viendo? malparid0?que esta viendo? malparid0?4 dagen geleden
  • When zias asked polo if he was from 63rd I instantly looked at von

    London JenningsLondon Jennings4 dagen geleden
  • They was clowning this fool so bad

    Justyce DearingJustyce Dearing4 dagen geleden
  • RIP von

    The RaveThe Rave4 dagen geleden
  • Rip von 🪦 🕊

    Arwin HaddockArwin Haddock5 dagen geleden
  • Sorry but can someone tell me who blue is (Skinny dude or big dude) Please comment

    Phenomenal KCPhenomenal KC5 dagen geleden
    • @MakrickDMT Thank you

      Phenomenal KCPhenomenal KC4 dagen geleden
    • Skinny

      MakrickDMTMakrickDMT4 dagen geleden
  • why this zias tryuna sooo hard lmaooo

    Polodown drewPolodown drew5 dagen geleden
  • One week before Von passed😞

    Reverse VictorReverse Victor5 dagen geleden
  • This video hit different now

    JakobeJakobe5 dagen geleden
  • Jus realized bro died the same week this was shot

    Jaedon SiskJaedon Sisk5 dagen geleden
  • 3:53 Von a real one for letting folks in da video

    Supreme KingSupreme King6 dagen geleden
  • I am so uncomfortable

    Syn_LunarツSyn_Lunarツ6 dagen geleden
  • Woah actually got them in the vid🥳🤯

    LilNbaKing L N KLilNbaKing L N K6 dagen geleden

    Malachi ColonMalachi Colon6 dagen geleden
  • 8:57 2pac

    Alfred BordenAlfred Borden6 dagen geleden
  • if you peep von laughed when polo said "you know how we rockin" in the freestyle bc they song how we rock

    ImukanashiiImukanashii6 dagen geleden
  • R.I.p von

    __ HALLOWS__ HALLOWS6 dagen geleden
  • Dang u know everyone like juice wrld reactions cole Bennit u do this with everyone

    HEHE MEMESHEHE MEMES6 dagen geleden
  • how do u know them for a normal youtuber also u did a vid with juice wrld and juice wrld did a song with nba youngboy and king von hate nba young boy so u aint cool lmao

    dev_12_12dev_12_126 dagen geleden
  • Damn zias needa stop doing collabs and i think you know why

    shut up nickshut up nick6 dagen geleden
  • Rip von

    Chris RobertsChris Roberts6 dagen geleden
  • Rip king von

    xcxpxcxp6 dagen geleden
  • Rest in paradise Von🤍🕊

    NeNe IsraelNeNe Israel7 dagen geleden
  • damnn RIP VON 💔💔💔

    Lil MOHAMMEDLil MOHAMMED7 dagen geleden

    Mealinking 13Mealinking 137 dagen geleden
  • Don’t like how they are ignoring B Lou, Von energy weird throughout this vid

    SilverxdiamondSilverxdiamond7 dagen geleden

    Dat Boi NatezDat Boi Natez7 dagen geleden
  • This was released 6 days before king von died that’s crazy 😭😭

    Srxlestz_Srxlestz_7 dagen geleden
  • Rip von

    Juicewrld_999_forever2Juicewrld_999_forever27 dagen geleden
  • What was this... couple days before Von got shot

    HoopsNathanHoopsNathan7 dagen geleden
  • 8:01 look at polo g leg he got so scare

    RiovsFNRiovsFN7 dagen geleden
  • Von said he from 63rd

    Leilani Rivera sadLeilani Rivera sad7 dagen geleden
  • Damb why don't you nigga Make music

    theshonaboi with_some_power.theshonaboi with_some_power.7 dagen geleden

    Young RobberYoung Robber7 dagen geleden
  • Herbo Swervo should be in Top 3 Of Chicago Artist !?

    Brandell BradshawBrandell Bradshaw7 dagen geleden
  • This was hard to watching shit awkward asf 😭

    Sophia SampleSophia Sample8 dagen geleden
  • Zias was BAKED

    BronxFan2BronxFan28 dagen geleden
  • Zias gay

    Ray BrownRay Brown8 dagen geleden
  • Who else trying SO hard trying to understand what vons saying when zias said, "what is you doin with that" HAHAHAHAHA

    ExplaiinExplaiin8 dagen geleden
    • @Destiny i think polo said, "This is a movie fool" Oh wow! Great ears bro. Von did say that

      ExplaiinExplaiin7 dagen geleden
    • @Explaiin i think he said paid her money, shook her hand, and gave her a picture cuz they don't be on that

      DestinyDestiny7 dagen geleden
    • @50 Shades of Crayy do you know what Polo said at the 7:58 mark?? I cant hear lol he spoke so low

      DestinyDestiny7 dagen geleden
    • @50 Shades of Crayy yeah i heard that but right after that part is so hard to understand

      ExplaiinExplaiin7 dagen geleden
    • He says something like nothing, I’m just doing my job

      50 Shades of Crayy50 Shades of Crayy7 dagen geleden
  • man rip von shi sad asf

    N3ll0N3ll08 dagen geleden
  • King von got the longest dreads in there

    Jarrell MadisonJarrell Madison8 dagen geleden
    • And the sky is blue

      SimplyJay0SimplyJay05 dagen geleden
  • 4:43 till 4:52 wtf King Von even say? 🤣🤣 nigga spoke in reverse

    MB TVMB TV8 dagen geleden
  • Wats the beats they using

    410_ybt_tyonn410_ybt_tyonn8 dagen geleden
  • Being on zias channel = death

    Cdeez XDCdeez XD8 dagen geleden
  • why does every black person have all the same hairstyles

    Paul TarltonPaul Tarlton8 dagen geleden
    • 4 black people = all now?? U literally have the most basic whiteboy haircut so I'd stfu 💀

      JΛMΛJΛMΛ7 dagen geleden
  • Holy shot LlKV LlVR

    SwervyZaxify ;-;SwervyZaxify ;-;8 dagen geleden
  • This the dude that got popular after he died

    Alan BenignoAlan Benigno8 dagen geleden
    • you mean fake ones who ain't care till he died

      JΛMΛJΛMΛ7 dagen geleden
    • Fax same to pop smoke and nipsey hustle its all the hater that now wanna listen to their songs

      RiovsFNRiovsFN7 dagen geleden
  • respect to zias for checking von when von was lowkey clowning blou. Starts at 7:04 and zias checks him at 7:11

    oranoran8 dagen geleden
    • i mean Von was clownin Blou but Zias just wanted to know if he piped the shawty i think

      Hellacioushadzi 69Hellacioushadzi 694 dagen geleden
    • @Jasyia smith u might be right but idk

      oranoran5 dagen geleden
    • No he won't he was asking bout the girl in the vid

      Jasyia smithJasyia smith5 dagen geleden
    • @Kenia XXX nah bro even von said at the end “it don’t b on nun” referring to him clowning blou and at the start he said “chill”

      oranoran6 dagen geleden
    • Zias didnt check him he said what was you doin with that meaning what was he doin with the girl in the video that pops up 6:55

      Kenia XXXKenia XXX6 dagen geleden
  • Weird how von wouldn’t look at blou

    SUPERDUDE!!! LuevanoSUPERDUDE!!! Luevano8 dagen geleden
  • Everybody got dreds 😭

    ZhariaBear :-)ZhariaBear :-)8 dagen geleden
  • 7:09 Polo stopped smiling so fast it looked like when the teacher catch you laughing 😂

    SqeemSqeem8 dagen geleden
    • LMAOO W 😂😂

      SimplyJay0SimplyJay05 dagen geleden
  • I keep coming to watch this video cuz it’s just such a vibe 😔

    Andrea AnsereAndrea Ansere8 dagen geleden
  • Von low key look tired and polo look cautious

    TMS_ Rattlers61TMS_ Rattlers618 dagen geleden
  • How was zais acting different Polo and von not used to NLworld entertainment stuff They take it more serious

    SouKeySouKey9 dagen geleden
  • rip von

    AdamAdam9 dagen geleden
  • 5:39 polo looks like a nerd whacking he's teacher learning math

    LeoBruvLeoBruv9 dagen geleden
  • RIP von man to tragic. 😔😔😔

    Dat nigga justinDat nigga justin9 dagen geleden
  • “Is you from 63RD” that nigga was tryna die😂😂

    yktravisyktravis9 dagen geleden
  • dang man. rip von you lucky to meet both of them tho

    E3Tree RaiderE3Tree Raider9 dagen geleden
  • Rip🙏🏾🙏🏾

    ÚŃØAVIONÚŃØAVION9 dagen geleden
  • Rip king von 🙏🏾

    Tyrique HenryTyrique Henry9 dagen geleden
  • No racism intended but my first time seeing black people be awkward with each other.

    Bad As GBad As G9 dagen geleden
  • Von not even smoking

    Danielinks LinksDanielinks Links9 dagen geleden
  • Bruh it’s the ZIAS CURSE. Everyone on his show dies. First juice now von

    John GrealyJohn Grealy9 dagen geleden
  • R.I.P von 💔💔🕊🕊

    Sahib GillSahib Gill10 dagen geleden
  • They wasn’t fucking with fbg duck on the right

    On BdOn Bd10 dagen geleden
  • rip von man

    Slattman TymSlattman Tym10 dagen geleden

    Juice WRLD 9 9 9Juice WRLD 9 9 910 dagen geleden
  • I wanted to hear what polo g had to spit on 0:59

    Xevenways •Xevenways •10 dagen geleden
  • It’s sucks that this was close to his death these were his last days on earth

    • Faxs I remember watching this when first came out shit crazy

      Eazy-EEazy-E9 dagen geleden
  • Polo g king of rap 💯💥💥

    EtxzionEtxzion10 dagen geleden
  • rip von man

    packpack10 dagen geleden
  • Rip king von

    Elvis PrempehElvis Prempeh10 dagen geleden
  • Bruh wtf is sad seeing some of these dudes dead

    CrimZon RayZCrimZon RayZ10 dagen geleden
  • I hate when the post a vid with a rapper and then they die shortly after

    Black TitanBlack Titan10 dagen geleden
  • My dawg 👑 KING VON was a Salvage

    Quincy DentmondQuincy Dentmond10 dagen geleden
  • 6 days after this vids realease he died man rip king von just like popsmoke he couldnt get to show the world more of his talent

    FT SLTNFT SLTN10 dagen geleden
  • These dudes friends wit every rapper

    ziareziare10 dagen geleden