Kanye West - Runaway (Extended Video Version) ft. Pusha T

22 okt. 2010
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Music video by Kanye West performing Runaway. (C) 2010 Roc-A-Fella Records, LLC


  • Kanye be on sum higher level shit

    Tyson MakaveliTyson Makaveli6 uur geleden
  • Dam I love this song!!

    kanye gangkanye gang13 uur geleden
  • Kanye. Your. Mind. Is. A. Masterpiece of. Beautiful art. Love. This. Video. And. Song 😘 tastefully gracefully done😉😉😉😘

    Love YourselfLove YourselfDag geleden
  • Wonder what would happen if kanye just walked towards piano, played just one note and went off and the song ends😂😂

    doc Mo-gundoc Mo-gunDag geleden
  • This song and “Clover Cage - Lost Then Found” are the two songs keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better. We are in this together..I love you..

    Wiz KhalifaWiz Khalifa2 dagen geleden
  • I spent a majority of my youth pretending to be someone I wasn’t. I wanted so desperately to be cool, to be noticed, to be liked..I didn’t like who was staring back at me in the MIRROR. I LIED to sound interesting, I LIED to appear funny, I LIED to get anyone to notice me. I wanted GIRLS to notice me...I was constantly chasing that relationship with ANYONE.. Since 2nd grade, constantly seeking the opposite sex. In 6th grade, I began to think about sex..alot I began to “self satisfy” any chance I got. Looking back at the habits I developed in that mindset...it makes me hang my head in shame. My Grandparents divorced, my parents divorced..it only made sense I was seeking that “intimacy”...any intimacy would do the job.. Habits I developed in my youth, overflowed and poured over into my Adulthood..almost cost me my marriage, my relationship with my children..it almost cost me my LIFE.. 🩸🩸🩸🕊🕊🕊 I don’t write this, in search of pity.. I don’t share this, to tell you a story.. YOU ARE READING THIS RIGHT HERE AND NOW IN THIS MOMENT, because YOU made a choice, to watch this video and scroll through the comments, like you have always done. But this time is different, because THIS is the moment someone brought you the good word 🙏🏽 That there is a God that sits on high, and he is waiting for you. He is waiting for you to lift up the past you’ve let drive your present, up to him! He is waiting for you to pull away from the habitual sin you have been living in! He is waiting for you to shout his name in praise on your darkest nights! He is waiting for you to stop asking the questions that don’t matter, and dig into his word! Waiting for you to take hold of the fact he sent his son to die the death that YOU AND I DESERVE!! Waiting for you to dig into his word for your redemption! The redemption that awaits the vessel developed in love, the vessel with the royal blood of heaven flowing through its veins! This is for you!! The one who couldn’t stare in the mirror, the one who died!! This is for the one that HAS NO OTHER PLACE TO GO..BECAUSE THE LORD OUR GOD FOLLOWS US INTO THE DEEPEST PLACES, THE DARKEST PLACES, JUST TO TELL US HOW MUCH HE LOVES US, AND HAS PLANS TO PROSPER YOU AND TO NEVER HURT YOU!! LOOK INTO THE MIRROR!! LOOK DEEP INTO YOUR OWN EYES!! PREACH TO YOURSELF!! TALK TO YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER AND ACCESS THE PATH THAT LEADS TO HIS GLORY, TO HIS WILL!! Look into the mirror, acknowledging that you have FOUND GOD, and begin your WALK WITH GOD..by developing a relationship with his son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ 🕊🕊🕊 LOOK INTO THE MIRROR... And start the habit of seeing YOURSELF, the way GOD SEES YOU.. Created in his image, beautifully made, for MEANING AND PURPOSE 🕊🕊🕊🩸🩸🩸 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽Glory be to God!!🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 If you have read this far, God bless you, if you have a few minutes listen to my NEW song “Mirror Image” on my page. Shut down everything else and join me as I share many of the thoughts that I had with MYSELF, while looking into the mirror.. Join me as I talk to the man staring back at me, my MIRROR IMAGE 🕊🩸🙏🏽 nlworld.info/key/video/yah3l82Uo2yKmXg 🌎

    Paul BotelloPaul Botello2 dagen geleden
    • Me, too.

      HUMBLEHUMBLE2 dagen geleden
  • This song is still so dope.

    Alyssa CazaresAlyssa Cazares2 dagen geleden
  • Art is what you make it

    Sean RhymerSean Rhymer3 dagen geleden
  • going kanye krazy

    Sami AceSami Ace3 dagen geleden
  • In the beginning, everything is in sync but, the crazier he gets the crazier the dancers get they start falling out of sync. This man Kanye and the directors/cinematographers well done.

    SPECS ARENASPECS ARENA3 dagen geleden
  • Still a great music video. One of the greats.

    Lynne ParksLynne Parks4 dagen geleden
  • art

    수현수현4 dagen geleden
  • To those of you who say "love the music, hate the artist" - he knows that about you & counts on it, see you listening and waiting for his next album. 😝

    Carney SheaCarney Shea4 dagen geleden
  • Is 2021 and i love bro Kanye!

    Nicolas TeslaNicolas Tesla4 dagen geleden
  • I get super emotional listening to this song. Like goosebump status.

    Naomi WylieNaomi Wylie5 dagen geleden
  • I super relate from Kanye's perspective.

    Witten FriedlandWitten Friedland5 dagen geleden
  • Bruh what the hell happened to kanye

    Kai SmithleyKai Smithley5 dagen geleden
  • Honestly very real. On this

    Carol SilverCarol Silver5 dagen geleden
  • The best

    jadesh raghunathjadesh raghunath5 dagen geleden
  • How come this video doesn't have at least a hundred million views??

    Makelle MothapoMakelle Mothapo6 dagen geleden
  • nlworld.info/key/video/lI2rhtWVhq2GiXw

    Garrett JohnsonGarrett Johnson6 dagen geleden
    • nlworld.info/key/video/sYmfnZ2bbZiTnXg

      Garrett JohnsonGarrett JohnsonDag geleden
  • \( ̄︶ ̄*\))⨓🚓⨏

    Frederic ReidFrederic Reid6 dagen geleden
  • 🎐🎫🚘🚔🏍🚖

    Frederic ReidFrederic Reid6 dagen geleden
  • 💤💥🛵🏍🛴🚇🚟🥽

    Frederic ReidFrederic Reid6 dagen geleden
  • \( ̄︶ ̄*\))⨅💝🤍☮🕳

    Frederic ReidFrederic Reid6 dagen geleden
  • we should all admit, that the performance of the dancers in the video is masterclass! ... every single movement from all of them

    Carlos HernandezCarlos Hernandez7 dagen geleden
    • Yes! He seeks perfection and he has got it in this video. Have u watch all the other parts?

      Rebeca Pozo ValverdeRebeca Pozo Valverde7 dagen geleden
  • I'm ready west 1126

    Terrie FieldsTerrie Fields7 dagen geleden
  • Kanye is my professor and his songs my degrees! Couldn't thank you more! 🙏 So I guess I'm constantly studying and I will till the last day! CONGRATS! #since2016

  • “I was never much of a romantic, I could never take the intimacy, and I know it did damage, cause the look in your eyes is killing me” WOW!

    Waltraud BuchowskiWaltraud Buchowski7 dagen geleden
  • So melanoma skin cancer is considered to be the peak of all women beauty 🤣🤣🤣black melanated goddesses stop worshipping the yaldabaoth of the cave dwellers!!!!!!

    Sexxyval DenisSexxyval Denis8 dagen geleden
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    Kevin ZarateKevin Zarate8 dagen geleden
  • ╰(*°▽°*)╯₀🤴🏻⁰₀

    Frederic ReidFrederic Reid8 dagen geleden
  • 👨🏻👨🏻‍🦰🤴🏻

    Frederic ReidFrederic Reid8 dagen geleden
  • Ben hep buradayım rakun...

    Final FightFinal Fight9 dagen geleden
  • Naughty beautiful

    Victor ChattertonVictor Chatterton9 dagen geleden
  • Yall better leave my 'Ye alone. #geminiNation

    Annette on GmailAnnette on Gmail9 dagen geleden
  • I know a guy he claims he's Pusha It's not cool to be not able to not be Ur own e individuall

    Santoshi Devi SharmaSantoshi Devi Sharma9 dagen geleden
  • 🙅

    Ikonoh AkarbeeIkonoh Akarbee10 dagen geleden
  • best yeezy song.ever.

    Roslyn O'KellyRoslyn O'Kelly10 dagen geleden
    • diand>

      earl sweatpantsearl sweatpants10 dagen geleden
  • Any one give me her name in 7:24

    kanicho jonaskanicho jonas10 dagen geleden

    Darewisse Radam ZDarewisse Radam Z10 dagen geleden
  • Who is here after Kim divorcing Kanye West and everyone hatin’ Kanye cuz of his bi-polar situations!

    Mungi MichaelMungi Michael11 dagen geleden
    • I think they are angry and hurt by his choices to support DJT in the past and his comments on slavery to name a few. This has nothing to do with mental illness. Can't hide behind it.

      wendy isaacsonwendy isaacson18 uur geleden
    • yep, not even his fault

      Kai SmithleyKai Smithley5 dagen geleden
    • @Albert Francis Simons he'll be fine he's done well so far, I wish I could give him a hug and tell him it's all gonna be okay though because that can really change a person's life at times

      Kai SmithleyKai Smithley5 dagen geleden
    • Love kanye

      Linda GomezLinda Gomez8 dagen geleden
    • track makes so much more sense " RUNAWAY FROM ME BABY RUNAWAY" i hope he doesn't die from it

      Albert Francis SimonsAlbert Francis Simons8 dagen geleden
  • My shit 2021

    Martin MosesMartin Moses11 dagen geleden
  • Editor: Instagram filter it is.

    AlGhulAlGhul11 dagen geleden
  • The exposition with the ballet dancers is a very artistic element...good choice of imagery Mr. West......

    Carl SanchiousCarl Sanchious12 dagen geleden
  • This was good enough that I googled the lyric from a cover. Then I got here. And Kanye is just being Kanye. And it is t good. He doe not make good music. He’s an insufferable asshole. But he’s alsonsuper human and honest. And I don’t mean superhuman as in Marver. I mean he’s just a sad fucking man that doesn’t know whatbthe fuck is going on. And he happened at the right time. I don’t like anything he has ever done on any artistic level, but I respect it all. He’s just a brooen dude than bounced down the rocks in an aesthetically pleasing way to the rest of us. I feel bad for the dude.

    ShaneShane12 dagen geleden
  • Most appropriate today!

    Leslie TaylorLeslie Taylor12 dagen geleden
  • Here after finding out kim has filled a divorce against Kanye. Pray for Ye

    Garcias RecordsGarcias Records12 dagen geleden
  • I am so glad that this got more dislikes than likes XD F$% u Kanye Cordially, from a Swiftie

    Androu BoutchAndrou Boutch12 dagen geleden
    • since when did this have more dislikes than likes, and stay mad, kanye is easily better

      earl sweatpantsearl sweatpants10 dagen geleden
    • literally this song is better than anything taylor swift has done since, ever.

      Diaz Olea Axel JosueDiaz Olea Axel Josue12 dagen geleden
  • You have to go to depths and layers of your soul to bring this out....kanye goes so deep within where most of us don't dare to venture and that's why we call him crazy..... But its that chaos and serenity trying to balance within him that births all this good genius masterpieces. Happens to all greats.....Leonardo da Vinci, Beethoven, Maya, name them.......I love Kanye to the core. Yes he needs a filter on him sometime but I'm embracing of those moments too because as a HSP I can imagine the incomplete thoughts that find themselves to the surface. Most amazing thing I heard from his interview is him admitting that he is a work in progress and he is willing to learn. We are blessed to have this genius in our day and age.

    Lisa M. KietiLisa M. Kieti12 dagen geleden
  • nlworld.info/key/video/rJ5mlNqykIaCZ4g

    LINTON KUSH S.P. blackicealmightyLINTON KUSH S.P. blackicealmighty12 dagen geleden
  • I know your not supposed to say it but I miss the old kanye

    Joe 33Joe 3313 dagen geleden
  • Fire

    Wander LustWander Lust13 dagen geleden
  • This song and “Clover Cage - Better in Time” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you..❤️

    Wiz KhalifaWiz Khalifa13 dagen geleden
  • that lil noise at 6:10 is weird huh...i wanted to point that out...anyone?

    Lapis LazuliLapis Lazuli13 dagen geleden
    • kanye's voice with a sintethizer.

      Diaz Olea Axel JosueDiaz Olea Axel Josue12 dagen geleden
    • i mean 6:20 kinda

      Lapis LazuliLapis Lazuli13 dagen geleden
  • When this first came out, I knew it was heat 🔥 when my mom hum/sang this when she didn't think anybody was around... she don't listen to hiphop/rap 🤣🤣

    Chris KringleChris Kringle14 dagen geleden
  • 4:40 This part of the song hits close to home. And ever since it first resonated with me, it can't go unnoticed. Beautifully written.

    Mer AjMer Aj14 dagen geleden
  • The standard of excellence set for this production is insane! Every moment of the video is scripted and executed flawlessly. The dancers are amazing. And other than when Kanye farts, (2:03) his performance is awesome. lol

    ScriptFlip Roblox GamingScriptFlip Roblox Gaming14 dagen geleden

    Mashudujak MashudujakMashudujak Mashudujak14 dagen geleden
  • You said it all here Kanye...respect..fuck Kim..she never got it...you should just made her listen to this song..

    Arthur TempestaArthur Tempesta14 dagen geleden
  • ¿shits a bad word how?

    Mariya Siddons ilarMariya Siddons ilar15 dagen geleden
  • Take off when okay,take off all that are

    Zaire HammondsZaire Hammonds15 dagen geleden
  • PreKardashian Kanye!!!

    lone Mphelalone Mphela15 dagen geleden
  • Beyonce very heavily inspired by Kanye.

    V WilliamsV Williams15 dagen geleden
  • Wtf ye at 6.66 mil views

    J JacobsJ Jacobs15 dagen geleden
  • j aime trop 👌🏾

    bengi fils aimébengi fils aimé15 dagen geleden
  • Ребята переходите очень крутая МУЗЫКА НА КАНАЛЕ Music_NCS

    Андрей ДулейкоАндрей Дулейко16 dagen geleden
  • Damn I miss YE!!! Pure greatness!!!

    Ed McQEd McQ16 dagen geleden
  • He needs to STOP rapping cuz he sounds so stupid when he raps.

    Tito OzunaTito Ozuna16 dagen geleden
    • LMAO and wtf do u listen to?

      earl sweatpantsearl sweatpants10 dagen geleden
    • Broke hater

      Decklin MurrayDecklin Murray12 dagen geleden
    • You need to STOP commenting because you look so STUPID when you comment!

      dawm12711dawm1271115 dagen geleden
  • If he really composed the music - then that's all he should do.

    Tito OzunaTito Ozuna16 dagen geleden
  • Te amo kanye, sos un kapo mi rey

    Dragg GCDragg GC16 dagen geleden
    • correcto, un capo ese mae, grande mi rey

      Dragg GCDragg GC16 dagen geleden
  • I love Kanye. I hope Kim and Kanye work it out. They seem fit well. Idk what the issues were but when i looked at them...i saw them as perfect together. Visually and personality wise. Idk. 💕

    Selena -Selena -16 dagen geleden
    • @dawm12711 😂 Again with the caps. You too man. You too. 💕

      Selena -Selena -15 dagen geleden
    • @Selena - Selena I'm NOT angry. Have a lovely day. Peace and love. Dwayne

      dawm12711dawm1271115 dagen geleden
    • @dawm12711 And you should take the advice you tried to give to me.

      Selena -Selena -15 dagen geleden
    • @dawm12711 You seem angry. Dont take it personally. My job is to argue so no matter what you say, I will always win. So its best you stop here. 💕

      Selena -Selena -15 dagen geleden
    • @Selena - I'm not being negative. Your first comment was from a OUTSIDE perspective. Unless you live with Kanye and Kim or any couple or family you have no inside perspective of the dynamics and issues of that relationship. Separating or divorcing is the REALITY of a relationship that cannot be reconciled or rescued any longer. There isn't anything wrong with being hopeful of repairing a break down marriage or relationship but REALITY not negativity determines the final outcome.

      dawm12711dawm1271115 dagen geleden
  • I like some of his music. Just not him especially the last 5 years. But this song. Chefs kisses. I am just hearing this for the 1st time this week. Wish I heard it sooner

    Kay SweetKay Sweet16 dagen geleden
    • listen to devil in a new dress

      earl sweatpantsearl sweatpants10 dagen geleden
  • h͖̙̦͎͕̝̱͎͍̜̀̒̈́̒᷀̒ͧ̒̾᷆̒͆̈́̒̒̀̔̒͟͢͞o̪̞͎᷂͔̤̩᷿͎̫̼̒̒̓̒ͨ̒̓̒͋̂̒̒͂᷄᷉̒͢͡͞͞ş̺̝͖̥͎͙͈̬̞͎̠̠᷂̺̉̒̒̒̒͛̒͌ͣ̒̒̒̄͟͠ͅt̒̕͏̷̶̴͎̝͙̻᷂̻̫͎̲ͨ̒̌̒̒̒̔̓̒͋̒̑̍͆̒͟h͖̙̦͎͕̝̱͎͍̜̀̒̈́̒᷀̒ͧ̒̾᷆̒͆̈́̒̒̀̔̒͟͢͞o̪̞͎᷂͔̤̩᷿͎̫̼̒̒̓̒ͨ̒̓̒͋̂̒̒͂᷄᷉̒͢͡͞͞ş̺̝͖̥͎͙͈̬̞͎̠̠᷂̺̉̒̒̒̒͛̒͌ͣ̒̒̒̄͟͠ͅt̒̕͏̷̶̴͎̝͙̻᷂̻̫͎̲ͨ̒̌̒̒̒̔̓̒͋̒̑̍͆̒͟h͖̙̦͎͕̝̱͎͍̜̀̒̈́̒᷀̒ͧ̒̾᷆̒͆̈́̒̒̀̔̒͟͢͞o̪̞͎᷂͔̤̩᷿͎̫̼̒̒̓̒ͨ̒̓̒͋̂̒̒͂᷄᷉̒͢͡͞͞ş̺̝͖̥͎͙͈̬̞͎̠̠᷂̺̉̒̒̒̒͛̒͌ͣ̒̒̒̄͟͠ͅt̒̕͏̷̶̴͎̝͙̻᷂̻̫͎̲ͨ̒̌̒̒̒̔̓̒͋̒̑̍͆̒͟h͖̙̦͎͕̝̱͎͍̜̀̒̈́̒᷀̒ͧ̒̾᷆̒͆̈́̒̒̀̔̒͟͢͞o̪̞͎᷂͔̤̩᷿͎̫̼̒̒̓̒ͨ̒̓̒͋̂̒̒͂᷄᷉̒͢͡͞͞ş̺̝͖̥͎͙͈̬̞͎̠̠᷂̺̉̒̒̒̒͛̒͌ͣ̒̒̒̄͟͠ͅt̒̕͏̷̶̴͎̝͙̻᷂̻̫͎̲ͨ̒̌̒̒̒̔̓̒͋̒̑̍͆̒͟h͖̙̦͎͕̝̱͎͍̜̀̒̈́̒᷀̒ͧ̒̾᷆̒͆̈́̒̒̀̔̒͟͢͞o̪̞͎᷂͔̤̩᷿͎̫̼̒̒̓̒ͨ̒̓̒͋̂̒̒͂᷄᷉̒͢͡͞͞ş̺̝͖̥͎͙͈̬̞͎̠̠᷂̺̉̒̒̒̒͛̒͌ͣ̒̒̒̄͟͠ͅt̒̕͏̷̶̴͎̝͙̻᷂̻̫͎̲ͨ̒̌̒̒̒̔̓̒͋̒̑̍͆̒͟h͖̙̦͎͕̝̱͎͍̜̀̒̈́̒᷀̒ͧ̒̾᷆̒͆̈́̒̒̀̔̒͟͢͞o̪̞͎᷂͔̤̩᷿͎̫̼̒̒̓̒ͨ̒̓̒͋̂̒̒͂᷄᷉̒͢͡͞͞ş̺̝͖̥͎͙͈̬̞͎̠̠᷂̺̉̒̒̒̒͛̒͌ͣ̒̒̒̄͟͠ͅt̒̕͏̷̶̴͎̝͙̻᷂̻̫͎̲ͨ̒̌̒̒̒̔̓̒͋̒̑̍͆̒͟h͖̙̦͎͕̝̱͎͍̜̀̒̈́̒᷀̒ͧ̒̾᷆̒͆̈́̒̒̀̔̒͟͢͞o̪̞͎᷂͔̤̩᷿͎̫̼̒̒̓̒ͨ̒̓̒͋̂̒̒͂᷄᷉̒͢͡͞͞ş̺̝͖̥͎͙͈̬̞͎̠̠᷂̺̉̒̒̒̒͛̒͌ͣ̒̒̒̄͟͠ͅt̒̕͏̷̶̴͎̝͙̻᷂̻̫͎̲ͨ̒̌̒̒̒̔̓̒͋̒̑̍͆̒͟h͖̙̦͎͕̝̱͎͍̜̀̒̈́̒᷀̒ͧ̒̾᷆̒͆̈́̒̒̀̔̒͟͢͞o̪̞͎᷂͔̤̩᷿͎̫̼̒̒̓̒ͨ̒̓̒͋̂̒̒͂᷄᷉̒͢͡͞͞ş̺̝͖̥͎͙͈̬̞͎̠̠᷂̺̉̒̒̒̒͛̒͌ͣ̒̒̒̄͟͠ͅt̒̕͏̷̶̴͎̝͙̻᷂̻̫͎̲ͨ̒̌̒̒̒̔̓̒͋̒̑̍͆̒͟h͖̙̦͎͕̝̱͎͍̜̀̒̈́̒᷀̒ͧ̒̾᷆̒͆̈́̒̒̀̔̒͟͢͞o̪̞͎᷂͔̤̩᷿͎̫̼̒̒̓̒ͨ̒̓̒͋̂̒̒͂᷄᷉̒͢͡͞͞ş̺̝͖̥͎͙͈̬̞͎̠̠᷂̺̉̒̒̒̒͛̒͌ͣ̒̒̒̄͟͠ͅt̒̕͏̷̶̴͎̝͙̻᷂̻̫͎̲ͨ̒̌̒̒̒̔̓̒͋̒̑̍͆̒͟h͖̙̦͎͕̝̱͎͍̜̀̒̈́̒᷀̒ͧ̒̾᷆̒͆̈́̒̒̀̔̒͟͢͞o̪̞͎᷂͔̤̩᷿͎̫̼̒̒̓̒ͨ̒̓̒͋̂̒̒͂᷄᷉̒͢͡͞͞ş̺̝͖̥͎͙͈̬̞͎̠̠᷂̺̉̒̒̒̒͛̒͌ͣ̒̒̒̄͟͠ͅt̒̕͏̷̶̴͎̝͙̻᷂̻̫͎̲ͨ̒̌̒̒̒̔̓̒͋̒̑̍͆̒͟h͖̙̦͎͕̝̱͎͍̜̀̒̈́̒᷀̒ͧ̒̾᷆̒͆̈́̒̒̀̔̒͟͢͞o̪̞͎᷂͔̤̩᷿͎̫̼̒̒̓̒ͨ̒̓̒͋̂̒̒͂᷄᷉̒͢͡͞͞ş̺̝͖̥͎͙͈̬̞͎̠̠᷂̺̉̒̒̒̒͛̒͌ͣ̒̒̒̄͟͠ͅt̒̕͏̷̶̴͎̝͙̻᷂̻̫͎ͨ̒̌̒̒̒̔̓̒͋̒̑̍͆̒͟ something wrongh͖̙̦͎͕̝̱͎͍̜̀̒̈́̒᷀̒ͧ̒̾᷆̒͆̈́̒̒̀̔̒͟͢͞o̪̞͎᷂͔̤̩᷿͎̫̼̒̒̓̒ͨ̒̓̒͋̂̒̒͂᷄᷉̒͢͡͞͞ş̺̝͖̥͎͙͈̬̞͎̠̠᷂̺̉̒̒̒̒͛̒͌ͣ̒̒̒̄͟͠ͅt̒̕͏̷̶̴͎̝͙̻᷂̻̫͎̲ͨ̒̌̒̒̒̔̓̒͋̒̑̍͆̒͟h͖̙̦͎͕̝̱͎͍̜̀̒̈́̒᷀̒ͧ̒̾᷆̒͆̈́̒̒̀̔̒͟͢͞o̪̞͎᷂͔̤̩᷿͎̫̼̒̒̓̒ͨ̒̓̒͋̂̒̒͂᷄᷉̒͢͡͞͞ş̺̝͖̥͎͙͈̬̞͎̠̠᷂̺̉̒̒̒̒͛̒͌ͣ̒̒̒̄͟͠ͅt̒̕͏̷̶̴͎̝͙̻᷂̻̫͎̲ͨ̒̌̒̒̒̔̓̒͋̒̑̍͆̒͟h͖̙̦͎͕̝̱͎͍̜̀̒̈́̒᷀̒ͧ̒̾᷆̒͆̈́̒̒̀̔̒͟͢͞o̪̞͎᷂͔̤̩᷿͎̫̼̒̒̓̒ͨ̒̓̒͋̂̒̒͂᷄᷉̒͢͡͞͞ş̺̝͖̥͎͙͈̬̞͎̠̠᷂̺̉̒̒̒̒͛̒͌ͣ̒̒̒̄͟͠ͅt̒̕͏̷̶̴͎̝͙̻᷂̻̫͎̲ͨ̒̌̒̒̒̔̓̒͋̒̑̍͆̒͟h͖̙̦͎͕̝̱͎͍̜̀̒̈́̒᷀̒ͧ̒̾᷆̒͆̈́̒̒̀̔̒͟͢͞o̪̞͎᷂͔̤̩᷿͎̫̼̒̒̓̒ͨ̒̓̒͋̂̒̒͂᷄᷉̒͢͡͞͞ş̺̝͖̥͎͙͈̬̞͎̠̠᷂̺̉̒̒̒̒͛̒͌ͣ̒̒̒̄͟͠ͅt̒̕͏̷̶̴͎̝͙̻᷂̻̫͎̲ͨ̒̌̒̒̒̔̓̒͋̒̑̍͆̒͟h͖̙̦͎͕̝̱͎͍̜̀̒̈́̒᷀̒ͧ̒̾᷆̒͆̈́̒̒̀̔̒͟͢͞o̪̞͎᷂͔̤̩᷿͎̫̼̒̒̓̒ͨ̒̓̒͋̂̒̒͂᷄᷉̒͢͡͞͞ş̺̝͖̥͎͙͈̬̞͎̠̠᷂̺̉̒̒̒̒͛̒͌ͣ̒̒̒̄͟͠ͅt̒̕͏̷̶̴͎̝͙̻᷂̻̫͎̲ͨ̒̌̒̒̒̔̓̒͋̒̑̍͆̒͟

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  • Kanye stands from a long table with black people all dressed in white, except this one woman. As he starts playing the piano, ballerinas all dressed in black run in two lines to dance to his tune. They're all the same, and as he raps he faces the dancers and not the table (audience). The people at the table pay him no mind at all except for when they raise their glasses for the toast. But this woman, the colourful one who really doesn't fit in, has her whole body turned to him, watching him. He has all her attention. As soon as he stops playing the tune, the dancing women leave as quickly as they arrived. He goes on to take his seat and she's still looking at him, almost admiring him. Not bothered by anything he says (him telling her to run away). I think it's the reason why he doesn't face her throughout the whole 'show'.. She stands out in so many ways.. lol it's midnight here.

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    • Would you now think he is romantic😜

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    • Look at the full film, really interesting

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  • Forever Love ❤️ ❤️❤️

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  • I closed my eyes and I swear it felt like only 30 seconds

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  • 4:40

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  • when Kanye went: h͖̙̦͎͕̝̱͎͍̜̀̒̈́̒᷀̒ͧ̒̾᷆̒͆̈́̒̒̀̔̒͟͢͞o̪̞͎᷂͔̤̩᷿͎̫̼̒̒̓̒ͨ̒̓̒͋̂̒̒͂᷄᷉̒͢͡͞͞ş̺̝͖̥͎͙͈̬̞͎̠̠᷂̺̉̒̒̒̒͛̒͌ͣ̒̒̒̄͟͠ͅt̒̕͏̷̶̴͎̝͙̻᷂̻̫͎̲ͨ̒̌̒̒̒̔̓̒͋̒̑̍͆̒͟h͖̙̦͎͕̝̱͎͍̜̀̒̈́̒᷀̒ͧ̒̾᷆̒͆̈́̒̒̀̔̒͟͢͞o̪̞͎᷂͔̤̩᷿͎̫̼̒̒̓̒ͨ̒̓̒͋̂̒̒͂᷄᷉̒͢͡͞͞ş̺̝͖̥͎͙͈̬̞͎̠̠᷂̺̉̒̒̒̒͛̒͌ͣ̒̒̒̄͟͠ͅt̒̕͏̷̶̴͎̝͙̻᷂̻̫͎̲ͨ̒̌̒̒̒̔̓̒͋̒̑̍͆̒͟h͖̙̦͎͕̝̱͎͍̜̀̒̈́̒᷀̒ͧ̒̾᷆̒͆̈́̒̒̀̔̒͟͢͞o̪̞͎᷂͔̤̩᷿͎̫̼̒̒̓̒ͨ̒̓̒͋̂̒̒͂᷄᷉̒͢͡͞͞ş̺̝͖̥͎͙͈̬̞͎̠̠᷂̺̉̒̒̒̒͛̒͌ͣ̒̒̒̄͟͠ͅt̒̕͏̷̶̴͎̝͙̻᷂̻̫͎̲ͨ̒̌̒̒̒̔̓̒͋̒̑̍͆̒͟h͖̙̦͎͕̝̱͎͍̜̀̒̈́̒᷀̒ͧ̒̾᷆̒͆̈́̒̒̀̔̒͟͢͞o̪̞͎᷂͔̤̩᷿͎̫̼̒̒̓̒ͨ̒̓̒͋̂̒̒͂᷄᷉̒͢͡͞͞ş̺̝͖̥͎͙͈̬̞͎̠̠᷂̺̉̒̒̒̒͛̒͌ͣ̒̒̒̄͟͠ͅt̒̕͏̷̶̴͎̝͙̻᷂̻̫͎̲ͨ̒̌̒̒̒̔̓̒͋̒̑̍͆̒͟h͖̙̦͎͕̝̱͎͍̜̀̒̈́̒᷀̒ͧ̒̾᷆̒͆̈́̒̒̀̔̒͟͢͞o̪̞͎᷂͔̤̩᷿͎̫̼̒̒̓̒ͨ̒̓̒͋̂̒̒͂᷄᷉̒͢͡͞͞ş̺̝͖̥͎͙͈̬̞͎̠̠᷂̺̉̒̒̒̒͛̒͌ͣ̒̒̒̄͟͠ͅt̒̕͏̷̶̴͎̝͙̻᷂̻̫͎̲ͨ̒̌̒̒̒̔̓̒͋̒̑̍͆̒͟h͖̙̦͎͕̝̱͎͍̜̀̒̈́̒᷀̒ͧ̒̾᷆̒͆̈́̒̒̀̔̒͟͢͞o̪̞͎᷂͔̤̩᷿͎̫̼̒̒̓̒ͨ̒̓̒͋̂̒̒͂᷄᷉̒͢͡͞͞ş̺̝͖̥͎͙͈̬̞͎̠̠᷂̺̉̒̒̒̒͛̒͌ͣ̒̒̒̄͟͠ͅt̒̕͏̷̶̴͎̝͙̻᷂̻̫͎̲ͨ̒̌̒̒̒̔̓̒͋̒̑̍͆̒͟h͖̙̦͎͕̝̱͎͍̜̀̒̈́̒᷀̒ͧ̒̾᷆̒͆̈́̒̒̀̔̒͟͢͞o̪̞͎᷂͔̤̩᷿͎̫̼̒̒̓̒ͨ̒̓̒͋̂̒̒͂᷄᷉̒͢͡͞͞ş̺̝͖̥͎͙͈̬̞͎̠̠᷂̺̉̒̒̒̒͛̒͌ͣ̒̒̒̄͟͠ͅt̒̕͏̷̶̴͎̝͙̻᷂̻̫͎̲ͨ̒̌̒̒̒̔̓̒͋̒̑̍͆̒͟h͖̙̦͎͕̝̱͎͍̜̀̒̈́̒᷀̒ͧ̒̾᷆̒͆̈́̒̒̀̔̒͟͢͞o̪̞͎᷂͔̤̩᷿͎̫̼̒̒̓̒ͨ̒̓̒͋̂̒̒͂᷄᷉̒͢͡͞͞ş̺̝͖̥͎͙͈̬̞͎̠̠᷂̺̉̒̒̒̒͛̒͌ͣ̒̒̒̄͟͠ͅt̒̕͏̷̶̴͎̝͙̻᷂̻̫͎̲ͨ̒̌̒̒̒̔̓̒͋̒̑̍͆̒͟h͖̙̦͎͕̝̱͎͍̜̀̒̈́̒᷀̒ͧ̒̾᷆̒͆̈́̒̒̀̔̒͟͢͞o̪̞͎᷂͔̤̩᷿͎̫̼̒̒̓̒ͨ̒̓̒͋̂̒̒͂᷄᷉̒͢͡͞͞ş̺̝͖̥͎͙͈̬̞͎̠̠᷂̺̉̒̒̒̒͛̒͌ͣ̒̒̒̄͟͠ͅt̒̕͏̷̶̴͎̝͙̻᷂̻̫͎̲ͨ̒̌̒̒̒̔̓̒͋̒̑̍͆̒͟h͖̙̦͎͕̝̱͎͍̜̀̒̈́̒᷀̒ͧ̒̾᷆̒͆̈́̒̒̀̔̒͟͢͞o̪̞͎᷂͔̤̩᷿͎̫̼̒̒̓̒ͨ̒̓̒͋̂̒̒͂᷄᷉̒͢͡͞͞ş̺̝͖̥͎͙͈̬̞͎̠̠᷂̺̉̒̒̒̒͛̒͌ͣ̒̒̒̄͟͠ͅt̒̕͏̷̶̴͎̝͙̻᷂̻̫͎̲ͨ̒̌̒̒̒̔̓̒͋̒̑̍͆̒͟h͖̙̦͎͕̝̱͎͍̜̀̒̈́̒᷀̒ͧ̒̾᷆̒͆̈́̒̒̀̔̒͟͢͞o̪̞͎᷂͔̤̩᷿͎̫̼̒̒̓̒ͨ̒̓̒͋̂̒̒͂᷄᷉̒͢͡͞͞ş̺̝͖̥͎͙͈̬̞͎̠̠᷂̺̉̒̒̒̒͛̒͌ͣ̒̒̒̄͟͠ͅt̒̕͏̷̶̴͎̝͙̻᷂̻̫͎ͨ̒̌̒̒̒̔̓̒͋̒̑̍͆̒͟ something wrongh͖̙̦͎͕̝̱͎͍̜̀̒̈́̒᷀̒ͧ̒̾᷆̒͆̈́̒̒̀̔̒͟͢͞o̪̞͎᷂͔̤̩᷿͎̫̼̒̒̓̒ͨ̒̓̒͋̂̒̒͂᷄᷉̒͢͡͞͞ş̺̝͖̥͎͙͈̬̞͎̠̠᷂̺̉̒̒̒̒͛̒͌ͣ̒̒̒̄͟͠ͅt̒̕͏̷̶̴͎̝͙̻᷂̻̫͎̲ͨ̒̌̒̒̒̔̓̒͋̒̑̍͆̒͟h͖̙̦͎͕̝̱͎͍̜̀̒̈́̒᷀̒ͧ̒̾᷆̒͆̈́̒̒̀̔̒͟͢͞o̪̞͎᷂͔̤̩᷿͎̫̼̒̒̓̒ͨ̒̓̒͋̂̒̒͂᷄᷉̒͢͡͞͞ş̺̝͖̥͎͙͈̬̞͎̠̠᷂̺̉̒̒̒̒͛̒͌ͣ̒̒̒̄͟͠ͅt̒̕͏̷̶̴͎̝͙̻᷂̻̫͎̲ͨ̒̌̒̒̒̔̓̒͋̒̑̍͆̒͟h͖̙̦͎͕̝̱͎͍̜̀̒̈́̒᷀̒ͧ̒̾᷆̒͆̈́̒̒̀̔̒͟͢͞o̪̞͎᷂͔̤̩᷿͎̫̼̒̒̓̒ͨ̒̓̒͋̂̒̒͂᷄᷉̒͢͡͞͞ş̺̝͖̥͎͙͈̬̞͎̠̠᷂̺̉̒̒̒̒͛̒͌ͣ̒̒̒̄͟͠ͅt̒̕͏̷̶̴͎̝͙̻᷂̻̫͎̲ͨ̒̌̒̒̒̔̓̒͋̒̑̍͆̒͟h͖̙̦͎͕̝̱͎͍̜̀̒̈́̒᷀̒ͧ̒̾᷆̒͆̈́̒̒̀̔̒͟͢͞o̪̞͎᷂͔̤̩᷿͎̫̼̒̒̓̒ͨ̒̓̒͋̂̒̒͂᷄᷉̒͢͡͞͞ş̺̝͖̥͎͙͈̬̞͎̠̠᷂̺̉̒̒̒̒͛̒͌ͣ̒̒̒̄͟͠ͅt̒̕͏̷̶̴͎̝͙̻᷂̻̫͎̲ͨ̒̌̒̒̒̔̓̒͋̒̑̍͆̒͟h͖̙̦͎͕̝̱͎͍̜̀̒̈́̒᷀̒ͧ̒̾᷆̒͆̈́̒̒̀̔̒͟͢͞o̪̞͎᷂͔̤̩᷿͎̫̼̒̒̓̒ͨ̒̓̒͋̂̒̒͂᷄᷉̒͢͡͞͞ş̺̝͖̥͎͙͈̬̞͎̠̠᷂̺̉̒̒̒̒͛̒͌ͣ̒̒̒̄͟͠ͅt̒̕͏̷̶̴͎̝͙̻᷂̻̫͎̲ͨ̒̌̒̒̒̔̓̒͋̒̑̍͆̒͟ I felt that.

    gabsprado121212gabsprado12121219 dagen geleden
  • Did the really remove the best part of the song?

    golden otisgolden otis21 dag geleden
  • Yak bo do or and in english UK; Beautiful work and vision, G it just shows what happens when we work fluidly together with reason and faith as the vehicle . ^

    Mark EddyMark Eddy21 dag geleden
  • My favourite Kanye is the Kanye of “The Collage Dropout” and “Late Registration”, these both were put out when Kanye hadn’t started developing his public persona. To Kanye’s detriment the persona he’s created over shadows his music and because of this his music suffers and how it’s viewed by the public.

    Se7en Sunny Day Real EstateSe7en Sunny Day Real Estate21 dag geleden
  • God please help him

    Latanya ScottLatanya Scott22 dagen geleden
    • the divorce or what

      earl sweatpantsearl sweatpants10 dagen geleden
  • I pray for ur soul

    Latanya ScottLatanya Scott22 dagen geleden
  • Such a masterpiece

    Soap SpoonSoap Spoon22 dagen geleden
  • In Yeezy’s Top 5 tracks.

    Gary KingGary King22 dagen geleden
  • The girl of 7:25 min. is all!!!

    Gracia CarbajalGracia Carbajal23 dagen geleden
  • Kanye. I used to dislike you. Now that I understand what's going through your magnificent car crash of a mind I seem to feel connected with you. I don't agree with your latest doings but you are really an amazing person. The genius you bring to music. A true artist. 21st Century Picasso.

    PenguPengu23 dagen geleden
    • "This generations closest thing to Einstein" as Kanye puts it himself.

      Pop BobPop Bob15 dagen geleden
  • This song is his masterpiece. Over everything, this is his MAGNUM OPUS song

    PenguPengu23 dagen geleden
  • MR...ALL THAT .. & Some More... Nobody ever know what a person is really going through....

    Shirley SharpShirley Sharp23 dagen geleden
  • U R SHARP....I love U so MUCH...

    Shirley SharpShirley Sharp23 dagen geleden
  • Theres a certain vibe kanye gives off and its special

    the crazy cucumberthe crazy cucumber24 dagen geleden

    Regina HildegardRegina Hildegard24 dagen geleden
  • Runaway from Dababy

    10 Farhan Nafis Rayhan10 Farhan Nafis Rayhan24 dagen geleden
    • runaway

      earl sweatpantsearl sweatpants10 dagen geleden
  • Visuals and music wise "Creative Genious ", love the mix of different arts coming together as one whole.... feel this to the core

    Tan CostaTan Costa25 dagen geleden
  • This just popt up on my feed, first time i see this... love it... 💖👑

    Tan CostaTan Costa25 dagen geleden
  • He will forever remain Musical Genius. Period. One of the greatest to ever to do it. A whole classic 💯💯💯💯🥵🥵🥵🚒🚒🚒🧯🧯🧯🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Tshepo MosiaTshepo Mosia25 dagen geleden
  • Why can't the good souls live to be a million

    Sullyz WorldSullyz World25 dagen geleden
  • Kenye ia a Genius.

    josiane bressanjosiane bressan25 dagen geleden