Jumping from 128,000 Feet!

11 apr. 2021
8 968 476 Weergaven

We found the world's craziest base jumps and work our way up to the highest drop from space. Don't try any of this at home btw, just watch this video instead.


Stunt Freaks Team


Ryan Williams

Nitro Circus


Discovery Canada

Simon Phillips

Brandon Mikesell




National Geographic

Red Bull


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  • Pit in your stomach feeling for sure!🥴

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  • wow yt him self

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  • That person in the white suit and beginning he is and basically in space

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  • 2:40 looks like the Stratosphere here in vegas

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  • first video was taken on finland

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  • its burj khalifa

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  • It says I need to verify my age for words talent tower

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  • look at 33 seconds karl and chris are a new married couple

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  • I’ve done that bungee off of that tower, it is terrifyingly fun.

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  • Karl’s nails look lovely ✨

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  • Nice flying squirrel Carl

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  • Hi NLworld 👋

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  • Chris 2021 there building a building

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  • He said the Burj khalifa Is 1,921 it’s 2,733

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  • These dudes playing just cause irl

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  • The tallest building is 2,722 feet tall

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  • Karl drinks monster energy Me:um your drinking a satan drink m=666

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  • So yeah cool

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  • Karl: woah why is my man a flying squirrel Me: squirrels

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  • does chris moisturize

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  • My fricking nots

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  • chris literally said to turn your render distance you nerd you will know that chris always play minecraft lol

  • They was terrified

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  • Has Karl been watching James Charles

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  • 5:41 "The Human Meteorite" would be a pretty fitting nickname for that guy.☄

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  • 3:21 Actually it looked like they jumped out of a helicopter.

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  • Poggers

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  • I love when that guy skydived with his dog I love dogs they’re my favorite animal

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  • Why isn't Karl wearing Beast's shirt

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  • Best man🔥🔥

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  • Mr.Beast thanks for the comment on my video.

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  • It's all fun and games till something goes wrong

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  • First thing I notice, (6):0(9)

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  • I think jimmy is the camera man

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  • When they jumped from the burgs celifa when they had the heat vapes it looks like the scene from the godzilla movie in 2014

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  • Every time they say holy cow a cow went to heaven

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  • i love to see how chris and karl holded hands at the 1st one my heart skipped a beat lel

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  • He spawned in rogue company

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  • it is 00:00:09:10

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  • First one is in the Finland

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  • Bro most of the gliding down it’s like from cod and GTA

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  • 3:17 we got hecking vectored

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  • thats totally safe

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  • The Khalifa Tower is the tallest tower in the world and stands to 2,717 ft.

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  • nice

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  • 1:07 300 ft

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  • See the world eisnt flat

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  • 5:25 *Elytra but theres an unloaded mountain*

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  • Chris: this is 131 feet Karl: no this a motorcycle Me: ngl that was a good burn

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  • Fun fact: cloud weigh 1.1M, also they float in the air because the particles are separated

  • That looks like the worm from spongebob the grandma 5:07

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  • *ThE mOmEnT mR bEaSt JuSt PoPeD oUt Be LiKe* *Oh HeLl NaH*

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  • there just MINING there own buisness

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  • luv you vids

  • Carl Red eyes lol 0:18

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  • “You hit me where I got my vaccine” :Chris 2021

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  • Why the train is so high? Because people are crazy nowadays

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  • I've been skydiving, and it's a pure adrenaline rush. I'd love to do most of these jumps except for the bungee ones. They've gotta have the biggest headache from the pressure going to their head when the rope gets taut.

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  • Why no Jimmy

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  • 0:21 when someone touches my M A C A R O N I

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  • #PrayforPalestine

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  • 3:18 BFDI mouth

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  • Opening your elytra last second in minecraft be like

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  • This video is me when I accidentally skip a step going down stairs

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  • How do these people got the balls to do this I can barley jump off ten feet

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  • that the cn tewwer

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  • 🌴Mr.Beast

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