JRE MMA Show #28 with Georges St-Pierre

23 mei. 2018
5 814 967 Weergaven

Joe is joined by Georges St-Pierre discuss fighting and more.

  • GSP kicked Captain America azz.🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

    shane walshshane walsh6 uur geleden
  • GSP's "it is what it is" could persuade Al Pacino's character from The Irishman

    Chrys TanasescuChrys Tanasescu8 uur geleden
  • Close yo eyes! Why does he kinda sound like a Jamaican lol

    brandon bernabebrandon bernabe9 uur geleden
  • This was a great conversation

    SlipperyMooseCakesSlipperyMooseCakes10 uur geleden
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    Adam Christian NielsenAdam Christian Nielsen12 uur geleden
  • GSP is the best

    NullNullDag geleden
  • Wondering about Joe’s Blackfoot influence, here, Strung-Out LOVED them.

    JP O'KeefeJP O'KeefeDag geleden
  • khabib is 29-0 and is now probably the best fighter in the ufc george vs khabib would be the most legendary fight the ufc will ever see

    Thompson Tyler, MDThompson Tyler, MDDag geleden
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    waylon plemmonswaylon plemmonsDag geleden
  • I Waes nott impressede weth his performhance in this shhow!!! LoL Bisping might of lost the fight but he definitely won the pre-fight conference FOR SURE

    Mark FreemanMark FreemanDag geleden
  • So articulate

    RemShlimeRemShlimeDag geleden
  • 33:38

    William StreetWilliam Street2 dagen geleden
  • Life is amazing. And enjoy train because I love to be the best I can be to protect myself. Which it never comes down to it. I like to be 175lb feel like I'm at my best. Hard tho. Taking on anyone like I have is amazing at that weight playing around or whatever got my v shape again going and I feel natural in my stand up and ground game. To protect myself so cool again.

    Texan Football HoustonTexan Football Houston2 dagen geleden
  • This guy put ufc on the map, for those who think anyone else put ufc on the map then you should go watch stand up comedy.

    Adam KhanAdam Khan2 dagen geleden
  • ear propper golden rule dont over eat listnen to the body

    Nikolas PetersenNikolas Petersen2 dagen geleden
  • Joe: do you know about dmt? George: i drive car, look at normal people

    budd indakushbudd indakush4 dagen geleden
  • i want a quebecian accent

    Marcus SpivaMarcus Spiva4 dagen geleden
    • *Québécois but LOL 😅

      Jean RichardsonJean Richardson4 dagen geleden
  • 52:54 when he says “this i swear” it was such a powerful statement. hit hard. what a lion

    Scottie MittelstaedtScottie Mittelstaedt4 dagen geleden
  • gsp what a fraud. Juiced to the bone throughout his whole career. Poster boy for steroids leaves the sport rapidly as Usada moves in. And here he is preaching about being clean. What a champion. Not to forget the vaseline against Bj penn.

    Filippo CalvenziFilippo Calvenzi4 dagen geleden
  • How to say in a simpler term No one: ... Max Holloway: It is what it is. GSP: IT IS WHAT IT IS.

    Nazrul HaiqueNazrul Haique4 dagen geleden
  • Are you intoxicated??

    Melvin WebMelvin Web5 dagen geleden
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    Alfredo AguirreAlfredo Aguirre5 dagen geleden
  • I went to eat and they were talking about steroids, when I got back I hear joe say “aliens”

    Scythe_Voltage -Scythe_Voltage -5 dagen geleden
  • He's like real life Jean Claude Van Dam movie.

    Jerod RoshanfarJerod Roshanfar5 dagen geleden
  • Georges is the middle finger to the saying "nice guys finish last"

    Pat SchumacherPat Schumacher6 dagen geleden
  • 43:45 reminds me of the movie SOUL

    Tyler ImondiTyler Imondi6 dagen geleden
  • GSP so fucking intelligent man

    Jack JohnJack John6 dagen geleden
  • Why isn’t Gorge in the UFC hall of fame

    Elliot BakerElliot Baker6 dagen geleden
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    Mohdrizal RizalMohdrizal Rizal6 dagen geleden
  • 17:58 true story Your body is not a temple it's an amusement park

    친절한 전사친절한 전사6 dagen geleden
  • This was brilliant in so many ways

    Mike SousterMike Souster7 dagen geleden
  • 8:56 Fettoochini alfrrrrido

    AndrewAndrew7 dagen geleden
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    Craig SimpsonCraig Simpson7 dagen geleden
  • I already thought George was an incredible fighter but i didnt know that dude had an excellent personality and mind set. He finds away to never talk bad about guys that were former rivals. Didnt say anything bad about dana either. Cool cat

    Take A Hike ShopTake A Hike Shop7 dagen geleden
  • This man can beat Khabib

    Halvorsent2Halvorsent27 dagen geleden
  • “Fuck these headphones joe wtf are these”

    Michael DerpMichael Derp7 dagen geleden
  • As a Quebecer... it's almost shameful to say... I'm so glad that Rogan didn't laugh at his accent.

    Stephane RiopelStephane Riopel8 dagen geleden
  • I didn’t know that about the Great Muhammad Ali, it makes me sad :(

    Mohammed AMohammed A8 dagen geleden
  • That train analogy was bomb😅

    tashrique karriemtashrique karriem8 dagen geleden
  • Georges St- ,,oto pailet" Pierre

    hope.hope.8 dagen geleden
  • Would love to see a video of you two rolling together for a round or two ! Oh please get Gordon Ryan on the pod cast

    Shane BrennanShane Brennan8 dagen geleden
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    pomykal destpomykal dest9 dagen geleden
  • A hangry lion 😂

    Crystal BenthamCrystal Bentham9 dagen geleden
  • I miss Joe Rogan on NLworld 🥺

    Jeffrey CarterJeffrey Carter9 dagen geleden
  • Miss this studio

    Brandon GironBrandon Giron9 dagen geleden
  • Very interresting. The glass of vine actually helps on blood circulation.

    Aspeak GamingAspeak Gaming10 dagen geleden
  • So much to learn! Thanks guys 👍

    Daniel BuseDaniel Buse10 dagen geleden
  • respet a george qui reste vrai. Bonne retraite Le Vrai Champion!

    Jean francois RenaudJean francois Renaud10 dagen geleden
  • Best episode (y)

    Bogomil StanevBogomil Stanev10 dagen geleden
  • Physical,Technical and Tactical- GSP..... He is a true Legend and so soft spoken with so much knowledge.

    Carissa JessopCarissa Jessop10 dagen geleden
  • Alright game face see you later 😂😂

    Jaylem JarvisJaylem Jarvis10 dagen geleden
  • I was not impressed by your podcast

    Steven HodgesSteven Hodges11 dagen geleden
  • Anyone know where to watch the first GSP episode?

    Lockafella FitnessLockafella Fitness11 dagen geleden
  • My favorite part is the ufo

    Essag GhimEssag Ghim11 dagen geleden
  • Pussy ...

    Ben SmithBen Smith12 dagen geleden
    • @War Lauk Probably a troll

      Nil NilNil Nil6 dagen geleden
    • Why?

      War LaukWar Lauk11 dagen geleden
  • GSP such an intelligent man and such a legend!

    German shepherd LoverGerman shepherd Lover12 dagen geleden
  • So in a parallel universe GSP is a legendary paleontologist 🔎🦕

    ryan crownoverryan crownover13 dagen geleden
  • He must of really needed a wee😂💧💧 3 hour podcast jheez

    Irish SmithIrish Smith13 dagen geleden
  • Gsp the kinda guy to offer you a drink if YOU bump into him at the bar

    adonadon13 dagen geleden
  • Joe's looking at GSP and wishing he looked as good.

    shane walshshane walsh14 dagen geleden
  • Thats van-dam lil brother

    Smoke’N DragonSmoke’N Dragon14 dagen geleden
  • GSP is the Goat

    Charles MeadeCharles Meade14 dagen geleden
  • Think GSP is a little closer to a dollar than DMT Rogan is =p

    ybet1000ybet100014 dagen geleden
  • Gsp much love and respect brother

    San BSan B14 dagen geleden
  • 2:49 fancy Rogan giving GSP tips xD Fair play though, can't know it all!

    DogfartfaceDogfartface15 dagen geleden
  • He does what others can only dream about, even if they have it inside themselves, getting it out takes a great strength of spirt and character.

    JPN COMPANYJPN COMPANY15 dagen geleden
  • I came for the wonky French-Canadian speech and MMA. I stayed for the paleontology, climate-science, free-will vs. determinism, aliens, empathy/compassion, and the hard problem of consciousness. And there's still half-an-hour left for me to watch.Way to coax out the best in your interviewees Mr. Rogan.

    Jared LackeyJared Lackey16 dagen geleden
  • This guy is so deeply smart that he has an influence that is so amazing. Love to George.

    First LastFirst Last16 dagen geleden
  • GSP is the fucking GOAT

    S DS D16 dagen geleden
  • Just a fine person. Great guy through and through

    Darth wRathDarth wRath16 dagen geleden
  • 1:03:50 GSP on "poisoning" Nick Diaz

    SosaSosa17 dagen geleden
  • 02:51:08 continue later

    Poppić 11Poppić 1117 dagen geleden
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    Mc.NiallerMc.Nialler17 dagen geleden
    • Indeed

      War LaukWar Lauk11 dagen geleden
  • nlworld.info/key/video/pHl1qtSxnaGaiXg.,

    musicas de tecladomusicas de teclado17 dagen geleden
    • You are the next mozart man. Dont give up.

      Jean RichardsonJean Richardson16 dagen geleden
  • My old martial art coach I used to train with said he trained with GSP and some other guys in camp in California or something like that, they got done doing a really intense session almost passing out and he’s like come on guys let’s go for a run not even winded meanwhile everyone else was dying lol 😂

    mike thomasmike thomas18 dagen geleden
  • Rip time stamps

    sharebear421sharebear42118 dagen geleden
  • What a class act.

    M XM X18 dagen geleden
  • At this point of scientific knowledge, saying that you can't know that it's over when you die, because you haven't died, is like saying that a computer might keep running in another dimension after you turn it off, and you can't know otherwise, because you've never been a computer that has been turned off.

    MarcoMarco18 dagen geleden
  • as a student of biology.. listening to his passion of paleontology is sooo sweet!.. and terrifying knowing he can murder me with his two hands if he so pleases haha

    Ron ShihabRon Shihab18 dagen geleden
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    Ker LozanoKer Lozano19 dagen geleden
  • Yep, I have a man crush on GSP!

    Darty McpheeDarty Mcphee19 dagen geleden
  • GSP trained his mind as well as his skills in martial arts. respect.

    KoldLvKoldLv19 dagen geleden
  • 1:34:09 best quote

    coro 'coro '19 dagen geleden
  • Legends can eat any fucking thing

    lu morbidlu morbid19 dagen geleden
  • it was live on 23-may-2018 and on 1:33:40 joe says, khabib has already beaten connor?!?!??!

    shadowxoxxshadowxoxx20 dagen geleden
  • Hearing GSP it sounds like his struggling with panic attacks

    Cheetah FreemanCheetah Freeman20 dagen geleden
  • “There’s a lot of things that turn me on in life. Women, dinosaurs, and people that say don’t do it” - GSP

    Gabriel MenaGabriel Mena20 dagen geleden
    • Just imagine if he stumbles across dinosaur hentai or some shit

      Ganjalf The GreenGanjalf The Green19 dagen geleden
    • This is one of Joe's best podcast.The first 1 hour is just lit.So damn motivational.GSP is a legend,period.

      ChrolloLucilfer#0ChrolloLucilfer#020 dagen geleden
  • What an fucking awesome bloke.........absolute legend

    Gary MacdonaldGary Macdonald20 dagen geleden
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    Jazmine FerrarisJazmine Ferraris20 dagen geleden
  • The thing about good and evil is it all comes back to you as the individual. The strongest and most powerful phrase that has ever been said is, 'Do unto others, as you want done to you.' Now when some one says that phrase, most people would agree. Which makes it the majority. Now if some body counters that phrase with well what if I'm suicidal for example. Well being suicidal is not an inherited thing, people don't come out the womb wanting to end their life. Through the unfortunate events that unfold in that persons life, that is what makes them suicidal. That is the difference between good and evil in my mind. Nurture is always above nature, up to an age that could be nurtured. But once a person has lived through their life experiences, it's very hard to erase the memories away and start from scratch. Nobody can understand good and evil without examining themselves, and knowing what the majority follows. Just like you don't know how good of a fighter is at fighting, until you see them fight another fighter. It's the same type of reflection that goes on when understanding the relationship between good and evil.

    Alexsandar IskandarAlexsandar Iskandar20 dagen geleden
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    Rubelh HossaiRubelh Hossai20 dagen geleden
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    Angela EvansAngela Evans20 dagen geleden
    • Do me a favor, when we're still alive in 4-8 years please respond to this comment so we can both come back and laugh for posterity, ok?

      Nick Berthod 2040Nick Berthod 204019 dagen geleden
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    catalina reedcatalina reed21 dag geleden
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    Darren hodgkissDarren hodgkiss21 dag geleden
  • It was interesting to hear about what he was saying about his diet and not eating much. I'm naturally skinny and as soon as I starting hitting the gym all the videos and people at the gym telling me to drink lots of shakes, eat 4 eggs a day, lots of peanut butter avacado ect. I look better but I don't feel better. Eating a whole avacadoor 4 eggs makes me feel sick tbh

    alejo castroalejo castro21 dag geleden
  • We need to have GSP on here again

    Josh JuarezJosh Juarez21 dag geleden
  • Great human being a product of his choices choosing John Danaher as a bjj coach before mainstream knew how great he was Chose Freddie Roach before he took boxing and taught it for MMA Trained with Phil Nurse for Muay Thai and last but not least Firas Zahabi who is a master general and practitioner yet humble enough to embrace anyone who can make Georges a better fighter

    mrfuku1mrfuku121 dag geleden
  • Bicheal bisping

    Kamuela ChowKamuela Chow22 dagen geleden
  • Hearing GSPs thoughts made me realize that he is and the deserving GOAT of MMA inside and outside the octagon

    Kris MartinKris Martin22 dagen geleden
  • what a sweetheart! ...intelligent too.

    KatyKaty22 dagen geleden