Josh Richards - STILL SOFTISH ft. Bryce Hall (Lil Huddy Diss Track)

20 mrt. 2020
38 835 322 Weergaven

Sorry lil hoodie.
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  • Essa música é prefeita q ódio

    Livia BarbosaLivia BarbosaUur geleden
  • una mierda

    saracatungasaracatungaUur geleden
  • one of the reasons why i hate, but like them lmfao

    Steffani NgSteffani NgUur geleden
  • Wtf mean Chase is king sorry Huddygang💜🖤

    flower.charrliflower.charrli2 uur geleden
  • are you guys gay or something

    Amit SaxenaAmit Saxena2 uur geleden
  • ew ur the chopsticks look at urself

    Thalia CoomarasamyThalia Coomarasamy2 uur geleden
  • 2021 and the song is still hot🥵💅

    Світлана ЄрємєєваСвітлана Єрємєєва3 uur geleden
  • Still hate Bryce hall

    AngelicSamAngelicSam5 uur geleden
  • 99% of comments: Lets see.. etc. Me : WHY TF ARE THEY IN THE SAME BED-

    __TotallyNotMe__ 8946__TotallyNotMe__ 89465 uur geleden
  • Who’s here in March?

    Lydia StolsmarkLydia Stolsmark6 uur geleden
  • this is still swaggy

    Dominika OlahovaDominika Olahova6 uur geleden
  • Is this me but this is cringe

    MegrobloxworldMegrobloxworld6 uur geleden
  • lol

    Zaineb BaniYassinZaineb BaniYassin12 uur geleden
  • These boys gotta stick to dancing on tiktok not rapping lmfao

    Flying HiltonFlying Hilton14 uur geleden
  • Its going to be still softish anniversary damn .....and bryce and josh aint friends no more

    Lollipoping SivanLollipoping Sivan16 uur geleden
  • Bryce and Josh : Still ✨S o f t i s h✨ Clip : Have gonna put it sexy and sweet the clip 😽 Me : ✨Toujours✨ Innocente ;-;

    「Itsukii 我」le chocolat Shrek「Itsukii 我」le chocolat Shrek18 uur geleden
  • Leave it to nessa

    Audrey .kAudrey .k18 uur geleden
  • chase doesn't deserve this you bitches

    Amit SaxenaAmit Saxena19 uur geleden
  • its his life not youres so quit that is him so fuck off

    Ava WilsonAva Wilson20 uur geleden
  • Can u release the Unedited Version😂

    Olivia DiazOlivia Diaz21 uur geleden
  • I kind of like this song

    Snowrose YogiSnowrose Yogi21 uur geleden
  • Bryce: “singing” Josh: “singing” Chase: 😭🤬😡💩💔🖤

    Sophia BragaSophia Braga21 uur geleden
  • Love You 😍

    Danna MaderoDanna Madero23 uur geleden
  • This is dum

    Emily's vlogs and gamsEmily's vlogs and gamsDag geleden
  • ALGM BR???👉👉👉

    Amanda DouradoAmanda DouradoDag geleden
  • POV ur seeing this in March 2021

    Kiera PriemerKiera PriemerDag geleden
  • This reminds me of something ummmmm 🙂

    InesInesDag geleden
  • this is almost 1 year old-

    Emily DiMarinoEmily DiMarinoDag geleden
  • anybody still here on 2021?? i mean this song is so damn fineeee 🔥

    eilishlyy_eilishlyy_Dag geleden
  • Bryce And Josh Watching This In 4 Years, And LilHuddy Partying With Every Celebrities : "Man We Messed Up"

    Emma YangEmma YangDag geleden
  • Anyone else cringed out while listening to this Lmfaooo

    Tarla SoupTarla SoupDag geleden
  • 00:10 your the one who is sleeping with Bryce what

    Paya TahlaviPaya TahlaviDag geleden
    • Lineal I am a the only one

      Paya TahlaviPaya TahlaviDag geleden
  • Almost a year😭

    baby girlbaby girlDag geleden
  • 2:02 WHA-

    Никол Боянова ГеоргиеваНикол Боянова ГеоргиеваDag geleden
  • Y’all idc if they got beef or not, this still smacks 😭😭

    Fabi LopezFabi LopezDag geleden
  • 1:59 had me deeaaaaddddd 🥵🥵🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Happy hannah playsHappy hannah playsDag geleden
  • fine but... think jxdn is more than this

    Sand LOLSand LOLDag geleden
  • I'd rather watch charli then you men comparing themselves to women the world's a gutter

    Brandon MyersBrandon MyersDag geleden
  • Ur

    Addison RaresAddison RaresDag geleden
  • this is unironically a bop there i said it

    Ava KerrAva KerrDag geleden
  • This is so fucking bad bro wtf

  • whos here in 2021

    Supreme OplSupreme OplDag geleden
  • putting mean to him when he's really not that y'all being really mean

    Ava WilsonAva WilsonDag geleden
  • шел 2021 год и эта песня теперь у меня на звонке

    Софія МетельнаСофія Метельна2 dagen geleden
  • I never knew Bryce Hall until this video 💀

    Hyen GHyen G2 dagen geleden
  • 1:59

    Luis CLLuis CL2 dagen geleden
  • nah let’s talk about how i know all the lyrics

    Olivia LuvOlivia Luv2 dagen geleden
  • Бра бравл старс бравл старс

    кивора.кивора.2 dagen geleden
  • Still softish you softish

    Amishi MaheshAmishi Mahesh2 dagen geleden
  • pov: you‘re watching this in march 2021

    Snoopy & WoodstockSnoopy & Woodstock2 dagen geleden
  • Bro It's been almost a year since the release of this disstrack lmao

    Starship CentralStarship Central2 dagen geleden
  • This is honestly good as fuck why is nobody talking ab thid

    sarahuh uhsarahuh uh2 dagen geleden
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    Jessica TexasJessica Texas2 dagen geleden
  • who’s still here in march😭

    imogen wellsimogen wells2 dagen geleden
  • Who's here in March 2021

    Ella NelsonElla Nelson2 dagen geleden
  • Remember waiting hours just for this song to come out? It was over rated 😂

    Abby MAbby M2 dagen geleden
  • They really called chase a stick well uhm josh have u seen yourself-

    jenny isarellyjenny isarelly2 dagen geleden
  • Cette musique je l’ai mise devant mon père bilingue

    Louane Koenig ZimmerLouane Koenig Zimmer2 dagen geleden
  • i cant wait until Lil Huddy come and roast yall

    Destiny FeltonDestiny Felton3 dagen geleden
  • Chfxjchrjrxjsjcjrjcdjdhxhdhdhdjfhhfhdchskwowkrjgn ndnrjfjcjdj I am sorry I love them both but then josh is making fun a huddy for making a new song for using outotune did he hear his song 😂😂

    Mya AlfonsoMya Alfonso3 dagen geleden
  • 1:59 I-I can’t 😂😂

    Evie ShawEvie Shaw3 dagen geleden
  • The og sway house. Ahh good memories

    Abbygail BodenAbbygail Boden3 dagen geleden
  • all i can say is "oop" and "god help"

    Aniya ButtsAniya Butts3 dagen geleden
  • when bryce hall wasn’t famous for being with my least favourite bad bleep

    clairaclaira3 dagen geleden
  • All i see is 15 year old tiktok kids dancing ngl

    blitzzx0_ Bblitzzx0_ B3 dagen geleden
  • POV: you come here to dislike

    The Funny Epic EditsThe Funny Epic Edits3 dagen geleden
  • POV: you just realized how gay this music video is

    Karen your kids can hear youKaren your kids can hear you3 dagen geleden
  • POV: your watching this in may

    LayLay3 dagen geleden
    • It's March💀

      Little TricksterLittle TricksterDag geleden
  • why tf are they in bed with their shirts off together

    Carter HillyerCarter Hillyer3 dagen geleden
  • Whos here in march

    RandomGamerRandomGamer3 dagen geleden
  • This song makes me want throw my shoe out a window and then proceed to jump out said window to catch said shoe

    Xrg 600Xrg 6003 dagen geleden
  • Who is here in March of 2021😭

    Oscar BenitezOscar Benitez3 dagen geleden
    • Me

      RandomGamerRandomGamer3 dagen geleden
  • Anyone here in 2021?

    raul salasraul salas3 dagen geleden
  • this didn’t age well

    Carolyn dianneCarolyn dianne3 dagen geleden
  • I didn't know that this guy was stupid

    Se PoeSe Poe3 dagen geleden
  • This is so embarrassing

    Zaza ChristieZaza Christie3 dagen geleden
  • not them taking a bite of the same burger and waking up in the bed together with no shirt weird :|

    Live Life With JewelLive Life With Jewel3 dagen geleden
  • K but can we just appreciate Bryce doing the renegade in the beginning lmao 💀🤚

    Jess KennedyJess Kennedy3 dagen geleden
  • atleast he cute and in the hype house and nessa cheated on u to and atleast has a sence in style and josh look at u built like a chopstick and atleast he has good music and friends so he and he can do stuff independently so he should write a diss track about u

    edit with me Astheticedit with me Asthetic3 dagen geleden
  • Brasil

    Polly MartinsreisPolly Martinsreis4 dagen geleden
  • Honestly i feel like they tried to get hype from chase since he was doing very good on tiktok and everybody almost forgot abt them after he joined hype.

    Rosalie GrummelRosalie Grummel4 dagen geleden
  • lol so funny

    naomi sharpenaomi sharpe4 dagen geleden
  • на дворе 2021, а я решила пересмотреть все клипы американ боев

    Анастасия КорчменкоАнастасия Корчменко4 dagen geleden
  • Я: девочки что это было? Девочки: это был пи*дец

    крис рис tvкрис рис tv4 dagen geleden
  • Heck yaaa

    Retaj Loves animalsRetaj Loves animals4 dagen geleden
  • viben on this man

    senskiwenskisenskiwenski4 dagen geleden

    Bunny CvntBunny Cvnt4 dagen geleden
  • No talent 😐

    NN4 dagen geleden
  • Nope..

    NN4 dagen geleden
  • I think if both these guys wanna talk shit and act like they do. They should for sure be taking some type of martial arts or know how to fight. Look like a couple of soy boys.

    Tommy GunsTommy Guns4 dagen geleden

    SoftixiaSoftixia4 dagen geleden
  • I hate this I hate u fuck u

    atkia proggaatkia progga4 dagen geleden
  • gross

    Lucky JayLucky Jay4 dagen geleden
  • Is this a diss track or a love song

    Jordan HibbertJordan Hibbert4 dagen geleden
  • anyone else think that the wacking up in the same bed, sharing the same burger, and hugging is a lil sus?

    ClipsByTheBoisClipsByTheBois4 dagen geleden
  • This just makes them very UNattractive. Why does this exist😤

    Amber OberlinAmber Oberlin4 dagen geleden
  • Cradles got 306 M in a year 🤣

    Luz BolanosLuz Bolanos4 dagen geleden
  • Wait but seriously you don’t hear Jaden

    Juliette RazoJuliette Razo4 dagen geleden
  • WTF is this

    Maurice GuyMaurice Guy4 dagen geleden
  • someone else listening in 2021? (Alguien más escuchándolo en 2021)

    Julissa ChávezJulissa Chávez4 dagen geleden