Jose Mourinho SACKED at Tottenham, European Super League = RIP to Football| EXPRESSIONS REACTS

19 apr. 2021
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  • Even tho I wanted him gone Respect to Jose if he actually refused to agree to the super league. The man has heart for football.

    M Joshua GillM Joshua Gill27 dagen geleden
    • @iman afdar Have you known ANY successful winners in ANY profession where they have not angered people? Isn't it strange how the best players he's worked with can't speak highly enough of him? Ask Cristiano Ronaldo and Sergio Ramos what Mourinho meant to them. Isn't it strange how his most successful teams would run through fire for him. It's always the unmotivated, inflated ego players who have ever been anti-Jose. No surprise our bottlers at the club don't like being told they're letdowns and preferred Poch who tickled their balls regardless.

      Deadly DizzleDeadly Dizzle26 dagen geleden
    • @Deadly Dizzle Jose always have problems with his players man utd, chelsea, tottenham, real madrid. These clubs i mentioned their players all have problems with jose

      iman afdariman afdar26 dagen geleden
    • @iman afdar You mean the manager with one of the biggest trophy collections in the history of football would've bottled the final? Are you sure it's the manager that bottles it and not THE PLAYERS who constantly let us down regardless of who's in charge? 🤔

      Deadly DizzleDeadly Dizzle26 dagen geleden
    • Dude Jose sucked. His football was boring and failing. Don't let Jose take the high ground, he was sacked!! Ole has proven to be a better manager than Jose. Ole... For Christ sake.

      Cold Servo PieCold Servo Pie26 dagen geleden
    • How media can fight back: Please report that Fifa should ban these clubs from buying players from other clubs. That will kill them within an year 🤔 Because they normally sign players from smaller clubs

      Baroz NomaBaroz Noma26 dagen geleden
  • Really? You should look at your players, little divas that can't stand criticism. No coach is going to save Tottenham if you don't ask commitment from your players.

    wally1979wally19797 dagen geleden
  • Tottenham fans are hilarious, your expectations are way too high. Who are y’all kidding your team is no good, wasn’t good under Villasboas, wasn’t good under Poch , and y’all have the nerve to act like y’all too good for José.

    Robert RodriguezRobert Rodriguez7 dagen geleden
  • Mourinho is a winner! Spurs have a wasteman board and wasteman players!!! Pep Guardiola would fail to win a trophy at Spurs.

    Mighty MeezeeMighty Meezee17 dagen geleden
  • CITY were innocent watch what you say

    kex oneillkex oneill19 dagen geleden
  • Are all black British people this funny 😩😩😩 this guys hilarious! “It was a match made by hades”😭😂😂😂😂😂

    Rulashe MasukuRulashe Masuku23 dagen geleden
  • Jose wasn’t backed properly Spurs have average players

    Fargolapse170Fargolapse17024 dagen geleden
  • “You know dem weight der” 😂😂

    Katlego MashileKatlego Mashile25 dagen geleden
  • Mourinho to be the only manager to be sacked in the ESL

    Avishai JosephsohnAvishai Josephsohn25 dagen geleden
  • No i dont know them way their🙄

    AHMEDAHMED25 dagen geleden
  • Jose out...mastermind Ryan Mason in?... From fossil football to baby food

    David HamDavid Ham25 dagen geleden

    P SP S25 dagen geleden
  • I am sure other Managers have seen the Spurs defence and thought no thanks. I can't see them lining up to take the job knowing the amount of goals the Spurs defence let in.

    Julian FalciolaJulian Falciola25 dagen geleden
  • Even though all 6 clubs have pulled out, none of the owners can ever be trusted again. They must all leave now

    Earth ExtremitiesEarth Extremities25 dagen geleden
  • @Expressions I’m unsubscribed, Tottenham are a small club again without jose

    NeverUse RealNameNeverUse RealName25 dagen geleden
  • I know things are bad but why not get harry Redknapp he knows how to get the best out of bale he knows the club we grinded coals and wins under him and the games were exciting plus he won the trophy in 2008 so gor me hes is the man to lead the team I know he resigned because he thought he would get the England job but things like that happen I think he can get the team defending again at least until we get a permanent better manager cos I dont think Mason can get us in the champions league but honestly we need to remove levy cos it's bad decision after bad decision plus debt and never opens the wallet when we need it for the right players we wont win anything at this rate I'm vex blood theres furniture moving In my place ya know dread real talk things dem get mash up over dis we never win anything im done with football im done

    Sensei OisSensei Ois25 dagen geleden
  • Mourinho was your best chance of winning a final mate. What the fuck is Ryan Mason gonna do. Might as well wait another 10 years for a trophy. Mourinho has won 12 out of 14 finals he's competed in. Now we gotta hope Fucking Mason is gonna pull an Ole and make us prime United.

    Mika-eel KhanMika-eel Khan25 dagen geleden
  • They amended the deal to a killing.

    Aleasha AbbasAleasha Abbas26 dagen geleden
  • What happened to "trophey mourinho"

    Habib Ganji 20Habib Ganji 2026 dagen geleden
  • At last, Mourinho was the first to be sacked 😆. Bale is next to leave. Kane and son should come to Arsenal and win 🏆

    oluwaseyi subairoluwaseyi subair26 dagen geleden
  • Rumors like Gregory Isaacs😂😂😂 🇯🇲

    Curt HepburnCurt Hepburn26 dagen geleden
  • I honestly believe he would have won you guys a I definitely know you won't win Jose is a title winner regardless of anything...Mourinho needed time with Spurs but amma leave it there

    Kristoff TurnerKristoff Turner26 dagen geleden
  • Spurs aren't a super team. They have two trophies since the PL started in 1992. Both league cups. Blackburn Rovers (Pl and league cup) and Aston Villa (2 league cups) both have two major honours since then. Leicester have three - league and two league cups.

    Bobby ChapmanBobby Chapman26 dagen geleden
  • Mourinho is a shrewd negotiator I'm positive Levy has paid him a hefty cheque and the no comment from the special one means that until the cheque matures he's walking away loaded and spurs are left with the ESL dilemma ex.

    Muhydin AdenMuhydin Aden26 dagen geleden
  • Dam Double Homicide by Jose Mourinho

    Momo YakubMomo Yakub26 dagen geleden
  • Chelsea gave Jose a defensive back line of Ivanovic, Carvalho, Terry and Ashley Cole with Makelele and Essien in the double pivot. Was Jose given the same defensive back line at Spurs? Given the right team Jose could have brought the results

    Julian FalciolaJulian Falciola26 dagen geleden
  • Everyone is saying RIP to football.The truth is football is already dead because of UEFA & FIFA.

    rock rockrock rock26 dagen geleden
  • Football is Bayern Munich

    Stephen OrdStephen Ord26 dagen geleden
  • So Ryan mason with no experience AT ALL. Gets the job over chris Powell who’s been a manager, an England coach, premier league player , England player, but he don’t get the job and Ryan mason does ? This is the bullshit white privilege that’s wrong with football.

    Gonzo JonesGonzo Jones26 dagen geleden
  • The wettest guy about lol

    ronlado12345ronlado1234526 dagen geleden
  • The Americanisation of our beautiful game, I'm only suprised it wasn't called the Soccer world series. It's a tragedy for football

    Chris CoxChris Cox26 dagen geleden
  • Katie Hopkins football 😂😂😂love that

    Nick FennNick Fenn26 dagen geleden
  • This ESL is just a way for the big clubs to negotiate a better tv deal for themselves. They have done it before in the late 90's.

    Sean BarkerSean Barker26 dagen geleden
  • if i was UEFA and FIFA: All 15 clubs are forbidden to buy/sell players to clubs under FIFA/UEFA The players and clubs cannot play under any game under FIFA/UEFA All of the trophies under FIFA/UEFA are reseted to 0 If they want to come back to be a part of FIFA/UEFA they would have to pay 350M Per Year and getting relegated to the lowest league of each country Every player would want to resign every manager would want to resign the 15 clubs would go bankrupt Best way to deal with greedy bastards

    Eduardo SoaresEduardo Soares26 dagen geleden
  • Goodbye criminal fossil football

    Neo RainNeo Rain26 dagen geleden
  • Sacking Mourinho clearly had its intended effect.

    AnimelyticalAnimelytical26 dagen geleden
  • You know dem way thereeeeee

    MannyD90MannyD9026 dagen geleden
  • They asked Poch and Jose to lead a team with only one top player to win everything. Ndombele and Hojbjerg are decent players but are not in any way players that will get you anywhere near the title. Managers are already set up to fail at spurs, with this squad. Be reasonable in your ambitions, Levy. - copied

    Back StabberBack Stabber26 dagen geleden
  • I’m done with this bullshit club ! And now talk of a breakaway superleague We can’t win a fucking Choclate cup and think we can compete against the worlds best week in week out , not to mention it treacherous to even contemplate . My Club has turned into a fucking joke And now let’s all blame Mourinho trying his best to get some winning mentality into this club . Fuck meeee what a lost cause we’ve become 😔

    Charles DemanueleCharles Demanuele26 dagen geleden
  • Ex. You talk like Tottenham has been winning the league and cups and he came and destroyed everything, the problem is majority of the players aren't good enough

    Andy WoodeAndy Woode26 dagen geleden
  • The best thing he did at Tottenham was refusing super league. 🤦🏼‍♂️

    John SnowJohn Snow26 dagen geleden
  • Your squad was bang average other than Son Kane and you blame the manager what logic is that. Lets see how ur team gonna get smashed in front of city with them shit players now 😂

    Akram43Akram4326 dagen geleden
  • Winks. Sissoko. Dier. Davies. They all need to go.

    EiJi LeeEiJi Lee26 dagen geleden
  • Mourinho couldn’t polish a turd

    Flynn SelkeFlynn Selke26 dagen geleden
  • Gooner here. Biggup expressions and if Jose really refused to train the players because of the super league, massive respect for that. Rivalry goes out the window when we see our owners selling our club’s souls. I’m done with football of this goes ahead

    Billy BoyBilly Boy26 dagen geleden
  • My guy u seem ungrateful. Not good comment

    Edwin AddoEdwin Addo26 dagen geleden
  • I am glad Jose is gone cos Tottenham is not good for him . Jose is a good manager who deserve the best

    Edwin AddoEdwin Addo26 dagen geleden
  • " why would we want to be in another league to be bottom" X at his best ☺

    colin campbellcolin campbell26 dagen geleden
  • Robocop looking Levy , in bits laughing hahahahaha

    MrIpswichTownMrIpswichTown26 dagen geleden
  • You guys are skint! I bet Steve Bruce is brought in to improve you simps lol

    It's DawsonIt's Dawson26 dagen geleden
  • It's disgraceful to sack a man one week before a final. At least let him leave on a high. Also much respect to Jose for refusing to submit to these football bourgeoisie pimps, happy to see that at least some people still value the tradition and meaning of football. Regardless me as a Liverpool fan have always hated him throughout my life but these last few years, from around 2018 i've begun to fall in love with him. Klopp is showing his true colors in these last few months and have been performing very very dissapointing both of and on the pitch. I'd rather we sack him and appoint Jose, give him one final shot at the big scene and you'll see what he'll do.

    YNWA LifeYNWA Life26 dagen geleden
  • European Super League is Just like the Fifa World cup. Europe gets more country slots, Just because they have more money. Europe has more than double of any other continent, not because of merit but because they are they have more money.

    slapings bossslapings boss26 dagen geleden
  • Ryan mason to win us the cup

    The vegan GKThe vegan GK26 dagen geleden
  • TOASTEDHAM FC you know dem way there

    Ken AKen A26 dagen geleden
  • Knew it,see spurs fans ,dinosaur mourinho got you nothing 😂.why you think he got the sack at Man U

    mikey mikemikey mike26 dagen geleden
  • If you think you'll do better without Jose, you've got a reality check coming...

    Jamie McCormickJamie McCormick26 dagen geleden
  • The special one made a mistake taking the job of trophy less spurs kkkkkk

    ibrahim aliibrahim ali26 dagen geleden
  • Jose just needs to coach in Italy slow defensive that’s what jose is

    Christian MenesesChristian Meneses26 dagen geleden
  • You guys need to get a young manager and young players and just rebuild

    Christian MenesesChristian Meneses26 dagen geleden
  • Jose sacked like potato chips ! I do feel bad for him though but pay that man his money !!

    Eben DicksonEben Dickson26 dagen geleden
  • I’ll give full credit to levy as a arsenal fan OUR BOARD COULD NEVER DO THIS THEY DONT HAVE THE BALLS

    Christian MenesesChristian Meneses26 dagen geleden
  • You think it’s bad now but wait till they implement a draft system for player transfers.

    Tarek ElsakkaTarek Elsakka26 dagen geleden
  • Does the final even matters?

    tenesh neshtenesh nesh26 dagen geleden
  • I was Snoozing i was Dribbling like Ryan Giggs on his Prime

    abdi rahmanabdi rahman26 dagen geleden
  • You’re talking rubbish.... Mourinho getting sacked had nothing to do with the super league and him refusing to train the players. How can you even believe this bullshit!?

    R J67R J6726 dagen geleden
  • Bale taught the team how to take a check and give 50% on the field, it’s the modern way

    M MM M26 dagen geleden
  • 1:40 this man and his analogies. bruh 😭

    jacobjacob26 dagen geleden
  • You need to remove that levy picture in the backround. Hes a bad president

    Emil HansenEmil Hansen26 dagen geleden
  • Jose: You need to be bastards Levy: You're fired Jose: bastard !

    Tenya95Tenya9526 dagen geleden
  • BREAKING NEWS: D Der Linde sacks Jose Mourinho, says he has a plan and just needs a little bit more money.....oh wait sorry that was Daniel Levy ,,my bad carry on

    Tenya95Tenya9526 dagen geleden
  • no class to not let Jose Finish his cup final dare criticize him but he had to be doing something right to be in a finals match...and shame on Harry Kane basically just said deuces to Mourinho without sticking up for him or calling out the injustice of the classless act... losing organization with a losing mentality.."Tottenham is beyond saving and must be allowed to die" ...where the league of shadows at

    Tenya95Tenya9526 dagen geleden
  • 1 Down, 1 to go Blood!! YOOO Straight Facts braaaa!!! LOL

    Richard HenriquesRichard Henriques26 dagen geleden
  • FIFA, English FA and UEFA had this coming for FFP mishandling, the City UCL debacle, the Bath FC situation, and many other corruption cases. NOT SURPRISED AT ALL

    Dragonmark909Dragonmark90926 dagen geleden
    • NOW YOU SPEAKING MY LANGUAGE ...and who called out City going unscathed for breaching fair play rules...who else but Mourinho... "Not the hero we deserved, but the hero we needed. Nothing less than a knight... shining. "

      Tenya95Tenya9526 dagen geleden
  • We needed Jose for the final, jesus christ, couldn't we have waited for that first

    Dragonmark909Dragonmark90926 dagen geleden
    • cruel winter

      Tenya95Tenya9526 dagen geleden
  • My man secured his bag tho 🔐

    D KD K26 dagen geleden
    • "it's not about money, it's about sending a message"

      Tenya95Tenya9526 dagen geleden
  • When Levy heard there was a 3.5 billion pound downpayment to all the founding clubs involved he was all in. Pay off the stadium they should have never got, check. Get a manager they cannot afford to sack off the books, check. Pocket the rest of the money and go clap gold digger cheeks in Ibiza, check.

  • So I wonder why the buyer offering 800m for half the club didn't buy? Mmmm.... The club is now worth 500m more thanks to the Super League shit. Only reason Lewis and Levy have stuck around

    Todd HellyarTodd Hellyar26 dagen geleden
  • Lol my guy said big man thing... You got Jamaican relative

    Mario TurnerMario Turner26 dagen geleden
  • A mixture of emotions... from utter surprise and disgust to be included in Super League list to utter euphoria with the Jose sacking... but right before the cup final... he wouldve got us that the little chance we had of winning that is gone... Id still take it ...have been Jose since the day Poch was sacked...just the timing is concerning... 2 months ago wouldve been gold...the world of football has imploded in 24 hours!

    MAZ 555MAZ 55526 dagen geleden
  • Goodbye, good riddance Jose. When you bother talking sense it's ok, the rest of the time, lots of repetitive sentences. Money money money, of course, everyone likes it, how many videos and channels will you be making money off just today. Gotta love it eh!

    Bob ElliotBob Elliot26 dagen geleden
    • but aren't we in a finals cause of him...and do you truly blame jose for the europa exit and not the players...lets put all on Jose shall we ...remind me again what has united won since they sacked Jose...yeah maybe youre the one who doesn't speak sense mate

      Tenya95Tenya9526 dagen geleden
  • Stupid timing. He went to a final. Give him the chance to win it. Also, top 4 is still not dead. The fishiest and stupidest move by Levy.

    panathasg13panathasg1326 dagen geleden
  • Adios fossil football.

    Darrell GregoryDarrell Gregory26 dagen geleden
  • "Don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you" 💀💀

    Tony OtienoTony Otieno26 dagen geleden
  • Doesn’t matter who comes in levy will want premier status but only give championship funds the day levy leaves I’ll have the biggest smile on my face

    Nathan RowlandsNathan Rowlands26 dagen geleden
  • Lol Tropheee Mourinho

    Tendai ParwaTendai Parwa26 dagen geleden
  • Go and tell this to someone who cares! You were backing him just a minute ago hypocrite much?

    Abdullaahi AhmedAbdullaahi Ahmed26 dagen geleden
    • @Tenya95 That Madrid team was on autopilot because of the talent they had at their disposal even Özil had issues with him at first but then he gelled with Ronaldo and Marcelo! Barca are too relyint on Messi True also but Koemann is a joke his squad selection is russian roulette! He keeps trying to implement things o drastic and the team does not have the personel for it! I also am not a fan of Messi at all, but do i think of him as Elite player somebody who is Barca in and out yes! Also this man has shown what he can do with less talent more grit and heart! Examples like Porto and Inter with the later beating my beloved Barca at Camp Nou add Chelsea to that aswell first tenure obviously! He just Lost his way along the way to top tier management!

      Abdullaahi AhmedAbdullaahi Ahmed26 dagen geleden
    • @Abdullaahi Ahmed ok first off spot on about Mourinho and man management i mean for God's sake he had beef with Cristiano ronaldo and they have the same agent and nationality .. also beef wit hazard and pogba and yada yada yada ..totally but i feel mourinho not attacking is a misconception look at what he did in 2012 with that real Madrid squad ...they were guns blazing ...i feel it's just cause he doesn't have the talent to play such football like that anymore... on to the barca point me barca are too messi centered ..he simply has too much control and idk if that's the best ..i mean i'm surprised koeman is turning things around cause at one point i thought he lost the dressing room but yeah tikki takka to me is a meh me i don't think you can really say mourinho shouldn't be out there managing in that finals game but they sacked him ,that was classless..and i also blame the players cause yes sometimes mourinho will freeze you out but that only means another one can shine...look at varane me shoulda won the balon d'or not modric but i digress ..if mourinho didn't shut down pepe than no varane ...

      Tenya95Tenya9526 dagen geleden
    • @Tenya95 But thats it you go down swinging or you score once from a counter and start defending wich one do you prefer? Me i am a Barca fan and im all about attack because goals win games not draws or even defeat such as having 3 goal lead against West Ham only to tie wich i call a defeat In my book! He also has this thing were he picks on People like Dele we know what he did under poch and we know he can be hard headed aswell but for fuck sake he should have better man management and check his ego at the door aswell right? Add to all that he had backing and instead of nostalgia they could have went and loaned a Lozano or buy Osimhen before loaning Bale from Madrid! I mean There is a list of players that this guy has screwed over or thrown under the bus for god knows what! I just think and this is my opinion that the game has outgrown him he has become volatile aswell as Bitter dont know why? Defend against lesser opposition and lose more games than you should from a winning position even if it was one goal lead its his call they go on the defensive! Lets be real he should take some accountability!

      Abdullaahi AhmedAbdullaahi Ahmed26 dagen geleden
    • @Abdullaahi Ahmed exactly what's entertaining football but nothing to show for're like Pogba saying " we need to attack attack attack" Jose beat Juventus with an average united need to stop thinkin like a worker and think big picture... and what has united won since they fired Jose?... we woulda won that final with mourinho who knows Guadiola's number but hey now we get to play exciting football and lose...

      Tenya95Tenya9526 dagen geleden
    • @Tenya95 I was against the guy from the start because Spurs were entertaining and really playing awesome football before this twat made them stale and pragmatic with nothing to show for! Then again they are used to that by now🤣

      Abdullaahi AhmedAbdullaahi Ahmed26 dagen geleden
  • Soccer is now the Hunger Games

    C JoeC Joe26 dagen geleden
  • Mourinho 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹

    BRANDÃOBRANDÃO26 dagen geleden
  • imagine getting a pound everytime expressions says "you know dem way dere"

    Mustafa MMustafa M26 dagen geleden
  • Man said Robocop😭😭😂🤣👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿😂

    Majacks LeloMajacks Lelo26 dagen geleden
  • Ole is a fried egg sandwich 🥚

    АлексеевTheCrabАлексеевTheCrab26 dagen geleden
  • 😂😂😂 So there was nothing fromTrophy mourinho

    Doryn DeandaDoryn Deanda26 dagen geleden
  • spurs can cry for another decade about his football, the truth is he was winning the cup no man has beat pep more than him especially in finals

    Sphamandla Linda NhlengethwaSphamandla Linda Nhlengethwa26 dagen geleden
    • what could've been

      Tenya95Tenya9526 dagen geleden
  • The champions league is basically the same as this super league. What’s the prob? Rich clubs getting a shit ton of money. Football fans are weird. All annoyed by this super league but don’t care about whatever human rights violating owners are pumping billions into whatever teams flavour of the month. All success in football is bought. Half the clubs are sponsored by tax dodging gambling firms. Half these joker ex footballers moaning about the super league came from Man U, Liverpool etc that have historically had all the money. Fifa is regularly investigated for all its corruption. I mean come on, perspective.

    Hans ZietenHans Zieten26 dagen geleden
    • not me though i left city after they fired mancini i saw man city for what it can be as rich as you want but you can't buy class

      Tenya95Tenya9526 dagen geleden
  • It's all because lewis is trynna sell spurs

    Liam RyanLiam Ryan26 dagen geleden
  • Spurs don't have the winning heart...blame the players

    nmssisnmssis26 dagen geleden
  • Jose Walking Away like Craig David but watch when he joins a new club. He'll be telling the press he was Slicker Than Your Average😉

    Dwayne RobertsDwayne Roberts26 dagen geleden
  • I know he left but we spurs fans respect Mourinho! Check out my reaction to this! Thank you! I appreciate it

    MeerSaidItMeerSaidIt26 dagen geleden
  • Every player you mentioned for him to take he never brought with him but you still blaming him for playing them when they were part of the core squad 😂 mourinho outters say some mad things man

    Xander XEventzXander XEventz26 dagen geleden
  • Henry the 8th in charge 😂😂😂

    louie reeslouie rees26 dagen geleden