Joe Rogan on TJ Dillashaw's Apology

15 apr. 2019
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Taken from MMA Show #62 w/Brendan Schaub:

  • bruh blood getting thicker? risk of stroke? fuck sakes guys you get one life RELAX

    HuntsyHuntsy13 dagen geleden
  • Brendan never knows the whole thing

    Patrick KongnarinhPatrick Kongnarinh14 dagen geleden
  • shitty schaub, what a warrior...Lmao

    FloridaFlorida14 dagen geleden
  • The question is. How good Cejudo really is.

    moh.fly35moh.fly3515 dagen geleden
  • "Not if you do it right" there another reason he isnt wanting the UFC to "test them all"

    GrayGray17 dagen geleden
  • if dana white "was paying this much money" to get fighters tested that early, then he's the moron for not knowing that they weren't testing.

    GrayGray17 dagen geleden
  • Brendan sounds like he’s on the pro juice wagon

    Annon OmAnnon Om19 dagen geleden
  • Brendan is a piece of shit

    Robert MccloskeyRobert Mccloskey21 dag geleden
  • Medicine ball throws and plyometrics isn’t why Tj is run down lmaooo

    Nico PetrelliNico Petrelli22 dagen geleden
  • Schwaub is such a dickhead

    ShakespearesBruvShakespearesBruv24 dagen geleden
  • Thing is steroids are inherently bad for you in the long term, which means, if someone doesnt want to take them for that same reason, they hinder themselvesbecauae of the orhers who put their health on the line. Fvck steroids in sports

    MamadouMamadou25 dagen geleden
  • Brendan schaub is the biggest loser. He talks like he just bit his tongue really hard

    tacticool Bassntacticool Bassn26 dagen geleden
  • TJ is an asshole.

    jim stewartjim stewart26 dagen geleden
  • TEST THEM ALL lmfaoooooo I love Rogan

    The GoonThe GoonMaand geleden
  • whatd he do

    yuk unerringyuk unerringMaand geleden
  • Joe mentioned his friend Salami WTF is up with that!?

    Carlos CruzCarlos CruzMaand geleden
  • Brendan CLEARLY was juicing

    Jumpman056Jumpman056Maand geleden
  • Brendan is so cringy: 6:06 Joe: I don't even know if I have a point.. Schaub: *Oh I guess we're taking the NO POINT WAY, LET'S GO!* I dOn't EvEn KnOw iF I dO, either...

    vhulksantosvhulksantosMaand geleden
  • 2:26-2:40... Schaub 🤦

    Hdhs HdhsHdhs HdhsMaand geleden
  • Schaub juiced 100%... Sounded shook when Joe said "Test them all".

    Max TowersMax TowersMaand geleden
  • The sad truth is , it was one with the sport in it's inception .

    James MoranJames MoranMaand geleden
  • Just give everyone steroids

    James MoranJames MoranMaand geleden
  • joe totally disagreed with brendan about epos... and brendan is defending it cause he used epo

    fatal X clawfatal X clawMaand geleden
  • Cody claims that he knew TJ was dirty for two years but he didn’t say anything until tj left his team and became his opponent so I’m glad Cody got knocked out. You can’t cover something up when it benefits you and then stand up against it when it helps you and act like you’re on the moral high ground.

    William BatsonWilliam BatsonMaand geleden
  • You feel sorry for TJ!?!? YEAH YOU LOVE & RESPECT MMA, WHAT A PIECE OF SH*T YOU ARE!🖕🏻

    yasee chaudhryyasee chaudhryMaand geleden
  • If you have to erase the JRE episodes from NLworld Please start with the ones with Brenda Shawb

    Rumble JungleRumble JungleMaand geleden
  • Brenda getting worried about his old samples getting tested. Lol

    Brett DW MusicBrett DW MusicMaand geleden
  • Brendan shitting it when joe says 'TEST EM ALL!' . Brendan: 'no iv never wanderd' 😅

    Hannah KennedyHannah KennedyMaand geleden
  • how stupid "you'd ruin the UFC" what transparency and knowledge of who cheated? what aa dumb ass arguement by schuab/.. either get rid of testing or test everything and find out

    James BrownJames BrownMaand geleden
  • Brendan seems really worried about old samples being tested....just sayin

    Lyle BaierleinLyle BaierleinMaand geleden
  • Mmm hadn't noticed how suspiciously nervous Schaub became when Rogan said that they should test them all and how defensive he is of using PEDs "Well you know PEDs are always hand in hand with the sport, like the referee or the gloves" Lmao, this dude talking bout doing PEDs every time he put his gloves on or what?

    david mirandadavid mirandaMaand geleden
  • Joe ‘that was my friend salami’ rogan

    Uber MenschUber MenschMaand geleden
  • Such a stain on his career. His fights with Cody i now see in a diffrent light. It was obvious that TJ was such a superior athlete and gave him a edge but whats real? Bc the Bantamweight fights are so fast that little fraction of a second more speed or power is the difference. Very disappointing.

    Mr.eastcoast GrowMr.eastcoast GrowMaand geleden
  • Straight up, USADA wakes people up at 4am, they deserve to get their faces busted.

    Liam RoarkeLiam RoarkeMaand geleden
  • Honest about it? He only fessed up after he was caught lol. That's not how honesty works, gentlemen.

    Almost LancelotAlmost Lancelot2 maanden geleden
  • Pretty sure the UFC is big enough to create divisions that allow steroid use and still keep the current divisions clean. I want to the sport to be natural but I always loved seeing Coleman hold people down and break them with his face

    Zak ThorneZak Thorne2 maanden geleden
  • Personally i think you get caught cheating you get banned for life in combat sports. A sport where they are trying to hurt each other should have zero tolerance for any cheating. They should test them all and back test because they keep the sampkes frozen for a long time years. Schaub doesnt want them testing in case they go back and test his.

    How zerHow zer2 maanden geleden
  • Joe Tesssstemaaalll Rogan

    George MwauraGeorge Mwaura2 maanden geleden
  • Joe: One of my buddies was talking about how young cyclists... brandon: T H I C C

    ObiSanObiSan2 maanden geleden
  • TJ only apologize because he was caught.

    BossBoss2 maanden geleden
  • Let's just cancel USADA. Waste of money

    Trevor ConwayTrevor Conway2 maanden geleden
  • Shaub feeling nervous, for some reason.

    Teddy GrahamTeddy Graham2 maanden geleden
  • Why wouldn’t you test them all...?

    Vladimir PutinVladimir Putin2 maanden geleden
  • It was the weight cut he should have never tried making 125. I really believe that was the only reason, and only fight he took them

    Dz MoneeyDz Moneey2 maanden geleden
  • Brendan is such a fucking dirtbag! Definitely owes his mediocre career to PEDs.

    adils786adils7862 maanden geleden
  • Let’s be honest if everyone was on steroids guaranteed sports would be even betterb

    Brin BoneBrin Bone2 maanden geleden
  • The other dude just sounds like a loser. Everybody cheats that’s what people do. I don’t trust him lol

    KiddKronicc 420KiddKronicc 4202 maanden geleden
  • You don’t just “fuck up”

    harlequin75harlequin752 maanden geleden
  • JOE ROGAN got someone in his ear.

    NativeBrit VicNativeBrit Vic2 maanden geleden
  • Even the guys who arent "cheating" are doing not-yet-illegal PEDs.

    Amadis DemitriusAmadis Demitrius2 maanden geleden
    • Nah Bisping wasn’t

      Angel MayerAngel Mayer2 maanden geleden
  • "Test em all" will prove Diaz right, everybody's on that shit.

    Amadis DemitriusAmadis Demitrius2 maanden geleden
  • Brendan backtracking when joe says test em all cause he knows every sample he gave in his career would be hot

    Andrew MonacoAndrew Monaco2 maanden geleden
  • Anybody else think brendan is hiding something?? Really analyze this video and how he acts.

    Matt WuntkeMatt Wuntke2 maanden geleden
  • This why VADA is the best anti-drug agency

    Mark DeCailleMark DeCaille2 maanden geleden
  • Shaub is a lil suspect isnt he?

    J PletcherJ Pletcher2 maanden geleden
  • Feel sorry for TJ for choosing to cheat ?

    You TubeeYou Tubee2 maanden geleden
  • Joes definitely on mushrooms for this podcast loll

    Trent MeyerTrent Meyer2 maanden geleden
  • The way Brendan talks bout EPO is just very suspicious

    Parakram BasnetParakram Basnet2 maanden geleden
  • We know that if they test them ALL, it’ll be A LOT of suspensions.

    Code MeCode Me2 maanden geleden
  • who’s Salami

    dzdsphxdzdsphx2 maanden geleden
  • Joe “test them alllllll” rogan

    hi mr frozonehi mr frozone2 maanden geleden
  • Everybody wants to win and be the best when you compete at the highest levels that is why they make the choice to use PEDS it’s a risk more often than not competitors are willing to take to get to the top.... especially when you know only an extra 1 or 2 percent better can mean 1st place over 3rd

    Nikolai BocherovNikolai Bocherov2 maanden geleden
  • Brendan sus

    Roobicon123 lolRoobicon123 lol3 maanden geleden
  • Sounds like schaub doesnt want his old piss tested

    Damian BrownDamian Brown3 maanden geleden
  • would be fucking hillarious if griffin n bonnar were on steroids haha omg ufc would be shamed

    Adam TurnerAdam Turner3 maanden geleden
  • gotta test em all!!!

    Sam ParraSam Parra3 maanden geleden
  • "Testimol"! Sounds like something they found in a Jon Jones sample.....

    David FulcherDavid Fulcher3 maanden geleden
  • If MMA and UFC had the same funding as the NFL or the medical industry so to speak there would be no such thing as steroids because we would just be so healthy we wouldn't fathom coming up with something like a steroid

    sunn mannsunn mann3 maanden geleden
  • Brendan Schaub supports doping

    AdamAdam4 maanden geleden
  • Every Athlete is on some form of PED's at the highest level of their sport. Let them all take PED's, the playing field is level I couldn't care less. It's safer for the athletes.

    TT4 maanden geleden
    • How do u know buddy?

      edgar brownedgar brown3 maanden geleden
  • Idk if he was doing it all along, but if he did it for the cejudo fight only, it kind of makes sense. It was that weight cut. He’s too jacked to fight flyweight. Either way he cheated he got punished and he didn’t even win the fight. Sad day

    FatmanJonesTVFatmanJonesTV4 maanden geleden
  • Imagine wearing what Shaub is in your late 30s. Embarrassing.

    lanesplitter87lanesplitter874 maanden geleden
  • Lol I can't believe the arguments against testing. Everyone should be tested every time, no excuses. Also weight cutting should be stopped too, let everyone be healthy and we'll have good fights if not even better than riods and trauma to their bodies by horrific dehydration and still be in the same classes/against the same people they'd be in with anyways

    viceb7viceb75 maanden geleden
  • If the foundation’s are based or lies and it turns out they all cheating, then it’s good for the sport to be rid of them! But how much of it did the company know about?

    B PabloB Pablo5 maanden geleden
  • fuck that bs about it not being present in his cody fights if you used once, you could have used the entire time. that benefit has helped you in all of your fights not just the one you got caught with. its the same reason jon is a cheat and is not in the GOAT conversation for sane people.

    SKRMZSKRMZ5 maanden geleden
  • Lmfao who says you feel bad for the dude who cheats? What kind of human is that?? For real... that statement tells you everything you got to know

    Primitive OrganismPrimitive Organism5 maanden geleden
  • i.v. Roidashaw

    Jimbo SliceJimbo Slice5 maanden geleden
  • Hope they degreased them head phones..

    mark aspinallmark aspinall5 maanden geleden
  • What podcast #is this? Please and thank you!

    Rene UribeRene Uribe5 maanden geleden
  • Everyone is on steroids you dont get that big without doing at least a few rounds of a stack of steroids most guys do testosterone,winstrol,deca and it makes you so much stronger why wouldn’t you do it if that’s your career on the line and that will make you that much better why wouldn’t you?

    Adam ShuttAdam Shutt5 maanden geleden
  • Bjarne Riis talked about having to get up at knights riding a bike.

    JOL JOLJOL JOL5 maanden geleden
  • Nobody gets caught the first time they do it. Thieves, cheats, drunk drivers..... whatever, in the majority of cases people don't get caught until the tenth offence.

    roland craggsroland craggs5 maanden geleden
  • Expose the fakes

    jinelife83jinelife835 maanden geleden
  • I think Brendan has something to hide

    Jamie Neil KinghornJamie Neil Kinghorn5 maanden geleden
  • How much is the UFC paying Usada?

    Guy EshelGuy Eshel6 maanden geleden
  • Fuck his apology.

    Rj EdwardsRj Edwards6 maanden geleden
  • Uhhhhhhhhh. Why’s he look like Gordan Ramsay in this fucking thumbnail lolol. Also Brendan being like BOTH OF OUR BOISSA ,TJ IS MY FRIENDY FRIENDY FRIEND .

    Nick JohnsenNick Johnsen6 maanden geleden
  • Karma is a bitch TJ next time stay relevant in your own division cheater this dude was acting like he wasn't even using the enhancements from the EPO an on top of it was trying to put great flyweight contenders out of work in the UFC. Even though my boy JB didn't get the belt later but at least the division is still alive with now 3 champions on its resume in 2020 after Henry vacated so Thank You Cejudo for saving the Flyweights even though I'm still salty JB didn't get his rematch after beating Henry in TUF Finale before he was the champion but he got 2 more opportunities later an lost to DF twice but at least the division still breathing so Thanks.

    Parrish CampbellParrish Campbell6 maanden geleden
  • Guy just tried to justify PEDs and having no honor. Rogan says test em all so we can legitimize the sport, other guy says “why?”. Since when did martial arts ever advertise using PEDs to win. It’s all about the art, discipline, and passion.

    BasicallyScarceBasicallyScarce6 maanden geleden
  • Brendan acting a little defensive scared like he guilty

    SajoirSajoir6 maanden geleden
  • Brendan don’t want his piss tested

    Sam PodSam Pod6 maanden geleden
  • TJ is a dirty cheater who needs banning for life he’s a piece of shit

    John BillingtonJohn Billington6 maanden geleden
  • Schaub: "not me I have never wondered..." because he knows he was juiced. None of his arguments make any sense...

    Garry CoatesGarry Coates6 maanden geleden
  • Fuck pillashaw. Dudes a cheater. No respect for him.

    Cool guyCool guy6 maanden geleden
  • Brendan juiced

    Aidan BagwellAidan Bagwell6 maanden geleden
  • "you're going to ruin the foundation of the UFC" Sounds like Brendan knows alot of dudes were cheating

    phoenixsplash135phoenixsplash1356 maanden geleden
    • @Derek Keenan duh

      akjohnnyakjohnny27 dagen geleden
    • yeah cause "justice" aint gonna matter when the whole sport's reputation is destroyed. people are so idealistic and think 1 dimensionally.

      akjohnnyakjohnny27 dagen geleden
    • Shaub acting shady as fuck in this interview...I think he doesn't want them to test them all cuz he knows he got away with juicing

      Derek KeenanDerek KeenanMaand geleden
    • @How zer shit man look at his entire ultimate fighter roster all those boys discovered the juice 🤣

      Damian BrownDamian Brown3 maanden geleden
    • How do you think he knocked Cro Cop out? He was juiced up to his tits

      How zerHow zer5 maanden geleden
  • One thing is positive.. shaub is pro roids!

    Y GagarinY Gagarin6 maanden geleden
  • Brandon sounds like he took a sum

    Jeremaih ThompsonJeremaih Thompson6 maanden geleden
  • Joe: "I don't even have a point." Brandon: "I agree."

    grThorngrThorn6 maanden geleden
  • Thing is if all the fighters are on steroids then the new comers need to use aswell just to keep up with them

    Mason BrewisMason Brewis6 maanden geleden