Joe Lycett on Gay Pride, Sexuality, and Gender

30 dec. 2020
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Comedian Joe Lycett recalls his gay pride feud with professional diver Tom Daley.

  • I don't even know why theres still a pride day 95% of people don't care the other 5% are gay

    Mick CareMick Care2 dagen geleden
  • i love him but this is crazy, if your not the type of person to live by media much then listening to this is mad. just be yourself and you don't need to label yourself, male and female are labels because as he said there's nothing you can do about that and its important to know for many on going reasons. 1 example, if schools are giving girls cervical cancer jabs they need to give it to bio girls and not everybody who feels like a girl that day and waste however many vaccines and not miss out on the bio girls who feel like a boy that day. there's so many reasons as to why knowing your bio sex is important and I don't care about society compliance, gender to me is the same meaning as your sex, because what makes a female is only her bio and nothing else and what makes a male is only his bio and nothing else. be male and wear a dress and be proud and be female and be weight lifter and be proud, you don't need to be the other sex's gender or new gender you just need to know the facts, your either mle or female and you are you and there is not enough labels in this world to label you with because you are that unique. love you all no matter who you are.

    SophSoph3 dagen geleden
  • This guy is funny, my type, and honest

    Alex PreusserAlex Preusser6 dagen geleden
  • Kind of a gay sermon

    Ray ShorttRay Shortt9 dagen geleden
  • Non@@@@@ce... who was a comedian for 2 minutes and now hosts a sewing show

    Jim CourtJim Court9 dagen geleden
  • As a femme lesbian, thank you for making me feel valid by saying that the other letters should be celebrated too, and not just gay men.

    MultiFandom HamHamMultiFandom HamHam9 dagen geleden
  • what a talent !

    Maciej WysockiMaciej Wysocki10 dagen geleden
  • When I woke up this morning I didn't know I was gonna discover the existence of my future husband right here

    ss12 dagen geleden
  • Pansexual is bi for people who want to seem more woke

    Maitzy JPMaitzy JP12 dagen geleden
    • @Charlotte Best Joe literally said pan is a type of bi. How is it different? Either way you're attracted to both sexes

      kidsofyesterday17kidsofyesterday173 uur geleden
    • Or for people who aren’t bi and are pansexual? They are similar personalities but they are different sexualities altogether.

      Charlotte BestCharlotte Best11 dagen geleden
  • Could someone explain the GBH joke to an American? One of those cases where Googling didn't really clarify it.

    idontknowcorpidontknowcorp16 dagen geleden
    • @roge That explains it, thanks!

      idontknowcorpidontknowcorp16 dagen geleden
    • "GBH" is an abbreviation for "grievous bodily harm". So someone who's been "done for GBH" is someone who was arrested for assault/battery.

      rogeroge16 dagen geleden
  • Don't mind me... just a straight bloke passing through. Nothing to see here....

    Ash BAsh B18 dagen geleden
  • "there are as many letters as there are people in the world" Yes! He said it! If anyone complains about the number of letters it could always be much bigger!

    R DR D19 dagen geleden
  • 9:14 - the most relatable thing I've ever heard

    Tobias WoodwardTobias Woodward21 dag geleden
  • Not tryin to be THAT person...but how is there a mass audience (coz of covid) ? XD

    Jammy BoyJammy Boy21 dag geleden
    • This was filmed in 2018.

      rogeroge21 dag geleden
  • I have punched a dog.... and ridden a horse. I'm a proper man.

    Col BassCol Bass22 dagen geleden
  • Essential part of being a women wearing make up me oh I should buy make up. Wish someone told me sidenote, Joe lycett is the kind of guy I could listen to all day

    Pink lover but still SarahPink lover but still Sarah26 dagen geleden
  • One worst comedians in the UK.

    Fred MillsFred Mills26 dagen geleden
  • 13:02 this was so powerful. I wish more public speakers would do this- it really took off that invisibility and made the lgbt look more visible; like we are everywhere and around you everyday.

    Kroko MezKroko Mez27 dagen geleden
  • I just love his pronunciation it makes me literally die 7:29 "Build a BAYBE" 🤣🤣

    Kroko MezKroko Mez27 dagen geleden
  • I am SO glad I clicked this notification, my side are ACHING 🤣

    Kroko MezKroko Mez27 dagen geleden
  • Good Ted Talk

    John MaranoJohn Marano29 dagen geleden
  • Joe Lycett, you're a hero.

    Raaf JansenRaaf Jansen29 dagen geleden
  • Hi Joe . You are an amazing comedian . Love your natural flow & ability to create a journey of laughter . ps. I LOVE Tom Daley . God bless . ❤ Mark (Toronto)

    MarkMarkMaand geleden
  • In my 20 years of life I have I’m yet to meet a fellow pansexual who hasn’t had the “what do you fuck pans LOL” joke made to them at least once

    Abi WrightAbi WrightMaand geleden
  • And the B in LGBT stands for barcla- i mean bisexual

    E. K .OE. K .OMaand geleden
  • I like joe’s style, it’s like a gay Ted talk

    PortellaPortellaMaand geleden
  • "Everyone I'm attracted to isn't attracted to me." That's why we're bi ourselves 😪😭

    Non SpecificNon SpecificMaand geleden
  • Joe literally took the words out of my mouth about Tom Daley and I couldn’t stop laughing since the beginning

    ScizzorSaurusX99ScizzorSaurusX99Maand geleden
  • .... as an Intersexed and transgender woman.... I am so tired of being referred to as a + ( add on ) 😭

    Azarah WagnerAzarah WagnerMaand geleden
  • ohnooo why did i just find this video xDDD i could've gone to a show :')

    Valerie SooValerie SooMaand geleden
  • I don't care what letter Joe is. He's just very funny :)

    GeozeoGeozeoMaand geleden
    • Oh how very noble of you.

      AWordorNinetyAWordorNinety10 dagen geleden
  • Joe has such a lovely comic voice somewhere between gay alien and autism Autistic Joe: i love aero planes and dino saurs Gay joe: in my bum bum

    Dan the vanDan the vanMaand geleden
  • His pansexual definition hit me in the soul

    Two Shaved Cats And A Pumpkin EntertainmentTwo Shaved Cats And A Pumpkin EntertainmentMaand geleden
  • I'm panromantic, cuddling with pans 😝 hell yeah

    SkoczMiNaPukielSkoczMiNaPukielMaand geleden
  • On a lot of these comments people seem to be arguing against someone called MMM Mmmm but I can never find their origional comment I'm assuming they made a homophobic comment on most of these other comments and has since deleted them. You see comments where people get argued against and can't find the origional person, but you don't normally see it on many upto 10 comments so Dish the tea please I wanna know what happened.

    closet Otakucloset OtakuMaand geleden
    • Yeah I saw people reply to their comments so many times

      Charlotte BestCharlotte Best11 dagen geleden
    • The person didn't understand asexuality and continued to fight that it didn't exist until multiple people in the comments educated them and they deleted their comments and left.

      Jay MiJay Mi19 dagen geleden
  • hilarious yet informative. ❤️❤️

    Bhren S.Bhren S.Maand geleden
  • Fucking Linda, I deal with too many linda's my mum is a bit of a linda, you help me deal fanks Joey

    dandygirl6dandygirl6Maand geleden
  • The utopian pillow putatively encourage because order retrospectively dam barring a tawdry pastry. right, ambitious sense

    Jeanette DaleJeanette DaleMaand geleden
    • that was certainly words, jeanette

      blink and you'll miss me 2blink and you'll miss me 211 dagen geleden
  • I like Joe but could never understand why people let their sexuality define their entire character (not talking about Joe but about many people in the comments). Also, many people mentioned that watching other comedians joke about LGBTQ+ community makes them uncomfortable, that is beyond my comprehension. The whole point of a comedian is that it's a joke and the fact that Joe is a pansexual and explicitly says that he supports the community should change nothing. That is to say even if he wasn't a pansexual and didn't support the community he should be able to joke without restrictions.

    Jakov VodanovićJakov VodanovićMaand geleden
    • @Erin That's true, I guess I was just a bit triggered because I felt like such comments endorsed cancel culture (though it's not a necessary implication) and that why I wrote it that way.

      Jakov VodanovićJakov VodanovićMaand geleden
    • i think it's more that it can be uncomfortable when a comedian jokes about (for example ) trans people and it's unclear whether they actually are transphobic or are just joking. sometimes comedians joke about trans people in a sort of derogatory way and that could make a trans viewer feel uncomfortable or excluded. Yes, people should be able to joke about whatever they want. however it still makes sense for people to feel uncomfortable when the jokes are directed towards them

      ErinErinMaand geleden
  • the hand makes me think it's photoshopped

    JamesJamesMaand geleden
  • This is beautiful

    KatKatMaand geleden
  • Joe Lycett seems homophobic. He's done other jokes making fun of homosexuality and distancing himself from it.

    SSMaand geleden
    • As a gay person, I 100% disagree. Joe is in the lgbtq+ community and while this doesn't exclude him from bigotry, he never seems to try to hate on those in the community at all. The reason why he's distancing himself from homosexuality is because he's not homosexual- he is pansexual.

      blink and you'll miss me 2blink and you'll miss me 211 dagen geleden
    • @callme byyourname Just because it needed to be said: That actually isn't an argument. You can be part of the LGBTQ+ community and still resent other parts of it. The amount of biphobic homosexuals is truly shocking, and I've met my share of homophobic trans-people. Asexuals are pretty much not safe from anyone's judgement, even though all they want to do is to NOT have sex with people. Every individual can be phobic of pretty much everything they themselves aren't. With that out of the way: I highly doubt that Joe Lycett is homophobic. He is, first and foremost, a comedian. Which means making fun of things is what he does for a living. It's also ok for a pansexual to distance himself from being gay. Because he freaking isn't. He's likely been met with resentment from the gay community before as well. But his digs at people rarely seem malevolent, they are meant to troll, (and of course upset people), but that is being done in jest. It's funny to see someone get trolled, but it's sometimes less funny if you emotionally identify with the person on the receiving end of the troll, especially, if you're part of a group of people often confronted with genuine resentment. Joe didn't troll Tom Daily because he's gay, he trolled him because it's frankly more than a bit odd to use a pride parade to get sponsor money from a bank, which is fair I'd say.

      Me (No, not Ashildr, I had the name before Doctor Who, and I'm not changing it!)Me (No, not Ashildr, I had the name before Doctor Who, and I'm not changing it!)26 dagen geleden
    • He’s pan lol

      callme byyournamecallme byyournameMaand geleden
  • Love you Joe ❤️ Let's go lesbians 🏳️‍🌈

    fuzzy5987fuzzy5987Maand geleden
  • Didn't he say "the license situation"?

    BaumwolkeBaumwolkeMaand geleden
  • ‘However, I’m now going to slag him off...’

    Fiona RyanFiona RyanMaand geleden
  • Black lives matter *✨🎉WITH TESCO🎉✨*

    Rubber DuckRubber DuckMaand geleden
  • Always be a first rate version of yourself...never a second rate version of someone you are not! We are all worthy of love. Katie 😘😘😘

    katie1664katie1664Maand geleden
  • Oh..... not be realising I’m pansexual and not bisexual 🥴

    Gabbi StoneGabbi StoneMaand geleden
  • So true about how people only focus on the G in LGBT, and the ones you described are often worse than most none LGBT people when it comes to acceptance and inclusivity. I was with a trans girl for a couple of years and in the community I still get called a “tranny fucker” and get looked down on because of it. Having a gay man be baffled by who you chose to be in a relationship with and turn their nose up at you is a very strange thing. Like for real, you’re judging me over that?!

    Luke 94Luke 94Maand geleden
  • Absolutely no idea how this appeared on my scroll but I’m glad it did. Only video ever posted by a guy called roge. Strange.

    Alan KerriganAlan KerriganMaand geleden
  • #fuckLinda #notliterally

    James LJames LMaand geleden
  • 11:26 For those that don’t know, when Joe reads the letter, although it’s funny on its own, the reason that so many people laugh so hard is because it’s a reference to a point earlier in the show:

    DudeRyanDudeDudeRyanDudeMaand geleden
  • “The rest of you should leave” LMAO

    BlossomBirdBlossomBirdMaand geleden
  • who is this linda?

    Lily EwingLily EwingMaand geleden
  • This is so top tier, prime example of some of the best that comedy can be and do!

    VexiadVexiadMaand geleden
  • This performance is outstanding. 100% profesh

    Jeremy ToppJeremy ToppMaand geleden
  • You know, it's usually hard for me to tell when British people are actually gay because they all sound gay to me. But with Joe Lycett, I know for sure instantly. Like, yep. That one is DEFINITELY gay. It gives me the sense of a gaydar. It's great. Anyways, loved him in that show with the autistic girl. More seasons soon please. Bye!

    Ms12369Ms12369Maand geleden
  • “Everyone who I’m attracted to is not attracted to me.” Ah yes, a fellow bye-sexual.

    Coen ACoen AMaand geleden
    • So true

      DSErayDSEray7 dagen geleden
    • @Meghan Stevens I n Sydney we have a Mardi grads ,, as you are probably aware , I estimate that 80% of the revellers are just free thinking heterosexuals ?

      John DamonJohn Damon17 dagen geleden
    • You to

      terrymon556terrymon55618 dagen geleden
    • Coen A hey you have high standards , it takes great skill and deep introspection to find those outside of the social norm, just think of it as a power like xray glasses, the bravado and social force fields that people wear are superficial. It would be helpful if you told me your age and country ? Im an australian , go by the name of jonno.

      John DamonJohn DamonMaand geleden
    • i dont know if anyone cares but last night I hacked my friends Instagram account by using InstaPortal. Just google for it if you wanna try it yourself

      Grant ColoradoGrant ColoradoMaand geleden

    Speedy QuickSpeedy QuickMaand geleden
  • Huh, I always thought Joe was gay. Well, you learn something new every day!

    sternis1sternis1Maand geleden
  • this is a beautiful bit

    Grxcie✧Grxcie✧Maand geleden
  • At the end of the day if only 1 man and 1 woman existed what would be the outcome.. just saying

    laurence Lovelaurence LoveMaand geleden
    • @laurence Love we evolved. humans just didn't pop out of nowhere, it was a gradual change.

      blink and you'll miss me 2blink and you'll miss me 211 dagen geleden
    • @Hannah Appleby thanks for your reply.. so are you saying at the beginning there might have been that many men and women to start the process off!

      laurence Lovelaurence LoveMaand geleden
    • The human race would die out, because we need at least 300,000 to keep the species going.

      Hannah ApplebyHannah ApplebyMaand geleden
  • I don't think women do have the 'narrow wedge' and are more 'restricted' when it comes to clothes these days. They have far far far more options for types of clothes and styles to choose from. You wouldn't bat an eyelid at a woman wearing jeans, converse and a t-shirt, or a suit, or shorts with a tank top. But a man wearing a skirt, a dress or makeup would be considered far more out of place in society. Women are almost more gender-fluid by nature. Men less so.

    tedfauntedfaunMaand geleden
    • I agree on some aspects and disagree others, here. There is of course issues with women wearing things and people making opinions of it - for example girls wearing typical hot weather clothes being blamed for the unwanted sexual harassment they receive and people saying that how we are treated is based on what we are wearing and we'll be treated with respect for wearing "modest" clothes, but not to expect any if we're "dressed like that" But I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree that the second a bloke is seen wearing anything slightly feminine, the people around them will immediately question their gender and sexuality whereas, if a girl is dressed in a less feminine way, they are assumed to be a tomboy, but there isn't really an equivalent of this for boys that isn't derogatory or doesn't imply something about them, but it's more the assumptions that people make of men doing this versus assumptions made about women doing the equivalent. A girl playing football and not wanting to wear a skirt to school as part of her uniform is usually assumed as a tomboy or just less of a 'girly girl', but I know that it is unlikely to be treated the same way in young boys. I think we (women) are more free of judgement for wearing clothes that are less stereotypically feminine, but we are absolutely judged for what we are wearing in many situations, like work, school and in many public places, and we often have sexual connotations associated with what we wear, whereas a man dressing in a certain way would have people take their entire sexuality or gender into question. But I agree that men are judged and criticised far too quickly for wearing things that are less masculine and it's a double standard that must be tackled. I think the issues suffered by both parties are neither worse nor less harmful than the other, I just think the issues that come of them are different but neither are okay. This doesn't even go into people dressing according to a subculture they're part of (goth for example) and people either fetishising them, or assuming that they're into certain things based on the fact that they wear a little more black or like chains, lace and so on. Overall I believe that clothes shouldn't have roles, connotations or strings attached: "you can't wear that, it's for girls", or "only a weirdo would wear that", "you're gonna get a lot of unwanted attention going around dressed like that" It's fabric, or coloured powders and creams to put on skin or paint for your nails, I mean why is painting walls and cars for men, but painting nails and faces for women? By that logic tattoos should be for women, and men can't have them, yet they have more masculinity attached to them. People that say certain clothes are for men and forget that, not long ago a typical straight white man wore ornately embroidered tailcoats with extravagant gold embellishments, white powdered wigs, stocking and shoes with pretty silver buckles, great big hats with feathers in and cravats with ruffles in - they would have been considered the peak of male society at the time. This shouldn't be a "men Vs women" fight because everybody, regardless of gender, is judged for the things they wear for different reasons and it's all wrong. People are called trashy because their clothes make them look poor. People are called crazy lesbian feminazi because they have rainbow hair. People are called gayboy and puff because they did their hair up to look nice, or wore a bracelet or a necklace. I know that straight men sometimes wear their wedding bands on a neck chain, but that shouldn't be the only straight piece of jewellery (which reminds me of expensive colognes and Rolex watches, good god are we gonna start gendering clocks now?? Lmao) People are assumed to be trying to get laid because they showed a little more skin. I don't think men are less genderfluid than women, I think it's more equal than that, but I think it's to do with the fact that if men go out of the gender norm for them, they will have more assumptions made about their gender and sexuality and thus as a result of fear of judgement from ignorant people, they don't try to express parts of themselves that are going to be viewed as more "feminine", whereas their are less stereotypes and pressures forced onto women for dressing in a less feminine way. Oof, didn't realise this was so long :'), it's just my thoughts on this issue, oop.

      Sea BiscuitSea Biscuit9 dagen geleden
    • Well like men can show their shoulders without being sent home from school and getting detentions and walk about with your top off without being arrested

      Charlotte BestCharlotte Best11 dagen geleden
    • @eEMMEe You can have racial prejudice against any race! I've only pointed out that men have equal pressures on them now to look a certain way. We have social media to thank for that. And society is still very closed-minded with what men are expected or allowed to wear. Women actually have more ways of expressing themselves through clothes. You can try and argue with that but I'm just pointing out reality. I've never diminished the historical difference and struggles that pertain to women and have always been clear on that in my comments. You keep making up your own argument where there isn't one and remember, you decided to take the time to respond to me first. Don't give a toss and think I'm on a high horse? Pot kettle...

      tedfauntedfaunMaand geleden
    • @tedfaun because you’re trying to hard to be marginalised in the way women have over time, men will never understand in the same way women have. It’s embarrassing to try and match the level. I’m not going to pick everything apart coz to be quite frank I couldn’t give a toss unlike you who clearly spends a lot of time on a high horse. There’s no such thing against racial prejudices against white people.

      eEMMEeeEMMEeMaand geleden
    • @eEMMEe to be fair to you. Racist is the wrong word to use. Your comment did have undertones of racial prejudice though. So why don't you address all the points in my last comment rather than cherry-pick? Why are you trying to categories me at all?

      tedfauntedfaunMaand geleden
  • BLACK LIVES MATTER ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽 💅🧚‍♂️✨WiTh TeScO! ✨🧚‍♂️ 💅 😂

    Daydreamer XDaydreamer XMaand geleden
  • Thank you for not excluding asexuality 💜

    WaywardWaywardMaand geleden
    • @MMM Mmmm I was wondering if you were going to respond to my comment, seeing as you love spewing bullshit to anyone in this comment section who mentions asexuality. You're thinking about celibacy, which is not the same thing. Asexuality = Not experiencing sexual attraction towards anyone regardless of gender. Being gay is as much of a choice as being gay. Judging by the other comments on this video you clearly don't know what you're talking about. Get a life :)

      WaywardWaywardMaand geleden
  • 💚🖤💜

    Queen Wolf.Queen Wolf.Maand geleden
  • Thanks for the education Joe! 👍🌷

    Natascha FeigeNatascha FeigeMaand geleden
  • The backbone of british society

    BunnyBunnyMaand geleden
  • Well done rubarb bikini

    oatmealoatmealMaand geleden
  • Some of these banks fought tooth and nail in the courts to deny same sex partners getting benefits. we remember

    ComicsGateKeeperComicsGateKeeperMaand geleden
  • I appreciate that he called pansexuality a type of bisexuality because as someone who identifies primarily as bisexual (for many reasons beyond just the plain definition) but pretty much fits the definition of pansexual as well, I get really annoyed when pan people try to explain the difference and they wind up defining bisexuality in ways that most bisexuals don't.

    ErraticonteuseErraticonteuseMaand geleden
    • Strumming my pain with your fingers Singing my life with your words Seriously though did you steal my journal?

      Magdalena SaccoMagdalena Sacco5 dagen geleden
    • @Nixie The Pixie Pansexuality is just bisexuality without gender being a large factor. The way Joe explained it, to an audience that more likely had more exposure to the existence of bisexuality, is perfectly fine. Joe didn't invalidate anyone.

      DimeDimeMaand geleden
    • @Erraticonteuse fair enough. The original way I read your post it felt like it could be construed as an invalidation, especially since both bi and pan get so readily accused of being greedy/actually pan/actually bi. And certainly, having a sexuality forced on you when you identify as something else is utter bs.

      Nixie The PixieNixie The PixieMaand geleden
    • @Nixie The Pixie The definition of bisexuality is deliberately broad in order to accommodate all the different ways bisexuals may experience their sexuality. The fact that it covers the same ground as pansexuality does not invalidate pansexual identity any more than the definition of "European" invalidates anyone's French or German identity. It is possible for pansexuals to explain why they identify as such without invalidating bi identity. They can say "I identify as pan because I feel more comfortable with the unambiguous prefix" or "I prefer a term that has less historical baggage". I have no beef with them. But when people say "I'm pan because *bisexuals* only like such-and-such or aren't attracted to xyz," that's what I have a problem with.

      ErraticonteuseErraticonteuseMaand geleden
    • @Ade Lucas What does that even mean? People have a gender, it is part of who they are.

      ErraticonteuseErraticonteuseMaand geleden
  • Brilliant 😆

    Lecynia MarieLecynia MarieMaand geleden
  • LGBTQ+ = premium gay

    pablo escabarpablo escabarMaand geleden
  • The one about blm was funny. good point!

    edward georgeedward georgeMaand geleden
  • Happy ace visibility week :)

    Through Coloured GlassesThrough Coloured GlassesMaand geleden
  • 11:25 - “Dear Barclays, you probably know why I’m writing you, you bitch...”

    George NegasGeorge NegasMaand geleden
  • The thing I found hilarious was I had captions on and while he was showing the video, before he said anything, the captions said that the video said Lycett situation as well. I lost it completely 😂

    Magical PetsMagical PetsMaand geleden
  • Does anyone know what show this is from?

    Darren LowbridgeDarren LowbridgeMaand geleden
    • @roge thank you so much! I live in Ireland actually so maybe it'll be on channel 4 or something

      Darren LowbridgeDarren LowbridgeMaand geleden
    • It's from his special called "I'm About to Lose Control and I Think Joe Lycett". If you're in the UK and have Amazon Prime you can watch the whole special there.

      rogerogeMaand geleden
  • "License situation"

    wisdom seekerwisdom seekerMaand geleden
  • Very skillfully done

    Ferha SyedFerha SyedMaand geleden
  • Well said Joe.

    The Bearded NurseThe Bearded NurseMaand geleden
  • Not seen this one....Joe at his funny & clever

    The busy super humanThe busy super humanMaand geleden
  • Love you, Joe. Love Tom Daley, too. Like sons, that's what you to are to me.

    Tom CrispTom CrispMaand geleden
  • Put this lad on tap

    Dara QuaneDara QuaneMaand geleden
  • You always know it’s gonna be good when Joe says “So I wrote them a letter...”

    CapnBrowncoatCapnBrowncoatMaand geleden
  • I love joe!!

    Ester PlankEster PlankMaand geleden
  • This set is pure genius. Activism, aggression, and absurdity- the power combo we never knew we needed.

    DaBetaDog11DaBetaDog11Maand geleden
  • I love this sketch!! As a trans man, its amazing to find a comedian that not only makes me ugly laugh, but also comfortable and validated- this is ace! (Pun intended)

    Ben TonkinBen TonkinMaand geleden
  • As a straight, cis-gender male-- I can confirm that I do, in fact, enjoy a good old-fashioned dog punch on a Tuesday afternoon.

    Ross BewleyRoss BewleyMaand geleden
    • PFTFT

      le sheeple sheepMaand geleden
  • 10:07 I almost spat my water

    Mobey Us TripMobey Us TripMaand geleden
  • Uhm, he used the ”#ad”, buut he made you click, so he's breaking the law: ”apparent without the need for people to click for more information, no matter what type of device they’re using to view the post”.

    leave me alone fucktruckleave me alone fucktruckMaand geleden
    • Tom scott fan or a peculiar fascination with obscure legal factoids. Either way, a person after my own heart 🌈

      Master of NoneMaster of NoneMaand geleden
  • I feel seen!

    Cee Koutsos nzCee Koutsos nzMaand geleden
  • I love a good pride ❤️🥰

    Susan AdamSusan AdamMaand geleden
  • I'm a conservative person but i do agree with what he said about sex and gender

    hyenicohyenicoMaand geleden
    • Its always good to see people with different opinions able to express having those opinions without a full argument ensuing :)

      TinkabouthatTinkabouthatMaand geleden
  • Joe has perfectly summed up not only why I dislike Tom Daley, but why I hate Pride sponsorship.

    Steven SheathSteven SheathMaand geleden
  • Yeah we all know what P stands for

    Porl InchPorl InchMaand geleden
  • I love him!!

    king seokjinking seokjinMaand geleden
  • Feeling very proud to be trans right now thanks to this absolute legend.

    ODDVIDSODDVIDSMaand geleden
    • same!

      Eli Davidson-MyattEli Davidson-Myatt3 dagen geleden
  • I thought it was a license situation… would make sense

    Eva R.Eva R.Maand geleden
  • (Tom Daley says he is queer and does also fancy girls)

    jochem kalthofjochem kalthofMaand geleden