Jeff Dunham’s 2020 YouTube REWIND | JEFF DUNHAM

12 jan. 2021
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The mostly garbage year of 2020 is now in the dumpster, and Walter, Peanut, Bubba J, Achmed, and I are certainly ready to move on!... (even though ‘21 is already looking like it’s going to be a doozy...☹️) Before we do, however, we thought it might be fun to take a look back at some of our top 2020 videos. Let’s rewind to some of our favorite uploads which hopefully helped get us through it all. 👍 Which one do you like the most!?
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    Billie MartinBillie MartinMaand geleden
    • Yess

      Debra DavittDebra DavittDag geleden
    • Dunno if anyone cares but last night I hacked my girlfriends Instagram account by using Instaportal. Find it on google :)

      Sullivan ReeceSullivan ReeceDag geleden
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    • Pppp

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  • I love how the government wrote this just for Jeff. Before everyone of the haters stars yes I know what I said I'm a military vet so I can say this because I worked for government. Love you Jeff keep up the great work man hopefully I can get to meet you in person one day

    Jon BurfordJon Burford3 uur geleden
  • You know this video shows that Jeff should have his own sketch show series

    Justine YatesJustine Yates3 uur geleden
  • Of the end of the day we're one and the same and humor comes in are similarities it's awesome that the characters portray life Jeff Dunham again UK has

    Stuart CooksonStuart Cookson15 uur geleden
  • They all kick a** Jeff Dumm your fucken awesome

    Stuart CooksonStuart Cookson15 uur geleden
  • peanut in the first video is so relatable

    Emma ChotaEmma Chota16 uur geleden
  • I wonder how Jose jalapeños on the stick is

    Mr brodyMr brodyDag geleden
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    Poli MoliPoli MoliDag geleden
  • Love this guy. So funny and down to earth. Even seen him in show.

    justin groomjustin groomDag geleden
  • his all love's ✌💎🙏🔴❤💯👄💎💗💫🔔🐇💎❤💎❤💎❤💎❤💎❤💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

    Som OeurSom OeurDag geleden
  • Even real puppets can be brainwashed!

    C GoodC Good2 dagen geleden
  • where are the jokes on the new fake president and fake vice ? or is he not allowed to make fun of them?

    gloria kaygloria kay3 dagen geleden
  • Are you trying to make us more stupid???

    Victoria PerezVictoria Perez3 dagen geleden
  • peanut panicking like this gives me life

  • This is gut busting hilarious!!! I'm watching this at like 3am and my neighbor just texted me asking "what's so funny?"

    Tom LindnerTom Lindner5 dagen geleden
  • There were way to munch adds in the video your shows are good want is up with so many adds

    Danielle KellyDanielle Kelly5 dagen geleden
  • Zoom to see who has the crappy house. Bubba wins! Lmao

    Samantha AliseSamantha Alise6 dagen geleden
  • Get a hose. Lmao

    Samantha AliseSamantha Alise6 dagen geleden
  • IT IS SO DAMN FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jorge DiazJorge Diaz6 dagen geleden
  • Whats the password

    Matthew LamontMatthew Lamont6 dagen geleden
  • Trump 2020 for life

    Lucian LeoneLucian Leone6 dagen geleden
  • notice how Walter looks like joe biden

    chip hiltonchip hilton8 dagen geleden
  • We laughed now but after biden is in office . No body is laughing after that . Because he and kamela will make jokes illegal . Or tax you for it white 60%.

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    john andersonjohn anderson8 dagen geleden
  • I never laughed so hard before broooo!!!jeff ur a legend my cap my man peanut killed me with cap

    Levi PayneLevi Payne8 dagen geleden
  • This man said high key

    WeebWorldWeebWorld8 dagen geleden
  • I fucken love you!! An much thanks for the laughter many blessing for you/too you!!

    kelly fenstermakerkelly fenstermaker8 dagen geleden
  • one of the best!

    Pao PascualPao Pascual9 dagen geleden
  • Haha

    charmnGUYcharmnGUY9 dagen geleden
  • "We're all in this together." Yeah, that ranks right up there with "I'll have to circle back to you" as among my least favorite phrases in recent times. =>[.]

    RaycheetahRaycheetah10 dagen geleden
  • Peanut Rocks! But I love em all! 🤣🤣🤣

    Phoebe ArmstrongPhoebe Armstrong10 dagen geleden
  • I was at your show in Baltimore

    Doge KnightDoge Knight10 dagen geleden
  • P

    austin shipleyaustin shipley11 dagen geleden
  • Wifi password is a new take on Abbot and Costello "who's on first!" Funny but not original

    kahamarca kemosabekahamarca kemosabe12 dagen geleden
  • I love jeff dunham my favorite characters are walter achmed bubba j and peanut i couldn't stop laughing😂😂😂😂😂 great job mr dunham

    Courtney LukerCourtney Luker12 dagen geleden
  • He updated who’s on first

    Partyrock 414Partyrock 41413 dagen geleden
  • Oh right can we all come together and call it the backstreet boys reunion tore. Credit goes to Game Grumps, as far as I know.

    False Death GodFalse Death God13 dagen geleden
  • Poor peanut it ligit loosing his mind XD

    False Death GodFalse Death God13 dagen geleden
  • Jeff's a genius. Peanut is my favorite.

    It's only Rock n RollIt's only Rock n Roll13 dagen geleden

    Claudia RamirezClaudia Ramirez14 dagen geleden
  • I LOVE this! It's SO FUNNY, & SO TRUE! 😂😂

    PJ CampbellPJ Campbell14 dagen geleden
  • Peanut is the best and my favorite and need to have another best of peanut JEFF FA FA DUNHAMMM I'm good I'm good im good peanuts favorite saying

    Mickey PrestonMickey Preston14 dagen geleden
  • I love it , if I changed my passwords to Arabic words where you have to roll your tongue so few people would get it , lol but them or the Mandarin Chinese I've been practicing . That is one challenging language , but I love the challenge . Thank you , Jeff , for it all !

  • Amazing

    KelleyKelley14 dagen geleden
  • Hey Jeff will you ever come to Vancouver Canada 🇨🇦 😀 😊 ☺ 😉 🙂 BC? And if so pls let me know cause I will be there

    Cristina CastanedaCristina Castaneda15 dagen geleden
  • Oh peanut love you and achmed as well. You two are my favorites along with Jeff love you 😍 ❤ 😘 💕 💗 ♥

    Cristina CastanedaCristina Castaneda15 dagen geleden
  • Hello Infedels

    AchmedAchmed15 dagen geleden
  • Lol url.... Walter's grandson love it! The new character turned out awesome!

    Headless HorsemanHeadless Horseman15 dagen geleden
  • I hope you got something new for 2021

    Freddy Fernando Gonzalez ふるFreddy Fernando Gonzalez ふる15 dagen geleden
  • Why don't you put magnets magnets on the characters feet so they don't move alot

    Venushe CoetzeeVenushe Coetzee16 dagen geleden
  • We're all wearing our jaw bras. Made us all.... well.... boobs.

    Kevin TrontlKevin Trontl16 dagen geleden
  • You need to make Walter's wife lol

    Cory HallCory Hall17 dagen geleden
  • Thanks for the laugh 😂I sure need it All of you guys are so funny 😂 I get a kick out of peanut and jeff 😂😂 Walter and Wal-Mart was a good one I laugh 😂 til I had tears welcome to Wal-Mart get you shit and get out😂 good onr walter😂 love all you guys Funny as hell 😂😂😂 thanks for sharing your videos Jeff I enjoy watching you guys 😂😂 keep safe take care of yourself! all of you. God bless you all ❤❤❤😂😂😂😂keep them coming theses days we all need the laughter 😂😂😂😂

    Louisa BoudreauxLouisa Boudreaux18 dagen geleden
  • Aren’t they all in the same house?

    Nathaniel ChuNathaniel Chu18 dagen geleden
  • This is the first time I’ve seen Jeff Dunham ever, today. I absolutely love ventriloquism. The characters are fantastic.

    Will BeeWill Bee18 dagen geleden
  • I love the manicness of peanut

    Tom Courteney-hoareTom Courteney-hoare18 dagen geleden
  • Funny 🤣

    Lance AbramsLance Abrams19 dagen geleden
  • miss baby Shamus

    Doug WilliamsDoug Williams20 dagen geleden
  • Jeff ty for this ive watched all these videos ya put together so funny and refreshing.

    DLsmow82DLsmow8220 dagen geleden
  • The first day you couldn't find alcohol and all that stuff...I went and bought a 1/5th of has an alcohol reading of 95% Fu**ing alcohol has less alcohol!!!

    alis_n_wundrlndalis_n_wundrlnd20 dagen geleden
  • If all non-essential government employees have to stay home, does that mean no more Bernie Sanders?

    AtticusDutchAtticusDutch20 dagen geleden
  • Never get tired of watching.thanks for lightening up the mood.proud to be a fellow dunham.

    Keith DunhamKeith Dunham20 dagen geleden
  • send this to the white house now.

    hornnightwolfhornnightwolf20 dagen geleden
  • Walter, Peanut, Achmed, and Bubba J knew how to make people Isolate better than any Government Official could.

    Jack TheRobotJack TheRobot21 dag geleden
  • This is hilarious. My nickname is Peanut. My Daddy called me that for 50+ years. Love all your characters. Keep these awesome videos coming!❤️❤️😂😂

    Marion TurnerMarion Turner21 dag geleden
  • I love this video

    Pat The CatPat The Cat21 dag geleden
  • hey president biden ?

    Hilke Dors-WesterhofHilke Dors-Westerhof22 dagen geleden
  • You are brilliant!

    Rebecca BaggettRebecca Baggett22 dagen geleden
  • Thank you Jeff.

    Michael KeoghMichael Keogh22 dagen geleden
  • Comment OWA OWA if you did

    theRandomestStufftheRandomestStuff22 dagen geleden
  • Shame, love you but Biden has a PHD and is an active professor. I'm thankful for a more safe country with President Biden.

    Eric DaleEric Dale22 dagen geleden
  • So. "SpeedDatin.fdx" ? :)

    Kai HinkelmannKai Hinkelmann22 dagen geleden
  • Love the skit on blowing up Vegas!🤣

    tehanu3tehanu322 dagen geleden
  • 16 ads wow

    Lala VaughnLala Vaughn23 dagen geleden
  • Hey new subscriber and I love your work man and never stop I been laughing so hard my ribs hurt

    jack Creechjack Creech23 dagen geleden
  • Jeff! Your mouth moves a lot! I'm sorry but it's the truth !!

    Ricardo BrunoRicardo Bruno23 dagen geleden
  • Love me some Jef fa fa fa fa fa Dunham!!!!

    John DowtyJohn Dowty23 dagen geleden
  • sorry to say but the political jokes are not funny. covd19 is not funny.

    HRRoachHRRoach23 dagen geleden
  • Bring my favorite player in a management profession, PIMP, out of retirement. Just avoid political injustices topics. He was literally your best character. Not using him anymore is a an injustice.

    HRRoachHRRoach23 dagen geleden
  • i think peanut is on meth, or coke

    HRRoachHRRoach23 dagen geleden
  • Pay attention to the background for each of the characters. I looked at Walter's and was amazed. From right to left it looks like a Dynaco speaker sitting on a Klipsch La Scala. Next comes the Teac Real to Real perhaps a 2300? then what looks like it might be a McIntosh receiver. Perfect 1970s high end audio showing Walter (Jeff) is a music dude!! Who knew?

    Gary MeyerGary Meyer23 dagen geleden
  • Maybe mention the mask should cover the nose and mouth not be used as a chin warmer.

    Shawn StrodeShawn Strode24 dagen geleden
  • A modern take on whos on first.

    malarucoonmalarucoon24 dagen geleden
  • It's not ok to kill your spouse. Just don't! Can I at least get him a shock collar? The presidential debate was the funniest segment I've ever seen!

    LindaLinda24 dagen geleden
  • Ughhhh virtual learning makes we wonder how I graduated! I agree with outer space

    Ary JonesAry Jones24 dagen geleden
  • I met a woman at the beginning of all this that wanted to use toilet bowl cleaner as hand sanitizer. She looked at me and said "well it says bleach". *face palm*

    Adrian ContrerasAdrian Contreras25 dagen geleden
  • We Absolutely love the work of Jeff Dunham , he is a genius great show !

    Mr Dee's & Miss Bee's WorldMr Dee's & Miss Bee's World25 dagen geleden
    • Check out our channel.

      Mr Dee's & Miss Bee's WorldMr Dee's & Miss Bee's World25 dagen geleden
  • Jeff Dunham was my favourite from long time ago with Achmed😁😄😃

    Be GratefulBe Grateful25 dagen geleden
  • Truly... thank you Lord for Jeff Dunham! ☺️

    Katie CarpenterKatie Carpenter25 dagen geleden
  • Your a real insperation im a 14 year old and seeing your shows have givin me things to try and do during covid so now i walk around the house and a few days ago i pulled of a decent one and my mom thought the oven was talking to her

    kermits memeskermits memes25 dagen geleden
  • That bit about with Walters new greeting hit kinda different because a young girl here was kill in a walmart from being stabbed in the neck Long story

    blacknightboy17blacknightboy1725 dagen geleden
  • SAT PART fucking hilariuos

    Naijshua ThomasNaijshua Thomas25 dagen geleden
  • Achmed would have to wear a face shield because he doesn't have ears

    Midnightblueraven 44Midnightblueraven 4425 dagen geleden
  • Absolutely hilarious!!! Good times!!! I really hope I can get a chance to see a live show one day!

    LissaLissa25 dagen geleden
  • Thank you.

    Tigger TheMightyTigger TheMighty26 dagen geleden
  • Who's on first.

    Brianna RichardsonBrianna Richardson27 dagen geleden
  • This was good. Thanks for all the laughs!

    Producer KProducer K27 dagen geleden
  • Thanks a million for the upload 👌👌

    Luke BeaumontLuke Beaumont27 dagen geleden
  • looks like Jeff has been paying attention to portland and a few other deep blue city's during the 2020 late spring/summer/early fall season were a certain "idea" was rioting for over 120 days in a row alongside BLM that time, when the MSM did not cover them. well done Jeff.

    phoenix1977phoenix197727 dagen geleden
  • Loved this!! Needed a good laugh. Thank you so much!

    Lori SoichLori Soich27 dagen geleden