Jazz Set NBA Record 18 3s 1st Half vs Magic! 2020-21 NBA Season

4 apr. 2021
103 513 Weergaven

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  • “Jazz eat that up” Eat what up ⁉️ 🤨

    ShaneGxmesShaneGxmes14 dagen geleden
  • I see only threes for 1:40 min

    hillel zadokhillel zadok14 dagen geleden
  • Coach Q stopped them from setting some crazy full game records.

    B MacB Mac14 dagen geleden
  • Jazz 🔥🔥🔥

    Philippines UnfilteredPhilippines Unfiltered14 dagen geleden
  • Finally a Jazz video 🔥

    Klaas MarcKlaas Marc14 dagen geleden
  • Man, to think the Jazz almost got clapped by a bird while flying their plane ✈️ 🐦

    Ben HendersonBen Henderson15 dagen geleden
  • I can't even blame them. If the other team is so hot they hit 18 3s in 1st half there's nothing you can do to defend them.

    getrasa1getrasa115 dagen geleden
  • The (nba team or player) BACK AT IT, man I love smoove

    Ed JalladEd Jallad15 dagen geleden
  • Playoffs

    nofalsegod4nofalsegod415 dagen geleden
  • Will they continue hitting those in the playoffs? That is the big question

    jdelgado216jdelgado21615 dagen geleden

    T.C. ArcheryT.C. Archery15 dagen geleden
  • Nuggets vs Nets in finals.... Nuggets in 6

    lakersrdbestlakersrdbest15 dagen geleden
  • Imagine Denver vs Utah in conference finals? I think it'd be a great make up

    lakersrdbestlakersrdbest15 dagen geleden
  • *1st Half Cheese*

    Maurice CopelandMaurice Copeland15 dagen geleden
  • It’s just been a night of blowouts huh

    Andrew williamsAndrew williams15 dagen geleden
  • Jazz with 100% chemistry

    Henry BHenry B15 dagen geleden
  • And that was our 2nd bench team btw

    Gurjas Singh BatraGurjas Singh Batra15 dagen geleden
  • The jazz scored more in a half than the warriors did the whole game

    Mihir KMihir K15 dagen geleden
  • Had a dream that teams started scoring 200plus points

    Kevin RamosKevin Ramos15 dagen geleden
  • Lakers in 6

    KOT1Q BallKOT1Q Ball15 dagen geleden
  • Rebirth of the 14-15 warriors

    one nameone name15 dagen geleden
  • Gobert setting screen up top while 4 players are outside the arc. Live or die with them treys. Gsw broke the stereotype that jumpshot heavy teams aint winning it all. Its a wait-and-see game for the Jazz

    BIONG RENNBIONG RENN15 dagen geleden

    Julio Daniel InsfranJulio Daniel Insfran15 dagen geleden
  • Jazz team reminds me 2015 warriors literally strength in numbers

    Om DesaiOm Desai15 dagen geleden
  • Jazz been killing it lately 💯

    Jking_Jking_15 dagen geleden
  • I thought Jordan Clarkson made 18 3s for a sec.

    SomeRandomGuySomeRandomGuy15 dagen geleden
  • I love you Chris! You’re such a fucking vibe

    Nathan WaymanNathan Wayman15 dagen geleden
  • Why the Jazz can’t do that in the playoffs! 🤣

    MarkyBo 1204MarkyBo 120415 dagen geleden
  • game slidders all the way up

    Randy Nickels T.V.Randy Nickels T.V.15 dagen geleden
  • lol 😆 @ Matt Thomas red hot hands.

    Patrik MyersPatrik Myers15 dagen geleden
  • jazz = 2016 hawks

    JonTheSinnerJonTheSinner15 dagen geleden
  • i was at the game

    AM BucketsAM Buckets15 dagen geleden
  • Jazz showing no sportsmanship for the Hall of Fame CPU when up by 30+ points in the 4th quarter lol

    Jonathan Emmanuel NavarroJonathan Emmanuel Navarro15 dagen geleden
    • I think that they were bottom of the depth chart in the 4th quarter.

      Average Guy GamingAverage Guy Gaming15 dagen geleden
  • The Jazz chemistry is thru the roofs

    justlokíjustlokí15 dagen geleden
  • Jazz is very strong now

    Ayyub DTAyyub DT15 dagen geleden
  • Why is utah not missing these threes

    Wagwan 6ix - TopicWagwan 6ix - Topic15 dagen geleden
  • Utah tho , finnaly , fricking deron Williams and tricking AK47 and fricking other dude

    Juan SanchezJuan Sanchez15 dagen geleden
  • why the hell he kick out the towel? how weird is that?

    Arcz AngelArcz Angel15 dagen geleden
    • He was trolling Mitchell 😂

      Tri4ceKidTri4ceKid15 dagen geleden
  • Hi smoove

    vClampGod IQvClampGod IQ15 dagen geleden
  • Stop with the china time uploads

    Its_skichIts_skich15 dagen geleden
  • Happy Easter everyone!!!!!

    Will EditsWill Edits15 dagen geleden
  • When you put rookie difficulty in 2k21 😂

    mister Wmister W15 dagen geleden
    • Then u edit everyone else’s 3 point rating and they gold catch and shoot badges😂

      Isaiah HillIsaiah Hill15 dagen geleden
  • should've said nba regular season record..

    jaymar dinjaymar din15 dagen geleden
  • I thought chris smoove had autotune, am i trippin?

    Chris Fonche Year 11Chris Fonche Year 1115 dagen geleden
  • W for both teams - Jazz in race for 1st, Magic in tanking efforts.

    FlyWithMe666FlyWithMe66615 dagen geleden
  • Mitchell and Gobert are a top 3 NBA duo

    colinz fncolinz fn15 dagen geleden
  • Dj khaled: another one!

    Pids MePids Me15 dagen geleden
  • The Magic gotta change their name now... because there is no magic

    Cameron ShirleyCameron Shirley15 dagen geleden
  • Jazz vs Nuggets 2 in Playoffs.

    Ra RoRa Ro15 dagen geleden
  • "jazz eat that up"☠️

    Stephen SStephen S15 dagen geleden
  • Damn Utah needs to chill

    Jadiss GainesJadiss Gaines15 dagen geleden
  • Ima need you to do that Gonzaga game Smoobe

    FamiliarFamiliar15 dagen geleden
  • game is ugly these days...only 3's... UGLY

    Raul FitRaul Fit15 dagen geleden
  • Jazz clippers bucks will choke come playoff time

    taye Davistaye Davis15 dagen geleden
  • Orlondo made only 2 threes the whole game thats pathetic

    Yassine IdouhamouchYassine Idouhamouch15 dagen geleden
  • In the playoffs they Will miss 18 straight record😭

    i took it personali took it personal15 dagen geleden
  • Very 2014 Spurs

    TheNamesDittoTheNamesDitto15 dagen geleden
  • 0:21 vor.black

    Christopher TenishaChristopher Tenisha15 dagen geleden
    • absolutely

      kian adriel mendozakian adriel mendoza15 dagen geleden
    • yes

      kian adriel mendozakian adriel mendoza15 dagen geleden
  • That's some 🧀

    t1 footballt1 football15 dagen geleden

    Eric MaesterEric Maester15 dagen geleden
    • @Eric Maester oh makes sense now. yeah that would be intersting

      hehe poophehe poop14 dagen geleden
    • @hehe poop imagine if the Jazz had Mark Cuban as their owner

      Eric MaesterEric Maester15 dagen geleden
    • huh?

      hehe poophehe poop15 dagen geleden
  • The Magic should change their name into the Orlando Tragic. The most unsuccessful team in NBA history.

    PaulPaul15 dagen geleden
  • not gonna tell us which team held the previous record and what year it was made? ok smoove

    ay ruay ru15 dagen geleden
    • Warriors and if I remember the broadcast he got it slightly wrong. Most 3 in a first half was 14 as a Franchise record for the Jazz. Record was 17 by the Warriors. Either way we broke them all with 18. And honestly be we would have gone past 30 if we kept the starters in but we emptied our bench midway through the third

      Omar HolderOmar Holder15 dagen geleden
  • Jazz vs Dleague

    Heat FanHeat Fan15 dagen geleden
  • "Spidad w/18 TREYS only in the 1st Half" Klay Thompson: Wait, till I came back!

    Yuriel CundanganYuriel Cundangan15 dagen geleden
    • I hope you know that Mitchell didn’t have 18 threes. It was the entire team combined.

      Mintesinot SturmMintesinot Sturm14 dagen geleden
  • Spidad 18 TREYS only in the 1st Half Klay Thompson: Wait, till I came back!

    Yuriel CundanganYuriel Cundangan15 dagen geleden
    • What you smoking cause I wanna try it?

      Kristian JerakKristian Jerak15 dagen geleden
  • First

    zezvaz 1zezvaz 115 dagen geleden
  • Chris smooves say something about march madness game gonzaga vs ucla

    Robin AlexanderRobin Alexander15 dagen geleden
  • “Close your eyes girl”

    Marvy_GMarvy_G15 dagen geleden
    • hahahahah

      AidanAidan15 dagen geleden
  • The magic are a joke lol

    Tahir RobinsonTahir Robinson15 dagen geleden
  • 0:55 That reminded me of KD and Bron in the Finals..in the same damn spot lol

    Hypotheticals Are PointlessHypotheticals Are Pointless15 dagen geleden
    • Facts

      Itachi UchihaItachi Uchiha15 dagen geleden
  • Smooveee moveeeee

    AlmightyAfricaAlmightyAfrica15 dagen geleden
  • Atlanta hawks 2015 or nah?

    G GG G15 dagen geleden
    • 2014 spurs / 2015 warriors

      hehe poophehe poop15 dagen geleden
    • Way better than them tho

      Danny StellyDanny Stelly15 dagen geleden
  • I am a goat

    Mitchell RobinsonMitchell Robinson15 dagen geleden
    • No you’re not the goat

      SK - 06FI 781389 Sir John A Macdonald Sr PSSK - 06FI 781389 Sir John A Macdonald Sr PS15 dagen geleden
  • You should try nba 2k21 mobile

    jonas and jona gamingjonas and jona gaming15 dagen geleden
  • Imma bout to say it. Best team after warriors we've seen

    The Angry SlavThe Angry Slav15 dagen geleden
  • Jazz is the new 2014-2015 hawks

    BoATBoAT15 dagen geleden
  • 3s are so satisfying to watch even it has a satisfying sound on it

    Patrick Laurenz PosadasPatrick Laurenz Posadas15 dagen geleden
  • Jazz>magic>clippers

    khadafikhadafi15 dagen geleden
  • Franchise records : Exist Jazz : Ight say goodbye

    Carmelo AnthonyCarmelo Anthony15 dagen geleden
    • You comment to much

      Daily Spida GamingDaily Spida Gaming15 dagen geleden
    • Soo uhh even negative ones?

      Cloudys FCCloudys FC15 dagen geleden
    • That was lame👎👎👎

      Marwane MMarwane M15 dagen geleden
  • i saw smoove uploaded so I checked the time and realized ive been up all night until 7 am

    Anish BhethanabotlaAnish Bhethanabotla15 dagen geleden
  • I hope they make it deep in the playoffs and don't choke

    Carmelo AnthonyCarmelo Anthony15 dagen geleden
    • Thanks Carmelo

      Winny TeeWinny Tee14 dagen geleden
    • Nope JC the vietnamese will save them.

      the rockthe rock14 dagen geleden
    • Thanks melo

      Sam HewlettSam Hewlett14 dagen geleden
    • they will choke and they will choke badly

      Karlin HutchesKarlin Hutches15 dagen geleden
    • @Shockked they the most underrated team in the nba

      LunnsLunns15 dagen geleden
  • 1:35 best part lmao

    dolce gabbanadolce gabbana15 dagen geleden
    • Covid protocols

      Bad IntentionsBad Intentions14 dagen geleden
    • Unsalvagable

      Biggie BigsBiggie Bigs14 dagen geleden
  • only jazz highlights aight

    nonino264nonino26415 dagen geleden
  • Jazz in the finals?

    A BA B15 dagen geleden
    • He’ll no

      Juanillo RiosJuanillo Rios15 dagen geleden
    • we will wait and see 😅

      jaymar dinjaymar din15 dagen geleden
  • Give that guy a technical will forever be legendary 😂

    • 😂

      Jking_Jking_15 dagen geleden
    • That's not allowed

      John AllenJohn Allen15 dagen geleden
    • @NameWasChance embid hitting the mccringleberry in the air I can't 😂

    • No

      NameWasChanceNameWasChance15 dagen geleden
  • I wouldn't be surprised if gobert got atleast one three

    James AquinoJames Aquino15 dagen geleden
    • He pump faked one and our crowd went wild it was awesome inwish he would've shot it

      Tyson BTyson B15 dagen geleden
  • What’s the possibility the Jazz go to finals?

    Zorrusso GamingZorrusso Gaming15 dagen geleden
  • Spidad: Another Mile-Stone Shaq: I've got 4 RINGSSS

    Yuriel CundanganYuriel Cundangan15 dagen geleden
    • @Annely Rahkema I got the joke. Guess the quarantine is kicking in your head again. Lol

      Xarbilive SomaliTVXarbilive SomaliTV15 dagen geleden
    • @Annely Rahkema precisely

      Alex QiAlex Qi15 dagen geleden
    • @Annely Rahkema unquestionably

      Amar MAmar M15 dagen geleden
    • @Annely Rahkema affirmative

      FlyPizza.mp4FlyPizza.mp415 dagen geleden
    • @Annely Rahkema factual

      Patrick Laurenz PosadasPatrick Laurenz Posadas15 dagen geleden
  • Utah just toying with the magic 🤣

    PocketPocket15 dagen geleden
    • yo pocket

      kian adriel mendozakian adriel mendoza15 dagen geleden
    • lol

      Nomer NazarenoNomer Nazareno15 dagen geleden
  • Jazz Fans, Now Is Yall Time 😏

    AshleysMindsetAshleysMindset15 dagen geleden
  • Nah, im 15th or sumn 🤣

    Vaughn BeedaceVaughn Beedace15 dagen geleden
  • Jazz team reminds me 2015 warriors literally strength in numbers

    GodLotusGodLotus15 dagen geleden
    • No one giving them props despite playing insane basketball. Fits the bill.

      ᴀᴠɪᴇxᴀᴠɪᴇx15 dagen geleden
    • @AshleysMindset Harden would have became a top 5 SG all time and CP3 would have became top 5 PG also

      PNW AbelPNW Abel15 dagen geleden
    • @AshleysMindset fr

      Lemickey MouseLemickey Mouse15 dagen geleden
    • @AshleysMindset holy i just remembered what they could have done

      kian adriel mendozakian adriel mendoza15 dagen geleden
    • Just hope they're not another 2018 rockets type of team 🥺

      AshleysMindsetAshleysMindset15 dagen geleden
  • Jazz going stupid in the Regular season.. we'll see how they are in the playoffs

    Maurice WhiteMaurice White15 dagen geleden
    • @RJ I'm thinking the same thing

      Maurice WhiteMaurice White15 dagen geleden
    • They're obviously going to choke again.

      RJRJ15 dagen geleden
  • Spidad 18 drilled TREYS a Mile-Stone

    Yuriel CundanganYuriel Cundangan15 dagen geleden
    • Idiot

      Brandon LinBrandon Lin15 dagen geleden
    • But jazz made 18 threes not Donovan Mitchell

      Annely RahkemaAnnely Rahkema15 dagen geleden
  • 1st

    Randy WhiteRandy White15 dagen geleden
  • Bro when do you go to sleep???

    David RonenDavid Ronen15 dagen geleden
  • W in the chat

  • 33

    Mead MustafaMead Mustafa15 dagen geleden
  • Firet

    Francesco LeksFrancesco Leks15 dagen geleden
  • That’s some cheese!

    AppleGuyAppleGuy15 dagen geleden