Jan-Lennard Struff vs Nikoloz Basilashvili For The Title | Munich 2021 Final Highlights

2 mei. 2021
139 052 Weergaven

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  • Trophy shorts? What was that all about..

    Frank G.Frank G.18 uur geleden
  • One of the coolest players Nikoloz!!! Congrats!

    JM Tennis - Online Tennis Training ProgramsJM Tennis - Online Tennis Training Programs22 uur geleden
  • What a phenomenal match! Shame we couldn't get a third set Struff clearly deserved it, he was the better player in the second. But congratulations to Basilashvili for a phenomenal week. He was literally unplayable. What a weird year for the Georgian. On the one hand he has only had two good tournaments this year, on the other hand he won them both XD. It's also a pity that he was spent physically and mentally so he literally couldn't give anything in madrid, where he lost to paire of all people lol.

    Dusan StanisicDusan StanisicDag geleden
  • How u be inform and lost to Benoit paire betrayal rot in hell...wasted all my resources

    George DiemetaGeorge DiemetaDag geleden
  • Struff is a dumb player

    Boris KosticBoris KosticDag geleden
  • Basil dick

    George DiemetaGeorge DiemetaDag geleden
  • Basil rot in hell

    George DiemetaGeorge DiemetaDag geleden
  • Basil betrayal

    George DiemetaGeorge DiemetaDag geleden
  • Very talented player

    Boris KosticBoris KosticDag geleden
  • Pls tell basilashvili that he is a devil sent from hell...I wish he never wins any tournament

    George DiemetaGeorge DiemetaDag geleden
  • nlworld.info/key/video/rK1iatS4sH56lYg

    Haliç Çevre LaboratuvarıHaliç Çevre LaboratuvarıDag geleden
  • This match proves shot selection is such an important part of tennis. Both players made some errors in this regard which caused them to lose the point. That is the difference with the feds, Nadals and Djokos of this world. They would have picked the proper shot and win the point.

    Funkytrip73Funkytrip73Dag geleden
  • Congratulations Niko! You are a great champion and a humble human being. Respect...

    Christ MilesisChrist Milesis2 dagen geleden
  • These guys both rip the ball to shreds

    Angelo ReyesAngelo Reyes2 dagen geleden
  • He should keep those shorts on for the rest his matches this year!

    Bryan DyerBryan Dyer2 dagen geleden
  • Munich, the old Nazi capital where Hitler once lived....

    Deschutes MapleDeschutes Maple2 dagen geleden
  • Is Basilashvili on some type of Next gen PED? That pace is unreal.

    Pepe Luis HernandezPepe Luis Hernandez2 dagen geleden
  • Fine fine player

    riku berndtsonriku berndtson2 dagen geleden
  • I wish Struff many many titles so honest player

    Andy GiantAndy Giant2 dagen geleden
  • Stop spoiling with thumbnails

    Tupac RIPTupac RIP2 dagen geleden

    AUDIOHOSTEM187AUDIOHOSTEM1872 dagen geleden
  • The most reliable award is to win the BMW car.

    James HuJames Hu2 dagen geleden
  • WARNING-base on d bibLe-all mOney in the world will be destroyed Very near in ArmAgedOn, JehOvAh GOd Said that in ezekieL 7:19, James 5:1, sO, WOrship JehOvAh GOd fAther Of Jesus b4 it's too late because d end is very neAr, Jeremiah 25:33, mAthew 4:10! read

    Roderick SumawayRoderick Sumaway2 dagen geleden
  • Is that 8M competition?

    Sab SarajeviSab Sarajevi2 dagen geleden
  • Нико , красава !!!🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪

    Георгий ДжиджавадзеГеоргий Джиджавадзе2 dagen geleden
  • Thanks for winning, here try some shorts on…. #wtf

    Andy JAndy J2 dagen geleden
  • Never thought I would see it, but Jan-Lennard Struff is literally the shittier version of Isner. Phenomenal.

    NotYourAverageSpiritRavenNotYourAverageSpiritRaven2 dagen geleden
  • The reaction of a snail after serving 00:19

    LaminatorLaminator2 dagen geleden
  • Კიდევ ბევრი გამარჯვება მოგველოცოს 🇬🇪🏆🇬🇪

    Vasil ButkhuziVasil Butkhuzi2 dagen geleden
  • Niko is always fun to watch when he is the groove and he definitely has the game to beat top 20 players, but like some WTA players, he doesnt have any kind of plan B when his main game is not working - it's either on or off. Hopefully, that's the past and he is developing his game play.

    AndrewAndrew2 dagen geleden
  • 6:42 don't miss the only smile of the year for the georgian

    Cal CalCal Cal2 dagen geleden
  • the BASHER

    Kevin LeKevin Le2 dagen geleden
  • Why does baseline players are starting to rise now?

    Ivan PalacaIvan Palaca2 dagen geleden
  • Empty stands. Stop living in fear, morons.

    circuitdesigncircuitdesign2 dagen geleden
  • Well done bro❤

    Data BokuchavaData Bokuchava2 dagen geleden
  • Man basiliashvili is a joy to watch when he's on. I absolutely love his deadly fast game. He takes it very early and watches the bell very well. And man that closing ceremony was funny. I haven't seen that type of award ceremony yet lol.

    Phil.KPhil.K2 dagen geleden
  • When you return the first point of the match like that, you know it's your day and nothing can stop you! Kudos Basilashvili!

    Sakthi Vishnu SSakthi Vishnu S2 dagen geleden
  • Perfect game from Basilashvili👏

    Artem ShumilinArtem Shumilin2 dagen geleden
  • マジ出し切り

    TarakoTarako2 dagen geleden
  • Congratulations Nikoloz Basilashvili SUPER

    niko kipianiniko kipiani3 dagen geleden
  • Bas is like federer on his movement/shots. Rare good form/open striking.

    JJ3 dagen geleden
  • basilas is a funny guy ... such a gentleman ...

    Hoop HoopHoop Hoop3 dagen geleden
  • I thought I turned my video speed up. They were CRUSHING the ball

    alecksalecks3 dagen geleden
  • Basilashvilli .......looks like a man on a mission *such pure form he is in right now!!,*

    Gawrike HettiarachchiGawrike Hettiarachchi3 dagen geleden
  • And then he walked off the court and said, "I'll see you later hosen."

    David AcostaDavid Acosta3 dagen geleden
  • Rafa is clearly goat 🐐 Now No competition at all Vamos rafa

    Rafa BeastRafa Beast3 dagen geleden
  • lol!

    mirza delicmirza delic3 dagen geleden
  • Fun fact: Basil appeared in 5 Finals, starting in July 2018 at Hamburg ATP 500, and won all of them since. That's pretty impressive odds, as far as Championship Finals are concerned, despite the domestic abuse lawsuit. (Anyone knows about the update to the trial since last year?)

    Steve Just SayingSteve Just Saying3 dagen geleden
    • @Nikoloz Nodia, I actually suspected that, after seeing her photos, but did not want to assume and judge straight away. She is innocent until proven guilty. So, has the court proved his innocence? Has he started the defamation lawsuit against her?

      Steve Just SayingSteve Just Saying2 dagen geleden
  • Basilahvili either plays trash or god mode

    Pika SupPika Sup3 dagen geleden
  • 6:46 wtf is that? xD

    OriginalKarasuOriginalKarasu3 dagen geleden
  • Basilashvili has effortless power

    VedaswaramVedaswaram3 dagen geleden
  • No one's gonna talk about the leather shorts? I thought the pair of leather shorts WAS the trophy! I've never seen anything like it. Sad to see Struff, a German, not in that hometown Lederhosen; he would've done his daddy proud...

    Steve Just SayingSteve Just Saying3 dagen geleden
  • LOL para que grite tiene que ganar el torneo y para que se sonría le tienen que dar un souvenir lol Great tournament for Basilashvili...Que nice verle contento. Espero llegue lejos en el French Open

    Jorge AugustoJorge Augusto3 dagen geleden

    AUDIOHOSTEM187AUDIOHOSTEM1873 dagen geleden
  • Basilashvili is one handsome man!

    roter13roter133 dagen geleden
  • Who would have believed that at this point of the year the only two players in the entire tour with more than one trophy are Hurkacz and Basilashvili

    FutbolVinotinto21FutbolVinotinto213 dagen geleden
  • Struff has a good forehand

    mucroonmucroon3 dagen geleden
  • Basilasivil has a good backhand

    mucroonmucroon3 dagen geleden
  • basilash is a beast when he's in form.. so confident and such strong ground strokes.. really enjoy watching his game

    Austin DixonAustin Dixon3 dagen geleden
  • I like to see Basilashvili smiling, a backhand monster. Hope he can smile in many tournaments!!

    hoangkhoa namhoangkhoa nam3 dagen geleden
  • I was hoping Struff would win his first title 😕. Basilashvili was just too good. Congrats to him! I hope neither guy is too tired for Madrid. Those lederhosens don't look very comfortable. Perhaps they give a little after a while. I guess the car on display is the one Nico will get? Nice!

    707ladytee707ladytee3 dagen geleden
  • Very refreshing to see the way Basilashvili approaches the game. His aggressive, risky style will always be entertaining to watch and now that he’s gotten great confidence from winning two tournaments already this year, this guy will be incredibly dangerous for any of his opponents.

    AdidasAdidas3 dagen geleden
  • This Bas lash willy guy can certainly pack a wallop!

    kat undmauskat undmaus3 dagen geleden
  • the guy who wack the ball...

    Antonio CentenoAntonio Centeno3 dagen geleden
  • Nikoloz Basilashvili probably doesn't have the smartest game but his forehand is one of the strongest on the tour right now.

    GoldgrinderGoldgrinder3 dagen geleden
  • A final. When in my life, of over 6 decades, have I seen such a crowd, in the stands, 😷😢

    Carol MorrisCarol Morris3 dagen geleden
  • Basilashvili is all about power on the groundstrokes. Sometimes he lacks finesse but he has more power than Struff in spite of Struff's large size. I like the sound of the ball coming off of Basilashvili's racket.

    pukulupukulu3 dagen geleden
  • Basil! You don't smile but we do after every win! Good luck in Madrid

    Nino GuptaNino Gupta3 dagen geleden
  • Really happy for Basilashvilli! Well done and absolutely stunning performance

    ExplorerExplorer3 dagen geleden

    GUTOMGUTOM3 dagen geleden
  • Well, he is getting some new fans along the way. Way to go mate.

    J. EricksonJ. Erickson3 dagen geleden
  • He plays so well!

    Alberto CagettiAlberto Cagetti3 dagen geleden
  • Basilashvili has the highest top level of any player today. Reminds me of Marat Safin. Erratic but better than anyone at his best.

    Dan JuhlDan Juhl3 dagen geleden
  • Struff ya te tocara papito...te amo😘😔

    Effy ReaEffy Rea3 dagen geleden
  • i love it - basil' & karatsev winning tournaments or reaching finals & can't get a clothing contract - marketing is a strange world!

    Paul DaveyPaul Davey3 dagen geleden
  • Struff movement really exposed in this match. I know Struff is tall six foot five but Nikoloz took it too him.

    JordanjamesXJordanjamesX3 dagen geleden
  • great match!! but for so many " smiling " is not in mind

    Martin NonstaticMartin Nonstatic3 dagen geleden
  • Sad for Struff, Im sure he wouldve loved to win at home

    Alejandro CrespoAlejandro Crespo3 dagen geleden
  • Dang cant seem to find them lederhosen at tennispoint

    Michiel PoortvlietMichiel Poortvliet3 dagen geleden
  • Finally, a brave winner refuses 2 don the deep state face diaper!? Kudos Basiliashvili!

    Cajinguy1950Cajinguy19503 dagen geleden
  • Great day for Georgians expect Baia Pataraia 😅

    david chilachavadavid chilachava3 dagen geleden
  • Basilashvilli is dangerous if he can get past the first round or two and his big game starts heating up. When he’s on his game he’s capable of beating anyone. His problem is he is just as likely to lay an egg and get smashed in the first round. Still he’s not a guy you want to see early in a GS draw. If he can get through the first 2 rounds at French he could be a darkhorse.

    Brian ShinBrian Shin3 dagen geleden
    • @Chris_Digi-Wunderland he’s a puzzling player. When he’s on his shots are jaw dropping. In tennis it’s rare to be on your 100 percent A game in a given match though so I guess playing with margin and being more of a grinder like Nadal and Djokovic is a better style to play.

      Brian ShinBrian Shin3 dagen geleden
    • I hope he can make it into the 2nd week at the French Open. But he is not known for performing good at Grand Slam Level.

      Chris_Digi-WunderlandChris_Digi-Wunderland3 dagen geleden
  • #FunFact Basilashvili might look 42, but he's only 29 & Struff is the older player at 31. Lol, & I love Struff & wanted to see him finally take home a trophy, but after seeing the confidence in Basila's first return I said, "Oh Noooooo" out loud. ✌🙃

    Master PlumbobMaster Plumbob3 dagen geleden
  • გაიხარე ჩვენო საყვარელო და სასახელო ბიჭო შენა. გილოცავ ქრისტეს ბრწყინვალე აღდგომას და დღევანდელ გამარჯვებას, გაიხარე და გაგვახარე.

    Maya TbileliMaya Tbileli3 dagen geleden
  • Wow, Nikoloz is on fire. Kinda justifies his win over Fed earlier this year

    jochooijochooi3 dagen geleden
  • გილოცავ აღდგომის დღესასწაულს და მორიგ გამარჯვებას ნიკოლოზ! გფარავდეს აღდგომის მადლი და ძალა! მადლობა შენ ჩვენი გახარებისთვის და ამ ლამაზ დღესასწაულზე დიდი სიხარული მონიჭებისთვის. წარმატებებს გისურვებ მომავალში!

    ნანა ღონღაძენანა ღონღაძე3 dagen geleden
    • 5 tituli moigo 2018 wlidan federeri daamarcxa acapulco barselona 4 didi shlemi olimpiada devisis tasi egenic moigos barem

      zviad gamsakhurdiazviad gamsakhurdia3 dagen geleden
    • amxela warmateba saqartvelos tenishi arasodes ar qonia labazes 0 tituli metreveli 70 ian wlebshi tamashobda mashin yvelaferi sxvanairad iyo agmochena legenda saocrebaa basilashvili

      zviad gamsakhurdiazviad gamsakhurdia3 dagen geleden
  • Basilashvili no longer has a clothing sponsor?

    quinby123quinby1233 dagen geleden
  • Basilashvili vs. Karatsev: The one who smiles first loses the game.

    jeff howjeff how3 dagen geleden
  • great reason to loose the match wearing those G-- shorts, jesus!!

    dweezil zuppadweezil zuppa3 dagen geleden
  • Congrats basil 🏆🏆🏆 you truly Georgian warrior

    dimitri joxadzedimitri joxadze3 dagen geleden
  • Astonashing.....

    OK Haris73OK Haris733 dagen geleden
  • so tasty tennis of Niko!

    A'Lex O`lyukA'Lex O`lyuk3 dagen geleden
  • If basilashvili feeling good. He is winner.

    Georgian athletesGeorgian athletes3 dagen geleden
  • Struff played well and it was actually very close. Hope he is not too disappointed, he should focus on the positives and keep playing this way!

    thorium222thorium2223 dagen geleden
  • Struff new about the pants thing beforehand that’s why he let Bashvili win

    Tomás LatorreTomás Latorre3 dagen geleden
  • Basilashvilli was hitting bombs.

    Mark JacksonMark Jackson3 dagen geleden
  • lol I think its the worst trophy on atp tour

    Edu CristóbalEdu Cristóbal3 dagen geleden
    • There's one in Belgium that is hideous. Not the best but not the worst.

      RoccoRocco3 dagen geleden
  • Basilashvili is wawrinka type player with his consistency and selfconfidence😅

    Jan KusJan Kus3 dagen geleden
    • Almost same, Wawrinka also started to shine in his late 20s/early 30s

      Simon SiddiqueSimon Siddique3 dagen geleden
    • no

      Rafael MertinRafael Mertin3 dagen geleden
  • Basilashvili is a beast when on form congrats to him on winning his 5th title. It was a good week for Struff reaching his first final hopefully he can win a title himself at some point.

    NathanNathan3 dagen geleden
  • Le hubieran dado unos tirantes que se le caían los lienzos! Cuando Nico está derecho, y toma buenas decisiones (se equivocó varias y la sacó barata) es muy dificil, ya lo sufrió Federer en Doha. Merecido.

    Guillermo MeanaGuillermo Meana3 dagen geleden