J. Cole 1 Hour of Chill Songs

1 mrt. 2017
10 436 404 Weergaven

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0:00 welcome
2:20 crunch time
6:00 I get up
11:00 can't cry
15:10 cheer up
20:05 world is empty
23:05 college boy
27:30 Louis Vuitton (another version with Fabolous)
31:20 see it to believe it
34:45 good game
38:10 I got it
43:05 3 wishes
45:45 how high
49:45 show me something
54:10 pass me by
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  • Had to comeback

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  • I always come back to this when im feeling down. I love this man so much!

    Damr ŠegoDamr ŠegoDag geleden
  • timeless classics

    peepthiskidpeepthiskidDag geleden
  • been listening to this mix since i was in the 10th grade about to grad thank you cole.

    AhgileAhgileDag geleden
  • What's the first song that plays

    Matthew TocaMatthew Toca2 dagen geleden
    • welcome

      AhgileAhgileDag geleden
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  • who dare said this is Chill song? i was up all night with this dude

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  • 2021

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  • crunch time might just be one of the best songs ever made ngl

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  • Started with the gooooood shit

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  • 2021??

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  • 2021 crew where you at ?

    hu3y__hu3y__8 dagen geleden
  • Shout out to my college niggas studying their ass off, we struggle separately but united.

    ThatDudeThatDude9 dagen geleden
  • cole gone always be that nigga. im a big ass Nas fan and when i first heard cole all i could think was that cole is like nas on steroids. Cole be on goat shit

    Bekky 2ksBekky 2ks9 dagen geleden
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  • Cant cry, he sounds like eminem

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  • It’s crunch time ❗️

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  • Since day one of covid this has been a therapy session

    TheGoldenGizmoTheGoldenGizmo14 dagen geleden
  • World is empty is just something else man just wow

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  • Dope list my friend

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    • no yes

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  • Whenever I'm not feeling good, I take a visit to Cole World

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  • Cole and eminem fans are the best and the most loyal in the rap community right now

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  • What am I here for? I'm a man so I cannot let them tears fall? But understand tryna get my head clear ya'll This shit is on my mind Asking for the lord to show me all my signs Show me something, uh Cause I'm trynna find something, uh I'm lost can you show me something, uh I'm lost can you show me something, yeah Uh, yeah I sit and reminisce on them niggas no longer here (Rest in peace) And how I used to hit the mall and ya'll was always there (Yeah) I sit and think how I didn't grow up with my father there (Yeah) No need to to cry cause it only made me stronger yea (Uh huh) I watch my brother get in trouble with the law and yea (Uh) That shit cut me like I was sitting in a barber chair (Uh) Cause I don't wanna see them locked up in them bars in there (Yeah yeah) And I don't wanna see him stretched out in a coffin yea (Uh) I'm wishing I can move my momma out so far from here (So far from here) I know that she deserve much better and she worked hard as hell (She worked hard as hell) That's why you never see me settle cause they want us here (They want us here nigga) I'm trynna side step the devil but he heartless yea (He heartless) But just know that I'm a rebel and yo it's almost here (It's almost here) I'm talking bout the revolution I am Paul Revere (I am Paul Revere, yeah) So dry your eyes, momma please you can pause them tears (Pause them tears) Cause I promise I'm gon get us outta here (I'm gon get us outta here) I'm gonna get us outta here What am I here for? I'm a man so I cannot let them tears fall? But understand tryna get my head clear ya'll This shit is on my mind Asking for the lord to show me all my signs Show me something, uh Cause I'm trynna find something, uh I'm lost can you show me something, uh I'm lost can you show me something, yeah Yeah I swear I'm praying for my niggas when I say grace (Yeah) I know them niggas don't care who they hit they spray strays (Uh) But lord please protect my family cause if they graze (Nah) Niggas is loading up that ammi and them A-K's (Uh huh) I know it's wrong and that revenge is all in yo' hands (Yeah) But last night I heard they robbed and killed a old man (Damn) Now if they cold enough to take a life that's innocent (Uh huh) I know that they could give a fuck whether I live and shit (Uh huh) And so I'm asking you if you can hold me down lord (Please) Be my umbrella-ella-ella in this down pour (Uh huh) I knoe you never-ever-ever let me drown or (Nah) Won't let that devil-evil-evil win this round naw (Never) And though I stray from you, you know that my heart is good (Yeah) And I know I ain't exactly living how I probly should (Haha) And I'm a try to act better like it's Hollywood (Hollywood) Niggas congratulate me I just tell 'em god is good (I just tell 'em God is good) God is good

    K 9K 919 dagen geleden
  • Why isnt welcome on Spotify bruhh

    FreshXpertFreshXpert19 dagen geleden
  • I don't want to be rude but he's so out of tune

    Luk LacLuk Lac20 dagen geleden
    • Cole is alright but simple lyrics and out of tune. He used to be my favorite rapper when I was a teenagers but I got into other music genres and never looked back

      Flamingo_000 0Flamingo_000 010 dagen geleden
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  • very nice!

    DookdaftDookdaft21 dag geleden
  • For whom the bells tolls ... Is totally underrated...

    Victor LouzadaVictor Louzada22 dagen geleden
  • Great music but quit it with the ads every song. If I wanted that I'd listen to Spotify

    chang hodgeschang hodges22 dagen geleden
  • damn neighbors isnt here rip

    meme master khaledmeme master khaled22 dagen geleden
  • This man tells stories.

    WeirdBeard VanguardWeirdBeard Vanguard22 dagen geleden
  • love it 😍 thank you so much

    Sayuri SekoSayuri Seko22 dagen geleden
  • J.Cole

    Zakiya StewartZakiya Stewart22 dagen geleden
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  • Just checkin' on y'all. How y'all doin'? Staying safe?

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    • Yessir

      crumzacicrumzaci22 dagen geleden
  • whos else is here in 2021 ?

    Ilana GonzalezIlana Gonzalez24 dagen geleden
  • Can someone’s tell me the name of the last song ?

    Bad DreamzBad Dreamz24 dagen geleden
    • pass me by

      Panos FotoPanos Foto15 dagen geleden
  • We need more of these on Spotify 😭

    Mari GrahamMari Graham24 dagen geleden
  • crunch time hits different when you got bills

    Din LifestyleDin Lifestyle24 dagen geleden
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  • 2021 listeners spank the likey

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  • 1h of HomeOffice flies by every day with this mix :) I can concentrate so good with it!

    FF25 dagen geleden
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  • Feb2021💪 Make me feel 15 again

    Joey FordJoey Ford25 dagen geleden
  • this is the realest playlist from cole ive ever heard. all the real shit

    Cory HCory H25 dagen geleden
  • a vibe to do homework with

    Life As DiorLife As Dior25 dagen geleden
  • he is such a blessing, i love his music

    Life As DiorLife As Dior25 dagen geleden
  • Listening to this makes me so happy to the point i wanna cry

    Carol YabakiCarol Yabaki25 dagen geleden
  • One of the handful of unproblematic rappers in the industry.

    Moonstone VenomMoonstone Venom25 dagen geleden
  • Are these on Spotify ?

    Felix Antwi-MensahFelix Antwi-Mensah26 dagen geleden
    • Nah. It’s so annoying

      P RP R14 dagen geleden
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  • Conscious rap

    Ousainou FofanaOusainou Fofana26 dagen geleden
  • Where this been my life?

    Red.Cam0 ;-;Red.Cam0 ;-;27 dagen geleden
  • Man this is the nicest comment section I've read through in awhile, respect

    Hudson HardyHudson Hardy27 dagen geleden
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  • Where da 2021 gang at

    Luka AlavidzeLuka Alavidze28 dagen geleden
  • Cole u been my dawg forever u motivate me to keep livin fuckin love you

    Baulm.Baulm.29 dagen geleden
  • Jessie PalaciosJessie Palacios29 dagen geleden
  • Jesus loves you repent before its too late

    yurryurr29 dagen geleden
  • Every single song is amazing and underrated

    Random GamerRandom Gamer29 dagen geleden
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    mya paigemya paigeMaand geleden
  • hey yow

    Skred-Aka-Skr GIA97OfficialSkred-Aka-Skr GIA97OfficialMaand geleden
  • Issa vibe 💯

    MemoirMemoirMaand geleden
  • im 12 and literally long ago i thought this kinf of music was crap but yo it do be viby

    Caswel MahaseCaswel MahaseMaand geleden
  • "Only thing worse than death is a regret filled coffin" man this is too real. J Cole is very unappreciated!!!

    The Nobody AnimatorThe Nobody AnimatorMaand geleden
  • still here 2021

    Iam NicoleIam NicoleMaand geleden
  • This shit is adjusting my mind slowly

    im2easyspotim2easyspotMaand geleden
  • This has been my go to vid for any time I've had to study since highschool.

    Holden BaldassiHolden BaldassiMaand geleden
  • True visionary. Thank you for this.

    Aubrey LynnAubrey LynnMaand geleden
  • 💯⚡💫

    Aubrey LynnAubrey LynnMaand geleden
  • Ocean always deeper than it seems, but people only look at the surface

    Filip BeeFilip BeeMaand geleden