J. Cole 1 Hour Chill Songs (2017)

9 okt. 2017
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Original playlist right here... made by myself. Some of J. Coles classics. NEW playlist here.... nlworld.info/key/video/jqV6pa7ZhaWmaIQ
0.00 Before I'm Gone
4:24 The Badness
7:00 Premeditated Murder
10:56 Tears For ODB
14:50 Is She Gon Pop
17:37 Rich Niggaz
22:16 Relaxation
24:55 Love Yourz
28:28 World Is Empty
31:20 Visionz Of Home
33:44 Crunch Time
37:17 Dead Presidents II
40:46 Rich Niggaz (Put it in twice Oops, Its just that good!)
45:25 Split You Up
48:34 Welcome
50:52 See World
55:06 Song For The Ville

  • As most of you know most of my other Cole mixes have been removed by NLworld due to copyright. They’re now all on Soundcloud for you to enjoy. CLICK THE LINK soundcloud.com/user-939773415

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    • Imagine J Cole and Kanye w ..dne something...pls lord make this happen we need it 🙏

      Martin Given IrunguMartin Given Irungu8 dagen geleden
    • @colt hodgkinson you alright? lol

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    • ok

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    • ok

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    • ok

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  • Rich Niggaz explains how I feel

    The BubbleThe Bubble6 uur geleden
  • Cole gives me hope in a hopeless world

    Anthony SotoAnthony Soto10 uur geleden
  • #Bien

    Awax LabotAwax Labot15 uur geleden
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  • Number one king Cole

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  • Nobody’s perfect is so good

    Revolutionary KingRevolutionary King2 dagen geleden

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  • The Sade of rap

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  • who is still listening in 2021? and who will be here by 2051 if we make it till then

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  • great playlist, love this man.

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  • Insane

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  • I've heard of J. Cole from browsing through the radio. I had no idea he was this incredible. Great music.

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  • This playlist gets me through a day at work!

    d33 laurd33 laur10 dagen geleden
  • To me this his best song :nlworld.info/key/video/spCZqp2VaJyZZ5A

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  • The first song man😤🔥

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  • wats the name of the first song

    Manuel PeraltaManuel Peralta13 dagen geleden
    • Before I’m gone

      EverythingColeEverythingCole13 dagen geleden
  • thank you for making this

    WeedBlogTVWeedBlogTV14 dagen geleden
  • Song played @15:00? Serious bars

    DeMarcoDeMarco14 dagen geleden
    • Is she gon pop

      EverythingColeEverythingCole13 dagen geleden
  • Cole is the GOAT

    ignatius agyemangignatius agyemang14 dagen geleden
  • I need a new Cole album like NOW

    ViktorViktor15 dagen geleden
  • You know you're a king when you have hour-long compilations get 3M+ views each - people don't even want a specific song they just want your music

    Chad RoemerChad Roemer15 dagen geleden
  • For those who don't know, J Cole is The Therapist

    UbivisionUbivision17 dagen geleden
  • This came on randomly and changed my day astronomically

    Cole LeBlancCole LeBlanc19 dagen geleden
  • Feb 13th 2021

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  • How am I just stumbling on to this mix?!! Needed this right now 🙏🏾

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    • Thanks for this...

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  • Jesus loves you repent before its too late .

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  • I'm more than a Debbie snack

    Corina ParrasCorina Parras29 dagen geleden
  • 💙

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  • 0:00 Before I’m Gone - J Cole (Friday Night Lights) 4:25 The Badness - J Cole ft Omen (The Warm Up) 7:03 Premeditated Murder - J Cole (Friday Night Lights) 10:58 Tears for ODB - J Cole (Truly Yours) 14:53 Is She Gon Pop - J Cole (Born Sinner) 17:38 Rich Niggaz - J Cole (Born Sinner) 22:16 Relaxation - Fashawn ft. J Cole & Omen (Higher Learning 2) 24:57 Love Yourz - J Cole (2014 Forest Hills Drive) 28:30 World is Empty - J Cole (The Warm Up) 31:20 Visionz of Home - J Cole 33:45 Crunch Time (Truly Yours) 37:18 Dead Presidents II (The Warm Up) 40:49 Rich Niggaz - J Cole (Born Sinner) 45:26 Split You Up - J Cole (The Come Up) 48:34 Welcome - J Cole (The Warm Up) 50:53 See World - J Cole (Friday Night Lights) 55:07 Song for the Ville

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  • Song for the ville haves a beat of runescape ehehehehehe

    SmiteManiacSmiteManiacMaand geleden
  • Stevenne Brightfieldhe

    Stevenne BrightfieldheStevenne BrightfieldheMaand geleden
  • First track hits home and sets the tone for the rest of the mix. Thanks.

    Thinh HoThinh HoMaand geleden
  • ultra dope playlist! thank you very much for uploading it man!!

    Agent SmithAgent SmithMaand geleden

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  • Happy Birthday to the Goat

    Christopher HarrisonChristopher HarrisonMaand geleden
    • Yessir 🐐

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  • I like Cole but whats with all the swearing and bad language....i mean its pointless and ruins the vibe! Is this what you want to push on to the youth? Feed the youth something valuable something soulful!

    nadeem Asgharnadeem AsgharMaand geleden
  • this shit bumping, good looks G

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  • Cole paints the picture of life

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  • j cole helped when I was low

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  • this shit claps during online class

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  • Cole has so much soul bruh. KDOT VS Cole ill enjoy cole music much more than kdot's.

  • what song is that on 40:49?

    Alumni RickAlumni RickMaand geleden
  • 14:50 ❄️🥶 “art of seduction”

    Themba ButheleziThemba ButheleziMaand geleden
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  • putting this music on ya ears while doing anything makes the work easier no matter what it is. Him plus biggie, Nas, Jay z, emienm and 2pac and juice wrld = my vibe

    Karan DuttaKaran DuttaMaand geleden
  • k cole

    misheck kaimanamisheck kaimana2 maanden geleden
  • Happy new year to everyone seeing this.:)

    Desean EmeryDesean Emery2 maanden geleden
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  • holy shit this is wild

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  • man from beginning to end !!!

    christina Saintchristina Saint2 maanden geleden
  • Before I'm Gone was a great way to start

    The BoysThe Boys2 maanden geleden
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  • The Greatest Of All Time💯

    Emmanuel SangEmmanuel Sang3 maanden geleden
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  • No #1 for late night csgo surf

    Ker DjordjevicKer Djordjevic3 maanden geleden
  • Cole tha 🐐

    Bakhtiyar GuseinovBakhtiyar Guseinov3 maanden geleden
  • When I listen to Rich Nigaz at some point it always feels like the piano starts to play backwards. Is it just me or somebody else notices something like that?

    Said AbdallahSaid Abdallah3 maanden geleden
  • Whenever i listen to j cole songs its like i drift to another world thats calm and undertanding and not to forget educative

    Lombo Mwas JosLombo Mwas Jos3 maanden geleden
  • Come on guyz don't waste your time go for *AUTHENTIC VIEWS D O T C O M* to get youtube Views LIKES .

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  • 0:00 Before I’m Gone - J Cole (Friday Night Lights) 4:25 The Badness - J Cole ft Omen (The Warm Up) 7:03 Premeditated Murder - J Cole (Friday Night Lights) 10:58 Tears for ODB - J Cole (Truly Yours) 14:53 Is She Gon Pop - J Cole (Born Sinner) 17:38 Rich Niggaz - J Cole (Born Sinner) 22:16 Relaxation - Fashawn ft. J Cole & Omen (Higher Learning 2) 24:57 Love Yourz - J Cole (2014 Forest Hills Drive) 28:30 World is Empty - J Cole (The Warm Up) 31:20 Visionz of Home - J Cole 33:45 Crunch Time (Truly Yours) 37:18 Dead Presidents II (The Warm Up) 40:49 Rich Niggaz - J Cole (Born Sinner) 45:26 Split You Up - J Cole (The Come Up) 48:34 Welcome - J Cole (The Warm Up) 50:53 See World - J Cole (Friday Night Lights) 55:07 Song for the Ville

    denzel gregoiredenzel gregoire3 maanden geleden
  • Jcole really in my life with this music it just speaks to my soul😞✌🏽

    Mia WilliamsonMia Williamson3 maanden geleden
  • GOAT and that includes tupac

    Thomas SampsonThomas Sampson3 maanden geleden
  • I❤️ J. Cole ...

    EG LA32 LG/333/EXLA/JOSEPH'SEG LA32 LG/333/EXLA/JOSEPH'S3 maanden geleden
  • John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whoever believes in him may not parish but have everlasting life amen Samuel 18:14 In everything he did he had great success, because the LORD was with him Thessalonians 5:16 Rejoice always God is good God has a plan for you follow it God bless amen Lord Jesus Christ is king amen amen amen amen amen devil no God is good amen

    GROOVYJUANGROOVYJUAN3 maanden geleden
  • This playlist 🔥

    Darnell HamerDarnell Hamer4 maanden geleden