Is THIS Boxings Most EXCITING Fighter?

2 jun. 2020
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In a sport that always seems to have a consistent flow of exciting and talented fighters.. Teofimo Lopez represents a less familiar spark. One of something new, unique and eccentric. And looking to upset Loma, Ukraine's Lightweight Maestro, the young and hungry champion has huge plans for the coming years.
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  • Lopez vs ryan or lopez vs campbell

    Pierre CeballosPierre Ceballos2 dagen geleden
  • 😀👍

    John mathew TenosoJohn mathew Tenoso4 dagen geleden
  • The take over 👊 🏆

    Gerson Eduardo LedezmaGerson Eduardo Ledezma4 dagen geleden
  • If you narrated any other sport than boxing you would have millions of subscribers

    TKing9kTKing9k8 dagen geleden
  • I think Terrence Crawford is more exciting than Teofimo. BUT I am looking forward to seeing his progression and would like to see Haney vs Lopez or Davis Lopez plus going up in weight.

    Brandon KellyBrandon Kelly10 dagen geleden
  • Then fight Pacquiao. Let us see your out of this world talent. 🤣🤣🤣

    Adanevar MahinayAdanevar Mahinay12 dagen geleden
  • The best

    Carlitos AriasCarlitos Arias15 dagen geleden
  • And now he is undisputed champion regardless haney holding the wbc belt that belt was a gift

    pussy eaterpussy eater16 dagen geleden
  • No. Just a hype train.

    Just MeeJust Mee19 dagen geleden
  • "nows he champion, well to my club" - teofimo Lopez No, wait...

    W HW H21 dag geleden
  • He is not going to hold that belt for long

    dion dondondion dondon21 dag geleden
    • Yes he is

      Chipppa21Chipppa2120 dagen geleden
  • I knew Teo would beat Loma just as I knew Tank would dismantle Leo and when the time comes Tank will certainly take Teo's belts, I really thought Tank would be the one to knock Loma out for the first time no one escapes the Tank.

    Reloaded5xReloaded5x22 dagen geleden
    • @Reloaded5x yes it will hopefully happen. Lopez is bigger and taller than him but most of all he has the iq. With Lopez sr on his side his iq is very good. I’ve met Lopez sr before and I can tell u that he is very smart. Teo can outwork tank or knock him out. Much respect to both fighters and hopefully make that fight happen.

      Chipppa21Chipppa2120 dagen geleden
    • @Chipppa21 not at all Lopez is nice with those hands,and he has power but nothing compared to Tank He doesn’t have the ability and vision Tank has on quick openings it would certainly be a good match, hopefully it will happen

      Reloaded5xReloaded5x20 dagen geleden
    • I respect tank but Lopez is too much for him.

      Chipppa21Chipppa2120 dagen geleden
  • Just wanted to come back to see the comments doubting this man, not knowing he would beat lomachenko

    Haha CrackheadHaha Crackhead26 dagen geleden
  • When he did the fortnite dance .. that was cringe af

    MJMJ28 dagen geleden
  • Rumble young man rumble.....

    onlyjoeteeonlyjoeteeMaand geleden
  • Lomenchanko did not lose that fight he was paid to throw it

    Jesse DemarcusJesse DemarcusMaand geleden
  • NO, I watched the fight and so boring and i felt sleepy

    arlan salavantearlan salavanteMaand geleden
    • It’s what happens when loma gets exposed and he can’t do fuck all. If loma rushed in from the early rounds he would of got knocked the fuck out

      Chipppa21Chipppa2120 dagen geleden
  • Motivedia teofimo lopez bring the complete alphabet

  • Who else is here after this young lion is the new lightweight world champion?

    _ aawhellomate __ aawhellomate _Maand geleden
  • López, get to easy, his face, especially his nose is allready looking beat up.... Poor defence.!

    George A. HowellGeorge A. HowellMaand geleden
  • Who’s here after he beat Loma

    Ethan WroblewskiEthan WroblewskiMaand geleden
  • isnt that something......

    Matthew CharltonMatthew CharltonMaand geleden
  • he took over the club

    wicked geekvapewicked geekvapeMaand geleden
  • His father might get him in trouble if he calls out and disrespect the beast. :)

    John WickJohn WickMaand geleden
  • Man, Didn't expect him to actually beat Loma. Now it gave boxers what style to counter Loma, He's kind of bad when fighting against power punchers, durable fighters who can clinch. Loma is still straight up the most technical fighter, But there's a lot of people just as strong or even stronger than Teo in terms of power. I guess Loma really lacks power, his skills was superb, But it seemed like the power punch plus hunger isn't there. He fought well, But it'd be extremely hard to beat other more powerful power punches if Loma does the same tactic against Teo, to tire the other out which doesn't work most of the times. Loma performed well but the first 6 rounds was just wrong and out of his style. I guess the team ain't ready for the power punchers of the higher classes

    FilCraftFilCraftMaand geleden
    • Na what happened in the early rounds was that Lopez didn’t let him cut side to side and find angles at all. Every time loma tried to move to the right and throw a right hand Lopez simply stepped back and countered. Superb game plan from Lopez’s dad. And starting from round 8 loma knew that he was losing and had to try and make it into a fight. And so he did. He had a couple really good rounds like 8-10-11. Round 9 was kind of close but loma still got that. Lopez got round 7 but was close. In round 12 Lopez realised what loma was trying to do and so he exchanged with loma but hitting the better and cleaner shots coming on top. Nearly dropped him but the head but from loma opened a cut. But Lopez was a clear winner. I had it 116-112

      Chipppa21Chipppa2120 dagen geleden
  • Here after loma got washed

    Young AmongYoung AmongMaand geleden
  • I think you lost the fight against lomazenko...

    Nympha BonifacioNympha BonifacioMaand geleden
    • No he didnt

      Chipppa21Chipppa2120 dagen geleden
  • Now Lopez is undisputed

    Conor Notarantonio-KellyConor Notarantonio-KellyMaand geleden
  • But mind you he cannot surpass the legacy of Manny Pacquiao

    Rodolfo BaligaRodolfo BaligaMaand geleden
    • No he cannot but I see him as one of the best lightweight champions

      Chipppa21Chipppa2120 dagen geleden
  • I came here to comment that he beat loma and the youngest undisputed champion! WOW!

    pidol baragaspidol baragasMaand geleden
  • Loma: Welcome to my club. Lopez: Goodbye club

    Mikio FujiokaMikio FujiokaMaand geleden
  • 0:28 Man there's no doubt Lopez's skillset would break good fighters but adding his BACKFLIP to his resumè? IDK man. I don't really know.

    Michael RaguindinMichael RaguindinMaand geleden
  • Boring loma!

    claire isheclaire isheMaand geleden
  • well, loma got beaten pretty bad.....lopez can upset canelo too.

    Mr MoonMr MoonMaand geleden
    • Lmfao you actually trippin. Loma lost cause he was scared of Lopez' power, Canelo got hit by guys like Kovalev and GGG and is like 2 weight classes above Lopez

      LidkasLidkasMaand geleden

    Enzo PangilinanEnzo PangilinanMaand geleden

    • @Yonis Ali and yet loma outboxed him 7-11

      niiiga_ meniiiga_ me12 dagen geleden
  • 4 months later he beat LOMA

  • narration level 1000

    rock en rollrock en rollMaand geleden
  • All these comments saying he has no chance beating Loma 😂

    notorious fargonotorious fargoMaand geleden
  • Whos here after lopez beat loma?

    ChairChairMaand geleden
  • Whos here after Lopez defeated Loma!!!!!

    Varun PahadiaVarun PahadiaMaand geleden
  • He won

    theyounggodmiketheyounggodmikeMaand geleden
  • Always listen to Motivedia, this guy just became undisputed lightweight beating loma...

    Wavey IguanaWavey IguanaMaand geleden
    • Facts!

      KickHeavyKickHeavy29 dagen geleden
  • I watched him pretty much dismantle Lomachenko. By the time Loma got going, Lopez already had a bunch of rounds in the bank and Loma never once hurt him.

    ShawnShawnMaand geleden
  • Lomano aviapeliadocon un boxeador Que lo castigarasuspeleas avían Sido con boxeadores q solo bajaban la cavesa q hondas los catrachos no somos así

    Miguel MurilloMiguel MurilloMaand geleden
  • Now teofimo lopez is a undisputed champion👊🏻👏

    Mimo BurnsMimo BurnsMaand geleden
  • Try to fight manny Pacquiao so that we know how good you are😊😅

    Redangel LabinghisaRedangel LabinghisaMaand geleden
  • Here after UD Lopez win over Loma.

    Mama PapaMama PapaMaand geleden
  • Laugh now cry later

    ErnestErnestMaand geleden
  • Who's Here after Teofimo Lopez Jr. Wins Against to Fake P4P

    Exodus TvExodus TvMaand geleden
  • I think Lopez is going to get a shock when he fights Loma and finds out how difficult he is to hit. No one Lopez has fought is going to prepare him for Loma, because there has never been anyone like him in my view.

    • @richard f I thought that was a draw at best - maybe Loma by one round. Credit to Lopez though, he had done nothing in his previous flights for me to think he was at that level. He is going to be a tough opponent for any of the other Lightweights ( if he stays in the division )

    • Well...

      richard frichard fMaand geleden
  • Wow the way this guy says lowly about Loma 😰

    Ragnarhere GAMINGRagnarhere GAMINGMaand geleden
  • loma win..

    Rainer MadaoiRainer MadaoiMaand geleden
  • If you happen to meet Manny Pacquiao in his prime, you will be destroyed easily. You may say and talked to yourself what am i entering..

    Gerasmo BalilihanGerasmo BalilihanMaand geleden
  • His dad's mouth is gonna take his 0 away tomorrow night. Stupid to talk shit to the p4p in current boxing

    Misael MartinezMisael MartinezMaand geleden
    • that ain’t age well did it 😹😹😹

      Jo IceJo IceMaand geleden
  • Loma all day

    D.SD.SMaand geleden
    • 😹😹😹🤡🤡

      Jo IceJo IceMaand geleden
  • Both outstanding fighters. Have seen all their rounds. Lopez will knock out Loma inside six rounds.

    bisbeekidbisbeekidMaand geleden
  • Lopez needs to KO, Loma. In the first few rounds,other wise, the fight might go on to The distance, and Loma might win by points.

    Alberto MartinezAlberto MartinezMaand geleden

    BoxingMonthlyBoxingMonthlyMaand geleden
  • His so up himself, chip on his shoulder, thinks the world owes himsomething, immature and a bit arrogant also a pinch of delusionalism😅 just like Daddy 🤣

    Nathan HamiltonNathan HamiltonMaand geleden
    • who won though 😹😹😹🥱🥱

      Jo IceJo IceMaand geleden
  • Being talented and humble is great, being talented and arrogant is old fashioned, Lopez needs to be humbled, Loma is the man to do it.

    Tasty GravyTasty GravyMaand geleden
  • I got Lopez ⚡

    John JordanJohn JordanMaand geleden
  • Teo going to hit loma in the back of the head

    EBLIT RTEBLIT RTMaand geleden
  • uzzy lol

    Noe CazaresNoe CazaresMaand geleden
  • Loma was doing backflips along with many other's.. what's the BIG deal!?!!

    Richard AponteRichard AponteMaand geleden
  • Loma is best

    Carlos SolerCarlos SolerMaand geleden
    • 😹😹😹😹😭🤡🥱🥱

      Jo IceJo IceMaand geleden
  • These Ukrainians are made of different stuff!!!! Loma GGG Usyk all on another level

    Ross CowanRoss CowanMaand geleden
    • 😹😹😹😹😹😹🥱🥱🥱🥱

      Jo IceJo IceMaand geleden
  • I saw Loma vs Luke, amateur style,... Teofimo will. But no other can beat Pac's 8!!

    oyet Vallejooyet VallejoMaand geleden
  • I think Lopez’s loss to Loma will make him a better fighter. But he’s definitely not winning that one.

    AscenderAscenderMaand geleden
    • Didnt age well

      LidkasLidkasMaand geleden
    • 😹😹😹😹😹

      Business Cat Inc.Business Cat Inc.Maand geleden
  • If they say that loma is in defferent level so why afraid fighting Pacquiao?

    Rey Joey QuilloyRey Joey QuilloyMaand geleden
  • I bet for lopez...

    Iron FistIron FistMaand geleden
  • He wins this fight his mouth will be flapping more then a magpie.

    Miguel GarciaMiguel GarciaMaand geleden
  • He has a chance but probably too early for him, should have wised up and waited. Styles make fights and Loma has it in abundance. Odds wld have to be to very good to bet against Loma.

    Anthony BarnesAnthony BarnesMaand geleden
  • He looks utterly stupid when he does the motorbike dance. He ain't getting the chance to do that after the Loma fight.

    Damn Deal DoneDamn Deal DoneMaand geleden
  • answer to your video title question: NO

    sailorjayrsailorjayrMaand geleden
  • The fight against nagataki. If I'm spelling his name right. I couldn't believe the score. That was a close fight. I get Lopez won. But it was not a blow out it was close.

    Kevin PardiniKevin PardiniMaand geleden
  • This fight reminds me of tyson VS wilder Loma gonna do exactly what tayson did to wilder

    Ehab ZeghdoudEhab ZeghdoudMaand geleden
  • " Welcome to my club ." Naild it !!!!!!!!

    Abid Aoulad AliAbid Aoulad AliMaand geleden
  • no

    I am GreatnessI am GreatnessMaand geleden
  • I see in him the spirit of Gerald Mclaggen.. may God give him a long life

    Abhigyan JhaAbhigyan JhaMaand geleden
  • Bob arum is a pest 🤪

    Dexter GorospeDexter GorospeMaand geleden

    Wilson Eusebio777Wilson Eusebio777Maand geleden
  • You Just Walked up to A Riverbank,You cast A Spinnerbait & Run Your Bait by A Submerged Bolder, A 14Lb Flathead Catfish Hits Your Bait(Now What),,Can You Narrate Landing That Fish???

  • Who ever was in charge of Teo's match making has done a terrific job. He is about to fight the #1p4p fighter in the world and he's only 23. He has everything to gain and nought to lose..... even should Loma get the W, Teofimo's prospects won't be harmed at all.There is absolutely no reason for a fighter with the amateur pedigree of Lopez needs to spend 20-30 fightts (7 or 8 years) acclimating to the pro ranks. This is what GGG did and it ruined him! by the time he wanted to fight top tier opponents, they were all scared off. he had about 30 figthts before he fought a legit 160 pound opponent - Teo fought Commey in a title for fight #15!!! The change to the structure of amateur boxing - particularly the scoring - has changed so that amateur boxing isnt long range pitter pat punching - i'm not sure Teo fought under the 10-9 rules but he certainly was past the era of 3 of the 5 judges needing to acknowledge a punch for it to score...This brought about what i call the Amir Khan era - its no wonder Khan fights the way he does: no more than 3 punches at a time (the scoring paddles could only register a maximum of 3 punches), it took 3 of hte 5 judges to simultaneously push the button for it to score, it was this system that meant fighters never learnt to fight inside because close range meant that 3 of the judges needed to score, couldn't see (in the classes to qualify as a judge/ref you were taught not to score reactions - like a head snapping up , back or to the side ) to score you had to see the punch hit. That's why Khan pushes his opponents away, it costing him his title in the Lamont Patterson fight. anyway i ramble on. its great to see an american fighter not nurtured so much as to spend years having pointless one sided fights.

    raxmanboxraxmanboxMaand geleden
  • An amazing video and presentation from Motivedia, as always. Will Lopez score an upset this upcoming fight though? Who knows? Anything can happen in the ring...

    Blue LineBlue LineMaand geleden
  • your skills and talent is unparalleled until you meet someone better than you.

    teeburshowteeburshowMaand geleden
  • Le va a pasar lo mismo que le pasó al japonés se va a desmayar en su camerino lo machenco

    Enrigue SantosEnrigue SantosMaand geleden
  • Bienvenido al club de teofimo Lopez mejor dicho

    Enrigue SantosEnrigue SantosMaand geleden

    Figo GaatiFigo Gaati2 maanden geleden
  • You are not something i have not seen before. now!... loma is something we have not seen before. sure! you have a nice left hook but! remember you have to catch loma first ;)

    Orlando MojicaOrlando Mojica2 maanden geleden
  • Teo thanks for taking this fight... yoy have my respect in this boxing world.. good luck with your fight.. win or lose stay humble brother... your father is a great man.. respect..

    Jerry WeisserJerry Weisser2 maanden geleden
    • @3RD CAV true that.. loma will teach him..

      Jerry WeisserJerry Weisser2 maanden geleden
    • In order to "stay humble " you have to be humble to begin with, lopez is not and has never been.

      3RD CAV3RD CAV2 maanden geleden
  • If we talk about boxing style.. Loma is very unique. No one can take his place..!!!

    Augusto IbeaAugusto Ibea2 maanden geleden
  • its like he can predict & manipulate his opponents head movement

    mekoremekore2 maanden geleden
  • Loma please humble him!! Can’t stand him and his dad! Mexicans 🇲🇽 ride with Lomachenko! 💯

    Big DoggBig Dogg2 maanden geleden
  • Boxing is not all about knockout. Well I'll go to loma this is a though fight.

    Darryl BagcalDarryl Bagcal2 maanden geleden
  • Loma is over hyped

    Goofy BetchGoofy Betch2 maanden geleden
  • 1:55 Nice touch.

    Gabriel TrainerGabriel Trainer2 maanden geleden
  • Me alegra ver mucho a López subir en el boxeo ya que el país de donde proviene sus padre necesita mucha motivación deportiva , ya que es un país los jóvenes ya dejaron los deportes por las pandillas...

    Daniel GonzalezDaniel Gonzalez2 maanden geleden
  • Vs Loma? No chance.

    TALIAMO65TALIAMO652 maanden geleden
  • He has the biggest mouth! Exciting, we’ll see. I sure hope Loma doesn’t put him away quickly. I want him to pay for his big mouth.

    David ClarkDavid Clark2 maanden geleden
    • I can make him pay and I will. Mark my words

      davismillzdavismillz5 dagen geleden
    • @Gerasmo Balilihan lmao so satisfying reading your comment! 😁😁😁😂🤣😂

      This is what a LOWER END CONSOLE looks likeThis is what a LOWER END CONSOLE looks likeMaand geleden
    • David clark is on suicide watch after the loma loss! Hope his doing okay and isnt hanging from his ceiling fan! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

      This is what a LOWER END CONSOLE looks likeThis is what a LOWER END CONSOLE looks likeMaand geleden
    • lmao now what?

      NYC 718NYC 718Maand geleden
    • @Gerasmo Balilihan ..... :D

      R2FR2FMaand geleden