Irish Family Swap was a HUGE mistake

17 mrt. 2020
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  • I hate when school, work, or parents say “You are representing our _____” No. I only represent it when I’m in the building, anywhere else, nobody gives a shit.

    Mainely VibingMainely VibingDag geleden
  • I was an exchange student a while ago and I remember one of the main members of my host family being just as obnoxious, condescending, and annoying, the lady was some 60-year old that would criticize everything and everyone, she was super religious so shed excuse her criticisms by saying something about the bible or Jesus at the end of them, she would also treat her husband like he was an idiot, always making sure he knew when he messed up, the old man was cool though, he taught me how to fix a lot of stuff and how to work in a farm, but the lady was such an ass it ruined most of the experience.

    GeorgeGeorge3 dagen geleden
  • 0:20 Jesus christ, when the camera swinging on Jim it looks like his legs are moving.

    Danny LopezDanny Lopez5 dagen geleden
  • I never would've thought there is a drinking age in Ireland

    Quin ReimerQuin Reimer7 dagen geleden
  • This is so anti-christian. Jesus turned water into wine..What a waste.

    33 /Al'Zuhr\33 /Al'Zuhr\8 dagen geleden
  • I love how they’re trying to like hide alcohol and stop swearing around the kids as if Irish and Australian culture isn’t filled with drinking and swearing lmao

    General Fuck yeah Anime TittiesGeneral Fuck yeah Anime Titties8 dagen geleden
  • Harry looks like both 15 and 40 at the same time and it's hurting my head

    HBMHDHBMHD9 dagen geleden
  • when he said “this is ireland there’s nowhere to go” i felt that

    SarslanusSarslanus10 dagen geleden
  • The irishness on this video is out of the charts

    JoeOnYTJoeOnYT10 dagen geleden
  • they dont even look 15. they look way older.

    BearFlipsTableBearFlipsTable12 dagen geleden
  • I literally rewatch this video every few weeks it cracks me up lol

    Maddyson HerseliusMaddyson Herselius13 dagen geleden
  • Honestly I was expecting Kevin to do a family swap with his friend

    Dr. BrightDr. Bright13 dagen geleden
  • This is, to this day, one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen in my life

    Dan MDan M14 dagen geleden
  • The best part is when they decided to swap children from Australia where swearing is common in our vocabulary

    Aaron McMahonAaron McMahon15 dagen geleden
  • tikot Muki055

    Tatjana ŠuškovićTatjana Šušković15 dagen geleden
  • Kevin : the written word is powerful... “please subscribe” Is it working? Me: 👁👄👁💧

    Jesse SantiagoJesse Santiago16 dagen geleden
  • What...Is on the back of the Jim Pickens Yotoos box?!?! AMOGUS??!??!?!?!?

    TeeJammerTeeJammer17 dagen geleden
  • I was living in Cork for 3 weeks, beautiful place, crazy people XD

    eilandeeilande21 dag geleden
  • your letter was so powerful i already subed!

    TurtleskinrwoTurtleskinrwo23 dagen geleden
  • 😂😂the Ash voiceover

    Lungelolethu DlaminiLungelolethu Dlamini23 dagen geleden
  • youre so funny Kevin!!

    Frances MorrisFrances Morris25 dagen geleden
  • reminds me of that teenager hospital for mental health and everyone were acting like they felt better just to get out of this hellhole

    Joachim BramsonJoachim Bramson25 dagen geleden
  • Why the hell does the kid look like young tony hawk

    Enchanted 240Enchanted 24026 dagen geleden
  • I hardly ever subscribe to channels and for some reason the written word worked on me LoL. Subed

    Ben StouteBen Stoute27 dagen geleden
  • Exactly how was it a huge mistake? Hate these clickbait titles. No sub

    Diglett_DudeDiglett_Dude28 dagen geleden
  • In the full episode, the dad actually says to the girl that if it close up I think by the end of the week then he knows someone that can pierce it again for her

    Becca BishopBecca Bishop28 dagen geleden
  • Did you know that many Irish people are from Ireland? It's fascinating.

    Beefy BoyBeefy Boy29 dagen geleden
  • just letting you know that the letter worked, I subscribed after that :D

    SamsaraSamsaraMaand geleden
  • The old written subscribe trick worked

    Big SmokeBig SmokeMaand geleden
  • Do more on this tv show

    Acceptable YouTubeAcceptable YouTubeMaand geleden
  • i literally lost interest in less than a minute. a grown man talking to himself about dolls.

    nobby stylesnobby stylesMaand geleden
  • I want them to send American's to Ireland. Comming back to The states dressed like a leprachaun and speaking old english.

    Follow the white rabbitFollow the white rabbitMaand geleden
  • I love how these kids have had to actually contribute for the first time and are losing it

    Franc DollarFranc DollarMaand geleden
  • Fuck those fucking parents. sure they are brats but seriously those partents should even have kids

    LuddeLuddeMaand geleden
  • The written request to subscribe got me so I did it haha

    Groot LoopsGroot LoopsMaand geleden
  • You only get a week, piercings and smoking always seem like the least relevant issues to me. Sure they won't allow their children to do those things but it depends on cultural values, etc, and smoking is a difficult habit to give up, so you will be fighting against a nicotine deprived addict as well as disobedient teen. Also, I would not remove a piercing for a temporary stay, even if they will pay to get it redone after it heals closed in a couple of days, oral piercings swell and become quite uncomfortable after they are done and it's worse if you use the same site after it heals due to scar tissue. If my son wants an ear piercing, fine, I'll take him to a professional studio, anything else, he can do when he is old enough, not that it bothers me but schools can have a funny attitude to these things, they can't say anything about an ear piercing, as I don't see them forbidding it for the girls and having one rule for them and one for the boys would be clear discrimination.

    GambleGambleMaand geleden
  • his old man is silently thinking to himself 'having a kid at our age was her idea! i told her, or at least i thought about telling her it would all backfire on us bejesus, but i didnt have the stones for it'

    ivan schafeldtivan schafeldtMaand geleden
  • Good on her for taking it out💪

    Leah CastanhaLeah CastanhaMaand geleden
  • 0:55 They actually gave the Jim Pickens box art a bunch of graves. Lmao

    TheRedDeathTheRedDeathMaand geleden
  • Personally, I don't like the constant narrative. I have my own thoughts.

    SDM MediaSDM MediaMaand geleden
  • 11:07 worked on me

    Antonio Lopes JuniorAntonio Lopes JuniorMaand geleden
  • The only thing worse then disappointing your Japanese dad is Angering your Irish Step-Dad.

    Shia Lebeouf: Life CoachShia Lebeouf: Life CoachMaand geleden
  • Your name's Kevin? Thought it was Bill.. or George.

    Shia Lebeouf: Life CoachShia Lebeouf: Life CoachMaand geleden
  • are you on drugs?

    Noah PappNoah PappMaand geleden
  • Legend says that John has the piercings AND Harry still has the bottles.

    Phantom 23Phantom 23Maand geleden
  • Imagine this been set before the GFA Shit up delinquent kids with bomb threats

    The Black RoomThe Black RoomMaand geleden
  • I remember watching a teenage boot camp reality show around the same time this broadcast and when they wanted to show how naughty they were they actually showed them taking drugs.

    The Black RoomThe Black RoomMaand geleden
  • I think the only way to teach these kids a lesson about drinking is to make them drink all the alcohol in Ireland. That'll turn them.

    Andrea Do SantosAndrea Do SantosMaand geleden
  • Growing up in chicago I would make fun of the kids who were raised in strict catholic homes. Now I'm the same with mine. How foolish I was.

    Matt EllisMatt EllisMaand geleden
  • That bit with the letter, with the look of sadness and shock afterward, reminded me of RDJ in Tropic Thunder. Australian accent and everything.

    doctor gonzodoctor gonzoMaand geleden
  • These parents kinda seem like genuine assholes, I mean the kids have problems but I would hate living with these people

    Grim bbGrim bbMaand geleden
  • I want to know where they found an Irish family that doesn't fucking swear. I am from Cork, albeit, my dad was in the navy, so I know all the good swear words since I was 5 but I can't remember anyone not swearing growing up.

    Natalie O'Brien-HughesNatalie O'Brien-HughesMaand geleden
  • your commentary is great LOL

    Ella NesteryukElla NesteryukMaand geleden
  • it did I just subscribed

    shane webstershane websterMaand geleden
  • Let me guess: A Catholic and a Protestant family get swapped…?

    crazy sillycrazy sillyMaand geleden
  • Its fecking not fucking.

    Rob TaylorRob TaylorMaand geleden
  • I wasn't going to subscribe but then you wrote it on a piece of paper, cheers

    Oooch OoochyOooch OoochyMaand geleden
  • if booze is a crutch, religion is a wheel chair. At least the booze is real, unlike the magic sky daddy.

    Andrew HorrocksAndrew HorrocksMaand geleden
  • Blurring out the mouth but not the audio reminds me of watching movies on TV here in Korea. When somebody smokes, they'll blur it out, but only when it's in their mouth. You can still see the smoke. And when they pull the cig out of their mouth, it's suddenly un-blurred. After a few years of living here, it still seems weird every time.

    slycordinatorslycordinatorMaand geleden
  • I'm sorry but... your Irish surely your used to/ partook in underage drinking? For us Scots and surely you Irish its like a right of passage

    Rosco MongoRosco MongoMaand geleden
  • I'm confused. Which part was "a HUGE mistake"?

    AugustAugustMaand geleden
  • trying to be like pew di pie. embarassing

    joey paisanojoey paisanoMaand geleden
  • Not just Ireland. I got an earring in 1988. My dad ripped it out the moment he saw it. Didn’t even bother telling me to take it out. Or giving a reason why. Y’all don’t know what oppressive parents are. He did give me fair warning when I was 10. He saw a man with an earring and said. “ If I ever see you with an earring, I’ll rip it out.” So 48 now and no earring. I think he’d still do it! Just snatch it when I’m not looking!

    Squirrrel ChaserSquirrrel ChaserMaand geleden
    • fuckin awful im sorry

      Jessica JamesJessica JamesMaand geleden
  • brilliant, made me chuckle so much!!

    SUPA & Da KryptonitesSUPA & Da KryptonitesMaand geleden
  • Funny video but where was the mistake ? Click bait ?

    JabzthaJackMancJabzthaJackMancMaand geleden
  • Ya you got me

    Rory HendersonRory HendersonMaand geleden
  • the change in them just from being paid attention to is pretty amazing. Kids need structure and adult role models, not other kids as role models.

    sinephasesinephaseMaand geleden
  • It worked! I subscribed!

    dixibdixibMaand geleden
  • it worked

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  • CLICK BAIT TITLE for that cheese, no sub and a downvote

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  • 6:59 what if that piercing was a neck tattoo then what would the religious parents do ?

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  • The power of written word has made me subscribe

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  • it is working! I subscribed.

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  • i want to hear the actual content not you just chatting dribble every 1 second ffs

    Matteo CalonjeMatteo CalonjeMaand geleden
  • Is that doll holding trump?

    vikingnorthgamervikingnorthgamerMaand geleden
  • It's kind of amazing you're Irish, but then you managed to do an even more Irish accent. Like it wasn't until then I realized your accent is actually 1/3 Irish, 1/3 American, 1/3 British. Wild. WILD.

    Alexander SniderAlexander SniderMaand geleden
  • Your audio and video are out of sync :|

    Ben DawsonBen DawsonMaand geleden
  • I absolutely loved this video. More please!

    Bridgett LeighBridgett LeighMaand geleden
  • "the written word is powerfull" ye say, i choked on water when ye said that, how powerfall are ye words to make me subscribe and choke

    Yoo IlYoo IlMaand geleden
  • Tia Bell can sort all of these young lads out. They will listen to her.

    Jame GumbJame GumbMaand geleden
  • this yank does a fairly convincing irish accent.

    Riveam ___Riveam ___Maand geleden
  • Worked for me !

    John DemitrovJohn DemitrovMaand geleden
  • My last name is Pickens and you better believe Jim was my Facebook profile picture for awhile

    Adam D PickensAdam D PickensMaand geleden
  • Harry trying to escape to the northern boarder

    Sean SSean SMaand geleden
  • This has made my day

    Rowan xRowan xMaand geleden
  • Wholesome Irish family vs. reprobates

    Pete SorensenPete SorensenMaand geleden
  • How did she even get the bottle of wine to Ireland?

    JacJacMaand geleden
  • Come to me here over there ya bowsy fecker

    GallowglassGallowglassMaand geleden
  • I felt like a right Muppet sat there like "since when do naughty Irish kids sound like they're from Australia" and then realising it's WSP Australia smfh

    Dann MDann MMaand geleden
  • johns just seeping with blueshirt energy

    Finghin McCarthyFinghin McCarthyMaand geleden
  • 69 k likes lol

    JohnyCumLateJohnyCumLateMaand geleden
  • i cried when i saw the subscribe please paper , thank you kevin

    Big DracoBig DracoMaand geleden
  • Hi Kevin, my name is Ken.

  • somehow this was recommended, the reason the father doesn't speak is because he's been beat down by his ''nice'' wife.

    Valdimar KrValdimar KrMaand geleden
  • EU is different with drinking age. Its probably an old episode when i turned 16 i was legally allowed to drink... I live in the Netherlands so don't know if Ireland had a similar situation? Nowadays people need to wait untill 18 to drink alcohol in the Netherlands.

    Marco PietersMarco PietersMaand geleden
  • The Irish parents are the reasons we have school shootings XD

    Motivation Exceeds MeMotivation Exceeds MeMaand geleden
  • I moved from Perth to Kerry so I got the worst of both

    Oisin ScullyOisin ScullyMaand geleden
  • It's really hard keeping my gaffawing down at 2am :'D

    Aish SivaAish SivaMaand geleden
  • I have recently got an Irish Girlfriend, i am watching this as a research item, however i feel it isnt true to the norm

    Turdy MagooTurdy MagooMaand geleden
  • Whats left of this guys irish accent is hilarious! He has almost gone full yank, nobody goes full yank lol

    MastemaWolf Esq.MastemaWolf Esq.Maand geleden