Infinite Netherite Duplication Glitch! Minecrafts Funniest Clips #9

9 jan. 2021
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Today we have Minecrafts Funniest clips number 8! In this video, someone literally does an insane infinite netherite duplication glitch. This dupe glitch was insane and got this guy tons of netherite. Someone else in the video was also able to get the bedrock block in vanilla survival minecraft.
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Cow Pun Fun
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  • 1:32 man started throwing gang signs

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  • Moment of silence for kids who thought netherite dupe works... it is just a visual glitch

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  • Ender Pearls are cheating cause dream luck

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  • Syndicate potion of mlg

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  • 3:06 I- It's called Minecraft!

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  • Hoglins are officially confirmed to kill the player even if it means potential suicide.

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  • Jest i ewron

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  • Amazing how he always explained what we just saw like i mean *useless* but i still like the content

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  • 3:40 die haben da trymacs mit reingezogen oder

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  • 1:50 legit sans

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  • The end hahahahah

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  • 2:59 oh hey, it's the streamer that said "HAH SO BAD" when the guy in the trailer died to the Warden

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  • Check 4:24 if you want to see the duping of Netherite. You’re welcome.

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