Idiot Plays AMONG US For The First Time!

16 okt. 2020
702 292 Weergaven

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  • Colleen hony

    Zoe MacRaeZoe MacRae55 minuten geleden

    Jazzy MoulinJazzy MoulinUur geleden
  • This was so funny I love you

    Briella DBriella DUur geleden
  • I don’t I am just yelling bc like u vented infront of 2 people I-

    Itbbb And RobloxItbbb And Roblox2 uur geleden
  • omg i got so mad when she kileed lolll

  • Hey hey some people dont even know what bread is

    the kitten named survivorthe kitten named survivor5 uur geleden
  • This is kinda cringe, but it's not your fult. Lol

    Tiffany LuTiffany Lu7 uur geleden
  • you sound like a boomer all this video lol

    giselle velazquezgiselle velazquez8 uur geleden
  • this was frustrating lol

    Anna GreeneAnna Greene9 uur geleden
  • Omg you need to start a gaming channel that would be hilarious

    Axelle BrosseAxelle Brosse10 uur geleden
  • you should watch a vidio before u play

    Addi Rae fan XoxoAddi Rae fan Xoxo12 uur geleden
  • i was posted on my birthday i turned 11

    Laura ShieldsLaura Shields13 uur geleden
  • LOL

    Sameeha RayanaSameeha Rayana19 uur geleden
  • It was made in 2018 among us

    Rihanna RodriguezRihanna Rodriguez20 uur geleden
  • i- ... wow lmao I love her I was literally trying to explain it to here even though she couldn't hear me ahahahah I cant even rn that was great though you should play with other youtubers and have them explain it you'll get it better then and it'll be so fun

    kaileys showkaileys show21 uur geleden
  • Colleen: *kills in front of someone* Me: oh colleen you got a lot to learn

    Jose CruzJose Cruz21 uur geleden
  • and she has so press kill

    Steffani LuleSteffani Lule22 uur geleden
  • Lol I was so dead when she said y am I farting 🤣🤣😂

    Cassandra OrtizCassandra OrtizDag geleden
  • You look like Breuer

  • You should play with Joey and James they are both pros at this game

    Alexander GarciaAlexander GarciaDag geleden
  • you literly got voted out because you killed someone infront of a crew mate uhhh

    sonya kudelinasonya kudelinaDag geleden
  • This was so hard to watch

    Nicole StefanidesNicole StefanidesDag geleden
  • So stressful to watch this

    Faith FischerFaith FischerDag geleden
  • ~Cringe~

    piper luvpiper luvDag geleden
  • Who found third channel but was shocked about her voice and her sweet talk? Like if you were shocked oh and her husband I think is from haters Back off!!! That is cool and I’m the shoe he did not like her!!! Lol

    RavenwoodsRavenwoodsDag geleden
  • Okay Colleen love you but this was very frustrating to watch. Kinda annoying.

    Keziah ArteagaKeziah ArteagaDag geleden
  • You can also play on your phone of iPad too

    Sarah GreenSarah GreenDag geleden
  • wht do you keep dieing

    Renee AliceaRenee AliceaDag geleden
  • ok i can't say anything cuz i was like that to at first

    Aleli RodriguezAleli RodriguezDag geleden
  • lol the vent...

    Aleli RodriguezAleli RodriguezDag geleden
  • the beginning is like noobs in roblox-

    Noob-ExperienceNoob-ExperienceDag geleden
  • ggguuuuurrrrllll you are on the same on the star of fame not that you'll ever see this cuz it's November 22

    Aleli RodriguezAleli RodriguezDag geleden
    • @Aleli Rodriguez is she miranda sings

      Roman KhanRoman Khan3 uur geleden
    • lol

      Aleli RodriguezAleli RodriguezDag geleden
  • “Why am I farting” Colleen ballinger 2020

    Makensi NicholsonMakensi NicholsonDag geleden
  • How she vents in front of everyone😂😂

    veda Kveda KDag geleden
  • you

    Hayley CatchingsHayley CatchingsDag geleden
  • Hi Colleen I luv ur vids all of your vids u look so pretty and how is Flyn

    Leyl LeylLeyl LeylDag geleden
  • Everyone: Omg Colleen 😂🤣 Colleen: *opens door* why am I farting?!! 14:19

    SimplyShawna _ GaxchaSimplyShawna _ GaxchaDag geleden
  • if your the imposter you have to kill people and if your not you have to do task and find out Who is the imposter

    Patrick PinguePatrick PingueDag geleden

    Kelly KitashimaKelly KitashimaDag geleden
  • hi

    Ayla FriedmanAyla FriedmanDag geleden
  • As a crewmate you do do tasks there’s a bar in the corner that says tasks you press that then it shows you tasks then in the other corner there’s a map it shows places to go for your tasks then as you’re going to your task you still see the map and you can see yourself moving then you get to your tasks and you put your map away and we’re it is lightning up yellow you press that then you did a task then you do all of your other tasks and if you see a dead body you press report then your in a meting you press the chat button in the bottom corner

    Chloe CChloe C2 dagen geleden
  • collen your fine the way u is.

    Myliah WillisMyliah Willis2 dagen geleden
  • I had just watched the Miranda vid before this and I thought it was just her 😂

    Anika GraceAnika Grace2 dagen geleden
  • You know how badly I just wanted to go through the screen and come and show her how to play 😂 love you Colleen ❤️

    Leah SueLeah Sue2 dagen geleden
  • This was soooo funny 😆 I almost peed my pants

    Alexis MorinAlexis Morin2 dagen geleden
  • Like I’m not trying to be rude but your playing it all wrong I got triggered a little sorry 😑

    Ana unicorn nugget AngleAna unicorn nugget Angle2 dagen geleden
  • I didn't even know how to work the game because I didn't use the guide list☹️☹️

    carleyBff AckermancarleyBff Ackerman2 dagen geleden
  • btw u can still do tasks even tho u are a gost

    Lacy MarieLacy Marie2 dagen geleden
  • How many times did she say I don't get it my so stressed

    Jasmine HJasmine H2 dagen geleden

    Terryl StubbeTerryl Stubbe2 dagen geleden
  • It is sooooo easy to play among us just watch videos of among us

    Eshal AliEshal Ali2 dagen geleden
  • Btw you can do it on your phone

    gecko playzgecko playz2 dagen geleden

    I Am CynthiaI Am Cynthia2 dagen geleden
  • I never heard from her in a year

    Xxxpatrickxxxi XoxXxxpatrickxxxi Xox3 dagen geleden
  • U can but u have to pay 5 bucks

    Codie SmithCodie Smith3 dagen geleden
  • So she is only goood at old school games. My mom never plays games with us, she knows what the game is but refuses. I see how my mom feels because she’s used to old school games. Like the one with the cat

    Aaliyah CowanAaliyah Cowan3 dagen geleden
  • Colleen i love you but this drived me insane

    Lucy DeBoerLucy DeBoer3 dagen geleden
  • Idiot just swipe the card💳

    Lauren OwelicioLauren Owelicio3 dagen geleden
  • NINTENDO 64 came out in like 2000😭

    boost Mode.!boost Mode.!3 dagen geleden
  • K so I am so fricking annoyed bc idk but like I am like ah I wish I can go in there and help u!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ashley AntczakAshley Antczak3 dagen geleden
  • I want to play 😭

    Eneyssa tooEneyssa too3 dagen geleden
  • I’m just doing what you said so you suck

    Kath GKath G3 dagen geleden
  • Omg- I can’t 😭

    Eneyssa tooEneyssa too3 dagen geleden
  • I love you Colleen

    Daniela MendozaDaniela Mendoza3 dagen geleden
  • I can't explain how much I just wanted to scream from the top of my lungs because she doesn't know how to play this at all she was like oh wait what's a task but wait how do you know who the imposter is 😤😡😠

    Cringe QueenCringe Queen3 dagen geleden
  • 😐

    Juan CastroJuan Castro3 dagen geleden
  • Playing Among Us For The First Time!!

    Mammoth GAMEPLAYMammoth GAMEPLAY3 dagen geleden
  • Noob

    Camila FernandezCamila Fernandez3 dagen geleden
  • Imposter is people kill Eating

    Jayla JuradoJayla Jurado3 dagen geleden
  • OMG this is so funny 😂😂

    akt aktakt akt3 dagen geleden
  • ok.... really no offense to Collen cuz i love you but, watching her play and doing everything wrong even while watching the tutorial gave me OCD. But i love you!

    Sarah IndukuriSarah Indukuri3 dagen geleden
    • @Sarah Indukuri bruh, i didnt say i know anything at all.,chill ocd shouldn't be used as a relatable word, educate yourself!

      Pink ZebraPink Zebra3 dagen geleden
    • @Pink Zebra i know and i do know what it means, and what i meant by "OCD" is that it made me feel weird. so stfu, your literally a person on the internet who know absolutely nothing about me.

      Sarah IndukuriSarah Indukuri3 dagen geleden
    • stop using this word without understanding please

      Pink ZebraPink Zebra3 dagen geleden
    • that's not ocd bruh

      Pink ZebraPink Zebra3 dagen geleden
  • I AM SO TRIGGERED!!!!!!!!!!

    Dani Y-LDani Y-L3 dagen geleden
  • Somebody please teach Colleen hahahah

    ClaryFlynn98ClaryFlynn983 dagen geleden
  • And you also need to wait until it is founded

    Naomi Allanah TanNaomi Allanah Tan3 dagen geleden
    • Until your body is founded while that you can follow the imposter

      Naomi Allanah TanNaomi Allanah Tan3 dagen geleden
  • And when you are killed you become a gost you can follow people but they can not see you and also you can still do task how to do task ok so you see what you need to do and you go to the room and when you see a task that you need to do like use

    Naomi Allanah TanNaomi Allanah Tan3 dagen geleden
    • I mean press use

      Naomi Allanah TanNaomi Allanah Tan3 dagen geleden
  • And if you are an impostor you need to pretend to do task then when it is clear with only 1 people you kill and go to the vent and the arow is used to move to places

    Naomi Allanah TanNaomi Allanah Tan3 dagen geleden
  • She KILLS and VENTS in front ppl every time

    Talia AldabbaghTalia Aldabbagh3 dagen geleden
  • Your not an idiot don’t say that about you your awesome

    Talia AldabbaghTalia Aldabbagh3 dagen geleden
  • ◣ ◢ █ █ ◤ ◥ 💜BTS💜

    Sneha MishraSneha Mishra3 dagen geleden
  • LMFAOO THIS WAS TOO FUNNY. Made my night!

    Alexa CañezAlexa Cañez3 dagen geleden
  • hahahaah i think you need help lol

    Brenda AlvarezBrenda Alvarez3 dagen geleden
  • This hurt me so much.. I was crying

    Fouler KibblesFouler Kibbles3 dagen geleden
  • you can finish your tasks as goust

    Annie HuangAnnie Huang3 dagen geleden
  • you've played mafia.... same thing

    Erin ByersErin Byers4 dagen geleden
  • “Oh it’s like the mafia” sent me

    Brooklynn GamingBrooklynn Gaming4 dagen geleden
  • I'm sorry but I laughed so much during this video

    Sonia AgrawalSonia Agrawal4 dagen geleden
  • collen was like can i kill :kills infront of green:

    Kaylen’s KubbieKaylen’s Kubbie4 dagen geleden

    Emily ThompsonEmily Thompson4 dagen geleden
  • Imagine murdering Colleen, I could neverrrr!!!😂

    Naomi SeilerNaomi Seiler4 dagen geleden
  • Why did this kinda make me mad because it’s kinda Of a easy game 😅✋

    Alissa MillerAlissa Miller4 dagen geleden
  • I was literally laughing sooooo hard when you vented in front of people then killed someone when someone was next to u😂lyyyyyy Colleen xxxxxxx❤️❤️💕💕

    Megan CurryMegan Curry4 dagen geleden
  • i can teach u

    Analeah GuevaraAnaleah Guevara4 dagen geleden
  • Sis how has your hair grown so far?

    RexyRexy4 dagen geleden
  • click this now :

    Sarah LougheedSarah Lougheed4 dagen geleden
  • She annoys me since she literally has no idea what to do, LIKE BRUH WATCH A COUPLE VIDEOS OF PEOPLE PLAYING IT, but yeah I love her but yeah lol

    lillianjordan jordanlillianjordan jordan4 dagen geleden
  • This was so hard to watch 😂😂😂

    Allie BAllie B4 dagen geleden
  • Hi I love you so much I love you so please follow me on tikto

    LeAnne MarleyLeAnne Marley4 dagen geleden
  • don't worry when I started i sucked, just need practice

    Sara ThurstonSara Thurston4 dagen geleden
    • But its easy just watch someone play the game

      lillianjordan jordanlillianjordan jordan4 dagen geleden
  • You don’t kill Infont of people

    TIa HTIa H4 dagen geleden
  • Erick is such a lucky man your so pretty and dont let anybody tell u different

    Marshall SmithMarshall Smith4 dagen geleden