I went Undercover in a Trackmania tournament and fooled everyone...

24 apr. 2021
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Last week I played a Trackmania tournament undercover, to see how pro players would react to being beaten by a player they'd never heard of before... and the results were amazing
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  • Teasing for the Joke drop but he never does it... Big Sadge

    Cuban PeteCuban PeteUur geleden
  • You should make this a series

    Nathan JacquesNathan Jacques4 uur geleden
  • Wait is that music at 2:33 from everhood... it sounds identical to one of the songs Edit: it's the song squid jazz from everhood, I recently replayed through the game and I've been listening to the ost during my drives so I thought it sounded familiar

    Matt GladuraMatt Gladura6 uur geleden

    Arman HossainArman Hossain6 uur geleden
  • I guess even tho I don’t know who you are, you were indeed undercover.

    That Ole FerioThat Ole Ferio7 uur geleden
  • i love this gamei just hate that i need to pay yearly. pls someone tell me if i can get one time paymant

    AroAro8 uur geleden

    Countess DraculaCountess Dracula12 uur geleden
  • never been so stressed while watching a video.

    KPBrosephKPBroseph12 uur geleden
  • Dumb

    TheSickOne 808TheSickOne 80813 uur geleden
  • Wow man, you are so full of yourself like “look, I’m soooo good, someone HAS to notice me, right, RIGHT???”, even though you nearly got knocked out multiple times. Wonder how can you still press the buttons, your big ego MUST be in the way. You are worse than XQC I swear. Call your mom next time you need some self confidence.

    Zoltán PiskulicZoltán Piskulic17 uur geleden
  • Mufat nutz

    BoxedIn or Muhammad NafisBoxedIn or Muhammad NafisDag geleden
  • Murat is Turkish name, you did nice man

    Furkan D.Furkan D.Dag geleden
  • 0:11 *"Hmm yes the floor here is made out of floor"*

    Chrome_NovaYTChrome_NovaYTDag geleden
  • And now you got me into trackmania. Ly

    Agent TonyAgent TonyDag geleden
  • who the fuck was Tony Barker?

    Alexander WoodAlexander WoodDag geleden
  • Dude really wants people to notice him. Guessing he wasn’t hugged enough as a child

    Ray DolphRay DolphDag geleden
  • sly tunes love it

    leroy jansenleroy jansenDag geleden
  • I love your pronunciation

    Loureiro JuniorLoureiro JuniorDag geleden
  • no bo3?

    PrawPrawDag geleden
  • 11:20 "who's mufat Kappa"

    PrawPrawDag geleden
  • As bayrakları : Bring the flag

    Yilmaz CakirogluYilmaz CakirogluDag geleden
  • A lot of french in top TM player Im impressed

    Cheetadini the italian monkeyCheetadini the italian monkeyDag geleden
  • I am Turkish and Mufat is definitely not a Turkish-ish name.

    Prof. TahseenProf. TahseenDag geleden
  • I think it’s pronounced muh fat

  • Nobody was fooled...

    H DH DDag geleden
  • dont search safemoon on youtube

    Matt CMatt CDag geleden
  • Pride of Turkey right here, lads.

    New California RepublicNew California Republic2 dagen geleden
  • I can’t be the only one who read “Among us player” I think I’m going crazy

  • so, u made a smurf account? a thing that is basicly normal in every competitiv game.

    MrRevenant333MrRevenant3332 dagen geleden
  • Should’ve put from USA they’d be mad

    Nick AlfredoNick Alfredo2 dagen geleden
  • ugabuga nice vid

    MiyenMiyen2 dagen geleden
  • Kermit?

    Tie WrapTie Wrap2 dagen geleden
  • It's called smurfing. Smurfing is concidered cheating.

    Thomas MüllerThomas Müller2 dagen geleden
  • 13:46 That made me crack up so bad

    Dago DuckDago Duck2 dagen geleden
  • That sly music, I love it

    Philip EggliPhilip Eggli2 dagen geleden
  • Im totally new. Never heard of this game It was so damn fun to watch

    Umbrella CooperationUmbrella Cooperation2 dagen geleden
  • "Who is MufatTM?"

    G amma.-.G amma.-.3 dagen geleden
  • Dan did good

    CannedPizzaCannedPizza3 dagen geleden
  • A troll with skills MY FAVORITE.

    Yeetus_maheetusYeetus_maheetus3 dagen geleden
  • You remind me of Mertzy who makes rocket league content.

    Jax TradeJax Trade3 dagen geleden
  • You remind me of Mertzy who makes rocket league content.

    Jax TradeJax Trade3 dagen geleden
  • are you from norway?

    Hello_My_Name_Is_FelixHello_My_Name_Is_Felix3 dagen geleden
  • Tell me why I should buy this game? Because after seeing this video I thought about it but when I googled more info on this game I was a bit bummed to see quite a few negative reviews. Are the negative reviews only from the poor boys that are mad they have to pay yearly to play it? Because if that's the case that doesn't bother me one bit.

    DCCCVI Slim BoneDCCCVI Slim Bone3 dagen geleden
  • Rocket League looking different in 2021.

    DCCCVI Slim BoneDCCCVI Slim Bone3 dagen geleden
  • he didnt even pull the trigger

    GingeyoriGingeyori3 dagen geleden
  • the fact that he never pulled the mufat nuts breaks my heart

    JakeJake3 dagen geleden
  • OMG you should have been like "Man this game is easy..." at the end.

    Evil BillEvil Bill3 dagen geleden
  • You saying that you went undercover doesnt mean anything to me since this is the first video im seeing

    just mejust me3 dagen geleden

    WYDRAULONWYDRAULON3 dagen geleden
  • I dont even care about this game, but I watched a few vids & I gotta say.. Wirtual does a good job making vids lol

    BulbasaurUseVinewhipBulbasaurUseVinewhip3 dagen geleden
  • I didn't even know this game but it was very entertaining to watch

    Jona RLJona RL3 dagen geleden
  • Why did i watch the whole video i never had anything at all to do with trackmania

    Anubis- is-my-petAnubis- is-my-pet4 dagen geleden
  • smurfin with extra wheel lmao

    TheGreatPeruTheGreatPeru4 dagen geleden
  • same course over and over? weak

    dbelv66dbelv664 dagen geleden
  • Your name in polish means virtual

    Antoni OAntoni O4 dagen geleden
  • In dota, we call it smurfing

    Adachi YuusukeAdachi Yuusuke4 dagen geleden
  • Music at start reminds me of sly cooper

    ripped skiezripped skiez4 dagen geleden
  • And who is this guy??????

    NoirNoir4 dagen geleden
  • gg

    Mike HamelinMike Hamelin4 dagen geleden
  • Before this Video: nothing knows about him After this Video: all knows about him

    DJOHN 360DJOHN 3604 dagen geleden
  • As a turkish man, can confirm that is a very turkish name.

    Sinan EreyliSinan Ereyli4 dagen geleden
  • I can imagine how many disabled people that don’t work are so upset at home.

    B CB C4 dagen geleden
  • has no one made smurfs before? thats pretty surprising, smurfs are in every other competitive game

    nbaumgnbaumg4 dagen geleden
  • ❤❤so close!!❤❤

    Avid CendejasAvid Cendejas4 dagen geleden

    Hypernova XHypernova X5 dagen geleden
  • Why do you sound like Albino?

    Tobe NwabudikeTobe Nwabudike5 dagen geleden
  • LOL. Im from Turkey and can confirm that the name sounds Turkish

    Yaman YaziciYaman Yazici5 dagen geleden
  • Your name should have been joe

    william lauwilliam lau5 dagen geleden
  • the players watching the video be like: yay im in a video

    Jericho Butler-SteeleJericho Butler-Steele5 dagen geleden
  • Türkler heryerde ccc 🇹🇷 hdhdejshdishdjdud

    Ömer Ege ÇukuryurtÖmer Ege Çukuryurt5 dagen geleden
  • Wait you never landed the punchline? :') I mean I know the punchline's about balls but you don't have to leave us hanging like that dude :p

    ReznoV VazileskiReznoV Vazileski5 dagen geleden
  • 2:06 well as a Turkish person it really looks like a Turkish name lmao

    SoğukçikolataSoğukçikolata5 dagen geleden
  • I appreciate the sly cooper ost 👌

    Mellow MonsterMellow Monster5 dagen geleden
  • Lame shit

    Mike FlodoMike Flodo5 dagen geleden
  • He's gotta be Norwegian with that accent lol

    ElectizeElectize5 dagen geleden
  • Love the sly cooper music in the back

    Jamison W.Jamison W.5 dagen geleden
  • Upvote this comment if you watch Wirtual videos but never touched trackmania

    François MENTECFrançois MENTEC5 dagen geleden
  • I had an experience the other way around. I once entered a quiz channel in IRC and won the first tournament, and everybody assumed I was one of the local top gang using a new nickname. So I got a lot of “Are you ...?” reactions. I guess some only believed I was a different person when we finally had the big showdown with all the regulars.

    magicmuldermagicmulder5 dagen geleden
  • Sly Cooper music fuck yeah

    mahkimahkmahkimahk5 dagen geleden
  • Mufat balls

    Ash ketchupAsh ketchup5 dagen geleden
  • Am I the only one who sat there jumping in my chair screaming "GO, GO, GO MUFAT, GOOOO!!" this entire video?

    Sir HamsterlotSir Hamsterlot5 dagen geleden
  • griasd enk

    Etzerdlas GaudistubenEtzerdlas Gaudistuben5 dagen geleden
  • mufat değil han türkçe murat murat

    spedy0909spedy09095 dagen geleden
  • So? You spent all this time on this stupid game while we had fun playing everything else. Is this really your identity?

    ForestCity FishingForestCity Fishing5 dagen geleden
    • What?

      plasmajackplasmajack5 dagen geleden
  • i never played trackmania or know any of its competitive side. but holy shit i screamed when you missed that risky ending jump. ive never been so invested into something this hard.

    SykeGetJukedSykeGetJuked5 dagen geleden
  • Wow.. A smurf beating the most players and competing with pros... Never saw that before...

    Eddy checkt!Eddy checkt!5 dagen geleden
  • i dont know a single thing about this game and its still entertaining

    The First SaltyThe First Salty5 dagen geleden
  • the sly cooper music is everything

    dihzeydihzey5 dagen geleden
    • Yeah i noticed the second it started. Ive been playing videogames for 15 years and the sly Series is still my favorite series ever. Kinda sad that its pretty much dead now

      Oliv7715Oliv7715Dag geleden
    • I legit told the guy to shush just because I wanted to hear the music lmao

      Happy !Happy !4 dagen geleden
  • This is a good example of using a smurf account. A high-level player who was tricking other high-level players. Not a smurf account of a high level player intentionally playing vs lower level players.

    TorzyTheJerTorzyTheJer6 dagen geleden
  • Can we please get this mans sub count to the views of his videos?

    Styrka!Styrka!6 dagen geleden
  • Is wirtual a pro player or am I missing something

    Supreme CheckSupreme Check6 dagen geleden
    • he doesnt compete so no. but to the average player he is still "pro" but not so good that he can compete, he does the casting though in the trackmania grand league

      Ginkoman2Ginkoman23 dagen geleden
  • fuck yeah türk power

    EgemenEgemen6 dagen geleden
  • playing swat4 trying to get in each mission a score of 100/100 . a support with a like or subscribe would nice

    tactical gamertactical gamer6 dagen geleden
  • You didn't pull the joke tho

    doodo535doodo5356 dagen geleden
  • Bro I love the incognito symbol in the thumbnail lmao

    HoshiHoshi6 dagen geleden
  • shit look like rocket league racing🤮🤮

    sfvirgosfvirgo6 dagen geleden
  • As a Turkish, I can say Mufat not sound Turkish at all 😁😁 snndjdj

    ASCII the SaintASCII the Saint6 dagen geleden
  • The level of skill in Trackmania looks way to competive for the average person

    Gam3kidGam3kid6 dagen geleden
  • Is that sly Cooper music

    XeiDaMoKa FEXeiDaMoKa FE6 dagen geleden
  • isn't that the game where you pay money to play?

    Duo clanDuo clan6 dagen geleden
    • yes and no

      J-SwagJ-Swag4 dagen geleden