I Watched Falcon & The Winter Soldier Ep. 3 in 0.25x Speed and Here's What I Found

3 apr. 2021
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Here goes my breakdown of #FalconAndTheWinterSoldier Episode 3 in 0.25x Speed.
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    The Canadian LadThe Canadian Lad17 dagen geleden
    • Hey Canadian lad how did Bucky slip that keycard into Zemo's book? And when did Zemo take Bucky's notebook?

      Nico MerejillaNico Merejilla2 dagen geleden
    • Everyone who made the super serum died as well 😂 being shot is the first priority to them 😭

      Saif AliSaif Ali3 dagen geleden
    • Love from india ❤️

      Parmeet SinghParmeet Singh5 dagen geleden
    • Hi Canadian lad I have just found a new bit of detail on the falcon and the winter soldier episode 3 while watching it and at 17:41 there is a guy with a shield that looks like Steve’s shield in the back left side of the screen we need details because it could be JW somehow following them just my guess ??? Pls read this we need answers

      Kai AlexanderKai Alexander5 dagen geleden
    • 8⛱️⛱️⛱️🚫🔺🚫🔌🚫♈🚫📩🔇🚫🖤🚫🔇♊📛📛🚱🚫♓🚫♈🚫🖤♊🚫♊🚫🚫🖤🖤🚫🚫🔇🖤🚫❓🆚♈🖤🚫🚫🚫🚫🚳♑♊🎌🔇♊🚫🗳️🔺⏲️🚫💹💹🏺🏺🔇🕣🗝️🗝️📯

      MJ EsperanzaMJ Esperanza13 dagen geleden
  • when zemo, bucky and sam got in to the jet for the first time, zemos flight attendant asked in russian to serve food and zemo told him if the food smells bad ( according to zemo was all that time in prison the food wasn't fresh) then to serve it to sam and bucky, i believe this is why zemo served them which you can also see the mischevious look in his eyes

    Nikoleta StavrakiNikoleta Stavraki6 uur geleden
  • Nagel’s serum isn’t subtle which can make soldier super without looking one. Note, erskine used vita rays to stimulate growth hence to gain muscles and make soldiers completely super even in their appearance they are subjected to vita rays and serum is given through microinjections on major muscle groups

    Karan ShethKaran Sheth13 uur geleden
  • Referring Zemo as Doug Judy of MCU was gold !!

    Melissa BakerMelissa Baker18 uur geleden
  • Stop calling it a blip its snapped

    DrewDrewDag geleden

    Khaiden AmphonephongKhaiden AmphonephongDag geleden
  • She the power broker

    lil Rudylil RudyDag geleden
  • 6:53 that means "body enhancement". Dunno if its related to super soldier serum.

    ShinShinDag geleden
  • Everyone else: Dora Me-la-zhey Canadian Lad: Dora Milaaj

    Arctic GorillaArctic GorillaDag geleden
  • I little detail, when John and Lamar are talking/walking on the hallway, the camera is following from behing John and you can see Lamar passing by the door a5 and the big door, and then "cuts" to camera walking in front of them, and you can see them back near the door a5 again

    André VilelaAndré Vilela2 dagen geleden
  • Question. How did Bucky slip that keycard into Zemo's book? And when did Zemo take Bucky's notebook?

    Nico MerejillaNico Merejilla2 dagen geleden
  • Sharon taking down those assassins was some of the best action we've seen in a long time. It was realistic, flowed well, and they didn't make it seem like it was easy for her. Everything she did was realistic and deadly

    Yautja PrimeYautja Prime2 dagen geleden
  • I didn't know the picture of The smiling tiger was actually Anthony. They just took it when his facial hair was grown out apparently lol

    Yautja PrimeYautja Prime2 dagen geleden
  • Nakajima wasn’t someone Bucky was assigned to kill, just a dude caught in the crossfire, that’s why he asks about Nakajima specifically.

    Kash_108Kash_1082 dagen geleden
  • @The Canadian Lad Isn't that scene where the 4 are leaving the city and everyone has recieved a bounty has a close resemblance to the ending of John Wick 2. Of course the writer is same but it's amazing how many things he has taken from John Wick.

    Chaitanya JoglekarChaitanya Joglekar2 dagen geleden
  • 6:50 that Hindi language reference is a proud moment for Indian Guys who are watching this Series and this Video too. Thanks MCU 🙏❤

    Stylish StarStylish Star3 dagen geleden
  • Another marvelous video respect

    jamesfelissaintjamesfelissaint3 dagen geleden
  • R.I.P Chadwick Boseman

    Hi HHi H3 dagen geleden
  • 3:36 What did I just hear?

    NamBamNamBam3 dagen geleden
  • A hindu majority country has a muslim flag Secularism at it's best in madripoor

    Hriday DagaHriday Daga3 dagen geleden
  • Zemo prepared meal because the fridge was broken and it didn't pass the smell test....

    jay pateljay patel3 dagen geleden
  • Zemo looks like Tobey Maguire.

    Yajur RaghavanYajur Raghavan4 dagen geleden
  • zemo has a gold desert eagle. Nice.

    NERDSNERDS4 dagen geleden
  • Wyatt Rusell is such a good actor that he has made me hate John Walker so much (That's what we were supposed to do right ?)

    AryanAryan4 dagen geleden
  • easter egg is when zemo tried to talk, i remembered valkyrie throwing a bottle to loki in thor Ragnarok

    KudoooskyKudooosky4 dagen geleden
  • not even the new captain america’s ego is bigger than his chin

    KnightsMightsKnightsMights4 dagen geleden
  • bruh lad i watched shutter island on tv like three days ago

    zivosaurus -rexzivosaurus -rex5 dagen geleden
  • John walker looks a bit squary we didnt want falcon to have shield its karma

    NLOPLO GamingNLOPLO Gaming6 dagen geleden
  • I dont like john walker he looks better without the helmet

    NLOPLO GamingNLOPLO Gaming6 dagen geleden
  • "We've only scratched the surface" the same dialogue is in Captain America - Winter Soldier too (post credit scene)

    Diyan WolrdDiyan Wolrd6 dagen geleden
  • The poster of this video is fake.....that scene showed something else not zemo can be triggered

    Adarsh BajpaiAdarsh Bajpai6 dagen geleden
  • I ain't sure about this but..... Sam talked on his phone while the three were in the flight, is this anyway possible?✈️

    Ruturaj PolRuturaj Pol6 dagen geleden
  • 6:55 during that time a guy was singing in Filipino language. He was saying 'sobrang natural walang halong kemikal' which means 'so natural no mix of chemical'.

    ShiftySSShiftySS6 dagen geleden
  • How long does it take to watch one whole episode in 0.25?

    caramelwatsoncaramelwatson6 dagen geleden
  • Just imagine wolvarine is here

    ReiRei7 dagen geleden
  • I feel like its hard for them to negotiate and do everything right since cap is gone and the others

    ReiRei7 dagen geleden
  • Sharon didn't kill anybody in this episode

    Aydan PereiraAydan Pereira7 dagen geleden
  • I loved the little John Wick bit. And was a bit surprised by the bad ass Sharon Carter

    SusannaSusanna7 dagen geleden
  • I like that him winning in civil war gave zemo his closure, now hes just glad to be out of jail and is against superheros hording power, and wants none at all. Dudes along for the ride

    Rowdee MunkeeRowdee Munkee7 dagen geleden
  • i would've been triggered too if i was zemo but i wouldnt had killed him

    adnanadnan7 dagen geleden
  • Your channel hit 900k I started watching your channel when this channel hit 100k congrats soon you will hit 1million-----You will hit 1million subscribers

    Sheeja BennySheeja Benny7 dagen geleden
  • I completed watching 4 of the eps

    Siva RamSiva Ram7 dagen geleden
  • have you seen zemo dancing 1 hour compalation by marvel

    Aleksa TodorovicAleksa Todorovic7 dagen geleden
  • Zemo can dance Zemo can cook Zemo can sing Zemo can can

    SharkZXSharkZX7 dagen geleden
  • I think they have completely ruined Zemo character. In civil war he’s a man of conviction, determination driven by grieve and vengeance now he just a playboy and wisecracker

    Bảo Hồ Trần GiaBảo Hồ Trần Gia7 dagen geleden
  • Do you think anyone could’ve gotten powers from the lab explosion?

    Michael CerezoMichael Cerezo8 dagen geleden
    • They were showing the biles shaking a lot

      Michael CerezoMichael Cerezo8 dagen geleden
  • @6:17 is that a cyberpunk poster Why ?

    D20CMP030 Samson brittoD20CMP030 Samson britto8 dagen geleden
  • Man dude your getting great sponsors

    Kustomation StudiosKustomation Studios8 dagen geleden
  • Man the mcu is raking some places for the series at least this is better Wandavision I just didn’t like it

    Kustomation StudiosKustomation Studios8 dagen geleden
  • Don't you think Farhan Akhtar the bollywood actor can be power broker ? As he is in talks with marvel, and as u said Hinduism is the most followed religion in madripool!!! That's my theory🤞

    Varad GaikwadVarad Gaikwad8 dagen geleden
  • At 6:50 it meas body augmentation

    Ayush AryanAyush Aryan8 dagen geleden
  • I think the power broker may be the taskmaster because marvel has a way of teasing things and since this series is a part of the mcu so i think we might get a tease of the taskmaster at the end of the last episode

    Chaitanya SoniChaitanya Soni8 dagen geleden
  • Machiavelli's The Prince was meant as a satire to tyrannical rule, almost everything in that book while mostly true from a cynics view were not what Machiavelli believed were traits that effective rulers should have. They wrote book after being tortured over false allegations and it was meant as a criticism of the Medici. Saying this is what he believed is like saying Rousseau

    David LarsonDavid Larson8 dagen geleden
  • When will we see our old cap roaming around the street

    Rajdeep KarmakarRajdeep Karmakar8 dagen geleden
  • We have only scratched the surface, Sharon must have many layers after all she is the niece of Peggy Carter

    Shraddha YadavShraddha Yadav8 dagen geleden
  • Zemo's comic book look does not translate well in real life.. let's not kid ourselves. He's cool other than that.

    Gino LorenzoGino Lorenzo8 dagen geleden
  • I think Sharon might be working for the U.S government, SWORD, Nick Fury or Skrull Nick Fury deep undercover to find the power broker and/or recover the super soldier serum, when she said "We have big problems" she might mean the mission and/or her cover have been compromised.

    July17July179 dagen geleden
  • At 11:30 I think I see Superman was a test subject

    Axel CastilloAxel Castillo9 dagen geleden
  • Yo the "bounty on the killer" seane gave me mad John wick vids Like, Bucky and Sam and zemo walking like that was so gooood

    Stevie t's sisterStevie t's sister9 dagen geleden
  • "Did you hear what Lamar said next?" Cue Ad "TIRED OF ALL THOSE ODORS?!? TRY FEBREEZE!"

    Yugi TrumpYugi Trump9 dagen geleden
  • I think that Sharon is only the power broker cuz as soon as selbi dyes how so quicky the message was spread among people selbi's death was only being seen by Sharon Bucki Sam, Zemo I think so Sharon is playing a game with 3 of them

    Spiky TuhinSpiky Tuhin9 dagen geleden
  • 11:30 Henry Cavill: Super-Soldier

    David RothbergDavid Rothberg9 dagen geleden
  • You’re doing an amazing job.

    The Winter SoldierThe Winter Soldier9 dagen geleden
  • I like Zemo now. He’s a cool guy actually

    Chicken Nugget83Chicken Nugget839 dagen geleden
  • In 6:50 I Guess It's Body And Something

    Flame MusicFlame Music9 dagen geleden
  • Machiavelli is also the name of a Tupac Shakur album. Anthony Mackie played Tupac in the movie Notorious. Fun fact not sure if its an Easter egg.

    Dominic FloresDominic Flores9 dagen geleden
  • I just noticed Buck cleaning his bionic on the plane on the way to Latvia!

    Zanib ZulfiqarZanib Zulfiqar9 dagen geleden
  • I gotta wonder, had Tony survived the snap (or had been done by someone else but same outcome) Would Steve have given Tony something? He gave Bucky his book, Sam his shield, but what would have been the item Tony receives, or would he even receive an item at all? My prediction would be: -Steve’s helmet. -his Motorcycle. -the jacket he wore in ww2 when rescuing the prisoners. -a gun. -his shield (had Tony survived the snap because that would symbolize tony’s selfless growth)

    Cinnamon-SkateboardingCinnamon-Skateboarding9 dagen geleden
  • The part where Zemo opens the door inside the shipping container and lets Sam to enter first shows that Zemo is aware that he is under Sam and Bucky's control and he accepts that...

    Grant PeraltaGrant Peralta9 dagen geleden
  • Did you notice the B1K on the bounty text.... that Double lined B stands for Bitcoin... hmmm

    Nick FloNick Flo9 dagen geleden
  • Go Zemo go!

    Larry MLarry M10 dagen geleden
  • Also If you didn’t know in civil war when cap, Bucky and falcon are in the car and cap gets his shield from Carters Niece and Bucky asked flacon to move his Seat up and flacon said “NO” then in the ship yard Bucky is sitting in the front and flacon asked if buck could move his seat up and he said “NO” just a funny moment if y’all didn’t know

    Caleb SchwartzCaleb Schwartz10 dagen geleden
  • Song when zemo is dancing?

    Petar PapPetar Pap10 dagen geleden
  • Zemo's plane's refrigerator is out and interior is dusty because it was not able to make flights due to Zemo being in prison.

    Vishnu SabuVishnu Sabu10 dagen geleden
  • “Zemo is wearing purple” me: ah purple guy!?!?!?

    Marcos RangelMarcos Rangel10 dagen geleden
  • Power broker is watching....... And, Sharon was watching Isn't makes sense ? 🤨

    Khushal JangidKhushal Jangid10 dagen geleden
  • 6:49 a poster in hindi.....wow that mean outer peoples know about us (little bit) nice 🇮🇳❤🇮🇳

    ELITE one'sELITE one's10 dagen geleden
  • madripoor is not in indonesia is in singapore why you said is in indonesia Lad you gotta learn more about indonesia and it sourinding and i gotta learn more about english and how to speel some words cause i probably misspleed some words in this comment :)

    Mohamad Mehdi NakiMohamad Mehdi Naki10 dagen geleden
  • They turned Selby into Ellen Degenres

    Azroy SabtuAzroy Sabtu10 dagen geleden
  • Notice the fake private jet background tiktok influencer used???

    whotfisbolinwhotfisbolin10 dagen geleden
  • Funfact i am watching this at 1.25x speed

    Sau SSau S10 dagen geleden
  • Daniel "Bruh"

    BiGG's Beat ProductionBiGG's Beat Production10 dagen geleden
  • I think that sharon carter will be captain america

    berry cake gamingberry cake gaming10 dagen geleden
  • "nous avons achete le JCB" we bought the JCB

    The Mangrove ChannelThe Mangrove Channel10 dagen geleden
  • Lol i love how in episode 4 the new captin america thinks he is a “hero“ by taking the serum instead of destroying it And Being so rude Edit: OMG I JUST FINISHED THE 4 EPISODE CAPTIN IS A PHYSICO OMG

    •sskyyeditsss ••sskyyeditsss •10 dagen geleden
  • "zemo is evil batman" 🤣🤣🤣

    I am IronmanI am Ironman10 dagen geleden
  • Zemo and Loki are nearly the same person

    JustinJustin10 dagen geleden
  • Pointed out the assassin tattoo, but was that a Smokin Aces hand tattoo too?

    P.A.P.A.10 dagen geleden
  • How didn't u notice what happened in 18:18 and 25:18 in 3rd episode

    Ram krishna MandalRam krishna Mandal10 dagen geleden
  • Great Details... Love this

    Saurabh AryaSaurabh Arya10 dagen geleden
  • Selby looks like a less evil Ellen DeGeneres.

    Enycma PieEnycma Pie10 dagen geleden
  • I just realized how arrogant Nagel actually is (besides from believing that he‘s a god): he doesn‘t weat any safety goggles or any other stuff to protect him when he experiments in the lab. That‘s a nice little detail that adds to his character imo :)

    ValeavesValeaves10 dagen geleden
  • do you think? that Zemo will help sam’s family? just curious 😅

    Alam shahAlam shah10 dagen geleden
  • Sam: *breathes* Canadian: I think this is a reference to iron man dying in endgame.

    TruthTruth11 dagen geleden
    • Lul

      Solomon VictorSolomon Victor10 dagen geleden
  • Filipino music amatz by shanti dope is playing at the party hehe

    MambaLegacyPlayz YtMambaLegacyPlayz Yt11 dagen geleden
  • You are so good! Talking about how zemo can’t stand a human becoming extra powerful or with god powers is exactly what we find out in the next episode

    Dan BDan B11 dagen geleden
  • Correct me if I'm wrong but did Steve Roger's follow rules and regulations just as Bucky is at the moment is doing and yet Steve Rogers begins to break them because they're wrong, it seems like it's the same scenario but with bucky this time as well I mean look at Bucky in the house he was doing the exact same thing as his old friend was doing sleeping on the floor, trying to catch up with the world.

    Michael McCreightMichael McCreight11 dagen geleden
  • hi, where is your video for episode 4?

    Syed AmeenSyed Ameen11 dagen geleden
  • At 12:41 he doesn't shoot the rpg with a RPG launcher 💀 it looks like a scar or some rifle 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Juan GarzaJuan Garza11 dagen geleden
  • 15:23 when was this scene?

    mad_titan THANOSmad_titan THANOS11 dagen geleden