I Spent 100 Days on Floating Islands in Minecraft... (1.17 Snapshot)

21 mrt. 2021
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Oh dear, this was a hard one, I tried the new 1.17 world generation 'floating island's' and it is NOT NICE. Only plains, no sugarcane, void beneath you, 300 Height and MOBS EVERYWHERE. Leave a like and comment and subscribe if you're new :D

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  • Floating islands was in 1.14 i think

    Raiyan SiddiqueRaiyan Siddique11 uur geleden
  • 4:42 he already has iron kinda sus 😐

    wizardplotwizardplot20 uur geleden
  • 34:49 my name is jasper so I like the cat

    the kakapothe kakapoDag geleden
  • 29:51 well i guess i smell

    Hosein saaeeHosein saaee3 dagen geleden

    Dominique LeeDominique Lee5 dagen geleden
  • “And I made my way with gobble stone” beautiful, I say scobble stone for some reason (2:13) 32:08 peacefully types random numbers and I hate my life*

    Orange._. ChildOrange._. Child5 dagen geleden
  • Hi I'm a really big fan and I watch every video you post me and my big brother love watching your videos. On the phone or. Xbox you are the best . I'm sick right now and I have nothing to do ive watched all your videos I also love ldshadow lady's game chanel my dream was if I would got to play with you but since I haven't I'm really sad I watch your videos over again that they make me laugh I've never seen someone so funny. Kind and generous ship Lizzie X Joel I sometimes watch Yammy or Lauren side also I do play Minecraft I love creating house and decorate for some reason I can't do mods it make me mad and sad I have a cat called Ellie she loves food my name is Roza joy Eliza king my age is 9 by the way I subscribe all the time

    Meriza KingMeriza King6 dagen geleden
  • it wasnt in 1.17 that the floating island was added

    Dillboom PlaysDillboom Plays8 dagen geleden
  • you are kill a CAT

    vania marquesvania marques8 dagen geleden
  • i hate you

    vania marquesvania marques8 dagen geleden
  • im kinda sad that he said i smell if you know what im talking about noice

    Grady the funny bunnyGrady the funny bunny8 dagen geleden
  • Pog

    James SauceyJames Saucey9 dagen geleden
  • Trading villagers trade sand as well btw

    Zack GravityZack Gravity10 dagen geleden
  • SmallishBeans: and its all a plains biome Me: **on the verge to crying** w-what no spruce wood? Oh that's just make my day amazing

    Ayaka Iwazumi-oikawaAyaka Iwazumi-oikawa10 dagen geleden
  • There were melon seeds in the spawner chest...

    Halo Master 222Halo Master 22211 dagen geleden
  • 😌😌😌😌😌😌❤❤❤

    Lexus edge EdgeLexus edge Edge11 dagen geleden
  • Me:Ohhhh Noooo i löst my Stuff:( I need to find it Smallishbeans:i lost my Stuff,lets Farm:)

    Its ElhamIts Elham11 dagen geleden
    • Lost*

      Its ElhamIts Elham11 dagen geleden
  • Joel dying from the creeper was karma from killing all those horses.XD

    JustinJustin12 dagen geleden
  • You could have gotten Sand by the wandering Trader if you did 200 days

    Big TastyBig Tasty12 dagen geleden
  • Well, we won’t be getting a 200 days anytime soon

    PotatFrescaPotatFresca12 dagen geleden
  • Do u think this is Familliar? Yes *flashback old minecraft*

    STST13 dagen geleden
  • Never thought i would hear someone say "I went mining for Diorite"

    George SpenceGeorge Spence14 dagen geleden
  • There gotta be a reason of why he always kill a horse 🤔🤔🤔

    Ashelyn SarmientoAshelyn Sarmiento14 dagen geleden

    indria sulistyaningrumindria sulistyaningrum15 dagen geleden
  • Is this the day Joel learned the word "etcetera"?

    AveryAvery15 dagen geleden
  • The floating islands are were actually available for a while you don’t need to use the snapshot to play on it!!!

    Eric GreenEric Green15 dagen geleden
  • still wating

    John Justine GragasJohn Justine Gragas15 dagen geleden
  • #dioritegang

    KizzyRblxGKizzyRblxG16 dagen geleden
  • I was surprised u made granite and dorite look good

    Mater Ben The AmazingMater Ben The Amazing16 dagen geleden
  • gj Samlish

    Chained _Chained _16 dagen geleden
  • i tried floating island andt....... me; what is this?

    Eljoseph efrabriant lawituluEljoseph efrabriant lawitulu17 dagen geleden
  • 1:20 its scary

    Gesh2020Gesh202017 dagen geleden
  • I love scrolling through the comments and seeing like by Joel it makes my day that he interacts with his followers

    Lindsey EricksonLindsey Erickson18 dagen geleden
  • uhhhh Floating Islands isn't a new world generation tho.

    Fabric Gold NuggetFabric Gold Nugget18 dagen geleden
    • I even have a world on it

      Eric GreenEric Green15 dagen geleden
  • I'm pretty sure his first death was on day 87 if not then tell me but I'm pretty sure it was cuz I don't remember any deaths before that except for I think he might have fell into the void once at the very beginning intentionally but I'm not sure

    MonkeyDudeX1MonkeyDudeX118 dagen geleden
  • The first balloon he made was like a where's Waldo balloon

    MonkeyDudeX1MonkeyDudeX118 dagen geleden
  • Just make a cobblestone generator then it won't be as annoying to get cobbled Stone although I'm not sure if he's done this yet cuz I'm only 5 minutes into the video 5 minutes and 18 seconds to be exact

    MonkeyDudeX1MonkeyDudeX118 dagen geleden
  • My day start from your vi9 sir

    Harshada KhairnarHarshada Khairnar18 dagen geleden
  • it is ez

    alex shulzhenkoalex shulzhenko19 dagen geleden
  • no

    alex shulzhenkoalex shulzhenko19 dagen geleden
  • you are legend!

    tomas basictomas basic19 dagen geleden
  • T-T I’m in Canada

    Minecraft BeeMinecraft Bee19 dagen geleden
  • One of his pick axes was named if you read this u smell lol

    Brittiany RomeroBrittiany Romero20 dagen geleden
  • Did anyone cringe a bit when he mined Budding Amethyst with silk touch, even though you can only get normal amethyst blocks with silk touch?

    VersatileVersatile20 dagen geleden
  • **cries in nintendo**

    Lucy WoodruffLucy Woodruff20 dagen geleden
  • This is a feature long before the 1.17 update

    emzirekemzirek21 dag geleden
  • I don’t know if he’s done it, but a cool video to make could be “Trying Minecraft Fakes” because there are loads of fakes on the App Store 😄

    Homercat :DHomercat :D21 dag geleden
  • I wish I could build that good your a pro smallishbeans

    Northwind MateNorthwind Mate21 dag geleden
  • I think you can use carrots and potatoes to lure villagers

    papa townepapa towne22 dagen geleden
  • I haven’t watched Joel in months what happens why are you killing horses instead of chickens :0

    Gray CatGray Cat22 dagen geleden
  • Is that the new version

    Reachel KunReachel Kun23 dagen geleden
  • New Subscriber but lowkey smallishBeans is actually good

    James MorganJames Morgan24 dagen geleden
  • wait why is the second floor called the first floor in the uk?

    Shadow GamingShadow Gaming24 dagen geleden
  • I guess I smell

    John Keaney IIIJohn Keaney III25 dagen geleden
  • Diamonds spawn at y 11 and below

    Kelly & RullKelly & Rull25 dagen geleden
  • “And he loves it to!” “So I got him in there, trapped him in there for life”

    Lps GachaLps Gacha29 dagen geleden
  • Alternative title: I hate on this islands world for 100 days (1.17 Snapshot)

    Lps GachaLps Gacha29 dagen geleden
  • They were already in the game just didnt go to the bottom of the world limit

    aight im abouta head outaight im abouta head out29 dagen geleden
  • Why do you kill horses why Joel why. DO YOU HAVE ANY RUSPECK DO YOU!!!!! I know I didn’t spell it right but I tried my best ok but I’m very mad that you kill horses FOR NO REASON NO REASON NO REASON WHY!!!!!!!!!!!

    Blue LaFleurBlue LaFleurMaand geleden
  • Joel: I don’t like this Me: I’ve died way more times than you ok just in a normal world ok OK!!!

    Blue LaFleurBlue LaFleurMaand geleden
  • The icy request enthrallingly fold because sun numerically succeed than a rambunctious wilderness. hissing, better airmail

    Moses EmilioMoses EmilioMaand geleden
  • look like its sky dimension but not added in real game

    Maria Catherine MendozaMaria Catherine MendozaMaand geleden
  • He could have used the silk touch to mine nether gold

    Susie Bale CornallySusie Bale CornallyMaand geleden
  • That's one mean pickaxe :')

    Filipa CardosoFilipa CardosoMaand geleden
  • at the time 10:52, I saw a zombie wearing armour but I thought it was a purple bra!

    Chloemaria ChanChloemaria ChanMaand geleden
  • "69" "ha"

    Chill Mc KingsterChill Mc KingsterMaand geleden
  • Do a 200 days video on the floating islands!

    Teng AyongTeng AyongMaand geleden
  • “This balloons a bit funky” *doesn’t realize it’s basically the trans flag*

    Professional IdiotsProfessional IdiotsMaand geleden
  • Hey Joel when is the new update comin? I’m excited!!

    Kacie LoganKacie LoganMaand geleden
  • Mate your good at building like I’m shit at it but that combo of nether brick wood and granite made me want to die

    Pokeflop Burger KingPokeflop Burger KingMaand geleden
  • The diamond thing is a new change for all worlds. It's basically impossible to find more than 3 :(

    RizaadonRizaadonMaand geleden
  • I love videos like this❣️ Will you please make more videos like this?

    natia uchadzenatia uchadzeMaand geleden
  • Joel: The wanderer trader didn't give any suger cane, which is shame Me: wow

    Itz • NuclearItz • NuclearMaand geleden
  • Bruh you are good luck I was watching you and I found 2, 4 veins of diomands right next to eachother

    Just your daily weebJust your daily weebMaand geleden
  • Good Lord, what has this guy got against horses?

    CMinorOp67CMinorOp67Maand geleden
  • In 1.16.5 Floating island is scuffed because it ends at Y 35, so you can’t get diamonds

    Maple GachaMaple GachaMaand geleden
  • you now you can reparit in a anvil

    Layla MittlestatLayla MittlestatMaand geleden
  • 32:07 "88" "89" "i hate my life" "90"

    migiboo ඞmigiboo ඞMaand geleden
  • Lol 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀 you are my favorite youtuber

    Erik IlcErik IlcMaand geleden
  • There is a floating island in 1.16😑

    Lamby and PodyLamby and PodyMaand geleden
  • do more of this

    Syrus WatermeyerSyrus WatermeyerMaand geleden
  • I have a good video he has fun watching how about minecraft 100 day Ocean Only World? 😅

    Levin_ levsmoLevin_ levsmoMaand geleden
  • u can get ender pearls by trading uwu

    Ulises MuraccioleUlises MuraccioleMaand geleden
  • His pickaxe name: if u read this u smell Me: UGHHHHHH Edit: Thank you so much for the five likes :(

    Mia XIEMia XIEMaand geleden
  • I dont see anyone talking about him saying I completed the end fortress instead of portal

    Bajatu BajatuBajatu BajatuMaand geleden
  • Joel: time to go to the DEEP DEPTHS Joel a second later: i also wanted to find diamonds The change in tone cracks me up

    major 0offmajor 0offMaand geleden
  • You know you can smelt netherack to make a nether brick right?

    allan hagenallan hagenMaand geleden
  • tha way i read the pic name made me smell even tho i took a bath and the pic is if u read this u smell

    Dhaine Mickaella SantosDhaine Mickaella SantosMaand geleden
  • Please stop killing horses it's sad to me :(

    Molly MaulMolly MaulMaand geleden
  • joel in lizzies crazycraft hardcore challange a CHICKEN killed her yeah they are learning to fight back you need help with them this means war. get help to fight!!!

    Azalea CrawfordAzalea CrawfordMaand geleden
  • Someone to remove this doubt, I know mincraft since 1.9 but I never saw in any video that they transform the villager who comes with the flames into a zombie villager, I know that at night he becomes invincible but is it possible to make him a zombie villager like ordinary villagers? (I used a translator because I am Spanish-speaking and I didn't want to write badly)

    Natalia MuriasNatalia MuriasMaand geleden
  • 36:00 Joel: Talking about his achievements and his area on the world Everyone else: Listening and admiring the world Me: Looking at the zombie piglin in Joel’s wheat farm Please tell me I’m not the only one

    Frankie TrumanFrankie TrumanMaand geleden
  • I'm pretty sure I've had a floating islands world but with it all being a jungle biome before.

    autisonmautisonmMaand geleden
  • Anyone noticed that piglin at 36:00?🤣

    Please enter a namePlease enter a nameMaand geleden
  • He spent 233hrs playin that world🤣

    I Ain Wit ItI Ain Wit ItMaand geleden
  • I love your video s

    Maisie Ellison Year 08Maisie Ellison Year 08Maand geleden
  • ah yes..... *69 ha* you do this in every 100 day video are you ok.

    Sandra MuhammadSandra MuhammadMaand geleden
  • He survived 100 days in minecraft when I can’t even survive day 1

    Helen WHelen WMaand geleden
  • The abrasive desert consequentially jog because fountain identically itch to a courageous roast. ignorant, wide-eyed base

    Alan TruongAlan TruongMaand geleden
  • Nice video!

    NickMortuusNickMortuusMaand geleden