I replaced Garrettg on NRG & here's what happened... | 3’s Until I Lose Ep. 14 | Rocket League

18 jan. 2021
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In the video I play 3's until i lose, but I replace @GarrettG on the NRG pro Rocket League roster so I ended up playing with @JSTN and @SquishyMuffinz for the night. The goal of this series is to help you guys get better at Rocket League by explaining as much of my thought process as I can to give you guys some insight into how I approach 3v3's, and why I made certain decisions or why certain mistakes happened. Hopefully you can then try to apply some of that information from a supersonic legend ranked player your own game and improve at Rocket League. Enjoy!
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  • You know you can go to jail for that shit right ?

    saoud saoudsaoud saoud18 uur geleden

    Μαριος ΔιονυσοπουλοςΜαριος Διονυσοπουλος18 uur geleden
  • The guy predicted the future

    Mohamed AkilMohamed AkilDag geleden
  • And look at him now, he’s a sub for the best team NA. Amazing to watch this progress

    bigmak093bigmak0933 dagen geleden
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    Helen StaceyHelen Stacey3 dagen geleden
  • 6:08 my friend your justin?

    Luuk ZandinkLuuk Zandink3 dagen geleden
  • Am I the only one questioning why no one is talking?

    H CH C4 dagen geleden
    • @H C They’re not in comms together

      LeviiLevii2 dagen geleden
    • Other than musty

      H CH C4 dagen geleden
  • My friend here justin he is taken and hes cracked at rocket league my guy ahhhhhhh

    B R I A N bh bhB R I A N bh bh4 dagen geleden
  • 6:09 who’s that??

    xd oofxd oof6 dagen geleden
  • dude i watch u every day ur my inspiration

    Mason KershawMason Kershaw7 dagen geleden
  • Game 4 Was that a merc

    rocket leauge clipsrocket leauge clips8 dagen geleden
  • LMao 3:12 the whole enemy team lookin like a school of fish

    Rogue MasterRogue Master8 dagen geleden
  • Why is musty soo insecure about his ears?

    AspholtGamingAspholtGaming8 dagen geleden
  • next i replaced jstn on nrg

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  • Am I the only one who loves the theme tune/music in the intro

    Moira FaheyMoira Fahey10 dagen geleden
    • By the way

      Moira FaheyMoira Fahey10 dagen geleden
    • Bye keep up the good work musty

      Moira FaheyMoira Fahey10 dagen geleden
  • Musty: Touches Ball... Also Musty: My Purpose Has Been For-filled.

    George MillsGeorge Mills10 dagen geleden
  • Musty: make sure we secure the goal Mustys true intent: goal steal go brrr

    IA - 06TT 782997 McCrimmon MSIA - 06TT 782997 McCrimmon MS11 dagen geleden
  • what is the song at 0:18 i dont know

    The Fake Lucky DudeThe Fake Lucky Dude11 dagen geleden
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  • u inspired me to play

    zohebkhan11zohebkhan1111 dagen geleden
  • Love your content

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  • Musty doesn’t say gg 👁👄👁

    ANM305ANM30518 dagen geleden
  • anybody notice that jtsn's banner changed 12:36

    Makhi BeeksMakhi Beeks19 dagen geleden
  • wait are you apart of their clan now or

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  • Why is he no talking with them

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    Roisin MageeRoisin Magee20 dagen geleden
  • justin is CRaCkeD my GUy ... UHHHH

    6217 MfR6217 MfR20 dagen geleden
  • Sempre assisto da perspectiva do Squishy e já percebia que o Musty não conseguia acompanhar, mas ver desta perspectiva é outra coisa. O Squishy e o Justin são alienígenas e ainda é mais impressionante ver eles jogando em terceira pessoa.

    Gabriel Pimenta dos SantosGabriel Pimenta dos Santos20 dagen geleden
  • jUsTiN, aNd He’S CRACKED aT rOcKeT lEaGuE

    untitled_presentationuntitled_presentation21 dag geleden
  • man replaced every nrg player. He must(y) be kreizy OP

    Mats BoogaardMats Boogaard21 dag geleden
  • *its all part of the plan* me losing 7-0 with 4 min left in my silver 2 1's games

    Josiah SklarskyJosiah Sklarsky23 dagen geleden
  • musty looks like a boosted ssl compared to jstn and squishy

    Josiah SklarskyJosiah Sklarsky23 dagen geleden
  • Musty is like a kid in a candy store in this vid bro

    Caleb A. GarciaCaleb A. Garcia24 dagen geleden
  • Musty on 25 ping: “kind of laggy a little bit” Me on 100 ping: “I should be fine”

    Zack Harden O ConnorZack Harden O Connor24 dagen geleden
    • @Zack Harden O Connor nice

      Blitz_Eli yoBlitz_Eli yo2 dagen geleden
    • @Blitz_Eli yo not all the time but a fair bit. I usually get around 35

      Zack Harden O ConnorZack Harden O Connor2 dagen geleden
    • lol u get 100 wow i get 30

      Blitz_Eli yoBlitz_Eli yo2 dagen geleden
  • Is it just me or can you guys not hear the other people talking

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  • 6:09 ????

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  • Next video I Replaced Jstn On NRG

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  • How come the vids of these people playing never have comms

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  • Next video “I replaced the NRG team here’s what happened!”

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  • Game 6. Also text in the screen: GAME 5 *EDIT: Game 7: but GAME 6

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  • I should become a rlcs coach

    Kieran OwingsKieran Owings28 dagen geleden
  • He sounds like someone else when he laughs like that

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  • Musty can you 1v1

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  • Try playing with Chicago

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  • i good

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  • anyone know jstns rainbow decal?

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  • Hi musty wan’t to play

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  • Musty can you play with me my user name is Jack4716

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  • Your

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  • My Freind is tour cousine

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  • Guess this means squishy is the reason they didn’t win EVERY game

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  • 7:29 Bro whats that RGB decal. I need it

    mjbDaBeastmjbDaBeastMaand geleden
    • It just means a lot to me

    • I'm so sorry if that hurt your feelings

    • It's the chicken nugget one

  • Hiw do you do a half flip 😂

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  • Musty: Justin is built different. Me: So your replacing him next right? RIGHT?

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  • I love when he laughes :)

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  • hi musty my name is alan kelly i am your biggest fan i am now on level 130

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  • Me saying i can do a musty flick when i can. but than my friends say show them then i mess up. LOL :)

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  • Who else thought that was the ball on top after the demo😂😂4:57

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  • Who else thinks that musty makes good content what really is GooD

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  • The screen was black the whole time

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  • Mustys laugh

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  • Musts laugh

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  • Musty I haven’t watched much NLworld over the past month or so and holy shit you’re mechanics and everything have skyrocketed, that’s crazy. I just hit the 10:11 mark and I must say this video has been loaded with some of the best play I’ve ever seen. Crazy props

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  • bruh 6:08

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  • Can someone tell me how to make that rainbow type car Justin had?

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  • 0:37 NRG been grindin frfr

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  • Omg

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  • 13:22 ye u so lagy my ping its 120 not lagging

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  • *wdas* wd

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  • 8 th time asking im not giving up

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  • my friend here justin hes is already taken and he is cracked at fortnite my guy *moans* the fuc

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  • Nope

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  • Musty is cracked while I'm in c2 suffering. He is Cracked Go pro

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  • Then triple tap double reset

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  • I Just hit a ceiling shot then flip reset

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  • The game think I am a gold but me bronze

    Epic beyblader And moreEpic beyblader And moreMaand geleden
  • Me getting gold 1s in my lobby wait I realized I am unranked

    Epic beyblader And moreEpic beyblader And moreMaand geleden
  • My friend here justin he's cracked at rocket league my guy uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh😩

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  • So nobody gonna talk about the goal steal in the beginning

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  • justin: Breathes Musty: My friend here Justin he’s taken and he is cracked at rocket league my guy

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  • When I saw musty laugh it made my day

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