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1 nov. 2020
20 549 Weergaven

Sheesh what's up? Today I rate and review your hybrid PS4 Squads, XBox One teams and PC sides from FUT 21 and will help you to build the best squad out of your budget! New team ratings every Sunday!

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  • Finally Henry plays fifa 21 you are my hero

    Omer ElsayedOmer Elsayed10 dagen geleden
  • You are the best

    Azku ZAzku Z3 maanden geleden
  • For the last team, I would bring gomez instead of silva, and allison in goal. I also would bring militao instead of laporte, alba instead of reguilon, valverde instead of bruno and switch between valverde and pogba, and dembele instead of jota. I would bring son instead of ziyech, and switch between son and rashford. Also I would bring lucas instead of bernardo. And the last thing is semedo instead of trent. You can bring mendy if you have still money remaining

    Χ–Χ”Χ¨ Χ‘Χ¨-ΧΧœΧ–Χ”Χ¨ Χ‘Χ¨-אל3 maanden geleden
  • 8:30 Son is incredible even at 7 chem... U should bring varane instead of lenglet, bring valverde up from the bench and play him instead of llorente, and put courtois in goal. You can also play with dembele on 7 chem as a striker instead of inaki because he is 2 stars weak foot and dembele is 5

    Χ–Χ”Χ¨ Χ‘Χ¨-ΧΧœΧ–Χ”Χ¨ Χ‘Χ¨-אל3 maanden geleden
  • Yo

    Riley WilliamsRiley Williams3 maanden geleden
  • Lloris Mendy Varane Gomez Trent Pogba Wijnaldum Bruno Saint Maximin Rashford Adama

    FreddyPlayz 9FreddyPlayz 93 maanden geleden
  • For team 5 I would change it to Alison GK , Joe Gomez RCB , Diego Carlos LCB , Ferland Mendy LB , sissoko RCM , Pogba CAM , Dembele LW . Btw Ik Diego Carlos will only be on 8 chem but he is good still really good and if u get more coins buy varane

    NOXX_NOXX_3 maanden geleden
  • me seeing the miniature: is it Thierry Henry?

    JovinhoJovinho4 maanden geleden
  • love from israel #sotw

    binkybinky4 maanden geleden
    • יואו אחי

      Χ–Χ”Χ¨ Χ‘Χ¨-ΧΧœΧ–Χ”Χ¨ Χ‘Χ¨-אל3 maanden geleden
  • LOL kein deutscher hier

    Devin KlassenDevin Klassen4 maanden geleden
  • Wusste gar nicht das du so git English kannst πŸ˜…

    Nevio. musNevio. mus4 maanden geleden
  • Great NLworldr does a lot for me to change my own team! #sotw

    NoAddedSugarNoAddedSugar4 maanden geleden
  • Nur kurzer Hinweis ein dress ist ein Kleid, du meintest ein Jersey! Nicht bΓΆse gemeint nur als Tipp weil das komisch kommen kann

    LukasLukas4 maanden geleden
  • been waiting for this since you said you were going to take a break

    rhysrhys4 maanden geleden
  • He genuinely looks like the btec version of Theiry Henry

    Stanley SuppleStanley Supple4 maanden geleden
  • Yo from northern ireland

    hammyhammy4 maanden geleden
  • Team 2 just switch ederson with allison and joe gomez is full chem

    boiboi4 maanden geleden
  • Digger was ist Gottes Namen ist passiert, seit ewigkeiten wieder auf dem Channel und der Bruder spricht englisch

    Ice StylezDCUOIce StylezDCUO4 maanden geleden
    • Falscher Channel Bro πŸ˜„ nlworld.info ist der deutsche

      sheeshFIFAsheeshFIFA4 maanden geleden
  • The guy changed everything in the first team, lol.

    Marko and AlexMarko and Alex4 maanden geleden
  • How can i improve my squad? Untradable: Neymar, Salah. Inform Rashford Neymar Salah L.moura Allan Pogba Telles van dijk. Gomez. Semedo Dubravka

    tramzkitramzki4 maanden geleden
    • @Marko and Alex that's okay, salah is very good anyway

      Χ–Χ”Χ¨ Χ‘Χ¨-ΧΧœΧ–Χ”Χ¨ Χ‘Χ¨-אל3 maanden geleden
    • @Χ–Χ”Χ¨ Χ‘Χ¨-אל Salah's untradeable tho.

      Marko and AlexMarko and Alex3 maanden geleden
    • Bring alisson, walker, and mane (instead of salah)

      Χ–Χ”Χ¨ Χ‘Χ¨-ΧΧœΧ–Χ”Χ¨ Χ‘Χ¨-אל3 maanden geleden
    • Hope its helpful :)

      Marko and AlexMarko and Alex4 maanden geleden
    • Id play GK:Alisson RB: Trent RCB: IF Gomez or VVD LCB: Varane LB: Mendy RDM: IF or OTW Partey CM: Auba LDM: IF Valverde RW: Salah ST: IF Firmino(for 4-2-3-1) or Allan 4-1-2-1-2 (2) ). LW:Neymar Ingame (4-2-3-1) Defense stays the same Midfield: RDM: Partey (defensive instructions) LDM: Valverde (balanced attacking) RAM: Salah CAM:Naymar LAM: Roberto Firmino (I know it looks strange, but just try him the guy does magic on the left wing and feels way faster) ST: Auba

      Marko and AlexMarko and Alex4 maanden geleden
  • #sotw

    OlaTheBoss -OlaTheBoss -4 maanden geleden
  • Great video bro!!!! Wish I could grow a beard like yours too πŸ˜‚ #sotw

    Owen DaviesOwen Davies4 maanden geleden
  • In team 3 I would put ederson in goal so that he could keep semedo as he is better than wan bissaka. Everyone would still be on full chem

    Afonso VazAfonso Vaz4 maanden geleden
  • Good video Keep up the good work Love from denmark

    JBB fifaJBB fifa4 maanden geleden
  • Last episode Gomez and Alison are expensive so I suggest to Play semedo at RB CB Davidson Sanchez as a GK he could play Leno or Lloris And I can suggest laimer he’s very good and he strong links to klostermann Team3:remove piszek however we write his name and put Ramos 3rd best cb in fifa 150K then RB carvajal and LCM Valverde so Valverde will need a link and this link will be hazard at RW and at ST Inaki is good then at CDM play casemiro with a shadow Team5:for a budget of 1.1M 4-5-1 GK:ederson 2CB:joe Gomez and Nathan ake LB RB:telles and walker CM:Pogba LM RM rashford and mahrez 2CAM: Bruno Fernandes and martial St jesus And if it’s expensive remove Pogba and put Sissoko very good player

    Its CrabiIts Crabi4 maanden geleden
  • #sotw

    QXSIMQXSIM4 maanden geleden
  • Telles is way better than robertson......

    Bieboe Bezer [TALL MARIA]Bieboe Bezer [TALL MARIA]4 maanden geleden
    • I agree, I put him in for chemistry reasons

      sheeshFIFAsheeshFIFA4 maanden geleden
  • You are the best man and that kit is beautiful πŸ™πŸ™

    Noah NoahNoah Noah4 maanden geleden
  • #sotw

    G2trappyG2trappy4 maanden geleden
  • Just recently found you btw amazing content keep up the grind #sotw

    HaSTeCKHaSTeCK4 maanden geleden
  • For the last team: Varane and eder militao at cb Courtois in goal Sissoko LCM and Allan at rcm Bruno at cam Swap Trent for semedo and put Adama at rw If money is left upgrade jota to sterling Hope u like it Keep up the good work sheesh

    Devanshu AgarwalDevanshu Agarwal4 maanden geleden
  • love the channel !

    Yung LightYung Light4 maanden geleden
  • For the last one I would Remove Laporte and Silva for Tomori and Gomez and Get Ederson In GK then I would Remove Trent For Nelson Semedo i would also put in Lucas Moura instead of Silva ,Havertz instead of Ziyech and Replace Bruno For Allan and Telles at LB instead Of Regullion.BTW Keep up the amazing work Your A Legend

    HaSTeCKHaSTeCK4 maanden geleden
  • #sotw love from Lebanon

    Omar Abdul kaderOmar Abdul kader4 maanden geleden
  • 7:25 put pope instead of lloris and semedo instead of bissaka... varane is on full chem because of the perfect link with mendy

    Ricardo GrosanRicardo Grosan4 maanden geleden
    • Pope ia dreadful this year, I'd put in Ederson instead since he'd do the trick too. And of course inform Paulinho definetely

      Marko and AlexMarko and Alex4 maanden geleden
  • How do i send my team on xbox

    Alan BlacklockAlan Blacklock4 maanden geleden
  • #sotw, watching from the United Kingdom!

    Bevbev234 On igBevbev234 On ig4 maanden geleden
  • #soty from Australia

    Jacques GaleaJacques Galea4 maanden geleden
  • For the last team: I would put in joe gomez en davinson sanchez as the cb’s. Put in allan and martial instead of ziyech and fernandes. And at least put in moura and sterling over jota and bernardo silva. I think it would improve the team a lot!

    Rivo van AssenRivo van Assen4 maanden geleden
  • For team 3 you could also stick with semedo and put in ederson instead of lloris

    Rivo van AssenRivo van Assen4 maanden geleden
    • The guy said he didnt like ederson

      JelleJelle4 maanden geleden
  • Hi yaya love the videos #sotw From England

    MynofnMynofn4 maanden geleden
  • For team 1: Put in alex telles over cole, because 350k for a leftback is way too expensive. Put in if rashford over suker, because you get a lot more for the price, because suker is an icon. Put in salah over bale. Put in martial over firmino. Put in gomez over thiago silva. I think this would make the team a lot better!

    Rivo van AssenRivo van Assen4 maanden geleden
  • #sotw Love the vids keep it up

    MatiasniterMatiasniter4 maanden geleden
  • #sotw fan from kuwait

    BaderBader4 maanden geleden
  • Up at half 8 on a Sunday to watch this :)

    Fin MBFin MB4 maanden geleden
  • 3:18 semedo is not on full chem

    Kobe De GrooteKobe De Groote4 maanden geleden
    • Semedo on 7 chem is fine, If not he could just get wan bissaka

      TheSilentGamerTheSilentGamer4 maanden geleden
  • #sotw love from cyprusπŸ™πŸ’ͺ🏾

    SpyrougamingSpyrougaming4 maanden geleden
  • In team 1 semedo is off chem

    JB Chelsea fcJB Chelsea fc4 maanden geleden
  • (Team with The 2 Icons) Semedo not on Full Chem, But anyway Great Video

    Trent _Trent _4 maanden geleden
  • For the last team: sanchez and joe gomez cb semedo rb De gea gk Telles lb Lucas rw Maximin lw Allan cam for more balance

    Patrick AndreasPatrick Andreas4 maanden geleden
  • for the last team: saint maximin over jota allan over ziyech alex telles over reguilon walker over TAA and put neuer, klosterman (RCB) and Upamecano (LCB). 4-2-3-1 ingame

    Χ”Χ¨ΧΧœ Χ Χ™Χ‘ΧŸΧ”Χ¨ΧΧœ Χ Χ™Χ‘ΧŸ4 maanden geleden
  • Ndidi from the bench instead of ziyech mo salah instead of bernardo and davison sanchez instead of thiago silva

    froxty knightfroxty knight4 maanden geleden
  • In the first team Semedo isn't on full chemie

    FAJA GamingFAJA Gaming4 maanden geleden
  • #sotw love the vids Love from Saudi Arabia β™₯️

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  • First

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