I Played Minecraft for 100 Days.. (1.16 Survival)

14 jan. 2021
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Today's vide took around a week to record and over 26 hours in game time! I Play Minecraft for 100 Days! (inspired by @Luke TheNotable ) Subscribe if you're new and leave a like and comment :)
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  • In Day 1 on Minecraft there's no pigs, sheeps, cows, cods, and no Salmons, Which means there's no food in Day 1, Day 2 other animals that drops food when you killed appeared, Which means you can run

    Mongolia MappingMongolia MappingUur geleden
  • Best builder ever I can't even make a roof like that lol I can only make a flat roof and a triangle roof

    Lillie LucasLillie Lucas16 uur geleden
  • SmallishBeans Please tell me the seed please.

    Babs Van StadenBabs Van Staden21 uur geleden
  • Best tip ever if you found diamond create a juke box

    nolasco estanislao 24nolasco estanislao 24Dag geleden
  • I've been playing hardcore a little too much lately, watching survival now gives me anxiety for no reason pfft

    MollyMollyDag geleden
  • Joel I’m just gonna say no wonder you didn’t do it in hardcore cause I’m watching this for the 2nd time and I saw in your other ones that you even died with full netherite and I’m not making fun of you I love your videos

    Itz AtvfvlItz AtvfvlDag geleden
  • now I know what the wither skeleton has in its hand NETHERITE SWORD WITH CURSE OF BINDING AND LACK OF POWER

    Leafy PlaysLeafy Plays2 dagen geleden
  • andermans in the nether

    Bochra AiaouBochra Aiaou2 dagen geleden
  • 8:38

    Conor HarringtonConor Harrington3 dagen geleden
  • I wonder how Barry and Sandra feel about the Jeremy’s 👇🏻

    Gajewski GirlsGajewski Girls3 dagen geleden
  • Just killed a chicken, feeling good

    GrieveGrieve3 dagen geleden
  • How did you take your cape? Please do a video

    n0skn0sk3 dagen geleden
  • MY building is so ugly....I just build a 10 block house and boom. How are you so good at building???? WHY ARE SO MANY NLworldRS BRILLIANT AT BUILDING?!!? IT'S AMAZING!!! 😍

    AlysiaAlysia3 dagen geleden
  • What is the seed

    Exotic_solo_ SimpsonExotic_solo_ Simpson3 dagen geleden
  • I how he love pets

    Noel CuevasNoel Cuevas4 dagen geleden
  • What are those golden arrows i can't find them in trades and idk the name ? i play on my phone

    Kenneth FranklinKenneth Franklin4 dagen geleden
  • The only reason i watched this is to see his builds

    luplup4 dagen geleden
  • what is the seed

    Frederik Falkesgaard PoretFrederik Falkesgaard Poret4 dagen geleden
  • you have so many creative ideas

    Frederik Falkesgaard PoretFrederik Falkesgaard Poret4 dagen geleden
  • What's the seed

    Meggy Moo Bear PrincessMeggy Moo Bear Princess4 dagen geleden
  • Mumbo Jumbo: REDSTONE!!!! GRIAN: I LOVE BUILDING HOUSES!!! SmallishBeans: I LOVE HUNDRED DAYS STUFF!!!!! ME: huh, these guys have a lot in common.

    Midnight GamingMidnight Gaming4 dagen geleden
  • It change to 59 to 58

    James Patrick RouletteJames Patrick Roulette4 dagen geleden
  • him day 50 killed the ender dragon me day 78945 ok my first cave

    Fionn Clarke-BrennanFionn Clarke-Brennan5 dagen geleden
  • Villager conversion camp seems like a really christian emo band

    KrokeyKrokey5 dagen geleden
  • I think Sandra looks more like a Lucy

    KrokeyKrokey5 dagen geleden
  • The parrots are so cute dancing

    mex lymex ly5 dagen geleden
  • ,😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    webson Silvawebson Silva5 dagen geleden
  • Keep up goed work 😎😎😎😎😎

    Peet BooysenPeet Booysen5 dagen geleden
  • When you died again with an iron armer your items got into the lava😅😂

    AndyAndy5 dagen geleden
  • Just get the zoglins

    Julius LingJulius Ling5 dagen geleden
  • Why does he say three like free and through like frough

    Luke MLuke M6 dagen geleden
    • Not hating just wondering

      Luke MLuke M6 dagen geleden
  • 14:06 day 59 after sleeping day 58

    TodorokiXsobaTodorokiXsoba6 dagen geleden
  • Smallishbean is the a good builder and decoration

    Master HoddinieMaster Hoddinie6 dagen geleden
  • seed

    Fake_Fishys.Fake_Fishys.7 dagen geleden
  • Enters a stronghold This is a messy fotress

    Taj BibiTaj Bibi7 dagen geleden
  • you said spruce it up but then used oak

    Shroom SakaiShroom Sakai7 dagen geleden
  • hell no

    Ma'Khye EverettMa'Khye Everett7 dagen geleden
  • I like this one make it a thousand dayssss plsssss

    Andrey GonzalesAndrey Gonzales7 dagen geleden
  • Fun fact: using a bell in a woodland mansion would reveal all the mobs

    Dark NinjaDark Ninja7 dagen geleden
  • I've survived my whole minecraft survival world with my friends

    HypeGamingTVHypeGamingTV8 dagen geleden
  • you can also fish for enchanted books! i understand why you didn’t tho because it is very time consuming lol

    sophie crosssophie cross8 dagen geleden
  • Other people making really nice camp sites and aesthetic houses for a base Me: makes a fort out of dirt

    Yannet LomeliYannet Lomeli8 dagen geleden
  • Seed?

    Diego LópezDiego López8 dagen geleden
  • The editing looks like it took longer then the actual gameplay

    HhmmmhahhahahaHhmmmhahhahaha8 dagen geleden
  • Is it 1.16 or it is 1.16.X?

    Grzegorz MikołajczakGrzegorz Mikołajczak8 dagen geleden
  • 11:06 die again

    Keanne Josh PanaguitonKeanne Josh Panaguiton8 dagen geleden

    LqsagnaLqsagna9 dagen geleden
  • "enchantment poits"woww

    KailaniKailani9 dagen geleden
  • 16:47 “69 hehe”😂😂

    Gaming RepublikGaming Republik9 dagen geleden
  • Whats the point of converting the villagers if you're gonna change them back

    Ultra Mario GamingUltra Mario Gaming10 dagen geleden
  • God bless stay safe ✝️

    spillzz 123spillzz 12310 dagen geleden
  • anyone else notice that his enchanted diamond pickaxe was called 'BLOCKS GO WACKY'

    Jenna HeartJenna Heart10 dagen geleden
  • how did he lure pigs with wheat like eh?

    Adhnan JafarAdhnan Jafar11 dagen geleden
  • I when you call some animals Jeremy!!😂🤗

    Bubbles DelotavoBubbles Delotavo11 dagen geleden
  • Did anyone realize that it goes from 58 to 59 to 58 again

    Colton PolsColton Pols11 dagen geleden
  • 16:47 at i the only one who saw him write “69 hehe”

    Raven_NoodlesRaven_Noodles11 dagen geleden
  • Is it just me who forgot that cows give you milk and I’ve been playing for more than 3 years-

    xBrookeGacha xxBrookeGacha x11 dagen geleden
  • Are you Lissie, husband 💕👹👺👿🎉

    Aaronaimee McgrailAaronaimee Mcgrail11 dagen geleden
  • Are you married 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝

    Aaronaimee McgrailAaronaimee Mcgrail11 dagen geleden
  • are you serious ? on my friends smp server we got every single biome covered except jungle and he just spawns in one ? we flew in 8 directions with elytras all for about 15k-20k blocks and found nothing.

    Leo Nasseh KatebLeo Nasseh Kateb11 dagen geleden
  • 7 hours of talking, editing and pain.

    EnvitiousGamingEnvitiousGaming12 dagen geleden
  • let’s go Jeremy let’s goo

    Isabelle HewlettIsabelle Hewlett12 dagen geleden
  • I really want to know what screen recorder Joel uses lol haha

    Gray TriesGray Tries12 dagen geleden
  • how did you defeat the ender dragon in day 50 i cant even defeat it

    Andrea ChávezAndrea Chávez12 dagen geleden
  • Anyone else rewatching the series now?

    Eva MealsEva Meals12 dagen geleden
  • Is it just me or does smallishBeans Inspire me All the time with his building in Minecraft😍

    EmmyB64 23EmmyB64 2312 dagen geleden
  • You and lizzie doing it,do it together Edit:get lizzie to do 200 days and get her to do hardcore

    TheAshtree25TheAshtree2512 dagen geleden
  • At 19:36 you can see the zombie wearing his armor

    Mia Huang-HeinzelMia Huang-Heinzel12 dagen geleden
  • Wow

    Yoos HansYoos Hans12 dagen geleden
  • how dare he name his zombie and dog Jeremy

    Jaide's vlogsJaide's vlogs12 dagen geleden
  • Your voice is like a villain in a Disney movie-

    AngelHeartsQueen5AngelHeartsQueen512 dagen geleden
  • stupid

    Cherrylene AbanicoCherrylene Abanico13 dagen geleden
  • cool

    dance dance clowndance dance clown13 dagen geleden
  • Siwdwuwsjw🤼

    Alicia FernandezAlicia Fernandez13 dagen geleden
  • Idk if you know this but you can use F3 to see the days

    Warren 1016Warren 101613 dagen geleden
  • legends seeing this after he made 1000 days

    Atharva BhurkeAtharva Bhurke13 dagen geleden
  • SmallishBeans: *Getting enchantments by day ten and getting full iron armor* Me, on day ten: Lemme get some hay-

    Magdalene LamMagdalene Lam14 dagen geleden
  • hhhhhh you killed the pig 😂😂😂

    steve diamondsteve diamond14 dagen geleden
  • Other NLworldrs: *plays 100 days of Minecraft* *Beats end dragon on last few days* Joel: *beats end dragon on day 51*

    Rose VantaofficialRose Vantaofficial14 dagen geleden
  • LIKE IF YOU ARE NOSTALGIС FOR THIS GAME TOO Oh I remember how I quarreled with my childhood friend because of this game, wow, Do uremember how we were scared of the first enemies? Do u remember how we were scared of the first enemies? Remember how scary it was because of the story about Herobrine?

    TumbaA GameStanDTumbaA GameStanD14 dagen geleden
  • Hi Joel? I’m sorry if I said your name wrong but I was wondering if you could build something for me I asked someone to make me a dark oak wood forest with a cliff with a lake in front I come back an hour later they had only made the dark oak forest and take note I had paid them 100$ for it so I was scammed so it might be too much to ask for but could you maybe help me build the cliff and the lake in front if you don’t see this it’s fine I am a huge fan also

    {demi demi}{demi demi}14 dagen geleden
  • *my dream minecraft journey*

    Kenya SKenya S14 dagen geleden
  • Have you heard of 1.17

    Caroline VisceglieCaroline Visceglie14 dagen geleden
  • Did I hear philippine village?

    Sanica LantangASanica LantangA14 dagen geleden
  • Tbh on one world my brother got nether rite on day 5

    DragonFireYTDragonFireYT14 dagen geleden
  • Hi

    Kesha DarbyKesha Darby14 dagen geleden
  • me seeing that he named a wolf Franchesa: wait a minute- that's my second name and a wolf is my favorite animal in minecraft me in my head: yvhcdegjedfscyewdftf

    Chloe Franchesca NervaChloe Franchesca Nerva14 dagen geleden
  • Other title: I played Minecraft for 100 days where you watch me sleep half the time.

    WinterCraftWinterCraft14 dagen geleden
  • H k on

    Shenki MenkiShenki Menki14 dagen geleden
  • Disconnect looks Lake my college house

    Rosa SilvaRosa Silva14 dagen geleden
  • Him: finding loads of gold and diamonds. Me: just finding coal and iron

    Lalna TakaleLalna Takale15 dagen geleden
  • EVERY time he says Sandra and Barry idk what it is but he sounds ABSOLUTELY diabolical.

    victurowavicturowa15 dagen geleden
  • I noticed how the color really pops on this video

    Johnny O'RourkeJohnny O'Rourke15 dagen geleden
  • am i the only one who noticed on 70, he said hehe in chat after day 69 xD lol

    Harris FamilyHarris Family15 dagen geleden
  • 17:06 In chat - “day 69 *hehe* ”

    James ForresterJames Forrester15 dagen geleden
  • it went from day 59 to 58 then 60 LMAO!

    JUDE EGANJUDE EGAN15 dagen geleden
  • Concentration camp

    DinoMiteDinoMite15 dagen geleden
  • He could of used blue ice

    Lisa HadleyLisa Hadley15 dagen geleden
  • We need to know the seed

    Noah PetersNoah Peters15 dagen geleden
  • I just watched the 100 - 1000 days of Minecraft and it was INSANE!

    Art RoyArt Roy15 dagen geleden