I Made One of EVERY BEACON in Minecraft Hardcore

3 nov. 2020
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In my previous two videos I made a FULL DIAMOND beacon in minecraft & I made a FULL NETHERITE beacon in minecraft, but in today's video after I make an iron, gold and emerald beacon I can say I Made One of EVERY BEACON in Minecraft Hardcore and I have finished my beacon collection!
My journey of making every beacon in minecraft started 6 months ago when I began making a full netherite beacon legit, check that video out here:
Following that I spent 3 days making a full diamond beacon in minecraft hardcore, which in comparrison was much easier, check out that video here:
And today I made every beacon in minecraft, making an iron and gold beacon out of resources I had already collected in my time playing in this hardcore world, and quickly trading villagers for emeralds to make a full emerald beacon in minecraft really easily!
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  • all I thought throughout this video was “ go go power rangers” just because of the beacons

    Donkey PlayzDonkey Playz17 minuten geleden
  • redstone beacon???

    Diamond craftDiamond craft37 minuten geleden
  • He needs to make a wood,sand,concrete, and wool beacon now

    Caden SindeldeckerCaden SindeldeckerUur geleden
  • Join the under 2 mil cuz this guys gonna blow

    KaiserWaffleKaiserWaffleUur geleden
  • Who trades a dimond for a Emerald

    Ghighi18Ghighi182 uur geleden
  • Someone said that you netherite beacon was fake... but that’s false

    Switch Playz 847Switch Playz 8472 uur geleden
  • Make a coal and wood beacon

    skope42v3skope42v32 uur geleden
  • do a coal becon

    Saad ZSaad Z2 uur geleden
  • I got an emerald beacon with just 4 cured farmer, they were all cured down to just one carrot for an emerald. And with a fortune III pick axe I made so many carrots and 1 stack on carrots = 1 stack of emeralds.

    Josh MulliganJosh Mulligan2 uur geleden
  • OMG

  • Just imagine if he dies in this world

    TT BSTT BS3 uur geleden
  • He can just put like iron blocks in the nether rite beacon and just Pretend it’s a full nether rite beacon

    Butter boy JeffyButter boy Jeffy4 uur geleden
  • I know a 14 yr old with 6000hrs playtime on hypixel last year not even exaggerating

    KilgoreKilgore6 uur geleden
  • Now there remains the beacon made of beacons...

    Shantanu DeshmukhShantanu Deshmukh6 uur geleden
  • Now make a beacon made of beacons

    ExobyteExobyte6 uur geleden
  • Lapis and redstone beacon

    CHICKeuCHICKeu8 uur geleden
  • wadzee whenh you want to know what vilager trades melons or something just put it in the heand vilagers will have in hands emeralds

    Artur SArtur S9 uur geleden
  • lazar beam: finally a worthy melon farmer our battle will be legendary

    Dooffy BooffyDooffy Booffy9 uur geleden
  • imagine dying there and lost all

    Marco PavucekMarco Pavucek10 uur geleden
  • God of Minecraft is you

    Manish DagaManish Daga10 uur geleden
  • I bet this guy is gonna make like 16 backups of his world

    SkotsoconSkotsocon10 uur geleden
  • O

    Mr Rhino GamingMr Rhino Gaming11 uur geleden
  • Isent their a cole beacon

    Mr Rhino GamingMr Rhino Gaming11 uur geleden
  • Bacon

    GamingStar 2345GamingStar 234512 uur geleden
  • how about the coal one

    kungninjakungninja13 uur geleden
  • What about Lapis?

    Bagnplasticcup2gamingBagnplasticcup2gaming13 uur geleden
  • * leaves * like on the street

    Shuffle PlayzShuffle Playz14 uur geleden
  • Imagine if he died without a totem of undying

    Weeb SCP 096Weeb SCP 09616 uur geleden
  • this guy: casually fights the wither in hardcore mode me: scared of creeper

    KartofelKartofel16 uur geleden
  • Me to my girl when I get home 3:03

    ItzToxiczzzItzToxiczzz16 uur geleden

    Jonathan RodriguezJonathan Rodriguez17 uur geleden
  • bro lay off the books!

    craft :3craft :317 uur geleden
  • That’s only 5/8 ores

    Smart BoySmart Boy17 uur geleden
  • I just started seeing this channel I like it

    best_jj playzbest_jj playz17 uur geleden
  • He’s coping lazar beam

    Brady FoxBrady Fox18 uur geleden
  • Think about it wat if he dies

    CAGE_KLL3RCAGE_KLL3R18 uur geleden
  • Now do it in bedrock edition

    Childish CorbinoChildish Corbino18 uur geleden
  • and then copper beacon happens

    JazeyyJazeyy18 uur geleden
  • you don't have the lapis lazuli beacon

    AIDEN HEDINAIDEN HEDIN18 uur geleden
  • First

    Mr CMr C19 uur geleden
  • i think you forgot the lapis beacon (IDK if there is one)

    Everett AlamEverett Alam19 uur geleden
  • What about every full beacon

    Gerald BarrettGerald Barrett19 uur geleden
    • Oh wait I just realized there all full but are on different layers so it was confusing

      Gerald BarrettGerald Barrett19 uur geleden
  • the lapis beacon

    The Anti Dream OrganizationThe Anti Dream Organization20 uur geleden
    • Doesn’t exist

      Mr CMr C19 uur geleden
  • you forgot one beacon

    The Anti Dream OrganizationThe Anti Dream Organization20 uur geleden
  • If u werent in creative WHY ARE YOUR TOOOLS BARELY DAMAGED Edit: I reckon u did do it in survival But I WANT TO KNOW THE ANSWER

  • i like how he only gained 8 levels through the whole video.

    Adam ThomasAdam Thomas21 uur geleden
  • 😎

    Will VeasleyWill Veasley22 uur geleden
  • You forgot lapis

    Ethan WhiteheadEthan Whitehead22 uur geleden
  • lol in overworld, dia armor is better than netherite. sure, its breaks faster, but its also easier to repair

    sdf elitesdf eliteDag geleden
  • why is it so hard for people to get gear early game? just today I dug down and found diamonds in the first day/night of hardcore

    sdf elitesdf eliteDag geleden
  • bro do coal bock bacon

    rs amberrs amberDag geleden
  • make coal beacon now

    WhiteDemonWhiteDemonDag geleden
  • Wow, you are so rich. You even have your own Nether Fortress. Wooooooow

    tesla3 .0tesla3 .0Dag geleden
  • What sword are you using?

    Drew ODrew ODag geleden
  • Hay

    Pheoby TPheoby TDag geleden
  • Mojang:hmmm let’s add another ore copper Wadzee:slowly his soul crumbles

    Boi4RatsBoi4RatsDag geleden
  • What about lapiz lazuli beacon

    Anas HashmiAnas HashmiDag geleden
  • Hey wadzee I have a full set of enchanted netherite tools and I love your vids but you look ugly so bye! CHEERS

    Lachlan PLachlan PDag geleden
  • Wither: Im tired of my life:(

    Marc Allen LabradorMarc Allen LabradorDag geleden
  • Get enchanted sword with looting

    Charlie KrugerCharlie KrugerDag geleden
  • the music remindes me of tommyinnit. tommyinnit fans like this comment

    Isaac RackleyIsaac RackleyDag geleden
  • Wonder if he died, gosh hard to see


    UninspiredUninspiredDag geleden
  • Axes are stronger than swords.

    Inspired YTInspired YTDag geleden
    • But they swing slower

      Inspired YTInspired YTDag geleden
  • I freaking hate NLworld man. I was subbed to you and bell notification on and for some reason NLworld decided to unsubscribe and I was wondering like why haven’t you upload in awhile

    Imperfect TuberImperfect TuberDag geleden
  • You are the next ten years of mrbeast

    Jesus GodJesus GodDag geleden
  • you poor guy it comes a new update and the new ore is coper so you must be do a new colection

    Killerbunny2558Killerbunny2558Dag geleden
  • Kill the wither underground where you can kill it easily

    William McLeanWilliam McLeanDag geleden
  • Iron + gold beacon: man why am I so small? Netherite beacon: because you are lame and less impressive

    iiCarson Hero2XxiiCarson Hero2XxDag geleden
  • Soon you'll need to make a copper beacon

    bean gang!!!bean gang!!!Dag geleden
  • Oh boy, now we wait for a copper beacon

    Saucy GelatinSaucy GelatinDag geleden
  • I wanted to see him actually mine the 16 emeralds lol

    KubobtwKubobtw2 dagen geleden
  • The first comment since 10 minutes.

    ExlipseExlipse2 dagen geleden
  • Its sad how there is no benefit to it being netherite.

    LeftoverAtomsLeftoverAtoms2 dagen geleden
  • In that iron farm with that full large chest of stacks of iron blocks if you turned all those into ingots you would have 279,936 Iron Ingots.

    Infected EarthInfected Earth2 dagen geleden
  • Imagine if the zombies in the nether wasn’t a bug

    Pok’e LeoPok’e Leo2 dagen geleden
  • farmers: have you seen ma melons, i want ma melonss

    lil treelil tree2 dagen geleden
  • Please tell me you sleep. Please.

    Flaming PheonixFlaming Pheonix2 dagen geleden
  • What about lapis beacon??????

    MekenaEthan FVMekenaEthan FV2 dagen geleden
  • this man is a legend I have subbed him with mother's phone xd😛 and like for you (legend)

    ramadasanramadasan2 dagen geleden
  • “It’ll surprise you how quick you can get an emerald beacon” Wadzee we’ve watched 2000 days Ltn we know how emeralds are op

    World OPWorld OP2 dagen geleden
  • Thumbnail: i Made one of EVERY BEACON in minecraft hardcore Wadzee: emerald iron and gold Me: and redstone?

    selva suhamselva suham2 dagen geleden
  • Him:i mined 6 months for netherite Me:But off camera mining exist

    Thug StepThug Step2 dagen geleden
  • When it said 6 and half hours later,I can’t tell if that’s a lie or true

    Isaac EzekielIsaac Ezekiel2 dagen geleden
  • I wish I can see the tired face he has

    Snow Tiger17Snow Tiger172 dagen geleden
  • I want to do this in my world one day but I can’t imagine how much time to DO it

    Snow Tiger17Snow Tiger172 dagen geleden
  • Coal: Am I a joke to you?

    a gos907a gos9072 dagen geleden
  • Then his world corrupts

    William GriffithsWilliam Griffiths2 dagen geleden
  • What about redstone?

    Oliver Miller-SmithOliver Miller-Smith2 dagen geleden
  • Did anyone catch the Kirby music while he was planting melons

    FishingWithNightTrainFishingWithNightTrain2 dagen geleden
  • good man

    Shreyansh YadavShreyansh Yadav2 dagen geleden
  • the song reminds me of tommyinnit

    Alexis 760Alexis 7602 dagen geleden
  • where is da coal beacon

    Scott MalcolmScott Malcolm2 dagen geleden
  • Your just a savage

    Hudson LauzonHudson Lauzon2 dagen geleden
    • You're*

      RickRollRickRollDag geleden
  • hey you should resummon the ender dragon

    Fred JohnsonFred Johnson2 dagen geleden
  • He should name where he kills the withers *wither county*

    Ryan O’HareRyan O’Hare2 dagen geleden
  • Do a dirt beacon

    Capewell’s gaming and reaction channelCapewell’s gaming and reaction channel2 dagen geleden
  • *copper has joined the chat*

    TheCatHimselfTheCatHimself2 dagen geleden
  • There should be a achievements for this

    Todd Vander WeitTodd Vander Weit2 dagen geleden
  • able sisters go brrrrrr

    Chocolaty MattChocolaty Matt2 dagen geleden