13 apr. 2021
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  • First week of trading this past week and made almost 100k, there are some nuggets out there.

    Essa JWEssa JW19 dagen geleden
  • My 2483 coins are safe 😃..

    BATMANBATMAN22 dagen geleden
  • the market is more like option buying, the expiry date makes everything lose value over time, not that shocking

    THExAP5THExAP522 dagen geleden
  • Its going to keep dropping , when tots comes out there will be 90+ rated cards for like 50k

    Gwilly AGwilly A22 dagen geleden
  • Bro do u want to play together

    Aiden PriestAiden Priest22 dagen geleden
  • why is his fifa loading screen so fast. mines takes 3 min before i get onto fut main screen

    Eris ZaleEris Zale22 dagen geleden
    • U using a ps5?

      Arshad 690Arshad 69021 dag geleden
  • 10% tax u actually made nothing

    Jack GrayJack Gray22 dagen geleden
  • My reading of the market is that there is a HUGE panic sell off waiting to happen if the market does not recover on the weekend! Since the market crash happened when people didn’t see it coming there are loads and loads of people waiting on the fence hoping that the market goes up on Thursday/Friday so they can sell at a price where they can recover atleast some of that loss. However, if the market doesn’t pick up, all these people on the fence will sell like crazy and watching that everyone else will too! It’s gonna cause a much much bigger crash than what you are seeing now! Best case scenario, the market recovers a bit which triggers a sell off anyways as people would expect the price to be highest on Friday. So with the temporary increase the market will again go for a free fall and then won’t recover in which case most of the people waiting on the fence would be able to sell cards at current prices or lower. Either way, I see a huge huge sell off waiting to happen! People r not interested in buying at the moment while there are loads waiting to sell as the current crash caught them off guard

    AngyNagsAngyNags22 dagen geleden
  • Market is crashing.......really, so why common gold players going for 1k plus. BS. Seems like it's rising to me. Can't even complete Marquee match ups for cheap. No thankyou 🤔

    Cloudy with a chance of UFO'sCloudy with a chance of UFO's22 dagen geleden
  • Lost 400k... this weekend rip

    Jack LesterJack Lester22 dagen geleden
    • Same bro

      LatinoHeatLatinoHeat22 dagen geleden
  • If there is ever another icon sbc I might make coins back, got so many 84s for mega cheap. I'm happy with my team, all untradable. Take a good break before toty and come back fresh for the carnage. Lol.

    WeejixDoWxWeejixDoWx22 dagen geleden
  • We want more market videos

    Azid MilsAzid Mils22 dagen geleden
  • Bought Van dijk for 127K and sold him for 85K

    J JJ J22 dagen geleden
  • I don't even care i lost 700K on mid R10. The gameplay was so unenjoyable on saturday/sunday anyway.

    W1NSLOWW1NSLOW22 dagen geleden
  • “Everyone lost coins” Me: **Laughs in untradables**

    Astro Kid Lo’Astro Kid Lo’22 dagen geleden
  • regular market vids are back :) let's gooooooooooooo!

    Jacob LelandJacob Leland22 dagen geleden
  • Hey Nick thanks for your advice. Am investing in gold 85’s good profits

    Kronoz F30Kronoz F3022 dagen geleden
  • who does nick support

    Omran HashlamounOmran Hashlamoun22 dagen geleden
  • Will neymar gold rise up?

    Black HawkBlack Hawk22 dagen geleden
  • I’m div 4 and qualified for my first weekend league about what do you think I’ll place?

    David SantiagoDavid Santiago22 dagen geleden
    • @David Santiago I was joking with Silver 3, feel like you should get silver 1 or gold 3 depending on who you get matched up against.

      Timothy DamoulisTimothy Damoulis22 dagen geleden
    • @Timothy Damoulis I’m hoping I’m able to get silver 1 so I can qualify for next weekend league

      David SantiagoDavid Santiago22 dagen geleden
    • Silver 3

      Timothy DamoulisTimothy Damoulis22 dagen geleden
    • good luck its a sweat fest.

      incognito96incognito9622 dagen geleden
  • 5:23 me at school when my classmates tell me "did you do the homework?"

    An OctaneAn Octane22 dagen geleden
  • Thank you for the clarification Nick! Much respec’ 💯

    punaaaniprincepunaaaniprince22 dagen geleden
  • I believe there will be a new promo on Friday. Encore of Fut Encore. And only Ziyech in packs.

    boredomline 86boredomline 8622 dagen geleden
  • “Dammit just lost my money on this video”

    NeonDeionNeonDeion22 dagen geleden
  • Fuck Ultimate Team You spend 99% of the year on the menus & don't even play the game

    SphinxStreamzSphinxStreamz22 dagen geleden
  • I made mad coins off these fluctuations. People just keep panicking and ill keep taking advantage of it 👀😂😂

    Keith HardingKeith Harding22 dagen geleden
  • Dont listen to this fraud. Everything will fall even more as we aproaching TOTS. Stay liquid.

    Ciro GrdsCiro Grds22 dagen geleden
    • Don't think you watched the video. He predicted that some cards will rebound on thursday. Cards in high demand like Atal. He's probably right. But he said that some of the top tier meta cards like TOTY Ronaldo won't rebound because of TOTS and the price corrections that are needed. He also stressed that come Saturday/Sunday we will be in the same position as we've been the last couple of days - demand will be extremely low and the market will continue to drop before TOTS. One of his first points was that everyone is getting killed in this market, immediately suggesting it is not a wise time to invest or hold cards. You clearly didn't watch or perhaps understand the video.

      AnonymousAnonymous22 dagen geleden
  • nick, obviously do the pack vids which get you more views etc, but if you could post some more market vids i would appreciate it and im sure the more hardcore community would too. (not speaking now specifically because you have posted alot in the past 4-5 days)

    YioryisYioryis22 dagen geleden
  • More market videos please nick !

    Johannes GöggelJohannes Göggel22 dagen geleden
  • Bought a Vinicius jr for 2500 and sold for 3600 there’s a new king in town nick 😤

    Arthur MorganArthur Morgan22 dagen geleden
  • I go untradable last weeks WL i usually know or feel when tots is commin only lost 60k on fut birthfay mendy

    FranK Da MUthaFKnTankFranK Da MUthaFKnTank22 dagen geleden
  • When rtfm makes market videos it means he wants to try to manipulate the market so he can profit LOL

    FranK Da MUthaFKnTankFranK Da MUthaFKnTank22 dagen geleden
    • @Lukas Garcia look at the simps comment on my comment LOL bums can't even take a joke commin to the defend

      FranK Da MUthaFKnTankFranK Da MUthaFKnTank22 dagen geleden
    • Just unsubscribe bro

      Lukas GarciaLukas Garcia22 dagen geleden
    • You are the reason he doesnt make them anymore children like you

      Jos DriehoekJos Driehoek22 dagen geleden
  • It’s sad because every time he starts the stream at 1 o’clock im in school:(

    HammerGamingHammerGaming22 dagen geleden
  • Lost like 800k on kimmich toty. Should I just take the L?

    Wes BuckWes Buck22 dagen geleden
    • Yes

      Jos DriehoekJos Driehoek22 dagen geleden
  • Sold prime eto for 2.6 mil friday😍 now buying theo hernandez headliners, think that that is a great buy, knowing he goes out of packs today

    daanyesyesdaanyesyes22 dagen geleden
    • @J. bought him a day before posting this, but nothing happend really

      daanyesyesdaanyesyes21 dag geleden
    • Already out of packs lad.

      J.J.22 dagen geleden
  • Love the market vids keeep emmm coming😷

    YoshimaruuYoshimaruu22 dagen geleden
  • "you know that’s a little bit sus you know" and the eyebrows got me so bad 😂😂

    EnToX _HDEnToX _HD22 dagen geleden
  • It's fascinating watching nick talk about the market and how cards are so low and still I don't know fuck all on how to trade lol

    Mario LucaMario Luca22 dagen geleden
  • NicolasControlaElMercadoDeFUT

    J CardenasJ Cardenas22 dagen geleden
  • will there be a rebound tomorrow? on out of packs specials

    DontaiPlus _DontaiPlus _22 dagen geleden

    Mr ready AlwaysMr ready Always22 dagen geleden
  • Thank god i haven't bought any players in a while, got 2.2m on the bank and still holding on to it

    Nigel HuijtsNigel Huijts22 dagen geleden
  • ooo me and my 800 coins are scared

    Rohail LakhaniRohail Lakhani22 dagen geleden
  • What about top tier base icons like Cruyff? Will they rise?

    Wavy TyroneWavy Tyrone22 dagen geleden
  • Nice

    XJokermanXXJokermanX22 dagen geleden
  • I dont know when to sell my theo hernandez headliner🤷🏾‍♂️

    Jordan BorgesJordan Borges22 dagen geleden
  • i just bought Puskas 94 for 2.2 mln on Friday to play WL.. now he is 1.7 wtf..

    Danny93UTDanny93UT22 dagen geleden
  • Dude what about the fodder we should stock the club with fodder to make coins whenever they release tier 1 icon sbc’s

    Fayez AhmedFayez Ahmed22 dagen geleden
  • I made investments on rttf klostermans and akanjis when they first came out and made about 3 mill of them. This market crash has legit cost me 1 mill and it’s aggravating cause I don’t use fifa points and I had to grid my ass off just to hit 3 mill only to lose 1 mill cause of this market trash smh

    TwoPunch MidnightTwoPunch Midnight22 dagen geleden
    • Why tf do you invest all your coins on a risky investment?? imo if you are investing all your coins, invest in totws or fodder or something else that's guaranteed profit

      Faris_981Faris_98122 dagen geleden
  • bruh i'm tryna trade with the gold common method but i keep getting outbid

    Jurgen KloppJurgen Klopp22 dagen geleden
  • Lol im way ahead all untradable apart from moments cruyff lol i feel bad for the traders

    Tom TeasyyTom Teasyy23 dagen geleden
  • Can't understand why they've taken away icon upgrade sbc, games shit just give us the icon sbc ffs

    Andrew O'brienAndrew O'brien23 dagen geleden
  • You’re investing in all the wrong players 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

    ImNotWonderImNotWonder23 dagen geleden
  • Is there still a chance to get a ICON SBC today? I’ve invested 1,6 Mio in 86,87,88,89. Not sure if I can cash out before the weekend league..

    D YD Y23 dagen geleden
    • id say there is a decent chance of getting one before champs starts

      hamzahamza22 dagen geleden
  • Didn’t lose any coins, untradable team is the way to go.

    James BenjaminJames Benjamin23 dagen geleden
  • Should I wait to buy 88 Vieira or buy now?

    Piero LevanoPiero Levano23 dagen geleden
  • It’s been so long since back to back market videos

    Mark A123Mark A12323 dagen geleden
  • I lost 1 million coins in transfers this last 2 weeks 😂😂😂

    Daniel BridgeDaniel Bridge23 dagen geleden
  • How is it possible that "What if Sancho" is just 450 k ?

    Julien GeertsJulien Geerts23 dagen geleden
    • Got re-released into packs and similar players like neres are way cheaper

      Simon KunzSimon Kunz22 dagen geleden
  • Only thing that can save this week is if that Neres SBC card gets upgraded 😅

    Dizzie PascalDizzie Pascal23 dagen geleden
  • To me Matthaus is easily top 3 CM in the game I have prime version and I can't imagine how good moments is

    SantiSanti23 dagen geleden
  • Should I do PIM Makelele For 150k

    Mitchell SilvaMitchell Silva23 dagen geleden
    • No

      BelsBels22 dagen geleden
    • yeah I did him he’s everywhere lol

      William GoedbloedWilliam Goedbloed22 dagen geleden
  • Be me: buys atal. Atal will not drop. Only tradable player. I will have 900k for tots. Also on pc.... so that’s an l. But first year I traded to having over 1 million liquid coins.

    A PoocumberA Poocumber23 dagen geleden
  • Nick runs the underground rat breeding market

    A PoocumberA Poocumber23 dagen geleden
  • something about every card being 99 stats and 100k makes me rethink what the point of playing this game was, feel like I just wasted a bunch of time.

    Abdullah MeneeseAbdullah Meneese23 dagen geleden
  • Market video’ssss👌🏻

    NickNick23 dagen geleden
  • EA doesn't have Euro license.

    Gokul GopakumarGokul Gopakumar23 dagen geleden
  • Game is so bad that it does not matter if you have full PIM team worth 80MIL or full untrade team worth 500k. rip market

    CarKiller92CarKiller9223 dagen geleden
  • Does anyone have names for a 1 million coins team?

    James Van der venJames Van der ven23 dagen geleden
    • Inaki fut bday maybe

      Michael WilliamsMichael Williams23 dagen geleden
  • I love you❤️❤️❤️

    Allan Arve VesterbækAllan Arve Vesterbæk23 dagen geleden
  • When to sell gold mbappe neymar and cr7

    gunslinger11051gunslinger1105123 dagen geleden
    • we wont tell u u tryhard meta rat kid

      tetacitotetacito23 dagen geleden
    • Thursday afternoon

      Sava NikolovSava Nikolov23 dagen geleden
  • anyone else just didn't lose coins, like actually made coins?

    MrBruh206MrBruh20623 dagen geleden
    • I made coins

      TC GamezTC Gamez23 dagen geleden
  • So Neymar is gonna Go up this weekend ?

    Focus_ JSFocus_ JS23 dagen geleden
  • Love me some late night nick! And not nickelodeon

    D VD V23 dagen geleden
  • I was untradable till this Friday. It hurts even more...

    Navin SamuelNavin Samuel23 dagen geleden
    • @Christopher McMurtry It's not that I could have got him for cheap is the only thing that hurts but yeah who cares...

      Navin SamuelNavin Samuel23 dagen geleden
    • @Navin Samuel so now you have a cool team to play with, who cares about virtual coins that in a couple of months will mean nothing

      Christopher McMurtryChristopher McMurtry23 dagen geleden
    • @David Zambrano I wanted to get Renato and Vidal on full chem so I bought mid Eusebio for 2.9 mil

      Navin SamuelNavin Samuel23 dagen geleden
    • Who did u buy?

      David ZambranoDavid Zambrano23 dagen geleden
  • I have a future star ansu fati I bought for 1.3 , when should I sell him ?

    Miguel JaramilloMiguel Jaramillo23 dagen geleden
    • A week ago. He is worthless

      L. S.L. S.22 dagen geleden
  • I love the market videos, keep up the work brotha

    Ivan LopezIvan Lopez23 dagen geleden
  • 👍🏻

    Josh RussellJosh Russell23 dagen geleden
  • When to sell

    Olle MuthOlle Muth23 dagen geleden
  • All my coins invested in fodder

    Hi JackHi Jack23 dagen geleden
  • i’ve seen messi for 150K on xbox and ronaldo at 320K and mbappe at 250K

    HDMikeTVHDMikeTV23 dagen geleden
  • Wrong Nick I had no coins to begin with and then played 1 game so I'm up 500 coins today 😌

    Ian PereiraIan Pereira23 dagen geleden
  • Yup market on its knees Coz game is terrible and people ain't playing the game, it's why it's worse drop we have seen

    tick gamestick games23 dagen geleden
  • Bought 10 Atals for 700k. Hopefully I don't get burned on Thursday flips.

    Ricardo NakaneRicardo Nakane23 dagen geleden
    • @Ricardo Nakane he’s gonna drop man. Rip

      lew 00lew 0022 dagen geleden
    • @Nvthvniel6 he has kept his price so far while all other cards dropped. I have hope

      Ricardo NakaneRicardo Nakane23 dagen geleden
    • Every cards price is dropping bro

      Nvthvniel6Nvthvniel623 dagen geleden
    • RIP BRO

      Shoot With Aws شووت مع أوسShoot With Aws شووت مع أوس23 dagen geleden
  • So hard to make coins in Fifa 21 ffs

    Zaner BurrisZaner Burris23 dagen geleden
    • It is easy to make coins. But playing game makes you loose coins

      Martin KlassonMartin Klasson22 dagen geleden
  • Worste gameplay i have ever experienced on the weekend oh my god

    John TheoJohn Theo23 dagen geleden
    • packed prime moments sanchez in my elite three rewards

      Finley BrownFinley Brown23 dagen geleden
    • @Nvthvniel6 stop lying you ain’t an elite player

      B2KB2K23 dagen geleden
    • It went well for me..got moments crespo and cracked elite for the first time

      Nvthvniel6Nvthvniel623 dagen geleden
  • Bought Prime Puskas on bid at 1.635 and sold an hour later for 1.825. Only trade I did in last couple days lol

    ValentynValentyn23 dagen geleden
  • legit just finished the earlier vid and this one came up after .. DUB

    Richard ArcesRichard Arces23 dagen geleden
  • Nick I hit the post about 10 times a game have you noticed more woodwork recently

    Joe Rhys-curtisJoe Rhys-curtis23 dagen geleden
  • Do you think that Ronaldo will go down in price a lot when tots comes out

    Chris GChris G23 dagen geleden
    • Yah

      Chris GChris G22 dagen geleden
    • Cr7?

      Nvthvniel6Nvthvniel623 dagen geleden
  • Yo guys nick posted a video , wait strike that , Sir Nicholas has posted a video Let's go man. !

    Aditya MenonAditya Menon23 dagen geleden
  • markets bleeding cause no one plays this trash anymore

    R MOR MO23 dagen geleden
    • everyone has had enough.

      incognito96incognito9622 dagen geleden
    • It's cause too many players are playing and panic selling bro

      Nvthvniel6Nvthvniel623 dagen geleden
    • It's the opposite actually lol

      KingAfricaKingAfrica23 dagen geleden
  • This is why I run an untradable club. Also because I can’t trade for shit

    J TJ T23 dagen geleden
    • @Lim Muliana Hold that L

      AnonymousAnonymous22 dagen geleden
    • It's boring using the same teams every week

      soyuncu lcfcsoyuncu lcfc22 dagen geleden
    • @Zain Arif exactly, I have around the same amount and every time I try to trade, I always lose coins. Cant get it right.

      Owen WilliamsOwen Williams22 dagen geleden
    • Ratio phahhahaha

      Lim MulianaLim Muliana22 dagen geleden
    • Yeah. Whatever untradeable content they give us - they will fuck with us know next week - with giving other options and players. As well as they hand out promos/packs that makes our buys into losses. You are better off you selling your team - rather then playing 30 games of WL, or stop at Gold 3 with 10 games left and cut your losses..

      Martin KlassonMartin Klasson22 dagen geleden
  • Need neres to get that upgrade😩

    ZeltcsZeltcs23 dagen geleden
  • When Neymar was hitting those posts today against bayern all I could think about was Nick yelling "THE POST MANNNN!!!!"

    BarehandsBarehands23 dagen geleden
    • @david constable umm the kehrer isnt getting upgraded yk?

      Jack FinnianJack Finnian22 dagen geleden
    • Same lol

      HammerGamingHammerGaming22 dagen geleden
    • Am happy they won so my card gets upgraded the keher

      david constabledavid constable22 dagen geleden
    • You're weird

      Lim MulianaLim Muliana22 dagen geleden
    • He had a stinker

      Oliwier ZwawiakOliwier Zwawiak22 dagen geleden
  • It honestly saddens me that some people try to put blame on you for the rise of certain cards over the last couple days with your uploads. Mans cant even post a video talking about what he bought without people pointing fingers towards market manipulation. Like i don't get it Also Nick, you're doing a great job with these videos recently. The streams have also been the most entertaining things for me in the mornings. The chaos around cleaning the house the other day >>>>>>>>> keeping my channel points

    Filio741Filio74123 dagen geleden
    • @Sergio Cordova Fantastic comment good job sir =)

      Morten CarstensenMorten Carstensen22 dagen geleden
    • @Sergio Cordova but it’s a game. Not real life, it’s really not a big deal.

      Dom CurryDom Curry23 dagen geleden
    • You have to keep in mind that if Nick was doing this in the real transfer market he would be in jail. Him saying, "I bought 20 Van Dijks for 290k and I'm hoping to sell for 350k" This influences other people to buy those cards, which causes the market for that card to go up. Which makes lazy selling his cards much easier. Him flexing his sells after he's done them is no problem, but influencing the market to his benefit is wrong, intentional or not.

      Sergio CordovaSergio Cordova23 dagen geleden
  • I miss you Nick please stream tomorrow after the games ❤️

    Kye RussellKye Russell23 dagen geleden
  • what about toty Ronaldo's price? Rise or Drop?

    ICEBLCAK TeaICEBLCAK Tea23 dagen geleden
  • Can't wait for the Rat to Glory, June couldn't come any faster!

    JuanmaJuanma23 dagen geleden
    • @Ed Garcia says the one saying can’t wait for ur mum 😐dead joke

      Brendan AldredBrendan Aldred21 dag geleden
    • @Lim Muliana an adult that laughs at others mistakes or just is happy that they're better than a teen is sad

      Ethan PillayEthan Pillay22 dagen geleden
    • @Keith Harding aha lmao

      XJokermanXXJokermanX22 dagen geleden
    • @XJokermanX he definitely doesn't know and went and googled it after you called him out 😂😂

      Keith HardingKeith Harding22 dagen geleden
    • @Lim Muliana so you don't know what neek means then

      XJokermanXXJokermanX22 dagen geleden
  • 2:09 THIS BOY SUS

    WolfWolf23 dagen geleden