I hate my voice (but I sing anyway)

18 feb. 2021
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Let's talk about why no one can make me quit.
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  • I've always really liked your singing voice and the way you use it! Your vocals always sound very professional but still have a lot of feeling behind them, and there's a really beautiful sweetness in your falsetto. And I personally find your talking voice very soothing to listen to. Your kid's gonna get the best bedtime story voice!

    Abby HeggeAbby HeggeUur geleden
  • It’s interesting, because I use the TLM103 on all my stuff, and I feel like I can pick out the sound of it more, the second you switch to it, I don’t know if it’s psychosomatic or not. I did find that you u87 was quite full It felt more solid, like I can hear the Mic being heavier, I don’t know if that’s true. Also I would say you have a nice voice! Lol, sending my dry vox out like this would be so much rougher, takes mad courage and chops! I like you vids!

    Vincent AugustusVincent AugustusUur geleden
  • You have a great voice Andrew. And I'm sure I'm not the only one saying this! As someone who also hates their voice, I find it interesting that my voice really dictates how I write. Some of my songs I actually sound nice on, while others I can tell I was going for something that wasn't in my wheelhouse. It really comes down to knowing how to write for your particular instrument. Cheers!

    Nicolo GiarranoNicolo Giarrano4 uur geleden
  • I honestly have no idea why anyone would hate your voice. It's honestly such a clear tone and in my opinion you're an incredible singer

    Micah CurtisMicah Curtis6 uur geleden
  • That 103 is bangin. I think it suits you best of the 3. Thanks for the GAS Andrew

    Erik AndersErik Anders7 uur geleden

    Fiddlekrazy SteveFiddlekrazy Steve8 uur geleden
  • omg I'm not alone

    Sean HughesSean Hughes8 uur geleden
  • bye !

    Bogdan Mircea StanciuBogdan Mircea Stanciu13 uur geleden
  • I love your voice anyway

    OL StudioOL Studio16 uur geleden
  • Can anyone please tell me if this is an actual song that's released? I really like it

    이영헌이영헌19 uur geleden
  • You shouldn't hate your voice. It's a good voice. And yes, singing is very, very good for you. Keep singing.

    Sound AuthorSound Author21 uur geleden
  • Timing. I just released my first recording ever yesterday. I felt the same fear and told it to go take a break. And I like your voice! Thank you for the inspiration and encouragement you give.

    nicomarti13nicomarti1322 uur geleden

    Emma SampsonEmma SampsonDag geleden
  • Andrew: i hate my voice Me listening to Lake Louise: yeah, ok andrew

    Bruno TortorelloBruno TortorelloDag geleden
  • I have been writing songs since I was about 11 or 12 years old and recorded my first song at 16 and I absolutely hated my voice! It stopped me from recording and releasing material with me singing, despite people telling me I sound nice, I could never hear it for myself. I just got back into recording recently for the first time in about 6 years, and this video really helped me come to the realization that I'm pretty damn good and to not compare myself to other singers. Oddly enough two of my favorite male singers Kenna and Jimi Hendrix aren't the best singers in the world yet their music means so much to me. Thank you for this video and I love your song that you performed!

    Pete DigitalPete DigitalDag geleden
  • But your voice is sweet bro...

    Heinrich SmitHeinrich SmitDag geleden
  • Your voice is great, maybe you pronunciation is different but that's what makes you - you. And nobody would like it other way. Sorry for my English, but I like your singing.

    Idøv shaiIdøv shaiDag geleden
  • Hey Andrew, are you also suprised by how cute you think baby clothing can be? xD We're also expecting a child in may, all the best to you! I feel you regarding singing - I'm 31 and mainly a guitarist and sound engineer and do a bit of singing but overcoming the fear of singing in front of others and the sound of my own voice was (and still is) a journey that took me years and that is ongoing - thanks for the honest words. Wow I didn't expect the TLM103 to be so close. You can identify it cleary from being a bit more pronounced in the high end (which works great on the guitar) but besides that wow. SM7 is just boxy in comparison. Thanks for the great video!

    Max FreistMax FreistDag geleden
  • Dude, there is absolutely nothing wrong with your voice. You know how to control it, it's smooth, not really that nasal. Keep killing it!

    Joakim AnderssonJoakim AnderssonDag geleden
  • Andrew your voice is beautiful!! I had chills most of the time and I'm a singing major so I know what good voices sound like. Your high notes are AMAZING! Very nice technique! And honestly, the timbre of your voice is also really nice! It fits the song so well! Keep up the great work and the wonderful singing!

    Tabitha EsauTabitha EsauDag geleden
  • Wtf! U sing AMAZING! Keep doing it

    Tico AcostaTico AcostaDag geleden
  • Andrew: *makes a video about hating his voice* Also Andrew: *records the most beautiful vocal takes for said video*

    Mayra AguilarMayra Aguilar2 dagen geleden
  • Love this vid and your voice andrew. Hugs

    Iván FaigenbomIván Faigenbom2 dagen geleden
  • that's so true i don't want to be put in my box thinking i did not try something i want to do. thank you andrew.

    apominozapominoz2 dagen geleden
  • I think you need to do a part 2 with making the best of what you have. also part 3 of 'when' you should upgrade -- or what motivation to upgrade.

    Lordofthefood1Lordofthefood12 dagen geleden
  • The TLM's highs are incredible.

    blargiefarg93blargiefarg932 dagen geleden
    • also, I love samara(?) seeds. ("helicopters") I have such nostalgic memories of them!

      blargiefarg93blargiefarg932 dagen geleden
  • You need to replace Google play music with NLworld music in your bio. 👍

    Billy MurphyBilly Murphy2 dagen geleden
  • c´mon dude, your singing is great!

    chri chrichri chri2 dagen geleden
  • Mate within the first 2 minutes you said you like singing. I think that's all that matter right? Why stop doing something you enjoy 🤙 keep it up

    Nero DenneyNero Denney2 dagen geleden
  • Shout out to you guys who put your voice out there. I haven't managed to go over my fears yet and would prefer to be in a choir rather than alone. - The SMB7 sounds more muffled, as if you were in a box covered with foam. Compared to the other two, you can feel it's a lower quality.

    Philippe AlvesPhilippe Alves2 dagen geleden
  • as long as you can functionally sing i think what your voice sounds like is just subjective

    KennieKennie2 dagen geleden
  • you just need to find the sweet spot

    net guynet guy3 dagen geleden
  • My opinion that every human body that can sing is a musical instrument, and each one is unique. You actually can sing, and it's too bad you've got people telling you that you can't. Don't hate your voice, it's one of a kind.

    OhYesItsChadOhYesItsChad3 dagen geleden
  • wow - great video - U87 sounds great on both git and vox. btw your voice is great - smile more when you're singing dude.

    Hank JohnsonHank Johnson3 dagen geleden
  • Whatever u say man, ur music is wonderful

    DoopDoop3 dagen geleden
  • Okay nope! You can't just say you don't like your voice and that it's not good. Spend a whole video convincing us that we're gonna have to take pitty on you and then boom! We realize you're actually insanely good lol! I'm a singer and I found myself pausing to see if I could even sing like that haha

    Niko VNiko V3 dagen geleden
  • Andrew has a very nice singing voice. The only (hopefully constructive) criticism I would have is that it's not very dynamic to me, making his vocals sound very similar across many of his songs. I mostly listen for the production and interesting instrumentation, though, so the vocals are fine and not bothersome in any way. Not like all the long-ass "MIDI core pack" for lazy/uninspired musicians ads that keep showing up! ;-)

    xnonsuchxxnonsuchx3 dagen geleden
  • That onesie scared the crap out of me

    ZL1LoVeRZL1LoVeR3 dagen geleden
  • I love this video so much. Of everything though, the expensive mic upsidedown in the shock mount hurt me a little bit XD

    LunalityLunality3 dagen geleden
  • Keep singing, sir! Though preferably not into an SM7b. I hate that mic! It's somehow both dull and harsh, and hugely overrated. If you've gotta use a "radio" dynamic mic, the RE-20 or RE-320 are better in every way.

    Stephen TackStephen Tack3 dagen geleden
  • Keep singing dude!!! Sounds good, fits right with your music.

    Mr. OLLiE jONESMr. OLLiE jONES3 dagen geleden
  • Do you have a cloud lifter on your Sm7b?

    Joe GrahamJoe Graham3 dagen geleden
  • Yeah man! thanks for the encouragement! I like that you said every voice has value. Creativity helped me recover form Covid when I was very afraid and had zero energy.That's powerful stuff man

    Joe GrahamJoe Graham3 dagen geleden
  • just release instrumental versions so those who dislike your voice can shut up lol

    Plasma Glow MusicPlasma Glow Music3 dagen geleden
  • Love the high-frequencies from the TLM 103 c:

    NicoleNicole3 dagen geleden
  • He’s no pro but he deffo doesn’t suck. He has a nice decent voice

    Katie MusicKatie Music3 dagen geleden
  • Don't give up Andrew! Believe in yourself! Ignore the f***ing comments telling things about your voice. I watched you making that album with Rob and your voice was great in it. :)

    HMK MUSICHMK MUSIC3 dagen geleden
  • i love your voice...

    pavelpavel3 dagen geleden
  • I hope, we'll get this year new album from First of October.

    Štěpán KarásekŠtěpán Karásek3 dagen geleden
  • U 87 AI best on guitar here, TLM 103 suits your voice here really well.

    AmateurreviewsAmateurreviews3 dagen geleden
  • I never knew that we feel the same! I always loved your voice. Lake luise brings me to tears every time. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELPING WORDS! I´m in a vocal depression for a while now and I really want you to know, that this video is a thing that really helped me to come back to the mic and sing and do what I love, even if it feels like the whole world wants me to stop singing.

    AmateurreviewsAmateurreviews3 dagen geleden
    • Edit at 3:41 : A tear in my eye right now.

      AmateurreviewsAmateurreviews3 dagen geleden
  • Cheers Man good Video, wish my voice was as good as yours.

    Peter GrosePeter Grose3 dagen geleden
  • This was incredible! Thank You So Much! Gonna run thru the fear and record RIGHT NOW!

    Jay BattleJay Battle3 dagen geleden
  • You have a lovely voice.

    Creative IsolationCreative Isolation3 dagen geleden
  • Karl BjörnKarl Björn4 dagen geleden
  • Right on. I enjoy your stuff and you teach us a lot. Very inspiring.

    Jose RamonJose Ramon4 dagen geleden
  • The TLM 103 sounds amazing. !! I actually like the TLM more

    Benjamin GibsonBenjamin Gibson4 dagen geleden
  • This is me. Thanks for this.

    Benjamin GibsonBenjamin Gibson4 dagen geleden
  • Your voice is just fine man. just fine :-)

    John FlanaganJohn Flanagan4 dagen geleden
  • I'm here again because I need to gain the courage

    umrasangusumrasangus4 dagen geleden
  • 3:18 Ironically, you are combatting fear with fear: The fear of judgement, vs the fear of regret.

    HolobrineHolobrine4 dagen geleden
  • This is so inspiring. I’ve had about 40+ songs I’ve wanted to make for years but I’m just to scared of what people might say about my voice. Thank you so much, I think this is the push I needed to finally do it.

    Retro VertigoRetro Vertigo4 dagen geleden
  • I never would have thought that you felt this way. I think back to the Songs To Wear Pants To days, and how none of that would have come to be if you didn't overcome your fears and just sing. You've been an inspiration for a long time, and this adds to that. For me, it's art. I've loved to draw since I was a kid but I always hid it. As I grew up it felt more and more like I should just move on, because people look down on wanting to pursue an artistic career. I recently turned 30 and I'm just now breaking free of those feelings and while I wish I had started sooner, I know it's just that I'm on a different journey than most people. If you see this, thanks again for putting yourself out there; it has made a difference for me.

    CloudeCloude4 dagen geleden
  • Yeah man!!

    1zoom11zoom14 dagen geleden
  • Now, lemme get this straight. Andrew can sing, he can hit a note, keep in tune and know his vocal range pretty well. his voice is weird, but that what makes singing unique. If Michael Jackson was just a good singer with a clean voice it wouldn't be the same Michael that we knew. This is what singing is about, make something good and unique, also, is good to have a weird voice sometimes, or something different than the common.

    Allure DayoAllure Dayo4 dagen geleden
  • I just took a couple vocal lessons and even though I’ve also always hated my voice I just don’t care anymore :)

    Aaron BowleyAaron Bowley4 dagen geleden
  • Gotta scoop those mids for that proper vocal tone. XP

    CVSubRailfanCVSubRailfan4 dagen geleden
  • very inspiring video as usual! much love 4u

    Gustavo LeivaGustavo Leiva4 dagen geleden
  • Not sure if this vid. was the reveal, but wishing you and Essa the absolute best with the baby on the way! ✨Hope everything goes A1+. Edit: reveal was a couple months back, still super happy for the both of you! :)

    Caleb RamírezCaleb Ramírez4 dagen geleden
  • Andrew:“I hate my voice.“ Also Andrew:*slays song* Me:🥺🤩🥰 Just keep singing. uwu

    paperwitch83paperwitch834 dagen geleden
  • I love his voice. Amazing 👌 but, i don't like the guitar sound, it's kinda loud and muddy.

    D. Bayak Fl RemakeD. Bayak Fl Remake4 dagen geleden
  • I really didn't think that those expensive mics would make such a difference ...

    JKB_HJKB_H4 dagen geleden
  • You are awesome 😘

    Saju C.SSaju C.S4 dagen geleden
  • you have a very good voice, really. come on. top notch. 'Miss you' is a great song, deserves much more attention.

    Piotr PufPiotr Puf4 dagen geleden
  • wow.. in less than 2:30, you can stop the video and just give a thumbs up.. seriously

    Kuran McqueenKuran Mcqueen4 dagen geleden
  • Andrew- I've been struggling with fear in other areas of my life (going to doctors, getting social security, etcetera), and what you said about being afraid of what other people would think...I know it was about creative pursuits, but it hit home anyway. Thank you for living a fearless life and being my example. I think your voice is lovely, truly. It's not perfect, but it's yours. 💖 With all the love, Piper.

    Piper TheosPiper Theos4 dagen geleden
  • Tlm 103 ❤️

    kal-elkal-el4 dagen geleden
  • Pff, your voice is awesome :)

    Martijn VenhuizenMartijn Venhuizen4 dagen geleden
  • Yeah but dude your voice is fantastic. Ignore the criticisms of the ignorant with a narrow palate of musical tastes. Your vocals are fine. It’s about the skill and passion. And you got it.

    Todd MichaelsenTodd Michaelsen4 dagen geleden
  • Personal opinion, you probably won't even see this, but obviously you're not the best singer on the planet. I like the way you sound though, It matches the music you make. Not my favorite, but sometimes your music is the only thing I want to listen to.

    William HackneyWilliam Hackney5 dagen geleden
  • beautiful voice, Andrew

    Morfal MusicMorfal Music5 dagen geleden
  • beautiful voice, Andrew

    Mark FirmanMark Firman5 dagen geleden
  • Thank you for this...genuinely. 36 year old guy who has always had a creative spark, but I never do anything about it because I've always been worried about being derivative or not being good enough....and well it's just left me wondering but never knowing. Hearing your words here kind of really strikes a chord and yeah...thanks man it really means more than you can know.

    BloodKogaBloodKoga5 dagen geleden
  • Its amazing that everyone goes through this. Ive always been told i have a great singing voice, and I know that technically i have my vocals down, but I have deleted every vocal ive ever recorded because I hate it... thanks for the encouragement, maybe I'll actually take it to heart 😂

    FriccadilliesFriccadillies5 dagen geleden
    • Also on the mics, its hard to hear a hugr difference between the tlm 103 and the u 87 without studio headphones, but you can def hear the diff against the sm7b

      FriccadilliesFriccadillies5 dagen geleden
  • Congratulations on the baby 🎉

    Gxlden GxdGxlden Gxd5 dagen geleden
  • Your singing voice is GREAT 👊🏿🔥

    anselm josephanselm joseph5 dagen geleden
  • Ah the price of fame.

    nic minshunic minshu5 dagen geleden
  • You singing in this vid with just the acoustic guitar was incredible. You have proved to everyone you can sing! Keep up the amazing work you're killing it!

    Philip ShergoldPhilip Shergold5 dagen geleden
  • Name of song he sings please??

    Vishwa MusixVishwa Musix5 dagen geleden
  • Do you run any C414 mics? I have always found them "glassy" which I think would match your singing style well.

    MikeOrkidMikeOrkid5 dagen geleden
  • Like and dislake talks bout this video You said important stuff about fear in a new generation of musician

    Francesco GrasseriFrancesco Grasseri5 dagen geleden
  • wtf, u dont like ur voice?hHSAHSHA u sound amazing

    Vic LTDVic LTD5 dagen geleden
  • You have to start using the TLM 103 for your recordings!!! It sounds amazing on your vocal!

    Kenneth JamesKenneth James6 dagen geleden
  • Up!

    Yozora PilipinasYozora Pilipinas6 dagen geleden
  • tlm

    Al RodriAl Rodri6 dagen geleden
  • I've watched a bunch of your videos, but this one spoke to me. You are right. You have two choices, create (with your voice) or don't. You'll never get better if you don't create. I wish I had a voice like yours, but I still make the most of what I have because it's fun and it's creative. Glad you are too. So screw the haters. Thanks for this video.

    Kris MadausKris Madaus6 dagen geleden
  • Christ, the U87 sounds good.

    SeanithanEganSeanithanEgan6 dagen geleden
  • Andrew, you have a unique voice. And it's awesome! It is truly something that seems to be quite rare these days!

    nikofisknikofisk6 dagen geleden
  • love the song.

    PJ BrokePJ Broke6 dagen geleden
  • Says he doesn't like his singing voice. Then casually sings one of his most beautiful acoustic songs yet. Well done.

    CividanCividan6 dagen geleden