I Got A Tattoo of My Ex - Doing the OPPOSITE of What Matt Says For 24 Hours

27 feb. 2021
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I, Rebecca Zamolo, created I Shaved My Head, Which Best Friend Will Be My Twin in 24 hours? Matt and Rebecca then made Matt fell down the stairs and the emergency room trip gets emotional. Finally the Game Master network posted Game Master Network lose and shave your head in among us. Now that Matt pranked Rebecca she decides to do the opposite of what Matt says for 24 hours. This might get extreme because she got a tattoo on her face of her ex boyfriend. It started when Rebecca and cousin Maddie woke Matt up with a giant water balloon on his head in bed. Next was a pie in the face. Maddie goes on a first date with her new crush for the first time in the backyard. Rebecca hosts a tea party but it goes wrong. Matt knows and he wants a football party with his favorite team. Finally the girls hide Matts favorite Tesla which could be the best prank. Do you think Rebecca will get away with it? Will this turn into a giant battle Royale especially with the tattoo of her ex boyfriend. Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021!
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