I Drove a Tank!

29 apr. 2021
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Thanks for watching! Love you guys!

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  • I’m bored asf just post a video

    Jacob JettJacob Jett5 minuten geleden

    Gamer_KailaGamer_Kaila15 minuten geleden
  • aye i was there a month ago. yall are near my ranch lmao

    Mike HaugheyMike Haughey20 minuten geleden
  • post another vid please

    Andrew EstradaAndrew Estrada25 minuten geleden
  • danny post another vid

    jordan walshjordan walsh29 minuten geleden
  • Are you alive?

    Quinn WagnerQuinn Wagner2 uur geleden
    • lol

      Andrew EstradaAndrew Estrada24 minuten geleden
  • Wait is that classic chevy a manual?

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  • Aye man where are you? We need a new video

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  • is this man ever gonna stop doing dumb shit

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  • lets see you train for the boxing match

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  • u gonna upload

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  • Damn this was a damn banger!!!!!! Danny great amazing content!!!!

    Jonathan NunezJonathan Nunez9 uur geleden
  • Is it just me or this guy has been not ageing for 5 years now.

    dxrk- youdxrk- you9 uur geleden
  • bruh this vid is just gta irl

    adrian ravenadrian raven16 uur geleden
  • Wassup Danny I’m the one that emailed you guys not being about the fans if you guys can’t sell plus size clothes to fans like me😂I’m a 4xl tall and I’ve been waiting for any item to be able to fit me

    Stylistics GuyStylistics Guy16 uur geleden
  • I guarantee his haircut is just gonna be Gary...Barley trimmed and slicked back lol

    tanner mackaytanner mackay17 uur geleden
  • @DannyDuncan69 when you pulled that string , that shit took me back to #JACKASS movie scenes @SteveO & @WeeMan @DannyDuncan69 & @Keywon lol

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    • Danny post

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  • Danny is the Most underrated football player ever

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  • You owe us 2 videos this week asshole

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  • Danny I got suspended from school cuz I were one of your hoodies😂😂😂

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  • the tank tho

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  • Danny man can post another vid to make me a bit happier I've jus got the news my nan jus passed 😭😭

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  • You can tell Danny was worried for others I don’t know why El Paso people started to blamed it on them without knowing anything

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  • Danny is such a great guy let everyone go before him

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    • I wish

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  • best intro out of every vid.

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  • this vid has the best intro outta every vid AND DISCO INFERNO

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  • great from start to finish

    LegacyyyyyyyyyyyyyyLegacyyyyyyyyyyyyyyDag geleden
  • I like how he almost gets caught in a shooting and is just happy he drove a tank

    soinu foigsoinu foigDag geleden
  • this video was so fucking good

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  • Only Mexican words Ik

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    • Hey Danny Duncan it’s time for new that I’ve been boring watch another NLworldrs

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  • Danny, can you give us an update on what's happening with Cameron? Havent head anything about him in a while

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  • Why do I feel like Danny Duncan is a Republican

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  • Hey Danny Duncan it’s time for new that I’ve been boring watch another NLworldrs

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  • This is how you know Danny is a good person at 2:46 he makes sure the women in front of him is out first safe before himself. That is humble

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  • Yo Danny i was watching inside edition and my videos were on auto play and i found a video about vaping and in the video there was a kid on the news that said his name was Gary Winthrop. Do you think that that is actually his name? heres the link if you dont belive me-nlworld.info/key/video/lIiDjK-2jIR8iq4

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  • texans after the new gun law:

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  • yooo theres 2 babys you should collab wit indiansunhatkid NO JOKE LMAO

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