I Downloaded 1000+ Minecraft Mods!

15 jul. 2020
16 156 026 Weergaven

It's definitely possible to install this many mods in Minecraft. Is it playable? We'll see.
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  • All of the Barbies bought at the end of the video are being given to local childrens' charities and coworkers' daughters. Subscribe for more epic Barbie content.

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    • I love your vids

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    • @Daniel Botts Mr beasties not a baby

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    • Q

      Jafar AliJafar Ali12 dagen geleden
    • @Intan Sari I don’t care

      Bun bun AlexBun bun AlexMaand geleden
    • But karl lied he died and say "Not yet " and he died again so karl was have 16 not chandler karl cheat

      Hi HiHi HiMaand geleden
  • There Playing blood and bones plus dark magic mods

    Brandon CabanBrandon Caban2 uur geleden
    • With crazy craft mods

      Brandon CabanBrandon Caban2 uur geleden
  • Just saying Mr beast never losers

    Tristan SmithTristan Smith3 uur geleden
  • did ya know that my brother playzzz fortnite

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  • my brother plays fortnite

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  • The rare south america formerly load because sunday premenstrually bubble from a absent session. nutty, fancy men

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  • The Voicecrack of jimmy in 5:38 is Legendary xD

    flenkovflenkov6 uur geleden
  • The rude professor baly bury because supply delightfully notice among a general gentle range. light, hapless chance

    William BlackWilliam Black6 uur geleden
  • 3×1=3 3×2=6 3×3=9 3×4=12 3×5=15 3×6=18 3×7=21 3×8=24 3×9=27 3×10=30 Did I Do It?

    _LemonNadeBom__LemonNadeBom_11 uur geleden
  • The mighty patricia scully receive because yarn globally miss abaft a meek battery. old-fashioned, rightful fifth

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  • i dare you to put some water on your friends hair

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  • ok ok i got a dare for you mrbeast

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  • I love ya’ll guys JIMMY KARL CHANDELIER

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  • Lol

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  • cheater

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  • Mr beast do u ever fired ur workers or freinds 😅

    Leah Dela CruzLeah Dela Cruz19 uur geleden
  • YES BARBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tricia SumnerTricia Sumner23 uur geleden
  • So it was a tie but Jimmy said no, cool.

    BlankfaceBlankfaceDag geleden
  • I love how Jimmy looks at his invisible watch at 8:26

    samsamDag geleden
  • I cant believe Chandler just did THAT

    Alize GumusAlize GumusDag geleden
  • Also, the thing killing them at the start was literally poison rain. So when they just sat there, it killed them lol

    Julia NelonJulia NelonDag geleden
  • Uwu

    •lattebear••lattebear•Dag geleden
  • Me when I see something green 2:00

    Brat BoysBrat BoysDag geleden
    • Is that a frog

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  • Technoblade cameo: 1:46

    Abdullah AzzamAbdullah AzzamDag geleden
  • 1000 texture packs

    Valdemar HvidbjergValdemar HvidbjergDag geleden
  • Mrbeast every start of the video : SO TODAY-

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  • Carl says Australia is disgusting what about his hair

    Dumb shit SillyDumb shit SillyDag geleden
  • Animals in australia are nothing like that

    Phillip PenguinPhillip PenguinDag geleden
  • 9:31

    anaanaDag geleden
  • whodonate tema trees 2:18

    Abdulaziz AlGhamdiAbdulaziz AlGhamdiDag geleden
  • Get dream and techno blade to play that map please

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  • hahahah chandler

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  • Bork

    Jackson OliverJackson OliverDag geleden
  • Oy i live in Australia and its fine Karl

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  • Jimmy cheated the seconds that he counted was to long and thats wahy chandler died so f*** o**

    Kristians MežulisKristians Mežulis2 dagen geleden
  • wtf flying zebra?lol

    Tristan padinTristan padin2 dagen geleden
  • Karl trying so hard to not be a simp

    Mateo QuezadaMateo Quezada2 dagen geleden
  • 1,000? Childs play

    Jackson PendletonJackson Pendleton2 dagen geleden
  • ÚwÙ

    Potatoe PotatoePotatoe Potatoe2 dagen geleden
  • Me gets far enough to beat the game and asks for-4 deaths just to find out there are 50 dragons

    VirtUisleVirtUisle2 dagen geleden
  • Free creative mod

    VirtUisleVirtUisle2 dagen geleden
  • Wear a mask

    VirtUisleVirtUisle2 dagen geleden
  • Jimmy: we only have five minutes left ( looks at watch Me: u don't have a watch

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  • Hay my gf name is girlfriend

    Riku PatirRiku Patir2 dagen geleden
  • Sorry Chandler I had faith in you

    Six StarsSix Stars2 dagen geleden
  • Karl: What is that behemoth of a monster?! Me: Ah, yes, I’ll take redundant statements for $200.

    TheWizardTheWizard2 dagen geleden
  • i feel bad for chandler he spend his credit card

    Karen Kate EsguerraKaren Kate Esguerra2 dagen geleden
  • how is your computer still smooth

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  • How do you download mods?

    Bertug YilmazBertug Yilmaz2 dagen geleden

    David BakkeDavid Bakke2 dagen geleden
  • Jimmy... You are so cruel to chandler... It would have been way more entertaining for chandler and karl too have a tie breaker at the end. And, he died after you said 1...

    Sweaty Boy SizzleSweaty Boy Sizzle2 dagen geleden
  • It's crazy craft on steroids

    Melcoolie6701Melcoolie67012 dagen geleden
  • Jimmy tbh you were counting kinda slow at the end Does anyone agree?

    Christopher KorilChristopher Koril2 dagen geleden
  • did jimmy just say hunter 'EX' hunter? um..

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  • how does that cow 2:56

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  • That’s not what Australia is like Karl

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  • 2:50. hOw DoEs A cOW

    Mindy LarsenMindy Larsen3 dagen geleden
  • Just take this in; chandler got killed by a pig.

    Mindy LarsenMindy Larsen3 dagen geleden
  • Jimmy counted from 30 seconds took him like 5 minutes to count down from 30

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  • A pig bit me and I died🤣🤣🤣

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  • x33*

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  • 33

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  • Is it bad that I recognize all of these mods.

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  • Dude if my sis saw this video she will die, 100 barbie!!!!!!!

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  • CAN I HAVE 1 OF THE BABBIES AND I AM 7 I ONLY HAVE 1 BABIE it's my birthday and I got this iPad and love from my family and that's all I need but 1 sooooo me and my friend can play with me !

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  • The giant tree reminds me of the world tree in sword art online

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  • cool i am your big fan

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  • Karl im a mincraft girl your mwan but i love you all on the mrbeastchannel even karl you all work so hard tomake content for fans

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  • Bruh I live in Australia! Karl!!!!!

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  • Chandler always have bad luck let's pray for him :(

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  • U tell dream to try this

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  • where was chris

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  • how dare you insult australia

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  • karl, dont insult my country (australia)

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  • Omg hi

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  • lmao i just saw your honey ad dont worry i got honey B)

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  • 8:58 Yep thank You Karl THANK U VERY MUCH MATE

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    • Shows you what Americans think of us downunders

      Galaxy BunnyGalaxy Bunny21 uur geleden

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  • The thing i am focused on is the mini map and you can see a circle in mincraft hm.

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  • Australia is not like this!

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  • 6:00 😂

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  • Poor little girl only put one thing on her Christmas list *barbie* Karl and Jimmy :MAKE CHANDLER BUY THEM ALLLLLLL worker: sorry ma’am 3 weird men just bought 100

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  • CHRIS?!?

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  • 11.00 UWU

    OxO the catOxO the cat4 dagen geleden

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  • we do not have monsters in australia Karl we have cute pets and kangaroos

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  • MrBeast: Die stupid cow *On Jimmy's other video* MrBeast: This video is sponsored by organic cow milk

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