I Bought & Fixed the Cheapest V10 BMW E60 M5 6-speed In The World - Project Raleigh: Part 1

8 jul. 2020
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Naturally aspirated V10 paired with a manual gearbox - does it get any better? Yes, if your garage is 5 minutes away from derestricted Autobahn. I bought the most "reliable" BMW and started fixing on it, it'll be a while before this astonishing car is ready to hit the Autobahn as it needs to pass German inspection first but follow along as I throw money at it and get it back into the shape it deserves to be.
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  • OMG the inside is full of dead skin, I'd have vacuumed it out before doing anything else.

    Dodgy DavoDodgy Davo4 uur geleden
  • How much can you make on it ???

    GTA V Editor VidsGTA V Editor Vids9 uur geleden
    • A lot but I'm keeping it.

      M539 RestorationsM539 Restorations8 uur geleden
  • Oh man.....That engine....that sound....manual gearbox.....Real Bmw.To me engine sounds great,if it has problem with bearings....it will be knocking???That engine uses 10w-60 oil.Can the the other oil make damage to the engine if you wont push it hard/if you drive it normal in the city?

    Mario TurkaljMario Turkalj10 uur geleden
  • LoL, that delivery driver was NOT impressed! =D I could see his thoughts like they were in a comic book think bubble "crazy moron, importing an ancient clapped out 5-series from the US... Doesn't he realise Bavaria is 250 km away?" He didn't seem to get more impressed with the explanation of it being a manual transmission one, either! =D

    GeFeldzGeFeldzDag geleden
  • It's very weird that the manual M5s were NA only... Upside down world. The BMW that engineered and produced the manual-only E39 M5 predecessor seems like a very different company. Manual transmissions are still the norm (i think, maybe that's changed by now) in europe. In Sweden, if you take your driver's license test with an automatic car, you can only drive automatic cars. I'm a bit strange for a swede, because i like automatic transmissions. I do love a solid manual transmission with nice and tight gearshifts and a nice feeling clutch to go with it, but for driving in town nothing beats an auto. I'm a land-barge kind of guy, though, my 1968 Cadillac DeVille convertible is about as good as cars get, DAT 700NM 7.7L V8! BIG cars with BIG torque and a comfortable ride are just awesome. Manual transmissions are for sporty cars and for sporty driving, in which case they're marvelous. I do miss my old 1981 BMW 323i...

    GeFeldzGeFeldzDag geleden
  • These were available with manual transmission!?

    Toronto JayToronto JayDag geleden
  • Still cant find part 2

    alie-bb- brybryalie-bb- brybryDag geleden
  • Why would you take such poor care of your car when you drive an M5.. Having a car like that must mean that you care about cars at least some bit..

    DutchClawzDutchClawzDag geleden
  • People should be EMBARRASSED to have let a car get into this state. And for any Americans watching, I'm referring to the physical cleanliness of the car, not Florida, New York, Texas etc.

    Mark KofiMark KofiDag geleden
  • Why didn't these E60 M5s ever come with fog lights?

    Mark KofiMark KofiDag geleden
  • I've driven quite a few of these M5s the E60 "Bangle" cars just look horrible, but the F1 derived V10 engine is really cool. At least , you don't have to look at it when you drive it. I'd still stay away from them because of all the complicated electrical issues. One interesting thing about these cars is that that Manual Transmission is from the previous "real" E39 M5 because BMW didn't want to design a special transmission just for the Americans that demanded a manual version of the car even though the take on the manual transmission was still low. Since you have both maybe you can verify this,but it makes sense.

    Andrew4181975Andrew4181975Dag geleden
  • Can you please tell me the costs of shipping from us to Europe.

    DreyDreyDag geleden
  • makes me laugh that this vid has the most views on the channel but seems like your biggest challenge.

    Chris HuertasChris Huertas2 dagen geleden
    • It doesn't have the most views :)

      M539 RestorationsM539 RestorationsDag geleden
  • Good video,as a mechanic i find it amazing how many times i have a got a car cheap and a set of plugs fixes it it's unreal that people don't fix small things before they sell cheaply thinking it's fucked, good for people like us that tinker

    Stephen CapelStephen Capel2 dagen geleden
  • Nice video, enjoyed it!

    Ben SouthBen South2 dagen geleden
  • Wow! amazing car! So you cant have any aftermarket parts on a car in Germany?

    Greg LaingGreg Laing2 dagen geleden
  • Colourful yes you can see the mismatched paint!

    Mark WrightMark Wright2 dagen geleden
  • Did you check the oil before revving it?

    Ferrum LynxFerrum Lynx3 dagen geleden
  • Press the M button then rev it.

    911delorean911delorean3 dagen geleden
  • As the tow driver crushes the porsche

    Axis Power DieselAxis Power Diesel4 dagen geleden

    Barış ÇETİNBarış ÇETİN4 dagen geleden
    • And i love this channel so much. Keep going

      Barış ÇETİNBarış ÇETİN4 dagen geleden
    • AND?

      M539 RestorationsM539 Restorations4 dagen geleden
  • omg If I only had three hands! Laughed my a$$ off Nicely told story, thanks !

    Radu AlexeRadu Alexe4 dagen geleden
  • That Bungle Butt is atrocious.

    ୨ ୧୨ ୧5 dagen geleden
  • how do you have North Carolina plates?

    Rumah KitaRumah Kita5 dagen geleden
  • will you be able to get it homologated in germany?

    robinrobin5 dagen geleden
  • Hi. Love the work you do. What company did you use to ship the M5 from USA to Germany?

    Shade AaronbergShade Aaronberg5 dagen geleden
  • That's how I sold my 2007 520D, every single light on the dashboard :)

    Tolga AkyayTolga Akyay5 dagen geleden
  • Beautiful car what an awesome bye

    Don HestonDon Heston5 dagen geleden
  • Great video, great car! A manual E60 M5 has always been a dream of mine, the S85 is just incredible. As a German living in the US I'm still hoping that one day I'll be able to make this a reality (without the need of importing one). I'm so glad you got lucky with the engine (so far). Are you planning on replacing the cockpit/dials with German/European ones (to have the speedometer properly in kmh)? I guess you'll have to recode the car to German spec anyway due to the different rules on car lights etc in the US.

    PCisSuperiorPCisSuperior5 dagen geleden
  • You're an IT guy. How did you learn all this stuff?

    joe martinezjoe martinez6 dagen geleden
  • Excellent work man again! Keep it up and looking forward for the next video.

    Florin PenciuFlorin Penciu6 dagen geleden
  • Great video, and i love it when we get more technical, i.e. strip down of ABS! Interested in how you bleed the brakes! Thank you :)

    Jim McCullochJim McCulloch6 dagen geleden
  • Where is part 2??????

    Budy ArtoBudy Arto7 dagen geleden
  • where is part two?

    Matthias WeweringMatthias Wewering7 dagen geleden

    nerdiqnerdiq7 dagen geleden
  • Where is part 2?

    soklotsoklot7 dagen geleden
    • @M539 Restorations Thanks.

      soklotsoklot7 dagen geleden
    • Not done.

      M539 RestorationsM539 Restorations7 dagen geleden
  • My advice? Set it on fire and push it off a cliff, then never discuss it ever again.... 😄

    robsarobsa7 dagen geleden
  • Buys an E60 M5 and thinks its cheap.... next step, lunatic asylum.....

    robsarobsa7 dagen geleden
    • I don't think it's cheap, I bought it cheaply.

      M539 RestorationsM539 Restorations7 dagen geleden
  • ...do you still have the car and work on that project?

    Matthias WilkeMatthias Wilke7 dagen geleden
  • it looks like about 1500 blunts where smoked in that M5 :(

    fro16883fro168837 dagen geleden
  • and it has different colored doors...

    Steve in BangkokSteve in Bangkok7 dagen geleden
    • @M539 Restorations haha kidding, i think you know a lot ore than me! Love your videos btw

      Steve in BangkokSteve in Bangkok5 dagen geleden
    • Noooo, seriously?

      M539 RestorationsM539 Restorations7 dagen geleden
  • update pleaseee

    DanielBDanielB8 dagen geleden
    • There is no update yet.

      M539 RestorationsM539 Restorations8 dagen geleden
  • Bmw plastics are the cheapest around. Good job saving the car!

    thelandofmisterozthelandofmisteroz8 dagen geleden
  • Waiting for the next step with this puppy!

    Marin RadojevicMarin Radojevic8 dagen geleden
  • update? lol

    FishytailsFishytails8 dagen geleden
  • 31:00 I ve never seen a wheel rotating so easy

    hiphopromanesc.comhiphopromanesc.com8 dagen geleden
    • lol same

      soklotsoklot7 dagen geleden
  • Nice job (Y) what obd interface are you using for diagnostics ??

    SMA MASSMA MAS8 dagen geleden
  • 20:06 - "If I only had three hands" to drink my coffee while wrenching :-)

    Allert SchallenbergAllert Schallenberg8 dagen geleden
  • Anyone else get the feeling maybe this car was probably stolen? Looks like the dude was living in it before XD

    Taylor OpheimTaylor Opheim8 dagen geleden
  • We want part 2

    Ossie3Ossie39 dagen geleden
  • Where is part 2, is it that broken? :)

    F GF G9 dagen geleden
    • Burned to a crisp :)

      M539 RestorationsM539 Restorations9 dagen geleden
  • Im still waiting for part 2, please upload.

    Niels RNiels R9 dagen geleden
    • I can't upload it because it's not done. Didn't even start on it.

      M539 RestorationsM539 Restorations9 dagen geleden
  • Really wholesome video, good job!

    fredde20078fredde200789 dagen geleden
  • You can actually see the spark coil failing at 12 min when the car revs. The arc of the spark is visible at cylinder 4!!

    Jens Bager JensenJens Bager Jensen9 dagen geleden
    • Lol, no. That's ITBs moving.

      M539 RestorationsM539 Restorations9 dagen geleden
  • what a sound man amaizing car

    Giorgio RossiGiorgio Rossi10 dagen geleden
  • I like your videos! Especially about e46. When i saw that you bougt e60 i was happy as hell, because I own 530xi e60 in imolarot2 colour!

    Михаил ВинницкийМихаил Винницкий10 dagen geleden
  • I thought ball joints had to be checked with loaded suspension, i always lift the c arm first

  • Disco lights. Lmao. Imma use that one sometime.

    K DK D11 dagen geleden
  • Love your videos ,real and very practical

    ILMSEEDILMSEED11 dagen geleden
  • Can you come and look underneath my car? Lol

    ILMSEEDILMSEED11 dagen geleden
  • Can you only rebuild the ABS pump once? Seems like it would be tough to get back into it with the epoxy.

    Tim WallaceTim Wallace11 dagen geleden
    • Never mind watched the rest of the video,

      Tim WallaceTim Wallace11 dagen geleden
  • I personally heard one in good condition up close, definitely doesn't sound like a diesel.

    h2oaddict28h2oaddict2812 dagen geleden
  • Astonishing machine you got yourself there. In my eyes the best NA engine ever made on a production car. And then the cherry on the cake, manual transmission. You rev it up, you can feel the deep link in terms of engineering to the naaasty 3l F1 brothers of E41/1, P80-P85. Looking so forward when this one is back on the streets. Maybe I come around to Frankfurt (just 180km away) and we can have a talk about BMW cars from 80s to early 2000s ;) Best regards, Abo and like is placed.

    Crossplane RiderCrossplane Rider12 dagen geleden
  • 2:45 welcome home V10 :)

    98976h98976h12 dagen geleden
  • I don't understand how people can let their cars deteriorate to this point. Specially a gem like that.

    CrimsonRiderCrimsonRider12 dagen geleden
  • Love it thanks...I have a clonk too on my E60 front left when reversing with right hand lock do you think its the lower control arm ?

    i maci mac12 dagen geleden
  • Part 2!!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻

    Jordi LoonenJordi Loonen12 dagen geleden
  • I luv the vw beetle there as you are offloading the BMW

    Bryan PhilipBryan Philip12 dagen geleden
  • well, I see that you bought a problem. Better just bay fiat tipo and you will drive withouit problems!

    TheTheCezarTheTheCezar12 dagen geleden
  • Any Update on this car? Is this actually Tavarishs car which was imported to germany?

    therealfoxtherealfox13 dagen geleden
  • M5 V10 Engine working NLworld CC - Applause

    Vladimir PetrovskiVladimir Petrovski13 dagen geleden
  • Deserve subscription!!!

    Alsharif HusainAlsharif Husain14 dagen geleden
  • Part 2.?

    Ricardo GomezRicardo Gomez14 dagen geleden

    memz balcimemz balci14 dagen geleden
    • Calm down. It's not done yet.

      M539 RestorationsM539 Restorations14 dagen geleden
  • Any News on this gem? Or should I say „American Beauty“?

    LH MLH M14 dagen geleden
  • 524280km WHAT?

    diynno742diynno74214 dagen geleden
  • Great video, love the rebuild, impressed with the ABS pump repair.

    OilBaron100OilBaron10014 dagen geleden
  • Who painted this thing, my god. The paint job is horrible

    Nahiyan HaqNahiyan Haq14 dagen geleden
  • E60 is sexy.

    AlexanderMichelsonAlexanderMichelson15 dagen geleden
  • This is the second series of your videos I have watched. I think I’m in love 🥰 I honestly have a man crush on you😜 loving everything you do.

    Raymond MumfordRaymond Mumford15 dagen geleden
  • now u know how bmw has quality like citroen hyundaii daewoo.. shame of bmw i have bmw i spend 20k for repair worst car ever,.

    MakeSh00tMakeSh00t15 dagen geleden
  • Just bought one for 7k with 82k miles and looks brand new but yeah it has all the light on dash on 😔

    nick silvanick silva16 dagen geleden
  • Usually a cheap BMW is the most expensive BMW you can buy.

    Jelle DerksenJelle Derksen16 dagen geleden
  • I was expecting a nightmare to be honest. And was so surprised at how clean underneath this car was. This is a very interested project and will be watching every episode to see how you resolve this car that are normally extreme money Pitt's...lol 3-years ago a rebuild an old Z4- e85 and it has payed me back with such enjoyment and reliability it's such fun car with roof down wind in hair on the country roads and mountains road's. Thank you, so much for your excellent work fixing and putting these old BMWs back on the road I love this channel with a passion. Kindest regards...

    zippy5081zippy508116 dagen geleden
  • It looks horrible, but when it's fixed and tidy again it will be worth a lot of money in Europe...

    JerainJezzaJerainJezza16 dagen geleden
  • Next part? :-( :-D Thx for the amazing Videos !!!!

    cronixs0ocronixs0o16 dagen geleden
  • Great job, congratulations

    lotus espritlotus esprit17 dagen geleden
  • why not just replace the ABS pump? what is the problem with then coding in the new part?

    PowerlovePowerlove17 dagen geleden
  • Something tells me those cat-deletes going right back after tuf

    jtaheri223jtaheri22318 dagen geleden
  • And rod bearings?? The oil in the trunk...😬😬😬

    André Oliveira RCAndré Oliveira RC18 dagen geleden
  • 1.4Million views! And here i am, watching this all over again. ❤️

    Ammar IsmailAmmar Ismail18 dagen geleden
  • I will fuck you up if you ever sell that thing. The forgotten M series, id love to own one, someday.

    BerkeBerke18 dagen geleden
  • TM

    ابراهيم الاسدي الاسديابراهيم الاسدي الاسدي19 dagen geleden
  • He still hasn't hit tht m button on the steering wheel

    Mariques AlexanderMariques Alexander19 dagen geleden
  • What software do you use to read your codes?

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  • when will u continue this onee :(

    Patrick HanzelPatrick Hanzel21 dag geleden
  • The bmw is back home in germany !

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  • The Master.......truly amazing

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  • What's the matter with you? Chinese Chinese Chinese!

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  • Great job and all, but this thing is not repairable.

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