27 apr. 2021
127 055 Weergaven

In today's video i tell you all about the new BBC Three TV program "The Fast and Farmer (ish)" i have been asked to be presenter for... How it works... When it's starting...
Also we chat about the new shed... What we have decided to go for and the changes we have already made!
I also need your help... Flexi? or semi flexi cubicles? Which ones would you go for?
Hope you enjoy !
Huge Thank you to AlleyCatTV for giving me the opportunity, Really appreciate it. They made myself and contestants at ease with it all. So much fun to film!
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  • To any young farmers (18-30) based in the UK who are thinking to themselves 'how can i take part' - drop us an email at tractors@alleycats.tv

    Michael BurnettMichael BurnettDag geleden
  • Late to the party on this video Tom, missed it a few weeks ago. Just a thought on your robot milking conundrum. Not 100% on layout of your farm or total size of your grazing platform but from my own limited knowledge of robotic grazing systems, you'd manage an AB system fairly well I think. Problem is you should build directly behind your slurry tower near that astro path ye laid last year! Ideally it'd be more central but that's still workable I'd say

    Brian O'ReganBrian O'Regan2 dagen geleden
  • I looked at the thumb nail and my face lit up cuz there was a fiat Stright pipe

    model farmer 110model farmer 1102 dagen geleden
  • When you build something that should last 40 - 50 years it is better to think 10 years down the line. It is difficult in such high-tech times, but forseeing the future is saving money in the long term.

    lesley walllesley wall5 dagen geleden
  • Great news tom you'll be a great presenter

    Richard DEYRichard DEY8 dagen geleden
  • Did you ever go to the national ploughing championships in Ireland? if not you should go it’s really good

    Aine TraynorAine Traynor8 dagen geleden
  • Congrats on your new endeavors on the farm, in life and love. Best of luck and happy wishes to you and your family. You make me smile every time I watch your videos.

    Vickie DunnVickie Dunn9 dagen geleden
  • Automatic scrappers going into the tank at the end and then forget the central channel?

    Sean MoloneySean Moloney9 dagen geleden
  • Well done Tom great news

    Tom tTom t9 dagen geleden
  • When you’re in Ireland you should go to farmer phill farm

    Graham DavisonGraham Davison10 dagen geleden
  • Congrats again. Make sure to ask where we will be able to watch it in Australia 🇦🇺

    Avril MoxonAvril Moxon10 dagen geleden
  • this will be crazy

    grumpy duckgrumpy duck11 dagen geleden
  • Well done, new theme? "She think's my tractors sexy"

    Scott2148Scott214811 dagen geleden
  • Pete marquis demo top bloke , good choice tom , congrats on yout telly program, looking forward to seeing the new building 👍

    Mark WestmoreMark Westmore11 dagen geleden
  • Absolutely fantastic news about the TV presenting 👏 I had hoped it would be Country File 😘, but this is a good start 😁😄 But be careful you don't do too much, then get spread too thinly. Too many people depend on you on 'home farm' as well as at home (Jo!). Best wishes to you all. Kt x x x

    Kt BeeKt Bee11 dagen geleden
  • Congrats Tom, very well done:):)

    Pat KellyPat Kelly11 dagen geleden
  • Probably already considered this but what about knocking down the show room too, putting the shed further back to avoid the slurry tower and putting the door out the side at the front so you can put the parlour on the front at a later date so if you ever want to run cows not housed in that shed through the parlour they don't have to be herded through the shed and it doesn't have to have the tower inside part of the shed

    Captain TiggerCaptain Tigger11 dagen geleden
  • Definitely interested in the lorry and lifeboat videos. You should try and catch up with grassmen when you are in Ireland

    William DurrantWilliam Durrant11 dagen geleden
  • Congratulations 👏👏👏👍🙌

    Nick ENick E11 dagen geleden
  • Just keep your flow channel dead level. It will help keep the water from running to fast and not taking any dung with it.

    Padraig BarronPadraig Barron11 dagen geleden
  • The tower thing doesn’t work trust me

    Cameron Whitelock PhotographyCameron Whitelock Photography12 dagen geleden
    • Tower full flooded shed 🤦‍♂️

      Cameron Whitelock PhotographyCameron Whitelock Photography12 dagen geleden
  • Launch a new channel to cover your busy periods. It could be called " Andrews farm life".

    hrv stuffhrv stuff12 dagen geleden
  • I'm going to sit down in a dark room for you Tom, man your busy bee!! Great stuff, you'll be on countryfile next!!

    Richard EveringtonRichard Everington12 dagen geleden
  • This is the BEST thing on TV since scrapheap challenge finished buzzing for this Tom

    dan nicholdan nichol12 dagen geleden
  • Hi there You and your dad do such a great job. U Both have fantastic knowledge and thanks for sharing it with the world. You work so hard and really care for your animals. Good luck with the wedding Good luck with new farm layout and good luck with the bbc show. Wondered why you hadn’t been chosen earlier. You and your friends and family have camera presence. Maybe you get the JLS guy on about his farming days, plus the black farmer, who has been around for ages. Cheers

    chandra dwarkachandra dwarka12 dagen geleden
    • Thanks Chandra 😊

      Tom Pemberton Farm LifeTom Pemberton Farm Life12 dagen geleden
  • I'm going for a interview to work in dairy (i was in pigs) what advice would you give me for a working interview??

    Alex JaggerAlex Jagger12 dagen geleden
    • @Tom Pemberton Farm Life thank you!!

      Alex JaggerAlex Jagger12 dagen geleden
    • Always be willing to learn and ask questions. They will respect that 😊

      Tom Pemberton Farm LifeTom Pemberton Farm Life12 dagen geleden
  • BBC3 currently gets less viewers than your NLworld videos so big news for them 😁😁

    The Munter44The Munter4412 dagen geleden
  • Well done, I know it will be a hit with you presenting. How will you fit in the farming once they start wanting you to present more and more shows?

    jumper123910jumper12391012 dagen geleden
    • Thanks 😊 it will be farming first then presenting. It’s all about helping the farm develope for me. So I would like it to be happy mix

      Tom Pemberton Farm LifeTom Pemberton Farm Life12 dagen geleden
  • Hey Tom if your thinking of putting a parlour on robot where the showroom is you will have loads of washings from either one. you should put another 3ft pipe up wind of the the channel that goes all the way up to the show room. then when you put up either one you have a pipe in for the washings. also for a parlour with 2'6" centres then shed needs to be 18ft wide.

    Russell JacobRussell Jacob12 dagen geleden
  • Is it on tonight

    Tom ThorleyTom Thorley12 dagen geleden
  • speak to Graeme he visited a farm with semi-rigid I believe it was a fair bit of it and what knocks the cows don't get any more etc. he had it on one of his recent vids cheers doh i seen all others have mentioned lmaos

    Paula ReevePaula Reeve12 dagen geleden
  • I used to love Scrapheap Challenge with Robert Llewellyn [Kryten from Red Dwarf]. Remember the Barley Pickers team? Complete nutters. Proper job! I'd definitely watch Tom presenting a farming version of Scrapheap Challenge. There'd be a lot more muck-spreading and welly-whanging involved, and the programme's title wouldn't have that genteel 'S' on the front... 💩

    Elli PElli P12 dagen geleden
  • Good for you well deserved. Please have some black farmers on your new programme

    chandra dwarkachandra dwarka12 dagen geleden
  • Too much chaos😞😞😞 I might UnSubscribe 😞 Sorry mate, farming Iife is slow, quiet, full of dangerous tasks that need serious focused attention. Not production, screen writers, accountants, legal department, filming support vehicles, catering vehicles running around your live stock and complaining about muck on their shoes😞😞😞👎

    Creighton DemarestCreighton Demarest12 dagen geleden
    • Hey Creighton, They are not coming here 🙈 I’m going to Ireland to film for 10 days. The program won’t be on here. My NLworld channel will be staying the same 😊

      Tom Pemberton Farm LifeTom Pemberton Farm Life12 dagen geleden
  • Bbc.. woke as.. they killed countryfile.. Good luck .

    charfontcharfont12 dagen geleden
  • Congratulations!!!

    Tricia AbramsTricia Abrams12 dagen geleden
  • love your channel but the show sounds like bollocks. sorry mate.

    Dave GilbertDave Gilbert12 dagen geleden
    • Hope you have huge success

      Dave GilbertDave Gilbert12 dagen geleden
    • 😂 Love the honesty! Don’t worry will still be making NLworld videos 👍

      Tom Pemberton Farm LifeTom Pemberton Farm Life12 dagen geleden
  • excellent news! you have a role model on the vets of "All creatures great and small". they have been on tv for many years and never have stopped been vets. Enjoy it! and keep been yourself. you and your dad -because he is your team and people love him! - are leaving a legacy. and when historians talk about this pandemic centuries later, they will talk about the contribution that farmers gave to the country to cope. I love it! and yes make those videos for when you are not around. they do in radio don't they? just don't overwhelm yourself, and be ethical and happy.

    Priscilla WatsonPriscilla Watson12 dagen geleden
    • @Creighton Demarest actually they do. they all work as vets: castrate animals, pull lambs out of ewes that need help, do surgery in cows etc. it started from one practising surgery and James Harriot books, and have grown to what it is now. genuine hard working British people. British legacy

      Priscilla WatsonPriscilla Watson12 dagen geleden
    • "All Creatures Great and Small" - - that's TV. They don't pull a calf out of a stressed cow, deal with a tractor muck spreader pump failure🐄, a lamb🐑 not nursing... All that just in the morning!!😮 Good luck Tom, we knew you well. Ginger and yer Mum probably aren't thrilled😞 🇺🇲

      Creighton DemarestCreighton Demarest12 dagen geleden
  • The Hoof GP, farm in wales, Easyfix stalls. Very interesting. Gross, when you see leg ulcers, but good to see improvements in the farming industry. ''cows leg bursts, easyfix for cows, episode.''

    MrSirMrSir12 dagen geleden
  • Congratulations from BC, Canada. Lots of excitement. Love the videos. Stay safe.

    penny loughlinpenny loughlin12 dagen geleden
  • Congratulations on the busy schedule. I’ll be watching out for the new show.

    David HallDavid Hall12 dagen geleden
  • I didnt know people still watched BBC television !

    Wr PpWr Pp12 dagen geleden
  • Hoof GP had a video recently, the stalls looked like what you're looking for. Fill the slurry spreader (rinsed out) with water once a month or so and run it down your lanes. It will keep your floor clean and ensure you don't have sludge in your 3ft pipe

    Brian PatrickBrian Patrick12 dagen geleden
  • Your association with BBC just ended this subscriber.

    Live SovereignLive Sovereign12 dagen geleden
    • I feel the same mate🇺🇲👎

      Creighton DemarestCreighton Demarest12 dagen geleden
    • So sorry to hear about that. I’ll still be making NLworld videos twice a week though 🤷‍♂️

      Tom Pemberton Farm LifeTom Pemberton Farm Life12 dagen geleden
  • get easyfix cubicles great comfort for cows

    Michael GarryMichael Garry12 dagen geleden
  • waht happens to the nale carfs on you farm

    Timothy DanielsTimothy Daniels12 dagen geleden
  • Cool projects! Joanne the Shearer is in Ireland and has a great NLworld channel! She has mountain sheep Chivets I think

    Connie SinghConnie Singh12 dagen geleden
  • Anyone know what tractors are gonna be used on the show?

    Luca SmithLuca Smith13 dagen geleden
  • Unpopular opinion but we have flexible cubicles and don't get along well with them. Small cows and heifers like to walk straight through the front and can turn round too easily to lie the wrong way. Big cows can lie at an angle which of you get two near each other closes up the cubicle in the middle and there's been a couple of cows with teats trodden on where they are laying at an angle. On the plus side when the cow lies down she doesn't damage herself when she hits the cubicle.

    Pat ArmitagePat Armitage13 dagen geleden
    • @Tom Pemberton Farm Life best to look at some in the flesh and make your mind up from there, I’d agree the mats are very good though. If you want to see some on farm that have been in for a while I’m only near Garstang

      Pat ArmitagePat Armitage12 dagen geleden
    • This is what I’m worried about but everyone keeps saying how good they are. The mattress are ment to be fantastic

      Tom Pemberton Farm LifeTom Pemberton Farm Life12 dagen geleden
  • Have you thought about locking yokes

    David HallDavid Hall13 dagen geleden
  • Sorry chap, I'm out, you've sold your soul to the dark side. All the best

    Ian DerbyshireIan Derbyshire13 dagen geleden
    • @Tom Pemberton Farm Life I feel for you, I can still remember, eyes streaming whilst squeegying out collecting yard this time of year, cows on new grass, ammonia level off the scale! Happy days! I was much more arable orientated and still an ideal day would be a John Deere 4255 (showing my age) , six furrow Dowdswell plough and plenty of acres ahead. Anyone out there needs a bum (some would suggest quite literally) on the seat of a John Deere let me know, I'm cheap, low maintenance and readily available as I'm retired.

      Ian DerbyshireIan Derbyshire12 dagen geleden
    • @Ian Derbyshire I always go the long route home just to see what everyone is getting on with. Tbf I am looking at renewables to see if we can bring in a new money stream into the farm if that’s counts 🤷‍♂️ But will always be a dairy farmer

      Tom Pemberton Farm LifeTom Pemberton Farm Life12 dagen geleden
    • @Tom Pemberton Farm Life Alright chap, just watch your back. Don't go down the Henson route, and sign up to all the global warming, right on PC nonsense. I'm farming born and bred, made redundant in 1995 and changed career, but you never lose it, common sense, practicality and always looking over the hedge/fence for the drill/sprayer cock up etc lol

      Ian DerbyshireIan Derbyshire12 dagen geleden
    • Thanks Ian, Like I said, I’ll be making NLworld videos twice a week 100%. Won’t be changing what I do and if anyone asked me to I would never sign the deal 🙅‍♀️ I know you have supported the channel for a while and hope you stick around ☺️ Just don’t watch the TV one of me 🙈

      Tom Pemberton Farm LifeTom Pemberton Farm Life12 dagen geleden
    • @Tom Pemberton Farm Life Good luck to you chap, I'm an ex farmer so I have experience of the lifestyle and challenges. The BBC are toxic to me, and indeed I, as a white middle aged male, am toxic to them.

      Ian DerbyshireIan Derbyshire12 dagen geleden
  • If your calfs have Diarrhoea put raw eggs in their Throat But put the raw egg in the side because if you put the raw egg in the middle of the throat the calf might choke Belive me it works very well

    HillButtercupHillButtercup13 dagen geleden
  • Hi Tom u said that Pete marquis would do the demolition. Do u know if he would be there doing a part for TV show scrap Kings which he does quite a bit for.

    Thomas HuntThomas Hunt13 dagen geleden
  • BBC Countryfile next? You could replace that posh boy Henson.

    Mark WaringMark Waring13 dagen geleden
  • Congratulations Tom, exciting times ahead 👏

    Mark EvansMark Evans13 dagen geleden
  • Hi tom if your in ireland in july please think about visiting us in county wexford we are milking three farms,700 cows and we have three case tractors love to see you if you could call big fan of your youtube channel

    Dara O'NeillDara O'Neill13 dagen geleden
  • Scotland is totally winning 🏆

    Nesfield JNesfield J13 dagen geleden
  • Big congrats on the new gig I'm sure u will have fun with it and im so excited for this new build on ur farm I can hardly wait hope u guys are well

    Charles LynchCharles Lynch13 dagen geleden
  • For some of your videos, have your drone guy to film The Ging working the farm. Your dad could also answer some questions and give us an update about the drainage/canal.💡

    Beth FosterBeth Foster13 dagen geleden
  • Congratulations Tom👍

    Ales BetikAles Betik13 dagen geleden
  • Tom, Here in the US some farms are using a flush system. When done correctly the flush system saves on equipment wear and tear. Im sending you an email with some information.

    Stuart GibsonStuart Gibson13 dagen geleden
  • Tom Farm Gear ;)

    Q8BartQ8Bart13 dagen geleden
  • Hello Tom, lots of thoughts going on, I would suggest you make the alleys wider if you are worried the barn getting too much manure before dropping in a second gutter system down the middle of the barn. However, this would mean there would be less stalls in the barn

    Peter SpruitPeter Spruit13 dagen geleden
  • Congratulations Tom i wish you all the success in the world

    Mike FortuneMike Fortune13 dagen geleden
  • So happy things are going well and forward for you. Couldn't happen to a better man. You should do a hoof trimming competition with GP in the future

    lydia fantinlydia fantin13 dagen geleden
  • AWESOME!!!

    lee kosslee koss13 dagen geleden
  • Tom, The Hoof GP spoke about flexible stalls. It sounds like it’ll decrease injuries. The video was posted within the last week or two. Yes, post the videos.

    K EllwoodK Ellwood13 dagen geleden
  • New camera ? ....brilliant videos be good to see a few done on irish soil 🤗

    Alisha4000Alisha400013 dagen geleden
  • Robots will not save you time. But with a farm such as yours your flexibility will be improved massively as long as you don’t mind getting up at 3am because a cow refuses to walk out the robot for 2 hrs (actually happened to me) easy fix cubicles are a god send for cow comfort but won’t be lasting 30yrs like a steel. Everyone I know who trialed the easyfix cubicles replaced all their steel ones and haven’t looked back. All I can say with planning a shed is you can do all the research you want, once it’s up you’ll wish you changed something 😂

    jacob sweetmanjacob sweetman13 dagen geleden
  • get your dad to make some vids while you're away mate :) I would happily edit them and send them back to him to upload. no charge ofcourse.

    Llywelyn ap GruffuddLlywelyn ap Gruffudd13 dagen geleden
  • Look at the farms Aaron LaVoy services. Super clean and modern with less issues.

    GermanHellCatGermanHellCat13 dagen geleden
  • Have you considered composted pack bedding with daily aeration?

    BigbirdBigbird13 dagen geleden
  • Well Tom, all the best with the BBC 3 show, unfortunately we can’t watch it in Australia.

    David HarrisonDavid Harrison13 dagen geleden
  • Huge Congrats Tom. So proud of you, you've put your heart & soul into the channel and shown your potential as a presenter. I love the way you head just too much content to fit into this video LoL Take care & all the best I'm also up for getting your Dad & Heidi doing updates when your off farm.

    George DeaneGeorge Deane13 dagen geleden
  • YES❤️ YES❤️ YES❤️... ANYTHING to do with collections of machinery, old, or new♥️. Blue, green, yellow or red❤️. Yours or ANYONE else's❤️. YES❤️ YES❤️ YES❤️... LOVE THE VIDS KEEP'EM COMING RICH(UK) 🥰🥰🥰.

    richardj ellisrichardj ellis13 dagen geleden

    richardj ellisrichardj ellis13 dagen geleden
  • Up the Irish 🇮🇪... Good on ya Tom xx

    Paula CunnPaula Cunn13 dagen geleden
  • I didn’t know I wanted to watch a farmer! Put up the videos so you can have a life and I’ll watch.

    Kim ManningKim Manning13 dagen geleden
  • Love your videos super excited for future content and seeing the new shed when it's all finished

    sandyking 458sandyking 45813 dagen geleden
  • please look at the 10th generation dairyman parlour and floor and beds.

    Paul WalshPaul Walsh13 dagen geleden
  • Just watched this Tom, my only issues I can see with this slat and drain setup , is Blockages, you will need a steep fall on the pipes for the slurry to flow freely🤔 would it not be better to stick with scraping out with the Scraper tractor?

    Mark HunterMark Hunter13 dagen geleden
  • Hi Tom Congratulations for BBC 3 and the Wedding coming up ! Your a busy bunny and all the best with the year ahead - love your videos. Warm regards Richard

    Richard MacintyreRichard Macintyre13 dagen geleden
  • every one that i know that have put robots in here in Australia have regretted it and have removed or closed up, and will your cows go in with you being there so it makes a 24 hour a day job not just a 2 hours a day for milking and all cows are milked

    jamesmay7jamesmay713 dagen geleden
  • You surely need about three times your current slurry storage capacity for various legal and management reasons? Top priority should be cleaning out the current tower store that is one third bunged up with solids that you cannot get out and spread with the tanker and therefore loses ⅓ of your current storage.

    Huw WilliamsHuw Williams13 dagen geleden
  • Congratulations on the tv gig. Looking forward to watching it. 🚜💨💨💨

    Steven KellySteven Kelly13 dagen geleden
  • Be keen to see it all mate 👍. Love ya videos and well for the tv show I'll put my hand up as a kiwi to give ya best a run 😉. Cheers n beer's from New Zealand lads n Heidi 👍👍🍻🍻🚜🐄🐃😁🇳🇿🚜

    Magnum CamMagnum Cam13 dagen geleden
  • From an engineering perspective, having the tank intrude into the building footprint is a little odd and will require some extra design work to make happen. BUT, it is possible to do it.

    BeardyBeardy13 dagen geleden
  • Congratulations Tom!

    Ann MillerAnn Miller13 dagen geleden
  • Slats aren’t the greatest for the cows feet from what I hear. Lessening that seems like a good idea plus less watershed into the slurry storage from unroofed areas. You are in the enviable position of having access to what others are doing and learning from it. Less turns, less slats, and stalls that maximise comfort vs getting the cows to lie away from pooping in the stalls. Get your head rail brisket board and mattress right and I hope it all works for you. The maximised efficiency will hopefully allow you to have feed ready straight away after milking to increase production.

    mfanwe Likeitmfanwe Likeit13 dagen geleden
  • Hopefully this will help advance farmers interests as well as bring far more light to the difficult issue of drainage on your and other farms

    mfanwe Likeitmfanwe Likeit13 dagen geleden
  • Lifeboats seem interesting

    mfanwe Likeitmfanwe Likeit13 dagen geleden
  • Well done Tom!!!

    Katie OrrKatie Orr13 dagen geleden
  • This is very exciting

    mfanwe Likeitmfanwe Likeit13 dagen geleden
  • Good morning Tom, thank you for the video,and all the best with your new adventure. Take care and stay safe 👍😎🇬🇧.

    Wayne ComptonWayne Compton13 dagen geleden
  • Since BBC3 went online only i never watched anything, which was a shame as there was some great content on it, good luck on the new programme

    Dwrowley .youtubeDwrowley .youtube13 dagen geleden
  • The lifeboats and trucks would be good

    Dwrowley .youtubeDwrowley .youtube13 dagen geleden
  • Good video like always 👍

    C S AgriC S Agri13 dagen geleden
  • Nice

    Farming Fun with CharlieFarming Fun with Charlie13 dagen geleden
  • Tom, you are going to be an even more awesome farmer with this outside experience. How else can you depose Adam from his seat on Countryfile in years to come? ;-)

    Philip KimberPhilip Kimber13 dagen geleden
  • It's a yay ney lol

    ISB 021ISB 02113 dagen geleden