28 okt. 2020
200 026 Weergaven

This is the start of the new OSRS game mode trailblazer league (similar to twisted league)
You can find out more info here! - secure.runescape.com/m=news/leagues-ii---trailblazer-launch?oldschool=1

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  • The first of many videos in my Trailblazer adventure, minimal editing because I wanted to get this up nice and early for real time progress, so I hope you enjoy! Good luck to all those playing!

    Solo MissionSolo Mission28 dagen geleden
    • As always - beast

      BigClueBoyBigClueBoy27 dagen geleden
    • No more holidays can get in the way of this bruv

      Mike yoMike yo28 dagen geleden
    • You're a legend!! Love from Costa Rica homie

      Andres SalasAndres Salas28 dagen geleden
    • give me a bond, I'm subscribed to your channel

      daydeer suberodaydeer subero28 dagen geleden
    • give me a bond, I'm subscribed to your channel

      daydeer suberodaydeer subero28 dagen geleden
  • You’re a beast mate, wish it was a rank 1 DMM video sadge I miss DMM but good shit m8

    NadestormsNadestorms21 dag geleden
  • you look like stud at the end on this vid :P

    Matt CMatt C22 dagen geleden
  • I love your league content

    justin surmajustin surma23 dagen geleden
  • What's the plugin that highlights slayer monsters for you

    WarpgatezWarpgatez23 dagen geleden
  • What's the purpose of this trailblazer league?

    Taylor man40Taylor man4023 dagen geleden
  • Bro I love your content and I love you music selection but please change it up, love ya

    Mugly PuntMugly Punt24 dagen geleden
  • I'm guessing Ourania altar is going to be insanely busted with that memory teleport and 16 times xp

    Maximum CockageMaximum Cockage24 dagen geleden
  • I wish I had free time 😭

    nick martinnick martin24 dagen geleden
  • You sound a lot like “Coding bullet”

    Trent YoungerTrent Younger25 dagen geleden
  • Im rank 2 woulda been a better thumbnail for u ...no 1 was suprised at ur number 1 but we all woulda shit if u were 2

    thomas burgethomas burge25 dagen geleden
  • Skilling prodigy seems like the biggest bait in the game. I mean at like 8-16x xp everything is super fast. idk maybe im bad but the whole make cannon balls real quick thing seems OP

    ipkandskillipkandskill25 dagen geleden
  • I don’t even play osrs but I’m so happy with the league. I love when streamers put their heart and soul into it🥰

    FaDeTruthZFaDeTruthZ25 dagen geleden
  • 2:34 ''I'm a bit left out...'' You sounded so heartbroken LMFAO

    Micheal o3oMicheal o3o25 dagen geleden
  • Man i rarelly comment youtube videos, but you're a fking machine. I wish I had half of your skill on playing runescape. Gj and keep up the good videos.

    Rúben GuerraRúben Guerra25 dagen geleden
  • The king is back

    Ray McCarthyRay McCarthy26 dagen geleden
  • Do these guys edit their videos while they're playing runescape?

    hooligan bubsyhooligan bubsy26 dagen geleden
  • Is scamming a task? Flash2:wave: Trimming gold trim any armor, 20k

    Jonathan YangJonathan Yang26 dagen geleden
  • i am R A N K 1

    DillonDillon26 dagen geleden
  • captain america mjolnir

    Andres OcampoAndres Ocampo27 dagen geleden
  • Subbed

    Brock H.Brock H.27 dagen geleden
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      NoxusNoxus27 dagen geleden
  • Unreal buddy, let's go!

    Hockeyplayer018Hockeyplayer01827 dagen geleden
  • My youtuber 5Head

    DanDan27 dagen geleden
  • Love your videos man!

    Cem UlutashCem Ulutash27 dagen geleden
  • Why are so many people doing agility if run doesn’t drain?

    turglowturglow27 dagen geleden
  • Can anyone play this League or only content creator? I saw Asmongold playing this mode too.

    SyphyoNSyphyoN27 dagen geleden
  • Lmao the runecrafting teleport-

    BrentBrent27 dagen geleden
  • What’s the version of Selah Sue remix for the intro?? Please boys sort a lad out

    Niall WhiteNiall White27 dagen geleden
  • /how t

    idris dopico peñaidris dopico peña27 dagen geleden
  • Subbed to you for the last League so Im hyped for your futute content :)

    Jasper KramerJasper Kramer27 dagen geleden
  • I thought I was doing pretty well in the league...then I watched this video.

    SuperExpertSuperExpert27 dagen geleden
  • No fun i see just speedrunning...

    Snowy RuneSnowy Rune27 dagen geleden
  • No wonder you're first place. 1 kc rune axe. Your highest skill is RNG.

    Luke HenryLuke Henry27 dagen geleden
  • More music please 😭

    Mehmet ZenginMehmet Zengin27 dagen geleden
  • No one is even close too your level off knowledge/ sweat on this game, what a beast

    Ben PorterBen Porter27 dagen geleden
  • 20th like ay wyd

    James HodgesJames Hodges27 dagen geleden
  • where are the highscores, i cant find them

    KJ3011KJ301127 dagen geleden
  • Killing it dude.

    Pasha SadikovPasha Sadikov27 dagen geleden
  • Imagine the rc xp you can get with the recall

    EvanEvan27 dagen geleden
  • 7:28 so the points are depleted when you unlock new relics?

    PinoPino27 dagen geleden
  • Love the music you use on your vids! Keep up the awesome content!!!

    Oscar SoizaOscar Soiza27 dagen geleden
  • seeing the start im just like damn they need to bring back dmm and update that

    Hat TricksHat Tricks27 dagen geleden
  • how can all the youtubers be rank 1 at the same time?

    the5711the571127 dagen geleden
  • Whats everyone doing for the first unlock at 60 tasks?

    Nicholas FordNicholas Ford27 dagen geleden
  • God i hate this silly waste of time leagues

    Volcom TrainVolcom Train27 dagen geleden
  • I thought C Engineer was rank 1 OMEGALUL

    Kevin KulinskiKevin Kulinski27 dagen geleden
  • The way solomission can play RuneScape it’s not even fair is it 😂 1000 iq or whattt

    Timothy GreavesTimothy Greaves27 dagen geleden
  • Sick content and banging tunes this is due to be amazing 👏 🙌

    DaNxFaMDaNxFaM27 dagen geleden
  • I'm mad that you didn't go and get the boots in the stronghold for extra points in t he beginning

    keeney 223keeney 22327 dagen geleden
  • The outro in the description seems to be different than the one being used

    KevinskieKevinskie27 dagen geleden
  • Nerd.

    BreezyRsBreezyRs27 dagen geleden
  • Saw you yesterday on camelot! :) Keep it up man!

    OfficialDufmaanOfficialDufmaan27 dagen geleden
  • That part with him hunting implings was so chaotic

    TenzinTenzin27 dagen geleden
  • Woox got the fire cape in leagues.

    Zachary TaslerZachary Tasler27 dagen geleden
  • Perfect clickbate. A friend called it.

    EcokitEcokit27 dagen geleden
  • the rage at 7:80 xD

    HendrikHendrik27 dagen geleden
  • came for the title, stayed for the content not gonna lie

    Andreas VandugAndreas Vandug27 dagen geleden
  • If quests are auto done, are there not after training from monkey madnes 1/2?

    Vili MyllyrinneVili Myllyrinne27 dagen geleden
  • Sick speedrun mate :D

    Etienne DuverneyEtienne Duverney27 dagen geleden
  • Amazing content, quite impressive ironman strats, stuff I've yet to do on my iron man and its lvl 123 🙃

    Lucien ArruelaLucien Arruela28 dagen geleden
  • 7:11 Solo Mission becomes R2D2 😂

    Justin DilorenzoJustin Dilorenzo28 dagen geleden
  • Love how they release this gamemode before group iron man

    DutchGamingChannel DGCDutchGamingChannel DGC28 dagen geleden
  • What's the overall goal of the game mode?

    David LloydDavid Lloyd28 dagen geleden
  • You never disappoint me with your videos. Crisp, straight to the point and very entertaining.

    An DeAn De28 dagen geleden
  • Lmao a friend called it

    War Chief VWar Chief V28 dagen geleden
  • I'm disliking this video because you talked bad about that poor stray dog.

    Eric EspinozaEric Espinoza28 dagen geleden
  • was rank 1 now not gg see people sleep is xp waste

    Afk Till MAXAfk Till MAX28 dagen geleden
  • Pog u sweaty nerd

    PandorazBoxPandorazBox28 dagen geleden
  • Well done dude nice little video that one 👍

    Stuart HughesStuart Hughes28 dagen geleden
  • What’s the end goal of this league? Not trying to be funny, I’m legit curious. Really fun to watch so far!

    SmokeurpipeSmokeurpipe28 dagen geleden
  • How do you top the scoreboards while still putting out videos man, you're crazy

    HMH678HMH67828 dagen geleden
  • I don't even play OSRS no more, but this is hella entertaining. Keep it up!

    K DzirkalisK Dzirkalis28 dagen geleden
  • 07:14 Angry zoidberg mode activated

    ChrispyChrispy28 dagen geleden
  • If osrs was with these xp rates I’d start playing again.

    Da_ Nick_Da_ Nick_28 dagen geleden
    • @james wilson i don’t need easy mode I’m 2k plus won’t I don’t want to grind day on end to have one skill 99. I don’t mind doing something for it but it takes to long bro

      Da_ Nick_Da_ Nick_27 dagen geleden
    • Play rs3 if you need easy mode

      james wilsonjames wilson27 dagen geleden
  • Of course your number one but you won't be for long

    ljmc - lscljmc - lsc28 dagen geleden
  • No life mission

    sddsdsdsdw ssdsdsdssddsdsdsdw ssdsdsds28 dagen geleden
  • Your intro makes me mad because it's such a sick remix of This World by Selah Sue but i can't find it!

    Harrison SealeyHarrison Sealey28 dagen geleden
  • Holy my ears farout your voice is loud lol

    Aussie Azzassin Xbox1Aussie Azzassin Xbox128 dagen geleden
  • Well I missed it guess no point to start now

    streets12501streets1250128 dagen geleden
  • 7:10 relax R2D2 😁

    FunMixTimeFunMixTime28 dagen geleden
  • I don't play anymore and watch runescape vids rarely. But your videos always get me excited. So good.

    V KV K28 dagen geleden
  • I love how your videos explains things so clearly so that newcomers can understand easily. It’s what separate your vids from others for me

    spydausspydaus28 dagen geleden
  • Great content as usual

    samsam28 dagen geleden
  • This is great content and it sounds like you're having a lot of fun playing!

    Help MeHelp Me28 dagen geleden
  • 7:11 He went full gnome

    DouglasDouglas28 dagen geleden
  • Stop screaming you’re a grown ass man how embarrassing.

    Jim RogersJim Rogers28 dagen geleden
  • Hey how do I get the twisted league outfit

    Steven DietrichSteven Dietrich28 dagen geleden
  • Swear I was subscribed... Anyways grats on the best clickbait for day ☝🏽 1

    Derek Manthey-FerdigDerek Manthey-Ferdig28 dagen geleden
  • It confuses me. I've been watching your videos for a long time now but you still are at like 100k subs. So it makes me wonder why you arent getting as much traction/subscribers like other creators even tho your videos are just as good.

    RiceFromHellRiceFromHell28 dagen geleden
    • Short answer is there aren’t that many RS players/viewers compared to other games

      Timothy AaronTimothy Aaron23 dagen geleden
    • Also just realised in 3 days he's gained around 10k subs, that's quite insane traction

      TheOnlyHackmanTheOnlyHackman24 dagen geleden
    • Firstly I agree. His level of quality is top tier, but I mean a majority of big OSRS NLworldrs are under the 200k mark minus a few. You have to think of the amount of people who play and watch OSRS content. Compare OSRS to something like fortnite or call of duty, where some of the creators have millions of subs. That's all thanks to a massive player base and community. So 146k isn't so bad relatively.

      TheOnlyHackmanTheOnlyHackman24 dagen geleden
    • @RiceFromHell I'm going to kill my son

      BrobertBrobert27 dagen geleden
    • @Bence Kóta i said "like 100k" that means in the range of or close to 100k. and 136k is close to 100k >.> and you totally missed the main point of the question but its okay since you probably just skimmed through it and decided to just reply anyway

      RiceFromHellRiceFromHell27 dagen geleden
  • everyone is rank 1...

    La GomLa Gom28 dagen geleden
  • Do the hi scores now update without logging?

    LunarcomplexMainLunarcomplexMain28 dagen geleden
  • seriously man you are going to raise the volume a ton on the intro music thats messed up chill out please.

    maybe Reillymaybe Reilly28 dagen geleden
    • Lol

      Brock H.Brock H.27 dagen geleden
  • Can you almost complete an agility course tele away and then use that orb??

    Andrew davisAndrew davis28 dagen geleden
  • Liked before I even started the video

    NadsV3NadsV328 dagen geleden
  • Lol i just relized your music pastebin!! Thanks man that Eliot understand just makes IT All Better

    Zlyfox NishajuZlyfox Nishaju28 dagen geleden
  • Beastmode gg solo mission

    David MillerDavid Miller28 dagen geleden
  • awesome

    goatskindreamsgoatskindreams28 dagen geleden
  • Hope you're serectly training your hcim

    Phillip StewartPhillip Stewart28 dagen geleden
  • Like the video!

    David EmerickDavid Emerick28 dagen geleden